Thursday, October 16, 2008

Set List from The Lamp Post

Jody Williams - "Moanin' For Molasses" (Nike cat. 1013 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
The Sons Of Moses - "Fatback" (Coral cat. 62549)
The Rumblers - "Soulful Jerk" (Downey cat. D-127 (Promotional Copy))
The Five Counts - "Watermelon Walk" (Brent cat. 7034)
Kai Winding - "Dirty Dog" (Verve cat. VK-10407 (Special Disc Jockey Record))
Four Gents - "Soul Sister" (HBR (Hanna-Barbera Records) cat. HBR 509)
Bill Doggett and Orchestra - "Funky Feet" (Chumley Records cat. CHA-90001 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Jo Jo and the Outcast - "Whole Lot Of Woman" (Sound-O-Rific cat. SOR-926)
The Diplomats of Solid Sound - "Pork Chop" (Estrus Records cat. ES7164)
Orgone - "No More Gravy" (Ubiquity cat. UR7214)
Speedometer - "The Real Me" (DJ Formats Funky People Remix) (Freestyle cat. FSR 7047)
Mauri Bailey - "Soul Pop" (Soul Fire cat. SF-021)
Bobby Blackbird and the Bluejays - "What You Wanna Do" (Cardboard City Records cat. CCR-002)
Lack of Afro featuring Steve Marriott - "Touch My Soul" (Freestyle cat. FSR7044)
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings - "This Land Is Your Land" (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1019)
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - "Holdin' On" (Timmion Records cat. 012 (Advance Disc Jockey Copy Not For Sale))
Evil Eddie & The Super Slinkys - "3 On The B" (Blow It Hard Records cat. BIH008)
Clarence Foster and the Internal Revenue Service - "Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants" (Freestyle cat. FSR7014)
The Soul Snatchers - "Get Yourself Together" (Social Beats cat. Social701)
Baby Charles - "Hard Man To Please" (Record Kicks cat. RKX 020)
Marva Whitney - "Soulsisters (Of The World Unite) (Shout! cat. SHOUT-1001)
Quantic featuring Spanky Wilson - "When You're Through" (Modern Funk Freestyle Records ) cat. FSR7041)
J.J. Jones - "Darkness" (ebb cat. 130)
Soul Vendors / Mitchagan & Smile - "Scorcher" Rub A Dub Version (Studio 1 cat.)
The Three Souls - "Hi Heel Sneakers" (Argo cat. 5472)
The Pop-Ups - "Lurking" (HBR (Hanna-Barbera Records) cat. HBR 459)
Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels - "Sock It To Me - Baby!" (New Voice Records cat. N V 820)
The Dartells - "Clap Your Hands" (HBR (Hanna-Barbera Records) cat. HBR 457)
Mickey Lee Lane - "Hey Sah-Lo-Ney" (Swan cat. S-4222-H)
The Children Of Darkness - "Sugar Shack A Go-Go" (Royce cat. 5140)
Sonny & Cher - "It's Gonna Rain" (Atco Records cat. 45-6359)
Tony Joe White - "Polk Salad Annie" (Monument cat. Mn45-1104)
Yellow Bird - "Function At The Junction" (Stereo Village Records cat. 603)
Bob Dylan - "From A Buick 6" (Columbia cat. 4-43389 (picture sleeve))
Python Lee Jackson - "Doin' Fine" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP 449)
Tom Jones - "Looking Out My Window" (Parrot cat. 45-PAR-40035)
Ike & Tina Turner - "Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter" (Liberty cat. 56216)
Della Reese - "Compared To What" (Avco Embassy cat. AVE-4515)
The Honey Drippers - "Impeach The President" (Alaga Records cat. AL-1017)
Eddie Bo - "Can You HAndle It" (Bo Sound cat. BS-5116)
Parliament - "Breakdown" (Invictus cat. Is 9095)
Cyril Neville - "Gossip" (Josie cat. 45-1014)
Eric Burden & War - "Magic Mountain" (MGM cat. K14118)
Syl Johnson - "Don't Give It Away" (Twinight Records cat. 118)
Irene and the Scotts - "I'm Stuck On My Baby" (Smash cat. S-2138)
The Capitols - "Afro Twist" (Karen cat. 45-1537)
Tom & Jerrio - "Great Goo-Ga-Moo-Ga" (ABC-Paramount cat. 45-10704)
Billy "The Kid" Emerson - "A Dancin' Whippersnapper" (Tarpon Records Inc. cat. 6602)
The Rhoda Scott Trio - "Hey - Hey - Hey!" (Tru-Sound cat. 45-417)
Juggy - "Oily" (Sue cat. SUE 9)
The Pharaohs - "Is That Black Enough For You?" (Capitol cat. P-3072)
The Dapps featuring Alfred Ellis - "There Was A Time" (King cat. 45-6169)
Clarence Paul & The Members - "Operation Breadbasket (Part II)" (Pride cat. PR-3)
The Hidden Cost - "Bo Did It" (Marmaduke Records Inc. (M-4001)
The Bamboos - "King Of The Rodeo (Feat. Megan Washington)" (Tru-Thoughts cat. TRU7177)
Naomi Davis & The Knights of Forty First Street - "Forty First Street Breakdown" (Desco cat. 45-1014)
Breakestra - "At The End Of The Day" (Ubiquity cat. UR7184)
The Boogaloo Investigators - "Let The Groove Move You" (Defunkt cat. DEFF-001)
The Sound Stylistics - "Party People" (Mocambo cat. 45-1003)
The Magnificent Freedom - "Fuck Off And Leave Me Alone" (Our Label Records cat. OUR45-003)
The New Mastersounds - "Drop It Down (B RMX)" (Record Kicks cat. RK45 011)
The Grits - "Mmwauu" (Music With Soul cat. MWS - 002)
Mark Ronson Featuring Alex Greenwald - "Just" (Exit Music cat. RR0047S)
Little Barrie - "Burned Out" (Showdown Records cat. SHOW 1)
Stoned Soul Picnic - "One Dollar Hotel Pt2" (R.W Records cat. 200)
The Stance Brothers - "Youth Groove" (Ricky Tick Records cat. RT024)
Dee Dee Sharpe - "You're Just a Fool In Love" (Atco Records cat. 45-6576)
Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - 'Broadway Freeze" (Magic Touch Records cat. MTA-16001)
Bobby Freeman - "S-W-I-M" (Autumn cat. Record No. 5)
Rhythm 'N' Blues Classical Funk Band - "Monster Walk Pt. 2" (Mankind cat. 12001)
Betty Wright - "Shoorah! Shoorah!" (Alston cat. 3711)
Johnnie Taylor (The Soul Philosopher) - "Doing My Own Thing" (Part II) (Stax Records cat. STA-0122)
The Stylistics - "People Make The World Go Round" (Avco Records Corp. cat. AV-4595)
Chocolate Milk - "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" (RCA cat. PB-10290)