Thursday, June 11, 2009

Higgins and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs June 11th 9PM

Hello Y'all,
Let's face it, Pop music sucks. Currently, that is basically its sole purpose. Anything that is appealing to as many people as possible is not concerned with artistic merit. The desire to be ultimately popular has nothing to do with making music and everything to do with making money. That isn't to say I don't "get" those who choose to soullessly embrace the masses; I just need not be exposed to any of it. Thank you very much. American Idol and Walmart are poisoning the masses with crap everyday and that doesn't excuse the hordes of numbskulls who try to emulate the "Top 10" in an effort to be accepted. I assume it is money and acceptance they desire because I can't imagine why anyone would spend thousands of hours honing their craft and molding raw talent to simply sound or look like someone else. A Michael Jackson impersonator is laughed at yet that band that sounds like U2 is revered (I happily cannot think of their name, maybe Blur or some shit, who cares). It is obvious that the Music Industry doesn't respect listeners which is utterly insane considering they are the source of their income. It is also apparent that the industry's view is that the listeners are lazy and stupid and will happily swallow anything shoved down their throats or even worse repeatedly blasted at them like some cult hold up in a compound with no ability to make a choice. Submission is the only option. It isn't that the music of the past was better it is just that someone took a chance on delivering something different to other music lovers. No formulas, just music lovers discovering something new and getting off on exposing their jewels to anyone in their path. From the very first Billboard Hot 100 charts you can see that the buyers were usually at least a week ahead of the Radio Stations (i.e the music Industry). Unfortunately that relationship did change overtime and the industry began sculpting the taste of the masses with whatever "profit" they stood to financially benefit from. As the average Joe and Jane gobbled up their Soylent Green they never noticed they were no longer in control of their taste buds. One of the saddest reactions to this is the undying devotion some people have to sounds and bands that have been foist upon them. Play any five year old some music that is considered the "best of all time" every day and guess what? They will tell you how great they are and that it is their favorite music ever. I tried this little experiment. Guess what? My son held some Punk and Funk bands in the same regard as the Pop bands. Why? Because he was exposed to it. He wasn't comparing them, he didn't particularly feel one was better than the other. He just listened. We are told over, and over how great and important certain bands / or artists are yet song for song, or sound for sound there are hundreds of bands of similar or better quality. Did you ever notice most people will embrace the music they discovered in college for their entire lives. This isn't because what they had heard before going to college (or after) wasn't any good, it is just that they invested time and developed a personal relationship with the music they discovered. The people around them were opening the doors of perception and expanding their minds, ears and souls to different things. Regardless of your age you should hold the songs of your sirens dear but always remember they are no better than their modern counterparts and especially no less important. Why does most Popular Music suck? Two reasons. First off if musicians, artists and bands follow the music industry formula to Pop-hilarity and success they will be as creative as mayonnaise. No ifs, ands or buts... pedestrian sounds with little to bite into or grab onto and the audio equivalent of wall paper. Secondly, fear. The music industry fears one thing and one thing only, money. They fear losing the strangle hold they have on making more and more money. This consumes everything they do including looking to shit holes like Walmart for guidance about what the masses want. Well, fuck the music industry, every last crumb of it, and just "be." Whatever that is you want to be, be it. Make music for yourself, embrace it and value what you do. Others will find you and there will always be ways to get the music to them. Eventually the music industry, whatever is left of it, will have to go looking for music again. Hopefully those searching will love music as much as those making it and and of course those who buy it. Be different and maybe if we are all lucky the music industry will grow balls and respect the listeners by making a difference and not just a buck.

OK, sorry about that but that did feel good. I think that was fueled by the anger I feel knowing that a band like Higgins is not more popular. I have written extensively about this band and would gladly scream it from the highest peak in hopes that even one more person listens or better yet, becomes a fan. It is a struggle to be different. I am not talking about being outrageous. No offense to Marilyn Manson but, "WELL PLAYED! BRAVO!" Same goes for bands like Slipknot. More power to them. I am talking about musical creativity. If you walked in and out of a Higgins show you would be struck by the variety of sounds and ideas spilling off the stage but more importantly you would notice they never lose who they are in their many sounds and ideas. They are unique and who they are comes out in every note and beat. From Kevin's amazing vocals filled with the full spectrum of emotions to the tiny sounds thoughtfully peppered throughout each song including some amazing percussion, keys and strings. If you haven't already read this - please do. It is a journey through each song from their most recent release entitled "Zs." Enjoy the writing but I am sure it does very little justice for a brilliant record by a brilliant band.

Sorry this is such late notice but please come out tomorrow night to D.C.'s Tavern to hear them play. I'll be spinning some music between sets and I believe the Hunter will be setting 'em up for you to put 'em down.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Higgins (two sets) - and or
Primitive Sound System (spinning other people's music)
Larry The Hunter will be our mixologist (pouring other people's liquor)
Thursday June 11th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


A few records that hopefully were different...

Big Star - #1 Record (Ardent Records cat. ADS - 2803)
John Cale - Paris 1919 (Warner Bros. Records cat. MS 2131)
Kinks - Something Else By... (Reprise Records cat. 6279)
Gram Parsons - GP (Reprise Records cat. MS 2123)
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (RCA cat. AFL1-2488)
Lou Reed - Transformer (RCA cat. LSP - 4807)
Pete Townsend - Who Came First (MCA Records cat. DL 7-9189)
T-Rex - Tanx (Reprise Records cat. MS 2132)
Warren Zevon - (S/T) (Asylum Records cat. 7E-1060)