Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Primitive Sound System and DJ Pastiche - Jazz at the Trolley Car - Fri Sept. 28th at 8PM

Hello Y'all,

This Friday I get to do something I love to do but don't get to do that often… spin Jazz 45's in a bar.  The event is for a good cause too, it is a fundraiser for the Riverview Jazz Festival (no lineup has been announced).  The performances will take place at the Fisk Park Gazebo with one of the best views of the NYC skyline as a backdrop.  The night at the Trolley Car is being billed as "Jazz at the Trolley Car" but is actually just two DJs, DJ Pastiche and me spinning records.  Despite the fact that we will not be performing Jazz with instruments we will be playing our favorite Jazz records.  I will be keeping things to the groovier side of the Jazz world with some more traditional moments thrown in.  From what I know, Pastiche is an Electronic Dance DJ so it will be interesting to see what he brings to the tables.

This year I found the record that has been my number one want for more years than I'd like to think about.  It is a flexi disc that was given away for 10¢ after filling out a form in various music magazines in the late 70's.  The flexi was billed as a demo of Herbie Hancock playing synth.  On the disc Herbie details the sounds and abilities of the synth and the various sounds that he has produced using it.  What put this record at the top of my wants was the inclusion of the theme to the movie, "Spook Who Sat By The Door." This is one of the funkiest and coolest soundtrack themes ever.  This isn't raw late 60's Funk but the best that Soul Jazz or Fusion can be.  Jazz is so much more than one style or genre.  Sometimes it is Dixieland, Trad, Swing, Bop, Be Bop, Hard Bop, Cool, Soul-Jazz, Fusion, etc.  The best thing about Jazz is how many great genres exist within it as well as in other genres like Latin, Rock, Reggae, Folk, Blues, Country, etc.  Jazz is as influential as it is entertaining.  

I have never been able to understand why some people are put off by Jazz as an intellectual art form or pretentious.  All music and art can be intellectually driven or just pretentious.  Why does Jazz get such a bad rap?  Hell, it gets its name from a slang for sex.  Be open minded, let the music take you over or just enjoy it as background.  Whatever you do we hope you enjoy and help out a good cause.  

Herbie Hancock - "Spook Who Sat By The Door"

See you there!

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Friday, September 28th - 8PM to 10PM

Pat. James Longo - Primitive Sound System - 8PM to 10PM
DJ Pastiche - 10PM - 12AM

Trolley Car Bar & Grill
328 Palisade Evenue
Corner of Palisade Avenue & Ferry Street
Jersey City (Heights), New Jersey