Saturday, November 14, 2009

Full Set List from the Lamp Post - November 1th, 2009

The Three Suns - "Volcano" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7416)
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - "Feeling Cool" (King cat. 45-K10156 (Complimentary / Dee Jay / Special))
Jimmy (Night Train) Forrest his chorus and orchestra - "Night Flight" (Triumph Records cat. 45-607)
Van Alexander And his Orchestra - "The Big Operator" (Capitol Records cat. 4258 (Promotional Record))
Shorty Long with Marty Gold's Orchestra - "Luscious" (RCA Victor cat. 47-6472)
Titus Turner - "Cool Down" (Glover Records cat. record No. 206)
The Olympics - "The Stomp" (Arvee cat. A 5044)
King Coleman - "Do The Hully Gully" (Part 1) (Atlantic cat. 45-2125)
Les Cooper & His Soulrockers - "Garbage Man" (Everlast cat. 5023)
The Royal Tones - "Seesaw" (Jubilee cat. 5362)
The Stereo's - "Stereo Freeze Part 1" (Cadet cat. 5577)
Don Covay & The Goodtimers - "Iron Out The Rough Spots" (Atlantic cat. 45-2340)
The Impressions - "You've Been Cheatin'" (His Masters Voice / EMI Records cat. 7EG 8954)
The Continental 4 - "The Way I Love You" (Jay Walking cat. JW-009)
The Mighty Marvelows - "Hey, Hey, Girl" (ABC / Records cat. 45-11139)
Clea Bradford - "My Love's A Monster" (Cadet cat. 5602)
The Vibrations - "Love In Them There Hills" (Okeh cat. 4-7311)
The Unforgetables - "Sad Song" (Lodstone cat. 3954)
Junior Parker - "The Outside Man" (Capitol cat. 2857)
Brenton Wood - "Boogaloosa, Louisian'" (Double Shot Records cat. 150)
Jimmy Lewis - "I'm Stepping Out" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC 994)
Charles Wright - "Soul Train" (Warner Bros. Records cat. WB 7600 (Promotion / Not For Sale))
Sly Stone - "Rock Dirge (Pt. 1)" (Woodcock Records cat. WOO-0001)
Ronnie Cole Trio - "Ode To Billie Joe" (Paula Records cat. 296 (DJ Copy))
Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Thimble Records cat. TS-002 (Promotion Copy))
Irish Coffee - The Show (Parrot cat. 45-356 (Promotional Copy))
Hot Soup - "You Took Me By Surprise" (Rama Rama Records cat. RR 7776)
Teegarden With Van Winkle & Friends - "Ride Away (With Me)" (Westbound Records cat. W 200 (Promotion Copy / Plug Side))
Atlee - "Rip You Up" (Dunhill / ABC Records cat. D-4254 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
Travis Wammack - "Shotgun Woman" (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0239)
US 69 - "Yesterdays Folk's" (Finders Keepers cat. FC700I.PRO)
Roy Buchanan - "I'm A Ram" (Polydor cat. PD 14265 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Collosseum - "The Kettle" (Dunhill Records / ABC Records cat. D-4211 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Motorhead - "Motorhead" (Chiswick cat. NS 13)
Iggy Pop / James Williamson - "I Got A Right" (Siamese Records cat. PM - 001)
Wayne Kramer - "Ramblin' Rose" (Stiffwick cat. DEA/SUK 1)
Blower - "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties"
TAD - "Jack Pepsi" (Sub Pop cat. SP 12/144)
Jesus lizard - "Puss" (Touch and Go Records cat. TG83)
Dils - "I Hate The Rich" (What Records cat. WHAT 02)
Dead Kennedys - "Police Truck" (I.R.S. cat. IR 9016)
Offs - "Everyone's A Bigot" (415 Records cat. )
Elvis Costello - "I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea" (Radar cat ADA 3)
The Link Quartet - "Fast Girls & Sexy Cars" (Hammond Beat HB7-07)
The Perceptions - "Running The Risk" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7054)
Shaolin Temple Defenders - "Southern Bug-A-Loo" (Soulbeats Records cat. MAF008)
Soulive - "Too Much" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7059)
Kylie Auldist - "Made Of Stone" (Tru Thoughts cat. TRU7198)
Gizelle Smith and The Mighty Mocambos - "Working Woman - Part 1" (Old Capital cat. OC 100)
The James Young Blues Band - "Funky Booty" (Jet Stream cat. 812)
Joe Tex - "Papa Was Too" (Dial cat. 45-4051)
Te Poindexter Bros - The Booga Man" (Tuff Record cat. 404 (TU-6100) (D.J. Copy / Sample))
Marsha Gee - "Peanut Duck" (Penniman Records cat. PENN45013)
The Sensational Guitars of dan & Dale - "Robin's Theme" (Tifton 45-125)
Johnny Lemac - "Yoke, Stroke With Me Baby" (Chess cat. CH 2103)
Big Mac - "That's The Way You Treat Your Woman" (Jewel Records cat. SL 1274)
Cash Mc Call - "You Can't Take Love" (Thomas Records cat. 310)
Otis Redding - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (Atco Records cat. 45-6636)
Maurice McKinnies And the Champions - "Sock-A-Poo_poo '69, Part II" (Black and Proud Records cat. 45-10000)
The Emperor's - "Karate" (Mala cat. 543)
Small Faces - "Grow Your Own" (Decca cat. F 12317)
The Sonics - "The Hustler" (Etiquette cat. ET-16)
The Vagrants - "Respect" (Atco Records cat. 45-6473)
The Wanted - "In The Midnight Hour" (A&M Records cat. 844)
Terry Knight and the Pack - "Numbers" (Lucky Eleven cat. LE-230)
Kingsmen - "David's mood" (Wand cat. 157)
The Peels - "Fun" (Karate Records cat. 45-522)
The Music Explosion - "A Little Bit Of Soul" (Laurie Records cat. LDG 113)
Cannibal and The Headhunters - "Nau Ninny Nau" (Rampart cat.644)
The Seeds - "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP - 354)
The Velvet Underground - "White Light / White Heat" (Sundazed Records cat. S 203)
The Yellow Payges - "The Two Of Us" (Uni cat. 55107)
The Kidds - "Straighten Up And Fly Right" (Big Beat Records cat. BB 1017)
Doc Bagby - "Cornbread" (Perri Records cat.L 1000)
Bent Bolt and The Nuts - "The Mechanical Man" (MGM cat. K13635 (Special Disc Jockey Records / Not For Sale))
Bo Diddley - "Pills" (Checker cat. CK - 985)
Polka Dot Slim - "A Thing You Gotta Face" (Instant Records cat. 3269)
Louisiana Red - "Ride On Red, Ride On" (Roulette cat. RR4469)
The Coasters - "Teach me How To Shimmy" (Atco Records cat. 45-6219 (wht label promo))
Mario Allison y su Combo - "Louie Louie" (J & G Recordings cat. J & G 8063)
El Gran Combo - "Cinnamon" (Gema Records cat. 1627)
Cal Tjader - "Mamblues" (Fantasy cat. 605 (Promotional Copy))
Jimmy Smith - "Sag' Shootin' His Arrow" (Verve cat. VK 10672)
Lalo Schifrin - "Ape Shuffle (Theme From Planet Of The Apes)" (20th Century cat. TC-2150)
Nolan - "I Like What You Give" (Lizard cat. 1008)
Lou Rawls "Win Your Love" (Capitol cat. 2942)
The Vonastics - "Day Tripper" (St. Lawrence cat. 1014 (D.J. Copy))
The Webs - "This Thing Called Love" (Popside cat. 4593)
Ural Thomas - "Can You Dig It?" (Uni cat. 55003)
Young-Holt Unlimited - "Young And Holtful" (Brunswick cat. 755410)

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