Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Primititive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs March 5 - 9PM to Closing

Hello Y'all,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! That's right people my birthday just passed and I got to pack my box with a little more crack. I got a little off the internets via Chicago and the always wonderful Dusty Grooves and then the ONLY store I make time for Big City records in NYC. Unfortunately I didn't get to hang out as long as I would have liked but I was able to slip in, slip out and fill be pockets with some amazing new RACKETS! Music to rattle the mind and shake the behinds. Then in the weirdest convergence of events my brother muled a 45 racket back to the East Coast from LA lifted from the fine collection of one Mr. Howie Pyro, who's amazing radio show can be listened via archives buried here - so dig baby dig. If thin's weren't weird enough Lucy, I got to watch Todd-O-Phonic Todd co-host with Howie, when my brother was out LA way, on the Luxuria Music site - that hosts Howie's brilliant show. ... and if that isn't stranger than aliens living in your eyelashes Mr. Bill Dolan found himself street walking LA and slammed into the whole crew where they all spontaneously broke into a round of, "IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL" before a group hug and a final moon shot back to Hoboken.

Dust & Grooves -
Two weeks back DJ $mall ¢hange posted a link to a blog featuring a few crate diggers photographed amongst there fixes and in their hideouts. Cosmo Baker, Greg Caz, Joel Oliveira, and Mr. Fine Wine presented through some very lush photos and some gently probing Q&A. The photos are flowing with the quality of a still from a documentary. Black & white images live harmoniously with those of color telling the story of the subject and the importance obsession plays in education. It becomes more difficult to read the responses of these collectors as you dig farther down the page as the distraction of the images is just too great. The focus of the site is to celebrate the collectors as they really exist. Not in a smokey club striking a pose and manning the decks but in their homes amongst their vinyl biographies exposed like a gatefold cover spilling forgotten dried seeds to the floor. This is where even the coolest collector is reduced to the quaking and exuberant fan bursting to show you their best and of course their rarest records. Check the Blog out and Ailon told me there will be more collections added on a very regular basis. Come on in and smell the vinyl it's always fresh and of the highest quality.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan & Joe Raaen
Thursday March 5th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

Alf Newman - "It's a Gas" b/w "Let's Do The Fink" (Golden 12 cat. G 12/52)
The fine gentleman I purchased this from wrote "Greatest Rock n Roll Song Of All Time!!" on the sleeve. He was not lying. I have been in love with this song about as long as I have loved the incredible "Blob" by the Five Blobs. The copies I have found were the original cardboard backed flexies that came in the magazine. Each copy I purchased was creased and never played. This went on for years and years. Basically I had given up on the search and decided hearing it on the radio occasionally would have to suffice. (There is an LP but I am not really interested in that. Why? I have no idea.) The best aspect of facebook is reconnecting with people from your past who you genuinely miss (the worst part is having people contact you that you really wish forgot you existed). One such person I have happily reconnected with is Howie Pyro. Almost immediately after the "friending' process I took a look through his photos marveling (as always) at his jaw dropping collection of cool records, art and tchotchkes. He had posted a photo of a copy of the cardboard backed flexi and I had to comment on how elusive it has been. Almost immediately he mentioned he had one for sale. Not the flexi version but a vinyl copy with a picture sleeve that was pressed in Germany. I have never seen a copy so of course I was very interested. He posted a photo of the the sleeve and I was immediately overcome with a sensation one normally experiences before passing out. I had to have it. In a bizarre case of synchronicity it turned out my brother was flying to LA and could pick up the 45 for me. He would then hand deliver it back to me safe and sound on the east coast. He did just that and as a surprise handed it to me and said, "Happy birthday." "Greatest Rock n Roll Song Of All Time!!" Yes, and now more than ever. "It's a Gas" opens like the best organ / guitar instrumentals with a swirling melody over an easily danceable beat. BUT! In the breaks, each and every goddamn one there is a loud BURB! So loud in fact that we had friends over and every time it played there adorable three year old daughter would walk into my studio and very politely ask us to, "Say excuse me." Utterly and completely awesome. Thank you Howie and thank you Michael.

What me worry?

Howie Pyro Intoxica Radio - Check out the archives here -
Catch him live on Luxuria Music Internet Radio every Tuesday night -

Gus "The Groove" Lewis - "Let The Groove Move You" b/w "Together" (Tou-Sea Records cat. 131)
Extracted from Big City records this is one a of a very few 7-inches on my genuine wish list or better yet "maybe one day" list. Imagine my surprise when this fell in the affordable column and gently landed on my record player. I really had no idea what one goes for since I saw it listed for like $200 once about twelve years ago. This opens with one of the most aggressive drum and bass combos ever recorded. The drummer is truly possessed and he is taking the bass player with him. There is never a second where the drummer is not hitting full tilt. You can here the tension and you almost tip over in anticipation of his clobbering blows. Gus remains pretty steady throughout just directing the band and making sure everyone at the party is having a good time. Basically the band is in charge of the entertainment and Gus is our host. he begins the song with a tale about feeling under the weather but there are no worries since all can be healed by sittin' back and let the groove move you. About half way through even Gus seems impressed with the band as he now explains he is well rested and ready for a good time. "Let 'em feel it man!" "Can you dig my band baby." Sure as fuck we can. Thank you Mr. Lewis.

Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - "Ride Your Mule - Part I & II (Revue cat. R 11026)
"Ooh Ooh The Dragon" is one of my favorite instrumentals (of course Mr. Holmes always has a few things to say) with snapping drums, breaks, and an in your face horn section. "Ride The Mule" is just as good. Marvin Holmes knows how to set a pace and pound out a groove. The band is super tight. The rhythm is fast as hell and the horns lope lazily over the top at about half speed.

The Propositions - "Africana" Pt. 1 & 2 (Movement cat. Mov - 1973 - 6)
I first heard this track on a Ubiquity Records comp "deja vu" in 1992. I'm not sure why I never pursued it because it is exactly what I look for in an instrumental. This copy is a second pressing so it didn't set me back too much but damn I would have paid in full for an original. Sadly part two is not all that good but who the hell cares because part one is amazing. Thick sliced bacon and percussion open this up. The bass is slow and deliberate. The band kicks in beautifully and immediately gets the shoulders shaking. The horns handle the vocal parts quite nicely and they even get into conversation with the organ in chorus. The flute jumps in to tell it how it is and is able to bring everyone together in agreement. As one, the band leaps forward doing what they do best, and gets everyone up and moving.

James Barnes & The Agents - "Good & Funky" b/w "The Bomb" (Golden Hit Prod. "Hit" After "Hit" cat. 102)
Every copy of this record I have come across has had something major wrong with it. The past two copies I have seen were cracked. The last one was such a tease. It looked fine and then when I removed it from the sleeve their was barely a bottom half. This copy is clean as hell and all the limbs are attached. At least for now, it is called "The Bomb" so anything is possible. Is J.J. Barnes the same person as James Barnes? I have no idea. I do know that I love this record. "The Bomb" is the backing track for "Good & Funky" and is hard a raw. There is a sparse guitar, hard drums, spitting horns, vibes and piano just steadily grooving for about three minutes. When the vocals are added to the backing it changes everything. It all becomes rawer and harder. Usually the instrumental side loosens things up but here the backing by itself is simply slow and low but with the vocals the track transforms into something more fitting of a party that is just beginning to roll.

The Jive Turkeys - "Straight Fire" b/w "Thumpin" (Colemine cat. CLMN-101)
A bright, repetitive guitar line opens this Meters inspired A side. The band is very solid with an even, medium pace rhythm driven by the steady drums. The organ and guitar build until they are looming and haunt the studio with a massive cloud of sound. There is a very interesting chorus that proceeds this and keeps things from getting samey or boring. The Jive Turkeys are confident as hell and know what they are doing right. They have to be confident. They named their band The Jive Turkeys. That can only mean that they are young which hopefully means they will be around for a while. "Thumpin" changes things a bit. I could see The Meters taking things in this direction but I can't recall any particular song. This has got a modern sound. Dare I say it, it is a bit progressive. I hear bands like 5 Style poking in and out of the sound. They get to exploit their talents on this side and their confidence allows them to loosen up and just go for it. The guitar attacks while the drums just beat the hell out of the groove. Hopefully these guys will explore more of this sound. The Meters are great but being yourself is more lasting and ultimately more fulfilling.

more 45's coming along for a spin...
Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills - "Doin' The Creep" b/w "Party Time" (Seventy-SevenRecords cat. 77-118)
Professor Longhair - "Cuttin' Out" b/w "If I Only Knew" (Ron Record Co. cat. 326)
Mamie Galore - "Special Agent 34-24-38" b/w "I Wanna Be Your Radio" (St Lawrence Records "The House Of the Biggest Hits" cat. 1005)
Jo Ann Garrett - "Just Say When" b/w "Thousand Miles Away" (Chess cat. 2031)
Lunar Funk - "Slip The Drummer One" b/w "Space Monster" (Bell cat. Bell 45,214)
The Ambassadors - "Searchin' Part One and Two" (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2607)
Charles Bradley - "The Telephone Song" b/w Menahan Street Band - "Tired Of Fighting" (Dunham cat. DUN-103)
U.B.'s - "Synthetic Substitution" Instrumental b/w Melody Mix (First Cut / Undercover Brother cat. UB-4502)