Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Primitive Sound System and DJ DontCloseMaxwells! - D.C.'s Tavern - June 6 - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
One brief word on the closing of Maxwell's and then we can all move on, or at least I will.  We started to go to Maxwell's sometime in 1982 or 1983.  I don't remember the order of the shows but I remember the Bongos were the big draw to head down to Hoboken.  Our Dad had been listening to FMU since it first went on the air so it wasn't that far of a stretch to think we would be at Maxwell's and in the City for shows.  I am not sure where other teenagers hung-out at the time… seriously what did they do?  Where did they go? But, we knew this was better than staying home and getting drunk at a friends house.  This was something to du.  I remember Ira and Georgia's wonderful DJ sets and backing John Klages before catching that fly ball and striking out on their own.  The desire to go to Maxwell's wasn't just the bands it was a place we felt comfortable and the characters contained inside were hilarious, creepy, cool, beautiful, ugly, friendly, obnoxious, etc, etc and we felt like we should never leave.  They were all like minded folks that luckily found the best possible place to be.  We never really were looking to be part of a scene so we always stayed on the edges never becoming to friendly or close to many people.  But, you will find that after you frequent a place for over thirty years people start to recognize you.

At one point we actually had gone to Maxwell's over fifteen nights in a row.  We had started a landscaping business which meant we were up early and finished early.  Long naps, some pizza and then we were off to Hoboken.  If the nap was short we tried to hit Pier Platters before driving around to the other side of town and parking down by the river because even then you were lucky if you got a spot really close to the club.  Our prime years were from the early 80's through the 90's so you can only imagine the bands we saw and we saw them all (except Mission of Burma).  I look to my buddy Dave Gilmour (who I first took there in 1985 to see the minutemen) and my brother to clarify the lineups.  I know, for the most part, what bands we saw and sometimes things stick out to help me remember the other bands on the bill.  If I am real lucky, I can possibly recall the time of year.  To me it has been one, big, long, endless bill… until now.

As many bands that we saw, there are a hundred times that in stories we could tell.  When my hair was long Peter Buck once bought me a beer and said, "Hey, Eddie Vedder, this one's on me."  Simply so he could get a laugh.  Of course I said thanks, and then drank it down in one big gulp.  I played my first show there with a band I was in called Love Onion and played one of the last with Hippopotamus, a band I was in for thirteen years.  I DJ'd Latin, Soul and Funk there every Tuesday for six years as well as many of the Christmas parties during that time.  I did some newspaper and magazine ads for the club, the first of which was for a Soul Food night.  I showed my art on its walls on several occasions and began doing pieces for "Weird NJ" because of it.  My son and his friend shared their third birthday in the back room.  As the party was winding down Lou Barlow began loading his equipment in.  At one point he sat on the stage and marveled at the kids running around.  I walked over, stood next to him for a minute and he finally spoke, "I can't believe I am going to be playing a show here and I am following a kids party."  There are a million more, and probably a million I can't remember.  It will be missed but sometimes you just got to know when to say good-bye.

I think that was just one word, right?

Thanks to everyone who ever made Maxwell's great.

Oh yeah, for years my brother and my friend Ronny always said they saw me in this Mudhoney video.  I had never seen the video until a few years back and at the 1:46 mark, don't blink, it is quick, there I is.  The footage was shot at Maxwell's.  What's even funnier is sometimes when you search the video, I am the thumbnail.

Mudhoney - "This Gift"


Chuck and I will engage in our usual battle royale.  Air guitars, drums, bass and any other spastic simulation we can muster will mostly be for our own entertainment.  So come on by, have a cold one, two or three and do something stupid for your own amusement.  Larry The Hunter will be minding the bar while you mind your own goddamn business!  So be kind and tip the man, especially since there are only seconds between reloads.

I spent the this past Sunday at the always amazing Black Gold Records in Brooklyn.  I picked up three very long time want list records as well as some other "must haves."  I also got a care package from the good folks over at Slovenly Records and Black Gladiator Records.  If there are labels putting out more consistently great Punk and Garage I have yet to find them.  I am not sure what I am more impressed with; their "ear" to find such mind-numbingly great bands or the bands themselves.  Who the fuck cares, just buy their records and be happy… or smash things.

Speaking of smashing things, and then I gotta go because this is the longest post ever, I picked up a copy of The Traits - "Nobody Loves The Hulk" after being tipped off by my friend John O'Toole.  Not only is this one of the best Garage records ever it comes in a super sturdy hardboard cover that is silk screened on both sides.  The lyrics on the back and an action shot of the Hulk about to ruin everyone's day.  Contrary to the subject matter, I Love the Hulk!  "HULK, SMASH HIT… RECORD!"  

Come by and let your ears be entertained while you numb your body and lower your IQ.

See you there.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Thursday, June 6th - 9PM to Closing
Pat. James Longo - Primitive Sound System
Chuck Daly - DJ DontCloseMaxwells!

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap
Saturday, June 22nd
Starting at 1PM

* Disc Jockeys All Day
* Bring some records to trade or sell
* If you have more then a few records, stacks, or boxes - reach out to Theron (tsjammer@yahoo DOT com )and he can make sure you get some real space on the tables



Tina Britt - "All The Way"  (Minit Records cat. LP 24023)

The Vibrations - The Vibrations' Greatest Hits  (Okeh cat. OKS 14129)

Supertramp - Indelibly Stamped  (A&M cat. SP 4311)

Claus Ogerman and his Orchestra - Soul Searchin'  (RCA Victor cat. LSP - 3366)

Wilmer & The Dukes - S/T  (Aphrodisiac cat. APH - 6001)

The Vibrations - Taking A New Step (Good Vibes)  (Mandala cat. MLP 3006 498)

Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mr. Tibbs  (United Artists cat. UAS 5214)

Johnny Zamot - Tell It Like It Is  (Decca cat. DL 74945)

The Fabulous Counts - Jan Jan  (Cotillion cat. SD 9011)

Hank Marr - Greasy Spoon  (King cat. KSD 1061)

Astaroth - Satanispiritus" b/w "Lady Of The Moon"  (Unseen Forces cat. UF0004)

The Sirs - "He's A Jerk" & "Social Divorce" b/w "Insanity" & "Tight Lines Screamin' Reels"  (Psychic Volt cat. PV 001)

The Sirs - "Miserable" & "Handshakes Of The Industrial Revolution" b/w "Song About Volcanoes" & "Older Sister"  (Psychic Volt cat. PV 009)

Adrenalin O.D. - "Let's Barbeque"   (Psychic Volt cat. PV 006)

The Soft Boys - "He's A Reptile" b/w "Song No. 4"  (Midnight Music cat. DING 4)



The Hussy - "Way With Words" & "Yr Stupid" b/w "Wrong / Right"  (Black Gladiator cat. BG 006)

Obnox - Record One: "Deep In The Dusk" b/w "I'm A Bug (Bugged Out)" & "Flying"  Record Two: "Hang on Sloopy" & "He's Forever"  (Black Gladiator cat. BG 007)

Paint Fumes - "Sally Smoked Dope" b/w "Killed By Puerto Rico" & "Ghost Highway"  (Slovenly cat. 702 - 125)

Las Ardillas - "Linda Nina" b/w "La Buscare"  (Slovenly cat. 702 - 129)

Mouthbreathers - "Nowhere Else To Go" b/w "MindBreathers"  (Slovenly cat. 702 - 130)

Livids - "Your House or The Courthouse" & "Zilch" b/w "New Values"    (Slovenly cat. 702 - 134)

Los Vigilantes - "Mi Siento Azul" b/w "Volvera" b/w "Me Imagino"  (Slovenly cat. 702 - 135)