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Iris Records 45 Day Setlist - Saturday May 10, 2014

Saturday was "45 Day," at Iris Records in Jersey City, New Jersey.  Not only did I pick up a nice stack of records but I also got to spin some records.  Each DJ had about 75 minutes so pairing down the set wasn't easy.  In the end I decided to go with all Soul and Funk.

Here is the list...

Gino Washington - “Gina Is  A Coward”  (Ric-Tic cat. RT - 100)

Jimmy Vick and The Victors - “Take A Trip”  (Cherry cat. 10723)

The Individuals - “Jungle Superman”  (Show Time cat. 598 - 4 - - 45)

Jon & Lee And The Checkmates - “Batman Batusi”  (Cat. Batman 2)

Ronnie Kole Trio - “Batman Theme”  (White Cliffs Records cat. 205 - 1584)

David Axelrod - “The Leading Citizen Part 1”  (Decca cat. 33009 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))

Rudy Ray Moore - "The Turning Point”  (Kent cat. KS 4570)

Beau Dollar - “Who Knows”  (King cat. 45 - 6286)

The Pharaohs - “Is That Black Enough For You?”  (Capitol cat. P - 3072 (Promotional Record))

The Parliaments - “Good Old Music”  (Revilot Records cat. RV - 223)

Bobby Freeman - “Do You Wanna Dance, 1970”  (Double Shot Records cat. #152)

Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - “In The Basement - Part 1”  (Cadet cat. 5539)

Eve Barnum - “Please Newsboy”  (Checker cat. 1215)

Bettye Scott And The Del - Vetts - “Good Feeling”  (Teako cat. 61273)

Barbara Acklin - “Am I The Same Girl”  (Brunswick cat. 55399)

Howard Tate - “I’m Your Servant”  (Verve Records cat. VK 10625)

Andre Odom - “Turn On Your Love Light”  (Nation Records cat. N - 13)

Jackie Wilson - “Fairest Of Them All”  (Brunswick cat. 55300)

Edwin Starr - “Twenty-Five Miles” (Gordy cat. G - 7083)

Jake Wade And The 3Rd Degrees - “Tear It Up, Part 1”  (ABC Records cat. 45 10991)

Dave Cortez & The Moon People - “Happy Soul (with a Hook)”  Speed cat. SP 1014)

The Stark Reality - “Say Brother”  (Big Yellow cat. 45 - 63)

Harold Alexander - “Mama Soul”  (Flying Dutchman cat. FD 26016 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))

Bo Diddley - “Drag On”  (RCA cat. JB - 10618 (Not For Sale))

Camille Bob - “Brother Brown”  (Soul Unlimited cat. 102)

James Brown - “You’ve Changed”  (King cat. 45 - 6273)

Gus “The Groove” Lewis - “Let The Groove Move You”  (Tou-Sea Records cat. 131 (Promotion Copy))

Lee Dorsey - “Give It Up”  (Amy cat. 11,057)

Rufus Thomas - “Itch And Scratch”  (Stax cat. STA - 0140 (Plug Side / Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))

James Young And The House Wreckers - “Barkin’ Up The Wrong Tree”  (Jet Stream Records cat. 808)

Fried Chicken - “Funky D.J.”  (Stone Records cat. Stone - 207)

Here's what I picked up...

Linda And The Lollipops - "Theme From Deep Throat” Mono / Stereo  (Karma Sutra cat. KA 572 (Not For Sale))

Quincy Jones - “Money Runner” b/w Little Richard - “Money Is”  (Reprise Records cat. No. 14150 (France))

The Communication Aggregation - “Freak-Out, U.S.A.” b/w “Off The Wall”  (RCA Victor cat. 47-8930)

Mink DeVille - “Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl” Mono b/w Stereo  (Capitol cat. P-4461 (Not For Sale))

The Knack - “My Sharona” b/w “Let Me Out”  (Capitol cat. 4731 (pic sleeve))

Blondie - “Rib Her To Shreds” b/w “In The Flesh” and "X Offender”  (Chrysalis / Toshiba EMI cat. WWR 20369)

Holly & Joey - “I Got You Babe” b/w Holly & The Italians - “One More Dance”  (Virgin cat. VS 478)

NAZZ - “Hello It’s Me” b/w “Open My Eyes”  (SGC Records cat. 45-001)

Crazy World of Arthur Brown - “I Put A Spell On You” b/w “Nightmare”  (Track Records cat. 2582)

Jerry Blavat - The Geater & The Geaterettes - “Tasty (To Me) Mono b/w Stereo  (Bond Records cat. 105 (D.J. Copy))

Lily Fields and Bad Bascombband - “Disco Santa” (Spectrum Records of N.Y.C. - The Dick Gregory Crusade)

Funkadelic - One Nation Under A Groove Special EP - "Maggot Brain” / “Chant” b/w “Lunchmeataphobia (I Think It Aint Illegal Yet!)” / "P.E. Squad” / “Doo Doo Chasers”  (Warner / Reprise BSK 3209 (free with LP))

Blinky - “I Wouldn’t Change The Man He Is”  (Motown cat. M-1134 (Red Vinyl))

Moments - “Got To Get To Know You” b/w “I Feel So Good Again”  (Stang Records cat. ST - 5064)

James Brown - “What Do You Like” b/w “Jimmy Mack”  (Smash cat. S - 2093 (White Lbl Promo))

Toussaint McCall - “Nothing Takes The Place Of You” b/w “Shimmy”  (RONN Records cat. Ronn 3)

The Young Professionals - “Let’s Get It On” Part 1 b/w Part 1 & 2  (Atco Records cat. 45 - 6944)

Mickey & Sylvia - “Anytime” b/w “Souling With M & S”  (All Platinum Records Inc cat. PL 2310)

Bobby Marchan - “Rockin’ Pneumonia” b/w “Someone To Take Your Place”  (Cameo cat. C - 489 (D.J. Copy - Not For Sale))

Bobby Marchan - “Everything A Poor Man Needs” b/w “There’s Something About My Baby”  (Cameo cat. C - 405 (D.J. Copy - Not For Sale))

Jimmy McCracklin - “The Walk” b/w “I’m To Blame”  (Checker cat. 885)

Jimmy Reed - “I Wanna Know” b/w “Two Heads Better Than One”  (BluesWay / ABC Records cat. 45-BL-6103)

The Rivingtons - “Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow” b/w “Deep Water”  (Liberty ca. 55427)

The Olympics - “Baby, Do The Philly Dog” b/w “Western Movies”  (Mirwood cat. 5523)

The Busters - “Bust Out (Instrumental)” b/w “Astronauts”  (United Artists cat. UA 1658)

Roller Coasters - “Wild Twist” b/w “Spanish Twist”  (Del Fi Records cat. no. 4194)

The Knack - “My Sharona” b/w “Let Me Out”  (Capitol cat. 4731)

Edwin Starr - “Pain” b/w “I’ll Never Forget You”  (Granite cat. 1180 522)

The Rip Chords - “One Piece Topless Bathing Suit” b/w “Wah-Wahini”  (Columbia cat. 4-43093 (Not For Sale / Radio
Station Copy))

Stiv Bators - “It’s Cold Outside” b/w “The Last Year”  (Bomp cat. 124 (AM Stereo / Small Hole Original))

Teardrop Explodes - When I Dream” b/w “Kilimanjaro”  (Mecury cat. TEAR 1 / 6059 323))

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - “Reasons To Be Cheerful, PT. 3” b/w “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick (Dance Version)”  (Stiff / Epic cat. 9-50800)

Squeeze - “If I Didn’t Love You” b/w “Pretty One”  (A&M cat. 2229)

Squeeze - Cool For Cats” b/w “Model”  (A&M cat. 2146)

Cheap Trick - “California Man” b/w “How Are You”  (Epic / Sony cat. 06 5P (Japan))

The Police - “Spirits In The Material World” b/w “Flexible Strategies”  (A&M Records cat. AM 2390)

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