Saturday, November 14, 2009

Full Set List from the Lamp Post - November 1th, 2009

The Three Suns - "Volcano" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7416)
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - "Feeling Cool" (King cat. 45-K10156 (Complimentary / Dee Jay / Special))
Jimmy (Night Train) Forrest his chorus and orchestra - "Night Flight" (Triumph Records cat. 45-607)
Van Alexander And his Orchestra - "The Big Operator" (Capitol Records cat. 4258 (Promotional Record))
Shorty Long with Marty Gold's Orchestra - "Luscious" (RCA Victor cat. 47-6472)
Titus Turner - "Cool Down" (Glover Records cat. record No. 206)
The Olympics - "The Stomp" (Arvee cat. A 5044)
King Coleman - "Do The Hully Gully" (Part 1) (Atlantic cat. 45-2125)
Les Cooper & His Soulrockers - "Garbage Man" (Everlast cat. 5023)
The Royal Tones - "Seesaw" (Jubilee cat. 5362)
The Stereo's - "Stereo Freeze Part 1" (Cadet cat. 5577)
Don Covay & The Goodtimers - "Iron Out The Rough Spots" (Atlantic cat. 45-2340)
The Impressions - "You've Been Cheatin'" (His Masters Voice / EMI Records cat. 7EG 8954)
The Continental 4 - "The Way I Love You" (Jay Walking cat. JW-009)
The Mighty Marvelows - "Hey, Hey, Girl" (ABC / Records cat. 45-11139)
Clea Bradford - "My Love's A Monster" (Cadet cat. 5602)
The Vibrations - "Love In Them There Hills" (Okeh cat. 4-7311)
The Unforgetables - "Sad Song" (Lodstone cat. 3954)
Junior Parker - "The Outside Man" (Capitol cat. 2857)
Brenton Wood - "Boogaloosa, Louisian'" (Double Shot Records cat. 150)
Jimmy Lewis - "I'm Stepping Out" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC 994)
Charles Wright - "Soul Train" (Warner Bros. Records cat. WB 7600 (Promotion / Not For Sale))
Sly Stone - "Rock Dirge (Pt. 1)" (Woodcock Records cat. WOO-0001)
Ronnie Cole Trio - "Ode To Billie Joe" (Paula Records cat. 296 (DJ Copy))
Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Thimble Records cat. TS-002 (Promotion Copy))
Irish Coffee - The Show (Parrot cat. 45-356 (Promotional Copy))
Hot Soup - "You Took Me By Surprise" (Rama Rama Records cat. RR 7776)
Teegarden With Van Winkle & Friends - "Ride Away (With Me)" (Westbound Records cat. W 200 (Promotion Copy / Plug Side))
Atlee - "Rip You Up" (Dunhill / ABC Records cat. D-4254 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
Travis Wammack - "Shotgun Woman" (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0239)
US 69 - "Yesterdays Folk's" (Finders Keepers cat. FC700I.PRO)
Roy Buchanan - "I'm A Ram" (Polydor cat. PD 14265 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Collosseum - "The Kettle" (Dunhill Records / ABC Records cat. D-4211 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Motorhead - "Motorhead" (Chiswick cat. NS 13)
Iggy Pop / James Williamson - "I Got A Right" (Siamese Records cat. PM - 001)
Wayne Kramer - "Ramblin' Rose" (Stiffwick cat. DEA/SUK 1)
Blower - "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties"
TAD - "Jack Pepsi" (Sub Pop cat. SP 12/144)
Jesus lizard - "Puss" (Touch and Go Records cat. TG83)
Dils - "I Hate The Rich" (What Records cat. WHAT 02)
Dead Kennedys - "Police Truck" (I.R.S. cat. IR 9016)
Offs - "Everyone's A Bigot" (415 Records cat. )
Elvis Costello - "I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea" (Radar cat ADA 3)
The Link Quartet - "Fast Girls & Sexy Cars" (Hammond Beat HB7-07)
The Perceptions - "Running The Risk" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7054)
Shaolin Temple Defenders - "Southern Bug-A-Loo" (Soulbeats Records cat. MAF008)
Soulive - "Too Much" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7059)
Kylie Auldist - "Made Of Stone" (Tru Thoughts cat. TRU7198)
Gizelle Smith and The Mighty Mocambos - "Working Woman - Part 1" (Old Capital cat. OC 100)
The James Young Blues Band - "Funky Booty" (Jet Stream cat. 812)
Joe Tex - "Papa Was Too" (Dial cat. 45-4051)
Te Poindexter Bros - The Booga Man" (Tuff Record cat. 404 (TU-6100) (D.J. Copy / Sample))
Marsha Gee - "Peanut Duck" (Penniman Records cat. PENN45013)
The Sensational Guitars of dan & Dale - "Robin's Theme" (Tifton 45-125)
Johnny Lemac - "Yoke, Stroke With Me Baby" (Chess cat. CH 2103)
Big Mac - "That's The Way You Treat Your Woman" (Jewel Records cat. SL 1274)
Cash Mc Call - "You Can't Take Love" (Thomas Records cat. 310)
Otis Redding - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (Atco Records cat. 45-6636)
Maurice McKinnies And the Champions - "Sock-A-Poo_poo '69, Part II" (Black and Proud Records cat. 45-10000)
The Emperor's - "Karate" (Mala cat. 543)
Small Faces - "Grow Your Own" (Decca cat. F 12317)
The Sonics - "The Hustler" (Etiquette cat. ET-16)
The Vagrants - "Respect" (Atco Records cat. 45-6473)
The Wanted - "In The Midnight Hour" (A&M Records cat. 844)
Terry Knight and the Pack - "Numbers" (Lucky Eleven cat. LE-230)
Kingsmen - "David's mood" (Wand cat. 157)
The Peels - "Fun" (Karate Records cat. 45-522)
The Music Explosion - "A Little Bit Of Soul" (Laurie Records cat. LDG 113)
Cannibal and The Headhunters - "Nau Ninny Nau" (Rampart cat.644)
The Seeds - "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP - 354)
The Velvet Underground - "White Light / White Heat" (Sundazed Records cat. S 203)
The Yellow Payges - "The Two Of Us" (Uni cat. 55107)
The Kidds - "Straighten Up And Fly Right" (Big Beat Records cat. BB 1017)
Doc Bagby - "Cornbread" (Perri Records cat.L 1000)
Bent Bolt and The Nuts - "The Mechanical Man" (MGM cat. K13635 (Special Disc Jockey Records / Not For Sale))
Bo Diddley - "Pills" (Checker cat. CK - 985)
Polka Dot Slim - "A Thing You Gotta Face" (Instant Records cat. 3269)
Louisiana Red - "Ride On Red, Ride On" (Roulette cat. RR4469)
The Coasters - "Teach me How To Shimmy" (Atco Records cat. 45-6219 (wht label promo))
Mario Allison y su Combo - "Louie Louie" (J & G Recordings cat. J & G 8063)
El Gran Combo - "Cinnamon" (Gema Records cat. 1627)
Cal Tjader - "Mamblues" (Fantasy cat. 605 (Promotional Copy))
Jimmy Smith - "Sag' Shootin' His Arrow" (Verve cat. VK 10672)
Lalo Schifrin - "Ape Shuffle (Theme From Planet Of The Apes)" (20th Century cat. TC-2150)
Nolan - "I Like What You Give" (Lizard cat. 1008)
Lou Rawls "Win Your Love" (Capitol cat. 2942)
The Vonastics - "Day Tripper" (St. Lawrence cat. 1014 (D.J. Copy))
The Webs - "This Thing Called Love" (Popside cat. 4593)
Ural Thomas - "Can You Dig It?" (Uni cat. 55003)
Young-Holt Unlimited - "Young And Holtful" (Brunswick cat. 755410)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Primitive Sound System at The Lamp Post - DTJC spinnig from 10PM - Closing

Hello Y'all
It's been a while since I have gone Downtown so I can't wait to spin a set for the fine people of the Lamp Post. Keeping with tradition I will not repeat any records I have played before (except for one request for "The Peanut Duck."). For the past three months I have been crowing about what has been easily the best Summer of record finds. That good fortune continued right through the WFMU Record Fair where I picked up another sixty or so 45's. I'll have more than half of that haul with me as well as selections from the many other digs I have dug. Hope to see you there. Please com on down, drink some of that good stuff and enjoy the music. A little hint, the more you drink the better the music sounds. Also, the better everyone looks to you. Throw 'em back, remember to tip the fine ladies tending to your alcoholic needs and get lost in the sounds. See ya there.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System -

Wednesday, November 11th
Spinning from 10PM to Closing
Lamp Post Bar & Grill
382 2nd St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Lamp Post MySpace:


I am bringing along everything from 50's Lounge to current Funk / Soul and Rock and or Roll and every god damn sound that can fall between. Here's a few that I decided to write something about. Seems I favored the older stuff. got a problem with that? What's the matter, the groove too big for ya?!

The Three Suns - "Volcano" b/w "Cha Cha Charleston" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7416)
It almost sounds crazy but The Three Suns are one of the craziest bands that ever played music. They are categorized as a Lounge band but no, no they are much more. I am assuming these guys were high as a kite or dosed on acid as they decided to crank out some of these layered and twisted gems. "Volcano" could one of the best examples of the madness that is the Three Suns. opening with what sounds like the intro to a horror movie with a sultry voice slowly purring V...O...L...C...A...N...O... The band is really swinging here with all the best Lounge moments intact but of course twisting it in their own unique way. This is not foreign territory for The Three Suns just gaze back at "The Creep." Punchy and sometimes groovy organ leaps from one style to another so effortlessly you won't notice and it is actually very pleasant. The organ is handled by a master and so is the wailing, and sometimes spitting, sax. The good parts of a Three Suns song are like waiting for a little nudity in a movie you have already seen. You know what's coming but it isn't going to be any less enjoyable. The bad parts are like a friend who rewinds that brief nude scene over and over and over. There is nothing really wrong with it but the repetition can get a little boring. "Volcano" has no bad parts. Actually, I think this as close as they get to full frontal nudity. WEEEE!

Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - "Feeling Cool" b/w "Who Cares" (King cat. 45-K10156 (Complimentary - Dee Jay - Special / Not For Sale)
I have had the LP (Musical Pearls) that this track comes from for a very long time and this track was the reason I bought it. "Feeling Cool" lopes along at a medium tempo and if you listen closely you can hear the beatniks snapping their fingers. Earl Bostic was far more known for his mellow Soul but this LP contains some nice Rocked up moments. "Feeling Cool" is a bit of both. The basis of the song would be perfect in a Lounge, or at a wedding. Believe me, I have played it at ever wedding I have DJ'd and someone will comment about it. The band is a bit more aggressive than on most Earl "The Pearl" Bostic tracks but also they never really get crazy. Bostic throws a little muscle behind his solo and the band definitely answers in kind but just enough to get everyone's attention. "Feeling Cool? That's right, I'm cool." So happy to have this one on a 7-inch since the LP is beginning to feel the ravages of time.

Van Alexander and his Orchestra - "The Big Operator" b/w "The Shake" (Capitol cat. 4258 (Promotional Record))
One of my favorite compilations from years back was the amazing Swing For A Crime. These were songs, some used as Soundtracks others included on some of the better Lounge LPs and of course splendid dollar finds like Murder Inc. on Time Records. Many of these records were made to showcase producers, arrangers and conductors. These can usually go quite well with the loungier side of Go-Go tunes (think titty-shakers and not DC Go-Go). Here we have the perfect marriage of both. "The Big Operator" introduces us to the main character. This is a guy you wanna hang with. Well dressed but not afraid to get his hands dirty, if you know what I mean. He seems good at just about everything and everyone hangs on his every word. The ladies don't seem to be able to resist him despite the fact that he treats them like dirt. Dames. You know it's wrong but you can't keep away. Suddenly you are sucked into his world. Street punks, pushers and pimps call you friend. Gambling, late nights, run ins with the law. "WHY'D YOU DO IT JOHNNY, WHY'D YOU DO IT...w...h...y???" Suddenly it's too late and jack you dead. And there he sits. Fresh faces and new dames come slithering to his side. I believe this is where the last frame says "FIN" and then everything fades to black on a tight shot of a tear rolling down a cheek. "The Shake" is just that with big blasts of horns and a pounding piano. There is a moment to let the ladies catch their breath but even that is filled with a forceful sax solo. Baby, shake that thing!

Ronnie Cole Trio - "Life Time Of Happiness" b/w "Ode To Bille Joe" (Paula Records cat. 296 (DJ Copy))
"Ode To Billie Joe" has probably been covered a thousand times. Some versions are pretty horrible ranging from completely cheesy to the worst that Country has to offer. The Ronnie Cole Trio channel the funkier side of the Ramsey Lewis Trio. The drums are heavy but swingin' and of course the piano takes the lead. I have played this about 20 times since I got it and it sounds better each time. Don't think the third fellow in this trio is sitting back, oh no, our man on the bass is going slow and low. At moments the Bass sounds electrified and even possibly bowed but after several listens it just sounds like the work of a very talented player. The band takes it from a mellow, slow walk to a strut and when they get strutting things get really funky. They do bring it all the way down with some single notes, expressive jolts and strings but this only adds to the groove. ONLY second best to the original.

Emanuel Laskey - "Crazy" b/e "Welfare Cheese" (Thelma Records Co. cat. T - 101)
I first heard this on a CD comp that was at Finyl Vinyl called Shakin' Fit and of course it is a specialty of the fantastic Todd-O-Phonic Todd and that is exactly who I got this copy from. "Welfare Cheese" is a bit odd but very much so a tune with a groove. Right from the start you know you are in for something special as Mr. Laskey howls a little like he may be in pain. Perhaps hunger pains? Things kick off pretty quickly and soon Mr. Laskey is pleading his case. Times are tight and he is just looking to get by. He is asking very nicely. There is a nice guitar solo that may impress someone enough to put him at the head of the line. Let's hope he gets taken care of.

Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Vocal b/w instrumental) (Thimble Records cat. TS - 002 (Promotion Copy)
I am ALWAYS looking for instrumentals. It is the one style of music that I find interesting regardless of genre. When I dropped the needle on this I was blown away. The Prog Rock era had a fascination with the organ and so do I. As the needle settled in, and heard that leslie spinning, I knew I was in for something good. The drums are out front, pounding and funky and the guitar is aggressive and fuzzy. It is like the song was tailor made for me. There is never a break or even a single element that explodes of the vinyl. Just charging forward and in your face. When I flipped this over I couldn't have been more surprised. ALLAN SINGS! Holy crap, does ALLAN SING! If there is one thing Allan should not have done too much, ever, is sing. Pleading a quivering Allan overstates his desire to have you, in his hands. Overacted and maybe a little more than annoying... OK it is right about here that you begin to crack up laughing. Is this the greatest record ever recorded? The argument could be made.

Merrill Moore - "Hard Top Race" b/w "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?) (Capitol cat. F3226)
A Car song, pre-fifties Rock-N-Roll and some boogie in your woogie. This is a cool story narrated over some really fine Country Boogie. Battling cars at the Hot Rod show. The piano pounds and bounces off the floor only to give way for the fiddle but only briefly... "GET OUT MY WAY!" The story builds and builds as the cars race round and round. Like all great car songs there is a crash, though to the winner goes a tank of gas and two chicken dinners. Even the tow truck wins a trophy, only this one is made of twisted metal.