Friday, February 27, 2004

Random Lists from 2004

I was flipping through the collection and decided to spin some Baadasssss Songs and Action Sounds. I pulled some of my favorites from film's 70's. Here's a sampling...

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song - Malvin Van Peebles featuring Brer Soul and Earth Wind & Fire
The Final Comdown - Grant Green
Willie Dynamite - Music Score Composed & Conducted by J.J. Johnson
Trouble Man - Marvin Gaye
The Spook Who Sat by the Door - Herbie Hancock
Truck Turner - Issac Hayes
Slaughters Big Rip Off - James Brown
Sheba Baby - Music Composed by Monk Higgins &Alex Brown vocals by Barbera Mason
Pinball Number Count form Seseme Street - The Pointer Sisters
The Mack - Willie Hutch
Joe - songs performed by Jerry Butler and Exuma
Cool Breeze - Music - Solomn Burke
Black Caesar - Performed by the Godfather of Soul James Brown
Black Belt Jones - music Score Composed and Performed by Dennis Coffey and Luchi De Jesus
Aesop - Forty fables of the ancient storytellers given new life through contemporary interpretations and music.
Shorty the Pimp - Don Julien - 45 RPM
Superfly Meets Shaft - John and Ernest 45 RPM
Cleopatra Jones - Joe Simon - 45 RPM
Superfly - Curtis Mayfield - 45 RPM
Dolemite - Rudy Ray Moore - 45 RPM
and a few more..


The New Funk:
"Now That I'm Gone (Look How You Are Crying)" - Charles Bradley and the Bullets - (Daptone Records)
"Bus People Theme" - The New Process - (Tramp Records)
"Getcha Soul Togetha" - Breakestra - (Stones Throw)
"Didn't Mean a Thing" - Litlle Barrie - (Stark Reality)
"Wait Up" - Speedometer b/w "Coffee Providers" - The New Mastersounds - (Do Right!) - promo
"The Funky Yug" - The Neapolitans - (Neapolitan Records)
"Babarabatin'" - The Quantic Soul Orchestra - (Tru Thoughts)
"Charlie's Theme" - The Jimi Entley Sound - (Espionage Disk)
"Eel Oil" - The Bamboos - (Bamboo Shack)
"C'mon Boot It!" - Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - (Jive)
"Ready...Aim..." - The Baker Brothers - (arse Records)
"Peanut Butter & Jelly" - The Beastie Boys - (Capitol Records)
"Soul Dig" - The Soul Diggers - (Saucy Records)
"In The Raw" b/w "The Bastard" - The Whitefield Brothers - (Soul Fire Records)
"Diggin' Up The Yard" - The Other Side - (Desco Records)
"3 On The B" - Evil Eddie & The Super Slinkys - (Blow It Hard Records)
"Home Fries" - Rick Hudson & The Bogaloo Band
and last but not least...
"The United States of Longo" - The Longo All Stars - (Kennel Klub)


Here's a sampling of what's to come for Tuesdays late night spins:
"Loran's Dance" - Idris Muhammad (7")
"Bishop School" - Yusef Lateef (7")
"Fat Cakes" - Jimmy Mcgriff (7")
"Ode To Soul Man" - Syl Johnson (7")
"Clockwise Revolution" - Sunrise Movement (7")
"Hot Pants (Gonna Get You in Trouble)" - Norma and the Heartaches (7")
"Pop Corn - Pt 1 and 2" - Jimbo Jackson and Violators (7")
"Fifth Street" - Mercy Men (7")
"We Gave the Drummer Some" - Specks Williams (7")
"Groovy Monday" - Edwin Daugherty (7")
"Chopper 70" - Wayne Cochran (7")


This week we are celebrating the ladies:
Hang on in There - The Stovall Sisters
You Gotta Push - Jodi Gales
Can You Deal With That - Jo Ann Garrett
I've Got Reasons - Mary Jane Hooper
There's a Break In the Road - Betty Harris
Shoorahh! Shoorah! - Betty Wright
You're Losing Me - Ann Sexton
I'm a Streaker - Arelean Brown

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Sabroso! - Fat Tuesday

Hello Y'all,

Extra spicy version of Sabroso! I'll be tipping my hat to Fat Tuesdays well as the usual Latin goodness and heavy on the Boo-Ga-Loo side! Bring the beads and I'll show you my... 45 adapters. I have been told they look very much so like...

Betty Harris - "Break in the Road"
The TNT band - "Ya Ya" (or the Ritchie Ray version - maybe both)
Mary Jane Hooper - "I Got Reasons"
Dr. John - "Mardis Gras Day"
The Wild Magnolias - Iko Iko
Leon Spencer - "Message from the Meters"
Rusty Bryant - "Mister S"
Huey "Piano" Smith - "Don't You Just Know it"
Johnny Jenkins - "I Walk on Gilded Splinters"
Ernie K Doe - "Gotta Pack My Bags"
Eddie Bo - "Hook and Sling"
and many many more!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

New Finds

Hello Y'all,

I haven't posted new finds in a while and thought I would since I did quite well at this past weekend at the DC's Tavern First Staurday Record Swap. Most are from the past week or so.

Black Crack:

Syl Johnson - "Take Me to The River" - (HI Records 45) - Raw feel version. My favorite of all the versions.

Irene and the Scotts - "Stuck on You Baby" (Smash Records 45) - Never heard this before. Kickin' R&B Soul groover.

KISS - 4 picture disc Gene Simmons interview - What can I say, when "HE" speaks we all must listen.

Muhammad Ali - "I'm the Greatest" b/w instrumental - Again, when "HE" speaks we all must listen. Isn't worship great.

Junior Wells - "Junior's Groove" and "I'm Gonna Cramp Your Style" (45s on Bright Star) Funky sides from Junior Wells. Tracks that eventually became part of the Blue Rock LP. A must have if you like your Blues - Chicago, electric or funky.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - "Genuine Pt 1 and 2" - (Daptone Records) - Diggin' in on this slow burn punch in the face funky tune.

Charles Bradley and the Bullets - "Now That I'm Gone" b/w "Can't Stop Thinking About You" - (Daptone Records) - One of the heaviest new funk 45s and that is saying something considering the competition. DAMN HEAVY.

El Michel's Affair - "Detroit Twice" - (On Daptone subsidiary Misty) - Soul-Jazzy and funky when it wants to be. Nice lead into "People Make the World Go Round" - Stylistics.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band - "Glorified Magnified" LP - Getting back to the heavy rock.

Moody Blues - GO NOW! - LP (London Records) - Classic 60's Garage

Les Brown - How Brown Sounds Now - (BASF LP) - Lounge with an edge. A contradiction yes but some cool tunes here.

Basie - S/T (Cleff Records) - Nice clean original copy for $2

5" Tin Crack:

Inside the Special Pillow - Former indie Rock stars elevate themselves to God-like status. Another record that makes me ask why doesn't everyone own a copy. This is a very very Special Pillow.

Flex Unger - Little Music for Little People (Black Rhombus Sound System) - Received this today (021104) and have listened to it twice. Great stuff. Beats, sounds, loops, trumpet and even vocals.