Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dust & Grooves Kickstarter Project

Hello Y'all,

About four years ago fellow record collector and photographer Eilon Paz came to the mansion on the hill and photographed my record collection.  In the process he snapped a few shots of my hideous form and some amazing ones of Hank.  Hank was just five at the time and still completely fascinated by vinyl records.  Though his fascination has moved more towards Physics and video games he loves music and plays records whenever he needs downtime from his digital existence. Since then, Eilon has travelled the globe documenting some of the greatest collections and characters of the vinyl world.  Some of his subjects are famous and others are just the person next door with all those records but every one of them share the same passion for music on vinyl.
As the world becomes more portable and easily converted to ones and zeroes it is extremely impressive that vinyl remains such an important format.  CDs were doomed from the start, left at the doorstep of an un-expectant public before the men behind the technology said the format had come to full term.  MP3's dumb down the sound and cut the highs and lowsso much that many songs aren't even recognizable as the version you are familiar with.  Ain't no dynamic range in that digital realm and turning up the volume doesn't help.  Speaking of volume, I have yet to meet anyone who plays the 10,000 songs currently on their iPod / iPhone or iThing.  All those songs may be nice to have in your pocket and maybe it impresses your friends but to really appreciate music you need to sit with it and absorb each 7-inch, 78, or album in its entirety.  Yes, there is a time and a place to just have music on in the background or jump from song to song but the gluttony that is digital music is as unhealthy as over eating or binge drinking.  Would you uncork a fine bottle of wine and chug it down in one big gulp just to move on to the next bottle?  I beg of you… don't do it.

In 2012 the vinyl record remains a perfect format.  Some people love to declare it dead but just like painting it has not gone away.  Eilon has spent the past four years definitively proving that vinyl not only lives but still rules.  To see his project fully realized Mr. Paz will embark on a tour of the US documenting many more collections and the fascinating people behind them.  To help fund this trip and subsequently publish a beautifully designed book he has started a Kickstarter project - http://tinyurl.com/Dust-and-Grooves  The book is not just a coffee table accessory.  I imagine this tome will eventually be used as a text book for future generations studying the culture of the past.  Or considering the enduring quality of the format thus far they will be flipping through its pages while spinning some records.  Whether you give a dollar or give a thousand you will have a direct hand in creating a great piece of art.  Maybe you want to support your favorite speed by donating 16, 45, 33 or 78 dollars or, if size matters, how about 5, 7, 10, or 12 dollars.  Be creative but all we ask is that you give what you can.

(Oh yeah, the designer behind that famous Vinyl Rules sticker will also be documented along with his collection)



Check out the video…you just might recognize some folks. http://vimeo.com/45029044