Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bronco Billy Dolan, Primitive Sound System and special guest Chuck Daly a.k.a. DJ Iron Fist at D.C.'s - Thurs April 7th 9PM - Closing

Hello Y'all,
When challenged, the faint of heart turn tail and run. The brave, stand and fight. When challenged to a record for record DJ battle by a man known as DJ Iron Fist well… of course your manhood is already in check since we are talking about spinning valuable vinyl records and not actually standing toe to toe trading upper cuts. Might as well be a goddamn dance off… WHY OF COURSE I ACCEPT! That's right, The Jersey City Mad Man himself, king of skin design, Chuck Daly, a.k.a. DJ Iron Fist, is smashing the door down and overloading the circuits with ROCK!!! Yes, three exclamation points. Why three? Because it is that much more ROCK!!! DJ Iron Fist has some of the deepest crates of all things ROCK!!! I have ever seen. Last month the illustrated man stormed the tables and laid waste to all wimpy ass shit in earshot. This month he is back with crates of Face Melting Rock, vile Punk and the rawest of Garage Rock. I will do my best to stand my ground and keep the tables safe. Your referee in the ring for the evening will be none other than Larry The Hunter. The judges at ring side will be Bronco Billy Dolan, a drunk whose name I forget and of course some random "volunteer" snatched from the streets of Hoboken. The mandatory 2OZ shot after knockdowns will be standard procedure. There are no standing eight ouncers and there is NO three knock down rule. A DJ cannot be saved by the Bill though he can join them for a shot. In the case of a mis-cue and the referee stops the battle it will be rendered no decision. If four records have been played at the time of the mis-cue it will be rendered a technical decision and the battle will be decided by the score cards. I want a clean battle and remember at all times protect yourself, that includes all those in attendance. Drinking can only heighten the experience so join us for 2 1/2 hours of spinning based on the 12 OZ Must System. Gentlemen, go to your corners and come out selecting!

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bronco Billy Dolan and Primitive Sound System with special guest DJ Iron Fist - Chuck Daly

Bill takes the 9 - 11:30PM and Pat. and Chuck do battle from 11:30 to the finish!

Thursday, April 7th - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550 <- Facebook Page <- Facebook Local Business Listing <- Facebook Group <- On Foursquare


Jersey City Tattoo
Chuck Daly

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It is kind of like Where's Waldo. See if you can spot him. One of these things is not like the others...



Exmagma - Goldball (Urus Records cat. DISJUNCTA 000009)
OK, bass / guitar, drums and organ is a perfect stripped down mix for me whether it is Jass, Funk / Soul, Rock or Prog Rock. The sounds these three are capable of combining and creating are endless. From the cover of this LP I knew I was in for a very creative if not completely out-there listening experience. The LP sat on a shelf in the back of Finyl Vinyl for a while. It was basically relegated to the what the hell is that, who the hell would care by the owner. I dropped the needle on it one day when no one was in the store. I always did this for two reasons; if it was a record, like this one, that I had never seen before I didn't want someone to ruin it by waging an opinion and of course if it really was rare I didn't want them ruining my chances of getting it for a decent price. I dropped the needle and I immediately knew that at whatever the cost this was coming home with me.

Skorpio - A Rohanas (Pepita cat. SLPX 17470)
I am pretty sure this is the only record I own from Hungary. I don't know much about Hungary. I do know that the song that opens side two of this has moments that sound like, "River Deep Mountain High." The song that follows it is a bit more like if Sweet were more of a Prog Rock band than a Glam Rock band. The production is super clean and the playing is mind blowingly tight throughout. This record literally was right behind the Exmagma record on that shelf in Finyl Vinyl. I guess these were just too far out of Robert's comfort zone for him to get them. I am not sure how collectable either record is but I wouldn't give them up for any price. As I was writing this I played through side two twice. I forgot how utterly insane the third song, an instrumental, is. What is even weirder I recently built some text for my band, Sanaton, and realized how similar it is to the type used on the cover of the Skorpio LP.

Food Brain - Social Gathering (Polydor cat. PLP - 7608 (Japanese re-issue))
Shinki Chen may not be a household name but this man can play Prog / Stoner drenched guitar like no one else. In Japan he is as famous as he deserves to be around the world. I will be filling the bong with the Food Brain LP and DJ Iron Fist is stuffing it with Shinki Chen & Friends. This could likely be the entire evening's soundtrack. One for one; track for track. When the smoke clears we may find ourselves involuntarily heading for the nearest diner of White Castle. My favorite from the Food Brain LP is "Liver Juice Vending Machine" so I think I will start there. The track is fast but has some of the best dynamics I have ever heard.

Hard Meat - S/T (Warner Bros. cat. 1852)
Easily one of the most unassuming covers in the history of ROCK!!! I don't blame anyone for flipping passed this. Though I would hope they would have been stopped by the name; the fucking band is called HARD MEAT! What the hell?! Were they named by a member of Spinal Tap? The track "Space Between" opens a bit gentle but soon builds to a guitar drenched charge across the Universe. Mixing gentle with aggression seems to be the formula for a successful Hard Meat composition. Like the Food Brain LP some of the best tracks are close to ten minutes long (if not longer). Check out their amazing take on Jersey City resident, Richie Havens', "Run Shaker Life" for ten minutes of swirling, pounding and at moments spacey music. Luckily there are shorter tracks like "Space Between" and "Universal Joint" that also show off their unique style. There is also a slightly less inspired version of Bob Dylan's, "Most Likely You Go Your Way I'll Go Mine" but for some reason that is exactly why it works so well. Again there is a Poppy, gentle beginning that builds into Heavy Rock territory.

Leviathan - S/T (Mach Records / London cat. AMA 12501)
The short story of this is that the J. Geils Band's original manager sold this to us at Finyl Vinyl. How that whole purchase went down is a pretty good story. BUT, this is about ROCK!!! Leviathan is a HEAVY name regardless what the record sounds like. This was only one of a few records I was given from the collection and it remains a favorite to this day. The LP is made up of mostly very long, dynamic songs comprising of all the proper Prog Rock moments and cliches. "Arabesque" is a perfect opener. "Seagull" followed by "Angel of Death" combine to make a mini epic. I know that is a contradiction but all the parts are there including a shared guitar riff. "Seagull" is a song about spreading your wings and getting out into the world. I think you know what "Angel of Death" is about. Life, awakening, struggle, and now your dead.