Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan and Joe Raaen at D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday Feb 5th - 9PM to closing

Hello Y'all,
This is no secret. Actually it is something many of us have felt like saying over the years, "You are my friend and I would do anything for you. Unfortunately that means going to see your band even though it is really boring and sometimes even sucks." "Nice guys, shitty band." Maybe I was just lucky because more times than not that has not been the case. Some friend's bands have remained my favorite bands of all time. Some of them are amazing live and others do their best work on record. Recently a yellow envelope showed up in the mail and its contents are revealed below. All I can say is, "Lock up your children!" I haven't spun me stacks-o-wacks at D.C.'s since the beginning of December so this will be fun. I have some great new records that I picked up over the holidays and ones I can't wait to play. I am bringing a very all over the map selection and know there will be something for everyone. I love watching people walk into the bar and wince at the music and then 20 minutes later Bill or myself are off on a completely different direction and they are now grooving along. Viva la difference! See you there.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan & Joe Raaen
Thursday February 5th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


Blower - Dressed To Chill ep - "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties" b/w "Holidays In The Sun" (cat. BLOWER-666)
Holy mother of blessed acceleration! Here is a nice surprise from down Austin way. Blower is the creation of Doug Evans, The Didjits former songsmith and all around baadasssss, Merilee666 (High Times and friend of Pat Longo) and a man named Jimmy Delp who pounds the drums like he is tenderizing them for a feast. Some bands are beyond compare and others beg you to pick them apart. Blower wear their influences on the side of their rod like the decals of many sponsors. Their combination of 70's Heavy Rock, 80's Heavier Rock and 90's Heavy as Hell Rock combine to make the Heaviest Rock of the 3rd Millennium. If you look under the hood you may find Turbonegro, KISS, The Dead Boys, The Dictators, The Hellicopters, etc, as well as a gleaming Max Wedge. Clocking in at 2:18 this fucker moves down the track and leaves everyone in the dust. Jumping off the line with chrome dipped guitar and tailed by the pounding rhythm section "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties" is truly anthemic. I have listened to this daily since finding it on their MySpace page and now I have my very large hole 7-inch to have my way with. Mr. Evans takes the lead and stays way out front with shouted vocals and thick guitar. The bass and drums are relentless in their pursuit and leave potholes in their wake. The one sheet suggests you will be singing by the second chorus but I defy you to hold back that long. So simple, so perfect. Like all great Punk 45's this one is backed with a cover song. The Sex pistols get taken to task as Blower pounds through "Holidays In The Sun." Aggressively played and sung to snot nosed perfection. The 7-inch is wrapped in two photos by Chris Eudaley (art directed by the equally awesome Bobby Black) that amazingly evoke the paintings of Robt. Williams. I want to play "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties" through a stack, 500 speakers high or I'll settle for the PA at Raceway Park, either way I want to play it loud and often. Thank you Blower. [You need to fill up your tank with these so go to or email them at]

Myron & E - "Cold Game" b/w "I Can't Let You Get Away" (Timmion Records cat. 015)
There is something comforting about the familiar. Myron and E definitely understand that. I just can't put my finger on it exactly but this certainly does sound like something I know. Or, does this sound just familiar enough that I want to think I have heard it before? Whatever the answer, Timmion has been expressing their Soulful side as accomplished artists and not imitators. The pairing of this classic Soul duo with the magnificent Soul Investigators is a wise one that should yield some of the best Modern Soul sounds. There is even a drum break dropped right in the middle of all these lush sounds but it does not sound forced at all. This is one of those moments when you are listening and you think this can't work and it comes of so perfectly sweet. The Timmion family has continued to put out quality records for so many years and I look forward to many, many more.

The Animals - "I'm Crying" b/w "Take It Easy" (MGM Records cat. K-13274 w/pic sleeve)
The Animals became a favorite of mine from the first time I heard "House Of the Rising Sun" as a kid. One of the earliest LP's I purchased as a young-in was the Animals Greatest Hits. Oddly I never really sought much more of their catalog other than a few 45's. No song on that Greatest Hits LP got played more than "I'm Crying" so why it took me almost thirty years to find a 7-inch of it is beyond me. This one has a picture sleeve of the band looking so completely happy they just may be dosed. One of the members is holding an ashtray on a stand like a trophy and he looks like he may not know it is an ashtray. I guess I was first attracted to the beat and the frantic organ. The band never lets up and the always incredible Mr. Burden pleads, wails and screams over that backing. When he breaks the band continues their "ahhhhs" from the intro. What always gets me is that the title and lyrics seem like they would be more at home over a slower pace or even a ballad but this song works. Work it out baby!

1910 Fruitgum Co. - "When We Get Married" b/w "Baby Bret"
The 1910 Fruitgum Co. are always interesting to me. The A-Sides are the very definition of Bubblegum Rock and the B-Sides are more often than not a Guitar Instrumental or some sort of Organ groove. This 7-inch is no different. "Baby Bret" starts off like the bastard child of "Telstar" and once there it never leaves the Stratosphere. Organ, Theremin and Keyboards take off into orbit as the Guitar, Bass and Drums keep things simple in a Guitar Instrumental mode. The Theremin gets wilder and wilder but the rest of the backing stays constant. I am not sure what their deal was but I would have loved to be a part of the Buddah Records family.

Jackie Paine - "Go Go Train" (Jet Stream cat. JS 725)
It took me a while to figure out who did this. I heard it a long while ago, perhaps ten years or more. I love train songs so it was high on the list of songs in the back of my head that I hoped to one day stumble across or hopefully figure out. Recently I saw this listed on Dusty Groove and took a shot. Lo and behold if it was the right goddamn 45. Like its name this is one hell of a Go-Go. I guess I should have figured this out a lot easier because after playing it a few times it is pretty obvious that this is from New Orleans. Big heavy drums roll down the track first followed by slow horns and Mr. Paine who sounds a bit like a rougher Robert Parker. Mr. Paine name checks some of his favorite cities as well as R&B, Soul and Rock artists Crazy Cajun, Righteous Brothers, Bo Diddley,Chuck Berry, James Brown, Roy Head, Elvis and Jimmy Reed. He slips them in all the while smoothly chatting up the ladies. "We got to keep movin'"

Jimmy Dobbins - "Little Miss Perfect" (Crash Records cat. M 2066)
Sometimes the faster a Soul song is played it can easily straddle that line between R&B and Garage Rock. "Little Miss Perfect" is one such song. Sharply played music full of energy and attitude dance under Mr. Dobbins exclamation of love for his girl who is obviously nothing short of perfect. There is a lot to be said about attitude, feel and beat. The drums are really out front despite this having a "big" sound like it was recorded in a hall or something. The guitar and horns interplay with the lead and backing vocals challenging each other as well as giving space enough to allow each to shine. As 45's go this one is nicely timed at just under three minutes but I'd like to hear the rest of this session as it does fade. The obligatory ballad on the B still has the drums out front and is nicely aggressive. I have a soft spot for aggressive ballads, especially ones with raps in the middle. This was an impulse buy and I am glad I followed my gut.

Andre Odom - "Turn On Your Love Light" (Nation Records cat. N-13)
I am not even sure how to describe this one other than that there is a very Gospel feel present on "Turn On Your Love Light." This cranks along in a very positive and groovy way. About half the way through the drums and congas pound out a beat as Mr. Odom testifies. Sax blows in and solos a bit as other horns build and support the break. Everyone stops as the drums and congas once again create a platform for Mr. Odom. begging on bending knee.