Thursday, December 03, 2009

Primitive Sound System and Bill Dolan at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs Dec 3rd from 9-Closing

Hello Y'all,
Sold $100 worth of vinyl at the Record Swap last Saturday and immediately handed it to Greg Tormo ( for two records at the top of my want list. We started out slow but things really got rolling just after 2 PM. Early on the wind was blowing so we feared the grill wouldn't make it so Bill brought hot dogs and his amazing chili. Two homemade bratwursts made there way into the kraut and I know my day was made (thanks Matt!). I got some really great records recently so I'll be serving up Garage, R&B, Soul / Funk and Guitar / Organ Instrumental 45's from 11:30 to closing. Bill gets the night started and then throws sounds at you so fast and furious that you will still be humming Tom Jones as the Zero Boys rip through your brain. Come dance. Come drink. Give money to Johnny and when you are done leave in an orderly fashion so no one knows what you were up to. Shh... just go.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday December 3rd - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

**** ALSO ****
The D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap - There is another in the works. We should have a date soon.


SOME CURRENT FAVORITES and hopefully yours...

The Showmen Inc. - "The Tramp PT. i & II" (Now Records cat. N-3)
I first heard this buried on side two of The Sound of Funk (volume one) comp on Goldmine. Which means this has been at top of my want list since 1992. From the very first scream you know this isn't going to be a smooth ride and the intensely aggressive drums back this up and beat the hell out of the dance floor. There is a break on part one but it isn't exactly traditional. All the while the drums pound and slam the vocalist does the same and never completely drops out to allow the break to breath. There are horns throughout the entire song but you may not notice much else. It's actually hard to notice anything else but it also isn't that important considering the amazing job the drums and vocals are doing. As perfect a Funk 45 if there ever was.

The Left Banke - "Lazy Day" (Smash cat. S-2074)
I picked this up for a quarter over the Summer. It made me realize that i have not paid enough attention to The Left Banke. The guitar sound is incredible. The contrast of the fuzzy guitar against the beautiful piano that intros the song shows a high level of creativity and attention to arrangement. The attention to arrangement is very evident on "Pretty Ballerina" that graces the A-side. Despite the crackles of this 25 cent slab of gold the vocal harmonies layer perfectly over the fuzz of the guitar and piano spending equal time on both sides. Ironically "Lazy Day" is far more likely to get up out on the floor dancing than "Ballerina" ever will. Time to find a clean one of these and to begin fishing deeper into The Left Banke.

Dynamite, Inc. featuring Angelo Del - "Walkin' The Dog" (Lucifer Records cat. 104)
This is 100% bizarre. That of course doesn't leave any room for much else. The band sounds like they walked into a wedding hall where the equipment was already set up so they figured, "WHY THE FUCK NOT?" "Let's pound out a raw, unrehearsed version of our favorite Rufus Thomas number." Don't worry that they haven't decided on a tempo because every slice of time has it's own tempo and if you can't move to at least a few of them you must be frozen. I believe I found reference that Mr. Angelo Del is the organist (only because I found and Angelo Del who plays organ through the magic of Google). I'll assume no one else in Hasbrook Heights, New Jersey knew how to play music. Have I mentioned yet that this is utterly AWESOME!

The Sun - "Soul Sync" (United Artists Records cat. UA 50568)
Fuzzy, screaming and crunchy guitar rips open the intro as of this instrumental. Organ comes up from below and tries to steady things but the guitar barks from the background threatening to attack. For the most part the body begins swaying and things seem more normal. There is a subtle break thrown in and the guitar takes the opportunity to explode. This time things come back together more quickly and we are swing, swang, swung right to the fade.

Chili Peppers - "Chicken Scratch" (GWP Records cat. GWP 511 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
Yes, chicken scratch guitar is the center of attention on this massive instrumental. Organ, drums and horns get equal amounts of time in the spotlight and there is the heaviest bass anchoring this to the deepest depths of our souls. The Chili Peppers play with exacting perfection and groove and of course all of this is Composed, Arranged, Conducted & Co-Produced by the beyond talented Ed Bland.

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