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Playlist from the Jersey City Record Riot - December 4th, 2010

Playlist from the Jersey City Record Riot!


Bill Gibbs - "Orbit In Space" (Gibbs Records cat. 0012)
Al Casey Combo - "Doin' It" (Stacy Records cat. 956)
The Shades - "Skip It" (Joey Records Inc. cat. J-6206)
Thee Midniters - "Whittier Blvd." (Chattahoochee Records cat. CH-684)
Lenny Mc Daniel & The New Era - "Something Out Of Nothing" (Seven B cat. 7016)
The Sonics - "The Hustler" (Etiquette cat. ET-16)
The Moving Sidewalks - "99th Floor" (Mutt Records cat. M 1030)
The Juveniles - "Bo Diddley" (Jerden cat. 770 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
The Pop-Ups - "Lurking" (HBR - Hanna Barbera Records cat. HBR 459)
Danny Freeman And The Soul Superiors - "Jungle Walk (do that jungle talk too)" (W.S.J. Sound Records cat. 102)
The Fabulous Rhythm Makers - "Mini, Mini, Afro Twist" (Forte Records cat. 1107)
Blue Rhythm Combo - Take That Funky Feeling" (Merry Disc cat. M-51)
The Unforgettables - "Sad Song" (Loadstone cat. 3954)
The Impacs - "Good Old Funky Feelin' (Part 1)" (Land cat. 141)
Betty Harris - "There's A Break In The Road" (SSS International cat. SSS-766)
Betty Davis - "If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up" (Just Sunshine Records cat. JSA-503)
Rocki Lane And The Gross Group - "Santa Soul" (Epic cat. 5-10556 / JZSP 152302 (Radio Station Copy))
Funk Machine - "Soul Santa - Part II" (Creative Funk cat. 12004)
Electric Jungle - "Funky Funky Christmas" (Nike Records cat. 1002)
SOD - "Too Loose To Get Tight (Part I)" (Decca cat. 32937 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Iron-Knowledge - "Show Stopper" (Tammy Records cat. T-1043)
Can - "Spoon" (United Artists Records cat. 35 304 (German with Picture Sleeve))
Banbarra - "Shack Up" (United Artists Records cat. UA-XW734-Y)
The Harvey Averne Barrio Band - "Para Ti" (Heavy Duty Records cat. HD 1)
Johnny Zamot & his Orch. (Vocal: Pee Wee Fernandez) - "I've Got The Feeling" (Gema Records cat. 1630)
Ray Rodriquez - "Workout - Part II" (Ghetto Records cat. G - 010)
U.S. Warren and The Genghis Pea - "Hard Headed Woman" (Chytowns Records cat. CHY - 213)
The Soul Machine - "Twitchie Feet" (Pzazz Records cat. 021)
James K-Nine - "Live It Up" (Federal cat. 12572)
Louis Chahere - "The Hen (Pt. 1) Paula Records cat. 321)
Gus "The Groove" Lewis - "Let The Groove Move You" (Tou-Sea Records cat. 131)

Eddie Palmieri - Molasses. (Tico cat. S LP 11148)
Hank Snow, The Singer Ranger - "The Reindeer Boogie" b/w "Christmas Roses". (RCA Victor cat. 47-5340)
Sweet Les and Joe Frazier's Knockouts - "Sweet Potatoe, Collard Greens" (Vocal b/w Instrumental) (p.i.p. Cat. PIP 8937 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Little Hooks with Ray Nato and The Kings - "Give The Drummer Some More" (United Artists Records cat. 50932)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bronco Billy Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs Dec 2 from 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,

I have spent countless hours looking through records over the years. Unfortunately due to price or condition not every record you want makes it onto your shelves. Of course this means even if you see a record you would love to bring home and listen to non stop it doesn't always come to pass. And that is what keeps collecting interesting, the thrill of the hunt. For me condition is everything and a major deciding factor to whether or not I will buy a record. If I think the condition of the vinyl will damage my needle in anyway I'd rather pass it up than risk the damage. I rarely do trades with other collectors for this exact reason and have been burned in the past. Other DJ's and collectors don't necessarily share the importance I put on condition so it is an impossible topic to get passed it when trading. The records I have passed up through the years would have made a collection equally as great as the one I enjoy on a daily basis (great because it is mine not because I think the records I own are better than the ones you have). This has meant that thousands of records that I would possibly only see that one time were placed back in a bin or put back up on a store's wall for someone less concerned with condition to have and enjoy.

About 20 years ago I became obsessed with Sonny Clark, the Jazz piano player best known for his Blue Note sessions. Along with Horace Silver and Booby Timmons, Sonny Clark is one of the players I feel is most responsible for bringing genuinely Soulful sounds to late 50's and early 60's Jazz. There were others, but to me it was obvious these musicians were combining 50's Hardbop with the current Soul sounds more than most and creating Soul-Jazz in the process. Over the years you develop an affinity with the stores (now online as well as off) that can satisfy your tastes as well as your quirks (condition being my fetish). One such store for me is the Jazz Record Center in NYC. For me walking into the Jazz Record Center is like entering a temple. This is one of the most focused collections of records for sale you will ever find and condition is everything to them so each record is meticulously graded. I have been a regular customer of the Jazz Record Center for more years than I can accurately remember (I know it was before they moved to the building on 26th Street). Every time I enter the open area where the LP's are, and before flipping through the "New Arrivals" I stare for a moment at the Sonny Clark Trio (on Time Records) LP cover that hangs from bull clips above the last row of records to the left. The cover has hung there for as long as I can remember. Sadly it is just the front cover panel of the LP's sleeve. The LP was obviously in such bad shape that not even the whole jacket was worth saving. Still, I would see it and it was a painful reminder of an LP I would never own or at least not for the price it commanded in any condition. At one point I did score a near mint stereo copy as well as a stereo copy of the Bennie Green session on Time that includes Sonny Clark on piano. But, still every time I went into the back room of the Jazz Record Center there it was, that reminder of the elusive OG Mono with the giant HIGH-FIDELITY printed along the bottom. Occasionally I would ask the owner if he had gotten a copy in and he would just smile and say, "No."

The other day we all decided we needed a day of rest. My son had a bit of a cold so we decided activity levels should be as close to zero as possible if we were going to be healthy for the upcoming Holiday season. Nothing relaxes me more than flipping through someone else's records so I figured an hour at Iris Records in Downtown Jersey City would be the best medicine. The store is housed in an old pharmacy so maybe there is something to its medicinal qualities. The always amazing little shop never fails to satisfy. After closing to the public for a few months they are back open Thursday through Saturday, cleaned up and the bins are full of new records. I went through the new arrivals and pulled out a Sandy Nelson record I don't have called "Soul Drums!" There are some really good versions of Soul covers ("I'll Go Crazy," "Groovin'" and "What'd I Say" are standouts) plus an amazing little instrumental called "Swap Beat" which isn't even listed among the featured songs on the cover since it is an original. This was an oversight on their part because it is easily one of the best tracks and how can you go wrong with a sound that is reminiscent of "Secret Agent Man." Not far behind that was Jack Costanzo's "Naked City" LP. There are no bad Jack Costanzo records, or at least I have never heard one. "Naked City" includes some fantastic Spy and Movie themes all done in Mr Bongos aggressive style. This is one of those records I wish I would have stumbled across years ago but I am just as happy to take it home today. After the new arrivals I always hit the Soul boxes and then the Jazz. There were definitely some choice gems in the Soul section and my pile began to grow. As I hit the Jazz boxes it became very obvious that all the priced bins were filled with newly found items and all were in great shape. About five records into the second box I saw the top of the "Sonny Clark Trio" Lp on Time. That cover is burned into my memory so I recognized it immediately. I know the record had been reissued a few times; the stereo copy I own, a Japanese pressing and recently, I assume, through Scorpio Records out of Trenton, New Jersey. As I pulled it from the box just the weight alone told me it was either the Japanese pressing or an original. As it cleared the other records I smiled from ear to ear. I pulled the record from the sleeve and inspected the vinyl. This was as close to NM as I was every going to get. The price… $15. MINE! Not only does flipping through records make me feel right but a find like this gives you that Christmas morning feeling when you were six. I am not exactly sure what the current value of this LP is but I know they have traded hands at over a thousand dollars.

Iris Records is located at 114 Brunswick Street, between 1st and 2nd Streets. Hours are Thursday and Friday 3-8PM and Saturday Noon-7PM. Gritzan is always seeking out record and cd collections and can be reached on 609-468-0885 or at Learn more about Iris and their upcoming Jersey City Record Riot (December 4th) at

Since the recent acquisition of some drummer records and the loss of some fine drummers in 2010 (Ed Thigpen, (Gentleman) Albert "June" Gardner, Steve Reid (who was a regular at Finyl Vinyl), Richie Hayward of Little Feat and of course The Bedbugs (the Beatles-like band playing on the back of a wagon in an episode of F-Troop), the drummer from The Jaggerz - Jim Pugliano and Brian Damage of Misfits last show fame) I will be playing music featuring drummers drummers, some Christmas music because I figure why not and a ton of stuff I haven't gotten to spin this year.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bronco Billy Dolan and Primitive Sound System - "Doin' It In Your Earhole!"

Thursday, December 2nd - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550 <- Facebook Page <- Facebook Local Business Listing <- Facebook Group <- On Foursquare


The Jersey City Record Riot!

Saturday, December 4th 2010
Parlay Studios
161 2nd Street
Jersey City

$3.00 admission
$20.00 early admission at 10 AM
40 plus dealers from NY/NJ/PA/CT!
Refreshments served.
Five live DJs. (I will be spinning one of these slots)

The Jazz Record Center
236 West 26th Street
Room 804
New York, NY
PH: 212-675-4480
10AM - 6PM Monday through Saturday


The Sonny Clark Trio - "s/t" (Time Records Inc. cat. T / 70010)
Jack Costnzo And His Orchestra - "Naked City" (Liberty cat. LRP 3195)
Sandy Nelson - "Soul Drums" (Imperial Records (a product of Liberty Records) cat. LP-12362)

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Thursday Nov 4th from 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
WOOOO HOOOO! The FMU Record Fair is always a blast. For about fifteen years now I make a beeline for a dealer I like to call the The Dollar Guys. This year I went on Friday night from 7-10PM and Saturday morning from 10AM - 1PM and walked away with about 80 records. Some I needed, some I needed to get a cleaner copy of and some that are just too fun to pass up (Twisted Sister - "We're Not Going To Take It" 45 in a picture sleeve). I added two more Tony Joe White 45's to the collection and three more James Brown 45's to the already overflowing James Brown box including a copy of "King Heroin" with a picture sleeve. There were bizarro records like Welcome To Our Circle Of Friends "Tips On Service And Warranty 1975," which is a two-sided 45 explaining how to maintain your new car. Um, AWESOME! Thank you snippets Gods! And yet another moon landing related record - First Anniversary - Man On The Moon - The Log Of Man's Lunar Landing - "From Liftoff To Lunar Landing" b/w "Man Walks On The Moon" (Luna Records cat. A-11) that has some nice trippy background music. There were a couple of Hot Rod and Drinking songs and the usual stacks of Instrumental and Jazz 45's. I am definitely happy with this years haul.

This Thursday I will be back at D.C.'s Tavern and going it alone. My dear sweet Bronco Billy is once again on the left coast and I must struggle through my separation anxiety as I cue each record. Who will wildly pump their fist as I go from Duke Ellington to The Fabulous Continentals? Who will randomly shout, "YEAH!" throughout the night for me? Not the Hunter. No, he just looks at me like I am boarding the short bus with a portable record player and protective headgear. And now that Rockstar Johnny looks more like J. than J. looks like J., well that's just frightening and I am not going to try and think about it. I'll be spinning from 10PM to closing and desperately trying to figure out how I can make silly lady parts by only sticking my two hands together… see I miss Bill already. IT DOESN'T WORK WITHOUT ANOTHER PAIR OF HANDS! Please tip the Hunter so he'll stop laughing at my selections and don't even look at Johnny because I think he has started throwing people out for asking for mixed drinks.

- pat.
Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System - Thursday November 4th - 9PM to Closing

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


THE 45's:

Bad Medicine - "Animal Assistance" b/w "She's Taken All My Money" (Orbit Records cat. 45-100)
One of my favorite 45s is "Trespasser" by Bad Medicine. It is one of the most Progressive records that gets lumped in with the Funk 45 genre. Sadly it is hard to hear what was to come just a couple of years later but "Animal Assistance" (sometimes referred to as "Bulldog") is an adequate Rock track and not the raw Funk beginnings I was hoping for. There is a groove dying to push its way out but the band stays comfortably in a mid-tempo stride with horns begging to be heard in the background. It sounds like the track could have been made up on the spot and recorded after only a few run throughs. Towards the end the band does let loose a bit and the guitarist attacks the song but that is the only real excitement and it comes much too late. Don't get me wrong, this is raw and pretty damn good but knowing this is the same band that unleashed "Trespasser" onto the world it is hard to not be overly critical. Sadly the B-side looks like it was exposed to a heat source so it does not play but from what I can play it is a pretty standard attempt of a Rock band playing the Blues (read between the lines if you must). I was extremely excited to see this buried in a box of dollar records (it cost a whole $4) and I know I will play this in almost every 70's Rock set from here on out but maybe somewhere there is one more mighty 45 from the band called Bad Medicine. (BTW I resisted ALL cheap "Bad Medicine" or drug related criticisms so you should thank me.)

James Luke and the Prophets - "Night Train" b/w "Hot Pastrami" (Capital City cat. Q 50811)
I know I am not supposed to use the word retarded as an adjective by wow… James Luke and the Prophets spew out the most retard-tastic version of "Hot Pastrami" I have ever heard. I am pretty sure no one in the group knows how to play their instruments. It would appear they won a contest and first prize was to record to songs in a shed while pummeling equipment. Cavemen listen to this and scream, "THAT'S PRIMITIVE!" The vocalist did learn the very complicated lyrics to Hot Pastrami so the engineer pushed the faders way up. Good thing the singer had just ate shards of glass otherwise he may have been unbearable to listen to. Is it possible for a song under three minutes to sound like it has gone on too long? YEAH, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah…. The A-side of this completely amazing 7-inch is a version of the oft cover never to be destroyed so beautifully, "Night Train." Here the "band" (for lack of a better word), actually have the nerve to count in this wreck. 1-2-3-4… now every go in completely different directions. If a train leaves Greater Harrisburg Pennsylvania for parts unknown on several different tracks will we ever arrive at any logical destination? At one point it sounds like everyone but the drummer and guitarist get derailed. About hallway through the guitarist actually develops chops and luckily the drummer never does anything but crush the snare drum into the floor with his manic one-two beat. In the distance we do hear the organ weeping crawling from the wreck. Perfect. This one moves immediately to the favorite 7-inches of All Time box. Thank you James Luke, and of course thank you The Prophets for you have truly been touched and delivered your divine message to us.

Jackie Edwards & Soulmaker's (sic) (Arranged J. Venable, Producer J. Shelton Jr.) - "The Vamp" b/w "Let Me Love You" (Daran Record Co. cat. D-0108)
I have written about Mr. Edwards previously. His amazing track "Che Che" is where Soul genuinely meets Jazz. Like a meeting of the Stax and Black Jazz record labels. "The Vamp" is similar but this time instead of the subtle smoothness of "Che Che" here Mr. Edwards and band sound like Wes Montgomery fronting a young New Funk band. The beats and organ are really raw but the guitar work is elegant and aggressive all at once. As before, I can only assume Mr. Edwards is the guitarist since this track (like "Che Che") features the fantastic guitar playing way out front. The guitar is not disconnected from the other players but it is featured in the mix quite favorably. I love the loose snare head sound, which gives it a slight amateur or Garage feel regardless of the drummer’s obvious skills. The organ also has a Garage sound to it that adds to the New (Modern) Funk Band sound. I could see this coming out on a label like Tramp and raising the discussion if it was a new track or old. "Let Me Love You'" is the ultimate Lounge track. If this isn't Murph and the Magictones I don't know what is. "Thanks folks, please stick around for our next set, and remember…"Don't You Go Changin'." *hiccup…*

Bill Parker - "Gonna Put My Foot Down" b/w "I Waited In The Rain" (Anla Records cat. AN1-125)
I probably paid a little too much for this but man I had to have it. I love Electric Blues and have never heard this before and that saddened me. So I did what any well-respected vinyl junkie would do with 20 bucks clenched in his (or her) hand… I laid my money down and hug this little gem and gave it a new home. Bill Parker sings his lines about one eighth of the speed of the tempo. I assume it is Mr. Parker also playing guitar, which he plays like a man possessed. The drums and rhythm guitar are beautifully simple but the lead is wildly fuzzy and raw. Electric, in every sense of the word. I never stuck a paper clip into an outlet but I assume this is the sound you make. The guitar screams and accentuates every slow, deep voiced threat Mr. Parker makes and he makes it very, very slowly, "P U T M Y F O O T D O W N…" When the track opens the intro cannot prepare you for how sparse and matter of fact the vocals are going to be. Weirdly they are not distracting, actually I found myself anxiously waiting for what he would say next, "Never will be the same old me….” It is like he is reading haiku but is distracted by his own wild playing. Let's just be happy they didn't do enough takes for him to be able to play and sing at the same time because to me this is a flawless take.

Cannonball Adderley - "Soul Zodiac" Narrated by Rick Holmes The Nat Adderley Sextet - Pisces" b/w "Virgo" (Capitol cat. P-3410 (Not For Sale / Promotional Record))
So I am born in February and that makes me a Pisces. I ONLY picked this up because I thought it would be funny. Despite Cannonball Adderley and David Axelrod being two of my favorites who worked together brilliantly many many times I have NEVER been able to make through this whole LP. In the words of Peter Griffin, "It insists upon you." I probably will not play this record out ever but it will make great mixed tape fodder. I know nothing of Astrology and everything everyone has every told me makes me think it is no better than any other organized religion. It does have an element of science to it so maybe it can be in the sequel to this book this guy gave me called "Dioretix: The Science of Matter over Mind." My favorite thing about the record is that barely anything they say about Pisces is true about myself or anyone else I know born in February. I can only imagine that ever sign has elements of personality traits that can apply to everyone. Eww, let me guess your age while I am at it. I will say that Rick Holmes has a voice that just flows and moves like water over the spacey backing.

Bobby Peterson Quintet - "The Hunch" b/w "Love You Pretty Baby" (V-Tone Records cat. 205)
OK, so this is everything I look for in an instrumental. The intro has some nicely beating drums and the other players build up around his groove. The bass is nice and heavy matching the intensity and focus of the beat. The sax bursts onto the scene and takes center stage honking, blasting and soloing from beginning to the end. The piano does a nice job of keeping things balanced and even gets to take a solo without disrupting the beat. I can hear bongos in the back and it would have been nice to hear them up in the mix but all in all this one great track. Piano / Sax instrumentals are as good as Guitar or Organ instrumentals but they always seem to have an older feel. Since this sounds like it is from the late 50's possibly the very early 60's it can be said that Piano / Sax instrumentals are the Godfathers of Organ Instrumentals.

Fabulous Continentals - "Undertow" b/w "Return To Me" (C B Records cat. 5003)
Nothing is better than an instrumental and Surf Instrumentals rarely disappoint. The Fabulous Continentals know the game and they play it straight. Surf beat, plunky - plinky guitar and weird breaks dropped in, in an attempt to make each song "sound" different. Oh yeah, the obligatory "Cha-Cha-Cha ending. Done. You guys are…FABULOUS! Check it out, "Return To Me" follows the same pattern and even grabs the "My Bonnie" riff like it was "Shortnin' Bread" or something. Two for two, you kids are all right.

David Rose - "The Blowup" b/w "Theme From Hombre" (Capitol Records cat. P 5837 (Promotion Record / Not For Sale))
Another great David Axelrod production. Isn't David Rose the guy who did "The Stripper?" This track sounds like it could have been the theme song for a love story starring The Munsters. Fuzzed up guitar and pounding drums are layered with strings, horns and a flute. The whole thing sways gently while also stomping forward like a hulking figure pushing on in a storm and high winds. I couldn't find any info about a movie that this was recorded for and I know it was not part of the Antonioni film by the same name. The inclusion of Jack Nitzsche makes it even more intriguing. Intrigue and curiosity make this one of the better Spy themes that never was or hopefully I'll find out was and there are more great tracks. In the mean time enjoy the mystery.


Lightnin' Rod - "Hustler's Convention" (United Artists Records / Douglas Collection cat. UA-LA156-F)
About a year ago I picked up a few copies of Sir Charles Hughes' "Your Love Sho Nuff Dynamite" 7-inches. I have not been able to stop playing it ever since. The song was used as the running theme in the movie Black Dynamite and honestly they could not have found a more perfect song. A friend, DJ and collector who goes by the name Monk-One tipped me off to the song so I made sure he got a copy from my short stack. I do trade records occasionally but I prefer buying. Trades never seem to work out well for me. At the FMU record fair I usually get to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while. Some who I only get to talk to through the Internet. Robbie Busch is an artist, writer, DJ and collector that I obviously have a few things in common with. I stopped to talk to him and realized if there was anyone who would like a copy it would be him. Although he did already have the Sir Charles Hughes' LP (OK this guy has some crazy rare records) he did need a copy of the 7-inch so I went through his sale box. That was one of the deepest boxes of 45's I have looked through in a while. Rare record after rare record and at really good prices… but far too rich for my blood (I had just spent two days digging the Dollar Guys bins so I was tapped). I then flipped his LP's and stumbled upon one of the cleanest copies of "Hustler's Convention" I have ever seen AND it has the insert. My copy was a non-gate edition from the 80's and I am not sure why I never went looking for an original but I had not. We made a deal and there couldn't be a more perfect trade for the theme for Black Dynamite. Hustler's Convention is always a regular play while I am working in my studio and somehow the OG sounds even better. Thanks Robbie!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tonight on the Vinyl Boss! - PSS Spinning Records from 9PM to Closing - Thurs Oct 7 at D.C.'s Tavern

Tonight on the Vinyl Boss!
DCT TV Thursday October 7th 9:00PM to Closing
505 8th Street on your local Hoboken Cable

This week Pat. "Primitive Sound System" Longo goes it alone as Bronco Billy Dolan is mysteriously missing. See as mayhem ensues while PSS wrecks the turntables with beat after beat. He mixes and mixes and, as always, somehow the result is nothing short of AMAZING! Watch it all come together with the help of the fondant magician Larry "The Froster." As we all know, Larry infuses all of his creations with the finest alcohol and spirits. Who can resist The Froster's spirited, overflowing cups? Watch the happy patrons practically lose the ability to get up from their seats as they finish one treat after the other. Many even stumble out of the shop in what can only be described as intoxicated bliss. Laughs, drama, adventure and of course pounds of personality are folded into every episode. "The Vinyl Boss" - Jersey City's premier purveyor of delectable treats for your ear holes.

Watch the VINYL BOSS the first Thursday of every month... wait until you see what he is pulling out of his box of treats this week. "FUGGEDABOUTIT!"

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System - Thursday October 7th - 9PM to Closing

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


Delicious vinyl confections to poison the blood stream.

A Selection of Halloween Rrrrrecords:
Tom Carter and the Ramrods - "Flyin' Saucer Twist" (Norton Records cat. EP-145)
Bobby Byrd - "Back From The Dead" (International Brother cat. 901)
Rhythm 'N' Blues Classical Funk Band - "Monster Walk Pt. 2" (Mankind cat. 12001)
John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul" - "Dinner With Drac" (Cameo cat. C130)
Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt Kickers - "Monster Mash" b/w "Monster's Mash Party" (Parrot cat. 45-348)
Bob McFadden And Dor - "The Mummy" (Brunswick cat. 9-55140)
The Three Suns - "The Creep" RCA Victor cat. 7-5553)
Ben Bolt and The Nuts - "The Mechanical Man" (MGM Records cat. K-13635)
The Poindexter Bros. - "The Booga Man" (Tuff Records cat. 404 (DJ Copy / Sample))
Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen - "Martian Walk" (Partee cat. PBA-1302)
Sam Space and the Cadets - "Take Me To Your Leader Cha-Cha-Cha" (Cabot cat. CA 127)
The Mysterions - "Transylvania" (Warwick cat. M 521)
Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen & Spooks... the very best of Joe Meek's Instrumentals (Castle Music cat. CMWSE1473)
Adolphus Bell And The Up Starts - "Lafin Gas" (Satin Records cat. SAT-1111)
Jimmy Hydrick - "Trip To The Moon" (Gold Standard Records cat. GS# 292)
Allan Sherman - "(Rag Mop) Rat Fink" (Warner Bros. Records cat. 5378)
The Five Blobs - "The Blob" (Columbia cat. 4-41250)
Possum - "The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati" (Highland Records cat. CW-10)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bronco Billy Dolan and Primitive Sound System Dancing at D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday September 2nd - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
At 300lbs I don't usually dance all that often in public. Let's face it, no one wants to see that. But, I do love songs that can make you move. I love listening to them, I love drumming to them and most of all I love playing them so others can enjoy them. Whether someone is just listening or throwing themselves around the floor (with or without a partner or partners) lost in that ecstatic joy that dancing can cause it is obvious nothing is better than music with a beat. What is most exciting is that dance music is certainly not confined to any one genre. I have found music to move the body or shake the Soul in every stack of records I have ever gone through. The thing people need to remember is that you don't need to know the song playing to dance to it. Being the father of a seven year old you get to see how anything (sometimes not even music) can cause spontaneous gyrations. In that moment mind, body and soul are one and people usually look their happiest and most free. With that said, I am filling the boxes with music to move the body, the mind, the soul and hopefully bend a few elbows. As is always the case if you have a wrist band from the Pier Sessions there are drink specials to be had all night long. Come on by, drink some booze, pretend like you care what the person next to you is sayin' and if the mood hits - take to the dance floor and break yer back baby! If your driving don't drink, if you are drinking don't drive... if you are walking drink until you fall down. And please be kind and tip The Hunter (or he will shot you and show us proper gutting techniques).

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bronco Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday September 2nd
- 9PM to Closing

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


The Pier Sessions:
Black Water
They Had Faces Then
Greg Smith & Broken English
Mike Frensley
Nicole Lichert

Come out for another good time on the pier and enjoy the view and free music! Not only can you do all that, but you can do your part to help out those less fortunate. For the month of September I will be collecting goods for the Hoboken Shelter at all of the pier events. If every person brings just one item it will make all the difference in the world.

By checking out the link below you can find out what the shelter needs most.

Come on out for another FREE Pier Session! Bar opens at 6 p.m. and music will start around 7. Bring your blankets/lawn chairs if you wish and claim your spot on the lawn early.
Rain or Shine - FREE Music - There is BOOZE
Taco Truck (parked on 14th) - Vendors
Good times
Drink specials at DCs with a wrist band!
What more could you ask for? See you there!
LOCATION: Shipyard Marina -,+Hoboken,+NJ+07030&hl=en


If you can't dance to these songs... Jack you dead!

The Mohawks - "The Champ"
Booker T And The M.G.'s - "Hip Hug - Her"
Young - Holt Unlimited - "Soulful Strut"
The Champs - "Tequila"
The Contours - "Do You Love Me"
Curtis Lee - "Pretty Little Angel Eyes"
Clarence Henry - "Aint Got No Home"
Joe Bennett And The Sparkletones - "Black Slacks"
Huey (Piano) Smith And The Clowns - "Don't You Just Know It"
Barrett Strong - Money (That's What I Want)"
The Rivingtons - "The Birds The Word"
The Five Du-Tones - "Shake A Tail Feather"
The Dartells - "Hot Pastrami"
The Guess Who? - "Shakin' All Over"
Mickey Lee Lane - "Hey Sah-Lo-Ney"
The Monkees - "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"
The Trashmen - "Surfin' Bird"
The Sonics - "The Hustler"
The Strangeloves - "Cara-Lin"
Bar-Kays - "Soul Finger"
Eddie Floyd - "Big Bird"
Funkadelic - "Red Hot Momma"
The Meters - "Groovy Lady"
Eddie Long - "Mo Jo Workout"
Don Gardner - "My Baby Loves To Boogaloo"
Howard Tate - "Stop"
Edwin Starr - "Twenty-Five Miles"
Gus "The Groove" Lewis - "Let The Groove Move You"
The Emperor's - "Karate"
Bobby Patterson - "T.C.B. or T.Y.A."
Billy Stewart - "Summertime"
The Mighty Hannibal - "Jerkin' The Dog"
Roy Head - Treat Her Right"
Dyke And The Blazers - "Funky Broadway"
Arthur Alexander - "A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues"
The Shangri-Las - "Give Him A Great Big Kiss"
Marlena Shaw - "California Soul"
Etta James & Sugar Pie DeSanto - "In The Basement"
Barbara Acklin - "Am I The Same Girl"
Peggy Lee - "Fever"
and yes, "The Peanut Duck"


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bronco Billy Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday August 5th - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
My next door neighbor in Hoboken was a radio DJ. He played Latin, Soul, Sweet Soul and that just pre-Disco sound that I can't really pin down a name for. Although we spoke about it a million times we unfortunately never just hung out and listened to music. Our schedules were always at odds. He would get in late from the station or an event and I'd be getting back from a gig or just drunk so we would talk while standing on our steps both of us with the key already in the lock, hand on the door knob and ready to pass out. Sadly I heard he passed away not long after we moved out of Hoboken and up to The Heights. I would occasionally bump into his sons but I had lost contact with them. I got a call two weeks ago from a friend (Johnny Ernst your mild mannered bartender at D.C.'s Tavern) and he said that friends of his had a collection in a local storage unit and wanted to know if I could take a look. They had already decided to just sell everything for a dollar a record but luckily they did think someone should take a look before unloading the collection. I pulled up to the building and saw his sitting on the loading dock. I wanted to cry. This is not how wanted to first go through his collection. The boys were happy to see me and once I put the sadness out of my head I began to concentrate on the collection. And what a collection it is. It is easily a million times better than how he had described it to me over the years. He was just being modest but that is who he was. All those nights talking about music and our collections he would never brag. Usually he would just ask me questions and let me ramble. As we have been going through the collection I learned that he had also DJ'd in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately most of the Latin records were "given" to his brother many years ago. It was one of the only times I saw his temperature rise a bit as he explained to me why he gave the records to his brother in an effort to lessen the amount of space the records were taking up in his families apartment. It was obvious letting those records go upset him. Despite that tragic gap in his collection it still remains one of the most focused collections I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of collections over the years and very few come close to the dedication to a sound like this one does.

The collection is approximately 3500 records that is pretty much split down the middle between LPs and 7-inches. One of the things I always look for when going through records is condition and at least 90% of these are VG+ to NM. Again, very impressive for someone who was a DJ but in many cases he had duplicate copies of records to ensure he always had one in great shape.

This month I will feature records I have pulled from the collection. This will be one of my favorite sets ever and I really look forward sharing it with all the drunks at D.C.'s! As always Bill starts the night out and I will get there around 11PM or so.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

BP - Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday August 5th - 9PM to Closing

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550



The Modulations - "It's Rough Out Here" (Buddah Records cat. BDS 5638)

Catalyst - Perception (Muse cat. MUSE 5025 (White Label Promo))

Sonny Bravo "The New York Latin Scene with Sonny Bravo" - "You Gotta Turn Me On" (Columbia cat. ES-1921)

The Meters - "Look-Ka-Py-Py" (Josie cat. JOS 4012)

Joe Cuba Sextet - "Recuerdos De Mi Querido Barrio (Memories Of My Beloved Neighborhood) En El Stoop / On The Stoop" (Tico cat. SLP-1226)


Cross Bronx Expressway - "Help Yourself Brother" b/w "Cross Bronx Expressway" (Zell's Records cat. Z-148)

The Blue Rhythm Combo vocalist Tony Grazette - "Take The Funky Feeling" b/w "Knock On Wood" (Merry Disc cat. M-51)

Brother Soul - "Life Is Like A Maze" b/w "Feeling Funky" (Elmoor cat. ES 103)

Sonny Crosby - "Smelly Feet" b/w "I'm In Love With Your Love" (Chimneyville cat. 10217)

Gary Byrd - "Soul Travelin' Pt. I & II" (RCA cat. AP BO - 004)

Thunder & Lighting - "Bumpin' Bus Stop" b/w "Bumpin' Bus Stop (Part 2)" (Private Stock Records cat. PSR 45,010)

Kellee Patterson - "I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby" b/w "You Are So Beautiful" (Shady Brook cat. 45-021)

Banbarra - "Shack Up" b/w Shack Up, Part II" (United Artists Records cat. UA-XW734-Y)

The Harvey Averne Barrio Band - "Para Ti" b/w "Cucaraca" (Heavy Duty Records cat. HD1)

Gilberto Sextet - "Yes I Will (Part 1)" b/w "Agapito" (Tico cat. T-554)

Joey Bataan - "I'm No Stranger" b/w "Ordinary Guy" (Fania cat. 737)

Fajardo - "Ahi Na' Ma" b/w "C'mon Baby, Do The Latin Hustle" (Coco Records cat. CFF5053)

Mandrill - "Armadillo" b/w "The Road To Love" (Polydor cat. PD 14257)

Weldon Irvine - "Jungle Juice" b/w "Yasmin" (RCA cat. PB-10368)

George "Bad" Benson - "My Latin Brother" b/w "Supership" (CTI Records cat. OJ-25 F)

Jose Feliciano - "Hard Times In El Barrio (Closing Theme from "Chico And The Man") (from the "And The Feeling Is Good" album) b/w "Chico And The Man" (Main Theme) (from the "And The Feeling Is Good" album) (RCA cat. PB - 10145)

Cynthia Richards - "Jungle Fever" b/w "Clean Up Woman" (Treasure Isle cat. DR226)

Russel & The Checkmates - "Groove Me" b/w "Love Me Or Leave Me" (Merry Disc cat. REC4528)

Ultrafunk - featuring Mr. Superbad Freddie Mack - "Kung Fu Man" Vocal b/w Instrumental (Contempo cat. 7701)

The Village Choir - "The Switch" b/w "Talk To Me Sometimes" (SCM Records cat. SCM-1000)

The Bad Boys - "Love" b/w "Black Olives" (Paula Records cat. 254)

Honey Ltd. - "Louie, Louie (With Intro By Lee Hazelwood)" b/w "Louie, Louie (Without Intro By Lee Hazelwood)" (LHI Records cat. 45-1216)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday June 3rd - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
Better late than never! That is what we always say here at BP. Look, there was a long ass weekend and time flows like oil from a well lubricated uncapped pipe. So here we are hoping to just move passed this mess and spin some finely etched petroleum products for your enjoyment. We have utilized these resources to bring you the finest in beer soaked entertainment. Sure, some animals may die, birds, fish but you, you get joy from every turn of the needle as it injects itself into the deep well of the record and pumps raw wax directly to your heart. Thick buttery grooves clogging your every orifice with tones, beats and melody. So good for you.

Thank you for your years of loyalty!

BP - Spilling Approximately 20 Records at 33 to 45 RPMs per hour!
(Bill & Pat)

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

BP - Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday June 3rd - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550



I recently decided to pull all my Food and Drink based 45s from their various genres and locations. Over the past year I have been making mixes for a friend who specializes in wine ( Of course this "forced" me to buy a whole bunch of wine, beer and spirits based records. As if I needed a reason to buy more records. Another friend recently opened a BBQ place in Jersey City ( That got me foraging deep into the boxes for food songs. I did give myself rules for what qualifies as a food song since so many are taken out of context. I had to decide that Popcorn songs don't count, though I will be making an all Popcorn mix. Even "Cracker Jack" by Mickey and His Mice doesn't count because as you know, "It aint nothing but THE POPCORN with some sweet jive on it." "Aw shucks." I will blindly include all Chicken songs which means I get to include "The Hen" by Louis Chachere. This is a song, like TAD's "Jack Pepsi," that should be played once a day to keep you sane. But, it is still hard to legitimize the "Funky Chicken" songs and similarly titled masterpieces since they are getting down on the floor rather than satisfying your craving and inducing a food coma. Similarly, and even though it is a personal favorite, I had to pass up the inclusion of "Moaning For Molasses," since I am just guessing Mr. Williams ain't paying tribute to the sweet syrup made from cooking cane juice. I have not included any Modern records in this first batch. My cut of is the 70's for now and does not include much of the Rock records except instrumentals from the 50's and 60's. Many of the New Funk and Soul bands have deliciously titled tunes and I will get to them soon enough. I definitely need to go through the boxes again but the count is somewhere around 250 spanning the 40's to the 70's and covering many genres. During one of my almost daily chats with the amazing DJ Prestige he suggested I put together a guest mix for his Flea Market Funk site ( so look for that soon. I think that's enough gravy and sauce to cover everyone. So if you sling hash or booze expect a link from me soon. Then expect seconds, and thirds...



Vex Ruffin & The lo-fi Jerkheads 45 on Black Gladiator Records

Recently I was lucky enough to do some artwork for a friend's new record label. Do artwork for a vinyl 45... HELL YEAH! The new label is Black Gladiator Records ( and its head warrior is DJ Bazooka Joe a.ka. Joe Diddley of "Thing With Two Heads" fame. The band is amazing one man whirlwind known as Vex Ruffin and The lo-fi Jerkheads ( As if that wasn't enough, Black Gladiator is also a subsidiary of one of the best labels of all time - Slovenly Records. The 45 can be ordered directly HERE


Your order with biscuits on the side...

Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - "Gimme That Wine" (Columbia cat. 4-41588 (Promotion Record / Not For Sale))
Hudson And Landry - "Ajax Liquor Store" (Dore cat. 855)
Ken Nordine - "Hot Sake" (Dot cat. 45-15769)
The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band - "The Utica Club Natural
Carbonation Beer Drinking Song" (Utica Club cat. UC-500)
Soul Runners - "Grits 'N Corn Bread" (MoSoul cat. MS-101)
Andre Williams & His Orchestra - "Rib Tip's Part 1" (Avin Records cat. AX 22216)
Melvin Van Peebles - "Hoppin John" (Stax cat. STA-0097)
Jim Bakus and Friend / Appleknocker and His Group - "Delicious!" (Jubilee cat. 45-5330)
Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - "Standing In The Grits
Line" (Janus Records cat. J - 164 (THIS SONG IS RATED "F" (FUNKY))
Garry & Larry - "Garlic Bread" (Goliath cat. 600)
The West-Siders - "Candy Yams" (Infinity cat. INX-031 (AUDITION))
The Sons Of Moses - "Fatback" (Coral cat. 62549)
Ken Jones His Piano & Orchestra - "Chicken Pot Pie" b/w "Second Helping" (Almont Records cat. Almont 305)

I know one thing for sure, this is going to read like the menu at Shopsin's (

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Hoboken, NJ - Thursday May 6th - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
OK, so that is a pretty obvious joke (and one I can guarantee I have used before) BUT as you can tell by the lateness of this email we mean it. It's been a crazy week and neither Bill or I have had much time to promote our monthly affair. Last month I rowed the boat alone but this time 'round Barnacle Bill the Wailer swears he will remain sober Wednesday and Thursday or at least long enough to give it to you in the ear hole. A promise is a promise and I believe him... I swear I am not pulling five hours worth of records just in case... I SWEAR! Hell, pulling is half the fun! Speaking of religious holidays, one of the holiest days of the year recently passed and I spent most of it on my knees. That's right, of course I am talking about Record Store Day and crawling through the dust is the only way to find the good ones. Record stores vary greatly and I chose one of my favorites to spend the day at. It was a tough decision but I loaded up the UAV and set out for beautiful Hackensack, New Jersey. Hackensack, home of the other White Manna, the second one, the one they correctly spelled. Hackensack is also home to of one of New Jersey's best record stores, The Record King, a store so full of characters who the hell needs HBO. The Record King seems like it has been around forever. I had gone to the store only a few times in the 80's but then again I didn't spend much time in other stores during my tenure at Finyl Vinyl. It may have only been a few times but I remember always leaving with stacks of amazing 45's. About two years ago we were attending a birthday party at Bowler City and I sensed there was vinyl near. I checked the direction of the wind and drew in a deep breath. Not far from the crashing pins and fried food there it was, just a few blocks up Main Street. It was a Saturday so the store was only open until 4PM. I jumped from the car while it was still moving, looked back at the family as they drove away and scurried into the store. Something about the store had changed since I had last been there and Craig, the owner, said the store used to be across the street. They walked the contents across the street basically setting up a mirror image of the original store. Ah, record stores. Since then I have made as many trips back as I can and each time is better than the last. Like a perfect but brief vacation. Craig Stepneski is endlessly knowledgeable and uncharacteristically friendly for a vinyl shop owner. Not the anti-social know-it-all common in many other shops. Honestly, isn't every day Record Store Day? I hate organized religion. Next stop, Big City Records.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday May 6th - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


37 new vinyl Record Store Day rekkids in no particular order:
Fugain & le Big Bazar - "Une Belle Histoire" b/w "Allez Bouge-Tol!" (CBS cat. 8091)
Little Milton Campbell - "Somebody's Changin' My Sweet Baby's Mind" b/w "I'm Tired" (Checker cat. 1231)
Tobin Matthews - "Leatherjacket Cowboy" b/w "Ruby Duby Du" (Chief Records cat. 7022)
Pete Klint Quintet - "Friday Night Band (P.K.Q. S 80-41-449S (Plug Side Not For Sale))
The Impressions - "Thin Line" b/w "I'm Loving You" (Curtom cat. CR 1985)
Jack Costanzo and his Afro-Cuban Band - "Just One Of Those Things" b/w Chopsticks Mambo" (GNP (Gene Norman Presents) cat. GNP 124)
Hugh Maekela - "Languta" b/w "Rekpete" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 244 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Hugh Maekela & The Union of South Africa - "Dyambo (Dee-Y Ambo) Weary Day Is Over" (Chisa cat. C 8014F (Promotional Not For Sale))
Ben Sidran - "Space Cowboy" b/w "Think Twice" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 236 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Moonlighter Enterprises Presents The Moonlighters - "Watermelon Man" b/w "Watch What Happens" (SSJ-00775)
Sociedad 76 - "Jibarito Mio" b/w "Los Mecanicos" (Horoscopo Records F-5074)
Astrud Gilberto - "General Da Banda" b/w "Make Love To Me" (Perception Records cat. Ps-524)
Dickie Goodman - "Mr. President" b/w "Popularity" (Rainy Wednesday cat. RW 207)
Little Carl Carlton - "Why Don't They Leave Us Alone" b/w "46 Drums - 1 Guitar" (Back Beat cat. 598)
Gene Chandler - "No Peace, No Satisfaction" b/w "I Won't Need You" (Checker cat. 1190)
The Equals - "Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys" b/w "Aint Got Nothing To Give You" (Shout cat. S 247)
Stan Freberg With Orchestra - "Little Blue Riding Hood" b/w "St. George And The Dragnet" (Capitol cat. F2596)
The Three Suns - "Satan Takes A Holiday" b/w "you And You Alone (The Theme From "La Strada") (RCA Victor cat. 47-6202 (Not For Sale / Record Preview))
Al Caiola - "Strum Boogie" (Bell Sounds Studios, inc. / Audiodiscs (Master Disc dated 9-28-61)) - This seems to be an unreleased track from Guitar legend Al Caiola.
Little Milton Campbell - "Somebody's Changin' My Mind" b/w "I'm Tired" (Checker cat. 1231)
The Soul Children - "Tighten Up My Thang" b/w "take up the Slack" (Stax cat. STA-0030)
Bobby Wade - "Can't You hear Me Calling" b/w "Four Walls And One Window" (Deluxe cat. 45-121 (D J Sample / Not For Sale))
Martin Mull - "Do The Dog" Mono b/w Stereo (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0241 (Promotion / Not For Sale))
The Flamingos - "The Boogaloo Party" b/w "The Nearness Of You" (Philips cat. 40347)
Hugh Masekela & the Union Of South Africa - "Dyambo (Dee-Y Ambo) 'Weary Day Is Over'" (Chisa cat. C 8014F (Promotional / Not For Sale))
Hugh Masekela - "Languta" b/w "Rekpete" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 244 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Ike & Tina Turner - "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" Mono b/w Stereo (United Artists Records cat. UA 50782 (Promotion Copy Not For Sale))
The Marvelettes - "I'm Gonna Hold On Long As I Can" b/w "Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit" (Tamla cat. T-54177)
The Raelets - "It's Almost Here" b/w "I Want To Thank You" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC-986)
Ray Charles - "That's A Lie" b/w "Go On Home" (ABC Records / Tangerine Records cat. 11045 (Pic Sleeve)
John KaSandra - "Down Home Ups/Good Whiskey And Bas Women" b/w "Ain't I Good" (Plug Side) (Respect cat. TAA-2502 (Promotional Not For Sale))
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - "Gimme That Wine" b/w "Centerpiece" (Columbia cat. 4-41588 (Promotion Record / Not For Sale))
Jimmy Hydrick - "Bartender Bring On The Booze" b/w "Trip To The Moon" (Gold Standard cat. Record No. GS# 292)
Hank Thompson and His Brazos Valley Boys - "Rockin' In The Congo" b/w "I Was The First One" (Capitol cat. F3623 (Promotional Record))
Hank Thompson - "On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle" b/w "If I Lose You Tomorrow" (DOT Records cat. 45-17108)
Larry Steele - "Little Wine Little Gin" b/w "Hold On" (Air Stream cat. AS-003 (D.J. Copy / Not For Sale))

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday April 1st - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
So I tried and tried and I can't come up with anything witty for April Fool's Day so screw it. One thing is for sure, Bill and I will be spinning our usual eclectic mix of Adult Contemporary, Classical Music and Show Tunes this Thursday April 1st at D.C.'s in Hoboken, New Jersey. We dig deep each month to bring the most inoffensive, light listening experience you can have in any bar or Lounge. As always Larry will have the aroma therapy candles burning and of course a big warm smile for each and every patron. We look forward to grooving easy with everyone so swing on by, relax to the mellow tunes and toss back some cocktails.

It feels like it has been forever since I have buried the needle in the groove and since January I have picked up a lot of pretty plastic. I wish there were many more hours in the day so I could write about my experiences with each and everyone of them and the lasting impressions they leave on me. Since time is limited I hope to get at least five of them down on paper. I do know this, the box is filled with some of the most varied sounds ever. This is going to be fun.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday April 1st - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


The Mod Squad - "Charge" b/w "Mod Squad You All" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC-1004)
I love instrumentals, I have probably said that about a million times. Sometimes I stretch that to songs with a rap or talk over but when there is a full conversation happening - that's when things get weird. "The Charge" is apparently a dance the male lead is trying to coax a young lady into doing. Let's face it, men love to watch woman dance. And if you have a funky band cranking behind, you better give it a shot. He explains this is a dance they are doing back in his home town but she seems more interested in making him do it. He explains the moves and then proceeds to cut a rug. I assume like most woman she was hoping to get a bit of a chuckle from this but he displays his moves and she does seem mildly impressed. She then one ups him with a dance she knows ironically also called, "The Charge and Discharge." Oh yeah, this would be a good time to mention that despite the label reading, "The Charge," the dance is called "The Charge and Discharge." What? Was it too long of a name? C'mon. Her version aint country like his, her version is the way the city folk do it. He encourages and compliments her nicely in the hopes that she will stick around longer. Usually this is where our story would end and the woman dances off looking for someone she is more interested in but our lead has one more move up his sleeve or in his pants if you will, "Since ah... you got your thing... and I got my thing let's put 'em both together and see what happens." YES, our man seals the deal! And I have one amazing, funky 45 to spin. Just like "The Charge," "Mod Squad You All" sounds creepily like some other song. The guitar intro is played at about four times the tempo of the song that follows. The riff throws you at first but when the same riff closes the song it does a perfect job of announcing the end and book ending the song. The song being appropriated here is "Country Girl" by Johnny Otis. The Mod Squad do an incredible job making the theme their own. The drums, organ and congas are heavy as hell but the groove runs deep and you can certainly see bodies moving slow to this one.

Biggie Ratt - "We Don't Need No Music" b/w "Escape" (APT / ABC Records cat. 26001)
When we decided to go to California I hoped to stumble on some Apt Record releases. My holy grail from the label was "Escape" by Biggie Ratt. I was convinced there was no way I would unearth one but one can dream can't they. We spent our last nights in San Francisco and I set aside a day to go to The Groove Merchant and Rooky Ricardo's. Let's say that was a great idea and one that turned out to be extremely good for my collection. I went through each box of 45's at Groove Merchant and wished I had endlessly deep pockets. The store is on the small side but there is not one mediocre record in the entire place. This is one of the most thought out and cared for stores I have ever been. This is the West Coast compliment to Big City Records in NYC. This record was one of the first I came across in the first box I was going through. Of course I assumed there was something horribly wrong with it. it was in great shape and now it is mine. "Escape" has almost everything I could ever want in an instrumental. After a very "normal" drum and guitar intro things immediately take a left turn and get weird in the best of ways. The guitar sound flips back and forth between moments that are almost countryish to moments that could have been lifted from a DNA record. The beat is broken at times yet remains insanely funky with the drums and congas running along aside each other as if they were a team in a three legged race. They even drop out so dead on the same moment it would seem they aren't separate instruments or separate players at all. The track is brief (just 2:15), raw and makes me smile from ear to ear. "We Don't Need no Music" is equally as raw but far less unique than "Escape" but I can see getting a lot of play from both sides. "We Don't Need No Music," has shouted vocals over thudding bass, pounding, pounding, pounding drums and congas that should make you drop out of breath just from listening. Basically the lyrics are the title repeated over and over and happily there is some clapping as the whole thing fades. Thank you Chris (Groove Merchant) and thank you California, I will be back.

Untouchable Machine Shop - "Machine Shop (Part One) b/w "Machine Shop (Part Two) (Wavelength Records cat. 3890)
Another 7" from The Groove Merchant. This was one of the very first "rare" Funk 45's I ever heard. I had a nice collection of records and many of those remain my favorites to this day but I couldn't be more excited when I realized there were hundreds and hundreds of records I knew nothing about in the Funk genre. At the time I had no idea how deep this Funk 45 thing really went. Little did I know it was actually thousands and thousands of records from around the world. At the time there were only a few comps and the interweb certainly was not brimming with all the Blogs that are there now, YouTube or any other useful resources. There was and a forum that I can't remember the name of but that quickly degraded into geeks threatening each other in the lamest way possible, on the internet. Every time I heard this record since that very first time it made me desire it more and more. I even went as far as getting two different comps just to get both sides of it - Phat Funk Volume 1 (Phat Grooves cat. PGLP-101) and Funky Jams III (Hubbub records cat. HUBLP4). Machine Shop sounds as if The Nite-Liters, Kool & The Gang, The Pharaohs / Earth Wind & Fire and The Counts came together for one inspired day in the studio. Over the top of a perfect rolling groove are shouts and laughs from the band. The horns blare in unison as if cheering on the moment but when things get pared down to the basics they immediately get tough, raw and funky. Drums, congas, beautiful fingered bass and aggressive wah-wah style guitar come together in a classic funky sound. Your head is sure to be bobbing from start to finish.

The Philharmonic - "Jesus Country" b/w "Billy Tell Overture" (Silverhill cat. SH-301)
Records do not get more bizarre than this. The first side is a HORRIBLE Christian Rock song. You can picture their arms in the air as they repeat over and over, "Singing for Jesus!" ...and over and over. It is so bad that even the idea of what was possibly lurking beneath almost went unnoticed. It is so bad even the kicking little break toward the end with the cool conga accompaniment doesn't make me want to go back ever again. Side two is "The William Tell Overture" renamed and performed by a corny ass looking band. On the picture sleeve there is a photo of the band standing in a field proudly holding up their instruments... including the drummer?! This can't be good. The seven words that begin the liner notes certainly did not instill confidence that anything worth listening to was etched in the grooves, "One of the leading "Jesus People" bands..." UGH! But, as I dropped the needle on side two I was truly surprised. After the typical "Willie Tell" intro, played like a bad cartoon theme, the band lays deep into the groove and unearths something about the song that is hidden to most of us. By far this is not the greatest instrumental I own. Moments are bizarre as I mentioned earlier, moments are totally rocking, parts are even damn funky and others are as corny as the band in the photo. And yet I have listened to this about a thousand times. I did search for some info and one of the few mentions I found was that The Funky & Groovy Music Records Lexicon was looking for one. This is certainly not a cut for everyone and I am sure "The Hunter" may threaten me, and demand I raise the needle but as persistent as this version is I will be determined to play it through. Believe it or not skipping the annoying intro changes the atmosphere completely so that is exactly what I will be doing. HI-HO-SILVER!

Gino Washington - "Gino Is A Coward" b/w "Puppet On A String" (Ric - Tic cat. RT - 100)
NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA! This is a Soul Stomper if there ever was but WOW, what a brave self examination Gino goes through and the exposure of his most personal thoughts he shares on this disc. The title is no joke, poor Gino explains how difficult it is for him when it comes to love. Not just with the one he loves but the whole damn concept. He admits he would ride the back of a dinosaur, he is one brave mother, but not when it comes to those four scary letters... L-O-V-E. The band is pounding away in their Garage meets R&B style that gets the blood going and makes me want to jump up and down and flail myself around the room. The backing for my favorite Gino Washington songs sound like they were recorded in one take. Not that they are flawed but just the opposite, they have a live immediacy to them that makes every beat and note exciting. There is an all to brief guitar solo that is just bursting to go on but I am quite happy it cuts short before it meanders. As soon as the solo ends Gino returns to remind us of his in his inadequacies. Damn. This track has balls, musically, lyrically and for the title alone. This was one of the many essential records that I picked up at Rooky Ricado's in San Francisco. I almost passed it up because I have such a thing about condition. It's not NM- or VG+ which is what I look for when I am out digging. This is VG and worth every gently scratched second of it. Rooky Ricardo's was one of the coolest record stores I have been to and the owner and his card buddies were entertaining as they were knowledgeable. I even got two of his amazing CD mixes ("Working Your Mojo" and Down Home -N- Horny") which I can't stop listening to. I can't wait to get back there.

Della Reese - "It Was a Very Good Year" b/w "Solitary Woman" (ABC Records cat. 45-1084)
I was digging with a friend and I was sampling through some later Della Reese 45s. One was nice and soulful with some funky moments. I mentioned it to my friend and he said, "Yeah, that's OK but have you ever heard her version of "It Was A Very Good Year?"" Sadly, I had not. I immediately started looking for a copy and figured out what label it came out on, what year it came out, etc, etc. Then I searched YouTube and was floored by the sound. This is mining a similar territory as Nina Simone's version of the Ike & Tina track, "Funkier Than A Mosquitoes Tweeter" does. The drum is aggressive and funky, there is swirling organ, a throaty horn and Ms. Reese speaks each line bringing attention to every word. She works the phrasing so that her words spill in between each beat, emphasizing the negative space as well as letting each beat be heard. She is confident and her sense of humor comes through as mocks her own words as the age of the subject in the song increases. I was so into this version that bought the live LP that it also appears on, Della Reese - "One More Time." The LP is a soulful and sometimes funky Lounge record recorded at the Playboy Club in LA with her then band; Bobby Bryant (trumpet), Herman Riley (tenor), Haley Caliman (tenor), Henry Cain (organ) and Carl Lott on drums. It may be safe to assume this is the same band on the studio version found on the single. It is definitely safe to assume that I will be playing this a whole lot.


Personal and the Pizzas - "Search and Destroy" "I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza" "I Don't Feel So Happy Now No More" "I Can Read" (GOOC Entertainment 001)
Pissed Jeans - "Don't Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear" b/w "Love Clown" (S>U>B PShannon and the Clams - "Hunk Hunt" (Weird Hug Records cat. WHR-003)
Gloria Walker - "Papa's Got The Wagon" b/w "My Precious Love" (people cat. 45-2504)
Bo Diddley - "500 Percent More Man" b/w "Let The Kids Dance" (Checker cat. 1123)
Alvin Robinson - "Searchin'" b/w "Something You Got" (Tiger Records cat. TI 104)
Junior Parker - "If You Don't Love Me" b/w Same (Duke cat. 364 (Promotional Record / Not For Sale))
The Big Beats - "Big Boy" b/w "Clark's Expedition" (Columbia cat. 4-41072 (Promotion Record / not For Sale))
Tony Joe White - "Voodoo Village" b/w "The Daddy" (Warner Bros. Records cat. 7468)
Dick Hyman - "the man from O.R.G.A.N." ep (Command Records cat. SE 80SD)
Dick Hyman and "The Group" - "In The Heat Of The Neat" b/w "Respect" (Command cat. RS 45-4114)
Dick Hyman - "Green Onions" b/w "Aquarius" (Command cat. 45-4129)
Richard Groove Holmes - "Don't Mess With Me" b/w " Theme From Love Story" (Blue Note cat. SBN 1967)
Jimmy McGriff - "Bump De Bump" b/w "Turn Blue" (Sue Records cat. 45-128)
Hash Brown With The Milestone Singers - "Dear Andy" b/w "Stringy Mash Potatoes" (Philips cat. 40061 (For Broadcast Only / Not For Sale))
Julia Lee's "Party Time" ep (Capitol Records cat. EBF 228)
Dap Sugar Willie - "Big Jim" Mono & Stereo (Philadelphia International Records cat. ZS8 3598 (Demonstration not For Sale))
Hudson & Landry - "The Soul Bowl" b/w "Frontier Christmas (Harlowe & the Mrs)" (Dore cat. 880)
The Trends - "Chug-A-Lug" b/w "The Beard" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7733 (Hugo & Luigi Production))
The Saints & Sinners - "Ooh-Poo-Pah-Doo" b/w "Mercy, Mercy" (Moon Records cat. SS 401 (Recorded Live at Glen Island Casino New Rochelle, NY))
Odell Tukker & The Tukkered Outs - "The Drunker I Sit Here" b/w "Honky Tonk Women" (Hala cat. HALA-1017)
The Ice Man's Band - Come Together" and "Ain't Understanding Mellow" b/w "It's Down To That" and "People Make The World Go Round (That's What Makes The World Go Round)" Stereo Edited Version (Mecury cat. MEPL-22 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Ronnie Hawkins - "Bo Diddley" Mono Short Version b/w "Bo Diddley" Stereo Short Version (Monument cat. ZS7 8573 (Radio Station Copy / Not For Sale))
Crowbar - "Oh What A Feeling" Long Version b/w "Oh What A Feeling" Short Version (Paramount cat. PAA-0078 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Charles Bevel - "Porcupine Meat" b/w "Sally B. White" (A&M cat. 1501 (Promotional Copy - Not For Sale))
Chimo - "In The Sea" Mono b/w Stereo (Epic cat. 5-10770 (Radio Station Copy))
Buster Brown - "Raise A Ruckus Tonight" b/w "Gonna Love My Baby" (Fire Records cat. RECORD NO. 516)
Jesse Gee - "Don't Mess With My Money" b/w "Baby, I Need You" (Barry BRY 1019)
Bob Kennedy - "I Might As Well Marry A Monkey" b/w "I Told You I'd Get You, Didn't I" (Roulette cat. R-7155 (DJ Copy / Not For Sale))
Wilmer & The Dukes - "Heavy Time" b/w "I'm Free" (Aphrodisiac cat. SME 261)
101 Strings - Million Seller Hits of 1969 (Alshire cat. S-5185)
Living Guitars - Music From The Pink Panther and Other Hits (Rca / Camden cat. CAS 827)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern spinning from 9PM - 2AM Thurs Jan 7th

Hello Y'all,
Welcome to 2010. So there is no better way to start out the new year than with playing some of my favorites that I have collected throughout 2009. This was one of the best years (at least that I can remember) for finding quality records. Some of the spots that I did really well at have not gone cold yet and I look forward to making them regular stops. Hearing records that are thirty, forty of fifty years old for the first time is just as exciting as discovering a new band. Maybe this is what keeps me constantly diggin' the crates and hoping to turn up new things. As always there was no real focus to what I filled my boxes with. I am not looking for any one particular record or genre, I am only hoping to hear as much music as possible before that isn't possible. I listen to as many records as I possibly can (in whatever amount of time I may have) and hope to be able to afford the ones I like. Some days I had hours and hours to dive into dusty, dirty piles of records and at other times only minutes but I always came up with gold. Sometimes dropping the needle on a really crappy record is just as much fun as finding the one great one buried deep in piles and stacks of junk. I must say, Pop Vocals of the 40's and 50's and Country music supplied me with some of the the biggest laughs this past year. Country song writers have no filter what-so-ever when it comes to subject matter or singing styles. The best of these finds came in the way of songs I had difficulty even categorizing like Dynamite, Inc.'s version of "Walkin' The Dog" or "I Need You So Bad" by Allan. I am always drawn to instrumentals and this year was filled with them. There was Al Caiola doing the "Mod Squad," theme or a few from James Bond numbers, "Chicken Pot Pie" by Ken Jones and funky monsters like "Do it Good" by Brother Soul. New releases were equally impressive including the out of this world Garage Monster known as The Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! and the psychotic duo Batman & Robin, the Prog instrumental genius behind Mr. Chop, Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band and the super group Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls and Johnny Trunk. And of course I have to mention "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties" by the powerful Punk trio known simply as, Blower. This song easily got more play than any other record and deservedly so.

Sadly I don't get to write about half of the records I want to since there is only so many hours in the day. Sometimes the record I most want to write about gets left in a pile as I go on, and on and on about something horribly brilliant like Dynamite, Inc. doing their best with Rufus Thomas' "Walkin' The Dog." Definitely an "A" for effort for what amounted to a "B" movie result at best. Don't get me wrong I couldn't turn away and have listened to it about a thousand times. One of the years best releases was the soundtrack to the perfectly crafted "Black Dynamite" film. These guys proved that in a world where EVERYTHING is a remake that doesn't mean it has to suck. When you are skillful, studied and respectful you can't miss. An even bigger surprise was unearthing eight copies of the song sampled throughout the film and edited to be the theme. Sir Charles Hughes' sparkling, Lounge Funk masterpiece, "Your Kiss Sho-Nuf Dy-No-Mite" is brilliant whether on the soundtrack or on its own.

I was also able to help a friend sell his entire record collection. He no longer had the space for them and he transferred most of what he wanted to digital. (By-the-way that sentence alone still pains me.) It was a very focused collection representing a musically knowledgeable listener who bought records from the 70's through the 00's. He demanded that my brother and I go through the collection and take what we wanted before contacting some buyers. I only took about two backpacks worth of records. Some were replacement copies for records I had sold as my tastes changed or needed to thin the herd for other spatial or financial reasons. It is so incredible to have certain records back after all these years. Other records I couldn't afford when they were originally released like the Chess Box Sets that came out in the 80's. I smiled from ear to ear as I unearthed Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters from the rows and rows of records. Bo Diddley has always been, and is hands down, one of my favorite musicians, performers, writers, characters, etc, etc. I listen to the box set daily and it brings me great pleasure. Wow do I love listening to music.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday January 7th - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


Some of the BEST digs of 2009... according to me... and only culled from records I have purchased. No, no, no I bet your record is great, I just haven't heard it yet... It is impossible to list the best records but these all jumped off the turntable and smacked me up side the head...

[In no particular order EXCEPT the number one spot]

Blower - Dressed To Chill ep - "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties" b/w "Holidays In The Sun" (cat. BLOWER-666)
The Fantastics! - "Soul Child" b/w "Soul Sucka" (Freestyle cat. FSR7-051)
The Showmen Inc. - "The Tramp PT. i & II" (Now Records cat. N-3)
Dynamite, Inc. featuring Angelo Del - "Walkin' The Dog" (Lucifer Records cat. 104)
The Sun - "Soul Sync" (United Artists Records cat. UA 50568)
Chili Peppers - "Chicken Scratch" (GWP Records cat. GWP 511 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
The Jive Turkeys - "Straight Fire" b/w "Thumpin" (Colemine cat. CLMN-101)
Fast 3 - "Paper Bag" b/w "Pig Feet N' Greens" (Soul Grocery cat. SG45001 (Soul Grocery a division of Soul Cookers dedicated to Soul Jazz)
James Moore - "Feet" b/w "Cool" (Soft Records cat. S-1014)
Batman and Robin - "My Hero Power Is My Mustache," "Wonder What To Do? UH! I Have The BAT-BELT!" b/w "Be My Little Cat!" "Unable To Speak After Drinking UH! Whiskey!" (Bachelor cat. BR-27 June 2009)
Small Faces - "Grow Your Own" (Decca cat. F 12317)
Brother Soul - "Cookies" b/w "Do it Good" (Leo Mini cat. LS - 105)
Maurice McKennies and The Champions - "Sock-A-Poo-Poo '69, Part I & II" (Black and Proud Records (Dist. By Atco) cat. 45-10000 (Whit Lbl Promo))
Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Vocal b/w instrumental) (Thimble Records cat. TS - 002 (Promotion Copy)
Qualitons - "Plutonium" b/w "One Man Song" (Tramp cat. TR 1018)
Nolan - "I Like What You Give" b/w Somebody's Cryin" (Lizard cat. 1008)
Joe Quijano And His Orchestra - Joe Quijano Shing-a-Ling (Cesta Records cat. CE-3000)
A Happening at Cinelli's Arranged by Hank Juray / Conducted by Norman Yablon (Cougar Records cat. ST 1000)
Bo Diddley - The Chess Box - 45 Songs; 3 Record Set; Including A 24 Page Booklet (Chess / MCA Records cat. CH3-19502)
Buddy Terry - "Babylon (From The Awareness Suite) b/w Stealin' Gold" (Mainstream cat. MRL 5511 (D.J. Copy Not For Sale))
Binky Griptite - "The Stroll" b/w "The Stroll Pt. 2" (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1043)
Mr. Chop - Lightworks (Now Again / Stones Throw / Fatbeats cat. NA 5040)
Gizelle Smith - Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bird Head Son
Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls
Johnny Trunk

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sir Charles Hughes - "Your Kiss Sho-Nuf Dy-No-Mite (Part I)"

Sir Charles Hughes - "Your Kiss Sho-Nuf Dy-No-Mite (Part I & II)" (C. Hughes)
Je-ena Records cat. JA-5
950 Rutland Rd., Bklyn, N.Y.C. - PH. 7740247
Arranged & Produced by Sir Charles Hughes
Gentle Knight Music (BMI) 3:30 p. 1975 Je-Ena Corp.

This amazing Lounge Funk record was used as the theme for the equally amazing Black Dynamite soundtrack.