Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Of course you are dancing with yourself...you suck!

Ahh, the first in the Disasters column! This is big. Everything about this is just wrong. Right from the first pedestrian almost sleep inducing guitar line to Ms. Hewitt's appalling walk through the lyrics like she is seeing them for the first time. If I had the chance I'd ask the world to please stop the onslaught of mediocrity. I sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat SWEAT! Jennifer Love Hewitt – "Dancing With Myself" By-the-way, ever since Madonna thought it was OK to do a half ass rendition of Don McLean's "Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)" this has been happening more and more. Sometimes it is best to not emulate your heroes and try to make your own mark on society. Thanks to EF for the tip or better yet I should say, "WHY DID YOU SEND THIS TO ME?!" All apologies to Mr. Idol. You deserve better.


I need to send a CD to someone interested in playing with myself and guitarist Mark Maloof. Mark and I made up 2/3s of the instrumental trio known to the world as Hippopotamus. Bassist Colin Kohnhorst rounded out the lineup. In an extended format we were known as Project3 and were augmented by a trumpet player (Walter Kingsley Fogg III), a keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist (Liz Bustamante); a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist (Nick Birmelin) and a host of others including flutes, sax, bass, more percussion, etc, etc. I figured I should listen to the CD (Hippopotamus – "3 Sounds") prior to sending it to someone. Being more of an "of the moment" style player sometimes it is hard to remember what any particular session may have sounded like. Ironically I was pleasantly surprised or at least my ears were. The recording is great sounding thanks to the fabulous Nicholas Vernes of Rare Book Room fame. The playing is not bad at all. At certain moments the playing sounds cautious but that is to be expected as some of the songs were very recently added to our set. All in all I still think it is a good session and one I had no problems listening to all the way through. The musician I am sending it to is a trumpet player and the two songs performed with Project3 do hold up so we'll see if there will be another chapter to the Mark Maloof/Pat Longo musical saga.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Daily Musical Selection...

I never thought I would have anything resembling a Walkman but as technology rages past me I have been thrust into the not so distant past and have been outfitted with an iPod. The greatest thing about the "magic" portable jukebox is the ability to listen to all my favorite LPs as I walk to and from work. This morning I started listening to what I consider a "Must Have" and probably one of my top 10 (I have many of these) if not my top 1 favorite LP – Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers – "L.A.M.F", (The ULTIMATE L.A.M.F CD only) This is nasty Rock-N-Roll played by the already seasoned veteran Mr. Johnny Thunders. This is what every Punk band wishes they were, what every Punk kid should want to be and this LP should be the standard that all "Punk" records are held to. Best yet Johnny didn't even really consider himself a Punk. How Punk is that?! Regardless it is Like A Mother Fucker!