Thursday, June 07, 2012

Primitive Sound System and Chuck Daly at D.C.'s Tavern Thursday June 7th from 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,

This month Chuck and I pogo our way to the pit and drag everyone down with us. I am going to keep mostly to the 70's and early Hardcore… because I am that old. The desire to do an all Punk night came after buying the new LP by OFF! ( - which if you haven't heard it you should if you have heard it you know why I have become possessed with the desire to only spin records from the left side of my studio. That's where I keep the Punk ROCK!!! I have only pulled a 100% Punk set once before and it is easily my favorite night of music.

Then I was upstate and came across a copy of The Nothing 45 "Uniformz" for a dollar. A DOLLAR! As far as I knew this was one of the rarer Punk 7-inches and was worth somewhere in the $500 range. I knew this from working behind the counter of Finyl Vinyl where I saw the record listed on countless want-lists. These lists are always presented by the exact same type of person in every genre of music. They would hand you the list and then almost immediately say, "Do you know any of these?" OK you smug bastard, NO, I don't know them all. Actually no one probably does. OK, and… then they'd usually give you a few seconds and say…"Do you have any of them?" Of course we do! How many copies of each would you like? Fuck off asshole! So there I was in a junk shop upstate and the first record I spot is The Nothing. I almost immediately slide it under another record and continue to look around for about an hour. I actually unearthed a bunch of nice finds. This was easily one of the most disorganized shops I had ever been in. Basements in abandoned buildings are more organized. I talked with the guy running the shop the entire time I was looking. By-the-way, people aren't more friendly the further you get from the City they just talk more. I began going through my finds checking condition and deciding what I was going to keep. I really do try not to be a record shark because almost all of them are assholes so I listened to each record with "Hoss" giving him the opportunity to recognize it or know it wasn't a dollar record. He didn't. I drove back to our friend's place and did a little research. Much to my surprise it turned out that the record was far more rare than I knew. The past few copies that have sold on eBay have gone for around $2000. Yes three zeros, not two. I then shot an email to my buddy behind the rare Punk site he not only confirmed the value but he was recently involved in a reissue of the 45.

I posted the fact that I found a copy on a few sites including facebook and much to my surprise a friend's band used to play with The Nothing and unfortunately had an amp stolen by them. YEAH! PUNK ROCK!!!

I didn't find a lot of info about the band so I then reached out to Howie Pyro. As always I didn't just get a story… I got a great one.

Here is what he had to say…

"Long story to type… Singer came outta nowhere, had an English accent but everyone was sure he was from New Jersey or Cleveland or something. I played with the guitar player (Angel Electra) for a minute and they're both in this video with me and The Misfits from "78 or "79 (earliest footage of them). I'm on vocals with Trixie Sly (Singer of The Nothing) ruining it by singing in the wrong timing. Danzig on guitar, Jerry Only on bass, etc...always a story…"

A quick Google search and I found this: - "Peppermint Twist" and "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

Listen to Howie's amazing radio show here - Luxuria Music - Howie Pyro It is one of the only links permanently on my blog.

Here is The Nothing - "Uniformz" -

See you there!

- pat.

Primitive Sound System VINYL RULES! "Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Thursday, June 6th - 9PM to Closing Chuck "DJ Punky Whiskeybean" Daly Pat. James Longo - Primitive Sound System

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The Nothing - "Uniformz" b/w "Scream 'N' Cry" (Wide A Wake Musik / Novadisk cat. TSO 1)