Thursday, May 06, 2010

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Hoboken, NJ - Thursday May 6th - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
OK, so that is a pretty obvious joke (and one I can guarantee I have used before) BUT as you can tell by the lateness of this email we mean it. It's been a crazy week and neither Bill or I have had much time to promote our monthly affair. Last month I rowed the boat alone but this time 'round Barnacle Bill the Wailer swears he will remain sober Wednesday and Thursday or at least long enough to give it to you in the ear hole. A promise is a promise and I believe him... I swear I am not pulling five hours worth of records just in case... I SWEAR! Hell, pulling is half the fun! Speaking of religious holidays, one of the holiest days of the year recently passed and I spent most of it on my knees. That's right, of course I am talking about Record Store Day and crawling through the dust is the only way to find the good ones. Record stores vary greatly and I chose one of my favorites to spend the day at. It was a tough decision but I loaded up the UAV and set out for beautiful Hackensack, New Jersey. Hackensack, home of the other White Manna, the second one, the one they correctly spelled. Hackensack is also home to of one of New Jersey's best record stores, The Record King, a store so full of characters who the hell needs HBO. The Record King seems like it has been around forever. I had gone to the store only a few times in the 80's but then again I didn't spend much time in other stores during my tenure at Finyl Vinyl. It may have only been a few times but I remember always leaving with stacks of amazing 45's. About two years ago we were attending a birthday party at Bowler City and I sensed there was vinyl near. I checked the direction of the wind and drew in a deep breath. Not far from the crashing pins and fried food there it was, just a few blocks up Main Street. It was a Saturday so the store was only open until 4PM. I jumped from the car while it was still moving, looked back at the family as they drove away and scurried into the store. Something about the store had changed since I had last been there and Craig, the owner, said the store used to be across the street. They walked the contents across the street basically setting up a mirror image of the original store. Ah, record stores. Since then I have made as many trips back as I can and each time is better than the last. Like a perfect but brief vacation. Craig Stepneski is endlessly knowledgeable and uncharacteristically friendly for a vinyl shop owner. Not the anti-social know-it-all common in many other shops. Honestly, isn't every day Record Store Day? I hate organized religion. Next stop, Big City Records.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday May 6th - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


37 new vinyl Record Store Day rekkids in no particular order:
Fugain & le Big Bazar - "Une Belle Histoire" b/w "Allez Bouge-Tol!" (CBS cat. 8091)
Little Milton Campbell - "Somebody's Changin' My Sweet Baby's Mind" b/w "I'm Tired" (Checker cat. 1231)
Tobin Matthews - "Leatherjacket Cowboy" b/w "Ruby Duby Du" (Chief Records cat. 7022)
Pete Klint Quintet - "Friday Night Band (P.K.Q. S 80-41-449S (Plug Side Not For Sale))
The Impressions - "Thin Line" b/w "I'm Loving You" (Curtom cat. CR 1985)
Jack Costanzo and his Afro-Cuban Band - "Just One Of Those Things" b/w Chopsticks Mambo" (GNP (Gene Norman Presents) cat. GNP 124)
Hugh Maekela - "Languta" b/w "Rekpete" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 244 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Hugh Maekela & The Union of South Africa - "Dyambo (Dee-Y Ambo) Weary Day Is Over" (Chisa cat. C 8014F (Promotional Not For Sale))
Ben Sidran - "Space Cowboy" b/w "Think Twice" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 236 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Moonlighter Enterprises Presents The Moonlighters - "Watermelon Man" b/w "Watch What Happens" (SSJ-00775)
Sociedad 76 - "Jibarito Mio" b/w "Los Mecanicos" (Horoscopo Records F-5074)
Astrud Gilberto - "General Da Banda" b/w "Make Love To Me" (Perception Records cat. Ps-524)
Dickie Goodman - "Mr. President" b/w "Popularity" (Rainy Wednesday cat. RW 207)
Little Carl Carlton - "Why Don't They Leave Us Alone" b/w "46 Drums - 1 Guitar" (Back Beat cat. 598)
Gene Chandler - "No Peace, No Satisfaction" b/w "I Won't Need You" (Checker cat. 1190)
The Equals - "Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys" b/w "Aint Got Nothing To Give You" (Shout cat. S 247)
Stan Freberg With Orchestra - "Little Blue Riding Hood" b/w "St. George And The Dragnet" (Capitol cat. F2596)
The Three Suns - "Satan Takes A Holiday" b/w "you And You Alone (The Theme From "La Strada") (RCA Victor cat. 47-6202 (Not For Sale / Record Preview))
Al Caiola - "Strum Boogie" (Bell Sounds Studios, inc. / Audiodiscs (Master Disc dated 9-28-61)) - This seems to be an unreleased track from Guitar legend Al Caiola.
Little Milton Campbell - "Somebody's Changin' My Mind" b/w "I'm Tired" (Checker cat. 1231)
The Soul Children - "Tighten Up My Thang" b/w "take up the Slack" (Stax cat. STA-0030)
Bobby Wade - "Can't You hear Me Calling" b/w "Four Walls And One Window" (Deluxe cat. 45-121 (D J Sample / Not For Sale))
Martin Mull - "Do The Dog" Mono b/w Stereo (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0241 (Promotion / Not For Sale))
The Flamingos - "The Boogaloo Party" b/w "The Nearness Of You" (Philips cat. 40347)
Hugh Masekela & the Union Of South Africa - "Dyambo (Dee-Y Ambo) 'Weary Day Is Over'" (Chisa cat. C 8014F (Promotional / Not For Sale))
Hugh Masekela - "Languta" b/w "Rekpete" (Blue Thumb Records cat. BTA 244 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Ike & Tina Turner - "Ooh Poo Pah Doo" Mono b/w Stereo (United Artists Records cat. UA 50782 (Promotion Copy Not For Sale))
The Marvelettes - "I'm Gonna Hold On Long As I Can" b/w "Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit" (Tamla cat. T-54177)
The Raelets - "It's Almost Here" b/w "I Want To Thank You" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC-986)
Ray Charles - "That's A Lie" b/w "Go On Home" (ABC Records / Tangerine Records cat. 11045 (Pic Sleeve)
John KaSandra - "Down Home Ups/Good Whiskey And Bas Women" b/w "Ain't I Good" (Plug Side) (Respect cat. TAA-2502 (Promotional Not For Sale))
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross - "Gimme That Wine" b/w "Centerpiece" (Columbia cat. 4-41588 (Promotion Record / Not For Sale))
Jimmy Hydrick - "Bartender Bring On The Booze" b/w "Trip To The Moon" (Gold Standard cat. Record No. GS# 292)
Hank Thompson and His Brazos Valley Boys - "Rockin' In The Congo" b/w "I Was The First One" (Capitol cat. F3623 (Promotional Record))
Hank Thompson - "On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle" b/w "If I Lose You Tomorrow" (DOT Records cat. 45-17108)
Larry Steele - "Little Wine Little Gin" b/w "Hold On" (Air Stream cat. AS-003 (D.J. Copy / Not For Sale))