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Primitive Sound System and Bill Dolan at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs Dec 3rd from 9-Closing

Hello Y'all,
Sold $100 worth of vinyl at the Record Swap last Saturday and immediately handed it to Greg Tormo ( for two records at the top of my want list. We started out slow but things really got rolling just after 2 PM. Early on the wind was blowing so we feared the grill wouldn't make it so Bill brought hot dogs and his amazing chili. Two homemade bratwursts made there way into the kraut and I know my day was made (thanks Matt!). I got some really great records recently so I'll be serving up Garage, R&B, Soul / Funk and Guitar / Organ Instrumental 45's from 11:30 to closing. Bill gets the night started and then throws sounds at you so fast and furious that you will still be humming Tom Jones as the Zero Boys rip through your brain. Come dance. Come drink. Give money to Johnny and when you are done leave in an orderly fashion so no one knows what you were up to. Shh... just go.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday December 3rd - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

**** ALSO ****
The D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap - There is another in the works. We should have a date soon.


SOME CURRENT FAVORITES and hopefully yours...

The Showmen Inc. - "The Tramp PT. i & II" (Now Records cat. N-3)
I first heard this buried on side two of The Sound of Funk (volume one) comp on Goldmine. Which means this has been at top of my want list since 1992. From the very first scream you know this isn't going to be a smooth ride and the intensely aggressive drums back this up and beat the hell out of the dance floor. There is a break on part one but it isn't exactly traditional. All the while the drums pound and slam the vocalist does the same and never completely drops out to allow the break to breath. There are horns throughout the entire song but you may not notice much else. It's actually hard to notice anything else but it also isn't that important considering the amazing job the drums and vocals are doing. As perfect a Funk 45 if there ever was.

The Left Banke - "Lazy Day" (Smash cat. S-2074)
I picked this up for a quarter over the Summer. It made me realize that i have not paid enough attention to The Left Banke. The guitar sound is incredible. The contrast of the fuzzy guitar against the beautiful piano that intros the song shows a high level of creativity and attention to arrangement. The attention to arrangement is very evident on "Pretty Ballerina" that graces the A-side. Despite the crackles of this 25 cent slab of gold the vocal harmonies layer perfectly over the fuzz of the guitar and piano spending equal time on both sides. Ironically "Lazy Day" is far more likely to get up out on the floor dancing than "Ballerina" ever will. Time to find a clean one of these and to begin fishing deeper into The Left Banke.

Dynamite, Inc. featuring Angelo Del - "Walkin' The Dog" (Lucifer Records cat. 104)
This is 100% bizarre. That of course doesn't leave any room for much else. The band sounds like they walked into a wedding hall where the equipment was already set up so they figured, "WHY THE FUCK NOT?" "Let's pound out a raw, unrehearsed version of our favorite Rufus Thomas number." Don't worry that they haven't decided on a tempo because every slice of time has it's own tempo and if you can't move to at least a few of them you must be frozen. I believe I found reference that Mr. Angelo Del is the organist (only because I found and Angelo Del who plays organ through the magic of Google). I'll assume no one else in Hasbrook Heights, New Jersey knew how to play music. Have I mentioned yet that this is utterly AWESOME!

The Sun - "Soul Sync" (United Artists Records cat. UA 50568)
Fuzzy, screaming and crunchy guitar rips open the intro as of this instrumental. Organ comes up from below and tries to steady things but the guitar barks from the background threatening to attack. For the most part the body begins swaying and things seem more normal. There is a subtle break thrown in and the guitar takes the opportunity to explode. This time things come back together more quickly and we are swing, swang, swung right to the fade.

Chili Peppers - "Chicken Scratch" (GWP Records cat. GWP 511 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
Yes, chicken scratch guitar is the center of attention on this massive instrumental. Organ, drums and horns get equal amounts of time in the spotlight and there is the heaviest bass anchoring this to the deepest depths of our souls. The Chili Peppers play with exacting perfection and groove and of course all of this is Composed, Arranged, Conducted & Co-Produced by the beyond talented Ed Bland.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Full Set List from the Lamp Post - November 1th, 2009

The Three Suns - "Volcano" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7416)
Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - "Feeling Cool" (King cat. 45-K10156 (Complimentary / Dee Jay / Special))
Jimmy (Night Train) Forrest his chorus and orchestra - "Night Flight" (Triumph Records cat. 45-607)
Van Alexander And his Orchestra - "The Big Operator" (Capitol Records cat. 4258 (Promotional Record))
Shorty Long with Marty Gold's Orchestra - "Luscious" (RCA Victor cat. 47-6472)
Titus Turner - "Cool Down" (Glover Records cat. record No. 206)
The Olympics - "The Stomp" (Arvee cat. A 5044)
King Coleman - "Do The Hully Gully" (Part 1) (Atlantic cat. 45-2125)
Les Cooper & His Soulrockers - "Garbage Man" (Everlast cat. 5023)
The Royal Tones - "Seesaw" (Jubilee cat. 5362)
The Stereo's - "Stereo Freeze Part 1" (Cadet cat. 5577)
Don Covay & The Goodtimers - "Iron Out The Rough Spots" (Atlantic cat. 45-2340)
The Impressions - "You've Been Cheatin'" (His Masters Voice / EMI Records cat. 7EG 8954)
The Continental 4 - "The Way I Love You" (Jay Walking cat. JW-009)
The Mighty Marvelows - "Hey, Hey, Girl" (ABC / Records cat. 45-11139)
Clea Bradford - "My Love's A Monster" (Cadet cat. 5602)
The Vibrations - "Love In Them There Hills" (Okeh cat. 4-7311)
The Unforgetables - "Sad Song" (Lodstone cat. 3954)
Junior Parker - "The Outside Man" (Capitol cat. 2857)
Brenton Wood - "Boogaloosa, Louisian'" (Double Shot Records cat. 150)
Jimmy Lewis - "I'm Stepping Out" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC 994)
Charles Wright - "Soul Train" (Warner Bros. Records cat. WB 7600 (Promotion / Not For Sale))
Sly Stone - "Rock Dirge (Pt. 1)" (Woodcock Records cat. WOO-0001)
Ronnie Cole Trio - "Ode To Billie Joe" (Paula Records cat. 296 (DJ Copy))
Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Thimble Records cat. TS-002 (Promotion Copy))
Irish Coffee - The Show (Parrot cat. 45-356 (Promotional Copy))
Hot Soup - "You Took Me By Surprise" (Rama Rama Records cat. RR 7776)
Teegarden With Van Winkle & Friends - "Ride Away (With Me)" (Westbound Records cat. W 200 (Promotion Copy / Plug Side))
Atlee - "Rip You Up" (Dunhill / ABC Records cat. D-4254 (Promotion Copy / Not For Sale))
Travis Wammack - "Shotgun Woman" (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0239)
US 69 - "Yesterdays Folk's" (Finders Keepers cat. FC700I.PRO)
Roy Buchanan - "I'm A Ram" (Polydor cat. PD 14265 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Collosseum - "The Kettle" (Dunhill Records / ABC Records cat. D-4211 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Motorhead - "Motorhead" (Chiswick cat. NS 13)
Iggy Pop / James Williamson - "I Got A Right" (Siamese Records cat. PM - 001)
Wayne Kramer - "Ramblin' Rose" (Stiffwick cat. DEA/SUK 1)
Blower - "Hot Wheels, Cold Beer, Big Titties"
TAD - "Jack Pepsi" (Sub Pop cat. SP 12/144)
Jesus lizard - "Puss" (Touch and Go Records cat. TG83)
Dils - "I Hate The Rich" (What Records cat. WHAT 02)
Dead Kennedys - "Police Truck" (I.R.S. cat. IR 9016)
Offs - "Everyone's A Bigot" (415 Records cat. )
Elvis Costello - "I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea" (Radar cat ADA 3)
The Link Quartet - "Fast Girls & Sexy Cars" (Hammond Beat HB7-07)
The Perceptions - "Running The Risk" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7054)
Shaolin Temple Defenders - "Southern Bug-A-Loo" (Soulbeats Records cat. MAF008)
Soulive - "Too Much" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7059)
Kylie Auldist - "Made Of Stone" (Tru Thoughts cat. TRU7198)
Gizelle Smith and The Mighty Mocambos - "Working Woman - Part 1" (Old Capital cat. OC 100)
The James Young Blues Band - "Funky Booty" (Jet Stream cat. 812)
Joe Tex - "Papa Was Too" (Dial cat. 45-4051)
Te Poindexter Bros - The Booga Man" (Tuff Record cat. 404 (TU-6100) (D.J. Copy / Sample))
Marsha Gee - "Peanut Duck" (Penniman Records cat. PENN45013)
The Sensational Guitars of dan & Dale - "Robin's Theme" (Tifton 45-125)
Johnny Lemac - "Yoke, Stroke With Me Baby" (Chess cat. CH 2103)
Big Mac - "That's The Way You Treat Your Woman" (Jewel Records cat. SL 1274)
Cash Mc Call - "You Can't Take Love" (Thomas Records cat. 310)
Otis Redding - "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag" (Atco Records cat. 45-6636)
Maurice McKinnies And the Champions - "Sock-A-Poo_poo '69, Part II" (Black and Proud Records cat. 45-10000)
The Emperor's - "Karate" (Mala cat. 543)
Small Faces - "Grow Your Own" (Decca cat. F 12317)
The Sonics - "The Hustler" (Etiquette cat. ET-16)
The Vagrants - "Respect" (Atco Records cat. 45-6473)
The Wanted - "In The Midnight Hour" (A&M Records cat. 844)
Terry Knight and the Pack - "Numbers" (Lucky Eleven cat. LE-230)
Kingsmen - "David's mood" (Wand cat. 157)
The Peels - "Fun" (Karate Records cat. 45-522)
The Music Explosion - "A Little Bit Of Soul" (Laurie Records cat. LDG 113)
Cannibal and The Headhunters - "Nau Ninny Nau" (Rampart cat.644)
The Seeds - "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP - 354)
The Velvet Underground - "White Light / White Heat" (Sundazed Records cat. S 203)
The Yellow Payges - "The Two Of Us" (Uni cat. 55107)
The Kidds - "Straighten Up And Fly Right" (Big Beat Records cat. BB 1017)
Doc Bagby - "Cornbread" (Perri Records cat.L 1000)
Bent Bolt and The Nuts - "The Mechanical Man" (MGM cat. K13635 (Special Disc Jockey Records / Not For Sale))
Bo Diddley - "Pills" (Checker cat. CK - 985)
Polka Dot Slim - "A Thing You Gotta Face" (Instant Records cat. 3269)
Louisiana Red - "Ride On Red, Ride On" (Roulette cat. RR4469)
The Coasters - "Teach me How To Shimmy" (Atco Records cat. 45-6219 (wht label promo))
Mario Allison y su Combo - "Louie Louie" (J & G Recordings cat. J & G 8063)
El Gran Combo - "Cinnamon" (Gema Records cat. 1627)
Cal Tjader - "Mamblues" (Fantasy cat. 605 (Promotional Copy))
Jimmy Smith - "Sag' Shootin' His Arrow" (Verve cat. VK 10672)
Lalo Schifrin - "Ape Shuffle (Theme From Planet Of The Apes)" (20th Century cat. TC-2150)
Nolan - "I Like What You Give" (Lizard cat. 1008)
Lou Rawls "Win Your Love" (Capitol cat. 2942)
The Vonastics - "Day Tripper" (St. Lawrence cat. 1014 (D.J. Copy))
The Webs - "This Thing Called Love" (Popside cat. 4593)
Ural Thomas - "Can You Dig It?" (Uni cat. 55003)
Young-Holt Unlimited - "Young And Holtful" (Brunswick cat. 755410)

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Primitive Sound System at The Lamp Post - DTJC spinnig from 10PM - Closing

Hello Y'all
It's been a while since I have gone Downtown so I can't wait to spin a set for the fine people of the Lamp Post. Keeping with tradition I will not repeat any records I have played before (except for one request for "The Peanut Duck."). For the past three months I have been crowing about what has been easily the best Summer of record finds. That good fortune continued right through the WFMU Record Fair where I picked up another sixty or so 45's. I'll have more than half of that haul with me as well as selections from the many other digs I have dug. Hope to see you there. Please com on down, drink some of that good stuff and enjoy the music. A little hint, the more you drink the better the music sounds. Also, the better everyone looks to you. Throw 'em back, remember to tip the fine ladies tending to your alcoholic needs and get lost in the sounds. See ya there.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System -

Wednesday, November 11th
Spinning from 10PM to Closing
Lamp Post Bar & Grill
382 2nd St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Lamp Post MySpace:


I am bringing along everything from 50's Lounge to current Funk / Soul and Rock and or Roll and every god damn sound that can fall between. Here's a few that I decided to write something about. Seems I favored the older stuff. got a problem with that? What's the matter, the groove too big for ya?!

The Three Suns - "Volcano" b/w "Cha Cha Charleston" (RCA Victor cat. 47-7416)
It almost sounds crazy but The Three Suns are one of the craziest bands that ever played music. They are categorized as a Lounge band but no, no they are much more. I am assuming these guys were high as a kite or dosed on acid as they decided to crank out some of these layered and twisted gems. "Volcano" could one of the best examples of the madness that is the Three Suns. opening with what sounds like the intro to a horror movie with a sultry voice slowly purring V...O...L...C...A...N...O... The band is really swinging here with all the best Lounge moments intact but of course twisting it in their own unique way. This is not foreign territory for The Three Suns just gaze back at "The Creep." Punchy and sometimes groovy organ leaps from one style to another so effortlessly you won't notice and it is actually very pleasant. The organ is handled by a master and so is the wailing, and sometimes spitting, sax. The good parts of a Three Suns song are like waiting for a little nudity in a movie you have already seen. You know what's coming but it isn't going to be any less enjoyable. The bad parts are like a friend who rewinds that brief nude scene over and over and over. There is nothing really wrong with it but the repetition can get a little boring. "Volcano" has no bad parts. Actually, I think this as close as they get to full frontal nudity. WEEEE!

Earl Bostic And His Orchestra - "Feeling Cool" b/w "Who Cares" (King cat. 45-K10156 (Complimentary - Dee Jay - Special / Not For Sale)
I have had the LP (Musical Pearls) that this track comes from for a very long time and this track was the reason I bought it. "Feeling Cool" lopes along at a medium tempo and if you listen closely you can hear the beatniks snapping their fingers. Earl Bostic was far more known for his mellow Soul but this LP contains some nice Rocked up moments. "Feeling Cool" is a bit of both. The basis of the song would be perfect in a Lounge, or at a wedding. Believe me, I have played it at ever wedding I have DJ'd and someone will comment about it. The band is a bit more aggressive than on most Earl "The Pearl" Bostic tracks but also they never really get crazy. Bostic throws a little muscle behind his solo and the band definitely answers in kind but just enough to get everyone's attention. "Feeling Cool? That's right, I'm cool." So happy to have this one on a 7-inch since the LP is beginning to feel the ravages of time.

Van Alexander and his Orchestra - "The Big Operator" b/w "The Shake" (Capitol cat. 4258 (Promotional Record))
One of my favorite compilations from years back was the amazing Swing For A Crime. These were songs, some used as Soundtracks others included on some of the better Lounge LPs and of course splendid dollar finds like Murder Inc. on Time Records. Many of these records were made to showcase producers, arrangers and conductors. These can usually go quite well with the loungier side of Go-Go tunes (think titty-shakers and not DC Go-Go). Here we have the perfect marriage of both. "The Big Operator" introduces us to the main character. This is a guy you wanna hang with. Well dressed but not afraid to get his hands dirty, if you know what I mean. He seems good at just about everything and everyone hangs on his every word. The ladies don't seem to be able to resist him despite the fact that he treats them like dirt. Dames. You know it's wrong but you can't keep away. Suddenly you are sucked into his world. Street punks, pushers and pimps call you friend. Gambling, late nights, run ins with the law. "WHY'D YOU DO IT JOHNNY, WHY'D YOU DO IT...w...h...y???" Suddenly it's too late and jack you dead. And there he sits. Fresh faces and new dames come slithering to his side. I believe this is where the last frame says "FIN" and then everything fades to black on a tight shot of a tear rolling down a cheek. "The Shake" is just that with big blasts of horns and a pounding piano. There is a moment to let the ladies catch their breath but even that is filled with a forceful sax solo. Baby, shake that thing!

Ronnie Cole Trio - "Life Time Of Happiness" b/w "Ode To Bille Joe" (Paula Records cat. 296 (DJ Copy))
"Ode To Billie Joe" has probably been covered a thousand times. Some versions are pretty horrible ranging from completely cheesy to the worst that Country has to offer. The Ronnie Cole Trio channel the funkier side of the Ramsey Lewis Trio. The drums are heavy but swingin' and of course the piano takes the lead. I have played this about 20 times since I got it and it sounds better each time. Don't think the third fellow in this trio is sitting back, oh no, our man on the bass is going slow and low. At moments the Bass sounds electrified and even possibly bowed but after several listens it just sounds like the work of a very talented player. The band takes it from a mellow, slow walk to a strut and when they get strutting things get really funky. They do bring it all the way down with some single notes, expressive jolts and strings but this only adds to the groove. ONLY second best to the original.

Emanuel Laskey - "Crazy" b/e "Welfare Cheese" (Thelma Records Co. cat. T - 101)
I first heard this on a CD comp that was at Finyl Vinyl called Shakin' Fit and of course it is a specialty of the fantastic Todd-O-Phonic Todd and that is exactly who I got this copy from. "Welfare Cheese" is a bit odd but very much so a tune with a groove. Right from the start you know you are in for something special as Mr. Laskey howls a little like he may be in pain. Perhaps hunger pains? Things kick off pretty quickly and soon Mr. Laskey is pleading his case. Times are tight and he is just looking to get by. He is asking very nicely. There is a nice guitar solo that may impress someone enough to put him at the head of the line. Let's hope he gets taken care of.

Allan - "I Need You So Bad" (Vocal b/w instrumental) (Thimble Records cat. TS - 002 (Promotion Copy)
I am ALWAYS looking for instrumentals. It is the one style of music that I find interesting regardless of genre. When I dropped the needle on this I was blown away. The Prog Rock era had a fascination with the organ and so do I. As the needle settled in, and heard that leslie spinning, I knew I was in for something good. The drums are out front, pounding and funky and the guitar is aggressive and fuzzy. It is like the song was tailor made for me. There is never a break or even a single element that explodes of the vinyl. Just charging forward and in your face. When I flipped this over I couldn't have been more surprised. ALLAN SINGS! Holy crap, does ALLAN SING! If there is one thing Allan should not have done too much, ever, is sing. Pleading a quivering Allan overstates his desire to have you, in his hands. Overacted and maybe a little more than annoying... OK it is right about here that you begin to crack up laughing. Is this the greatest record ever recorded? The argument could be made.

Merrill Moore - "Hard Top Race" b/w "Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl?) (Capitol cat. F3226)
A Car song, pre-fifties Rock-N-Roll and some boogie in your woogie. This is a cool story narrated over some really fine Country Boogie. Battling cars at the Hot Rod show. The piano pounds and bounces off the floor only to give way for the fiddle but only briefly... "GET OUT MY WAY!" The story builds and builds as the cars race round and round. Like all great car songs there is a crash, though to the winner goes a tank of gas and two chicken dinners. Even the tow truck wins a trophy, only this one is made of twisted metal.

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Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern - Thurs Oct 1st - 9PM - Closing

Hello Y'all,
Not sure why but it feels like forever since I last wrote one of these. Maybe it has been all the diggin' I've been doin'. I have made my way through some of the usual haunts. Favorites like Big City records and, through the magic of the interwebs, Dusty Groove. But then there have been more finds in less obvious places and ones I am not at the liberty to mention. Honestly, obsessed, record collecting, vinyl thirsty, Pat is one angry 300 lb. monster and he would snap my neck for snitching... at least for now. Other releases have traveled from afar to make their way to the fine shores of Jersey City. Jaycees Records from the land down under have two new releases that arrived the other day. One from label regulars, Birdwave, and one from Natural Rhythm. Both are loaded with dynamic covers of some of the best songs that have spilled from the over flowing cup of Funk. On my last trip in to Big City I brought my side kicked who enjoyed reading and listening to the music. That was until I played him "Cookies" by Brother Soul. If it is possible to say one can learn all the words to an instrumental he has. He mouths the intro and then runs with the lighthearted banter throughout. That's right people, obsession starts in the home. Music is just a gateway drug. Soon he'll be drumming along to the records or worse yet, the most heinous crime ever committed... SINGING DRUMMER! OK, you know the routine, Bill and I spin some extra special selections while Larry The Hunter serves you your poison. You pretend to enjoy what Bill and I are putting down and you treat Larry generously for what he is putting down as well as putting up with.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Bill Dolan and Primitive Sound System - Thursday October 1st - 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

Grow your own cookies and poo-poo in Babylon, next to Boogaloosa or you'll be singing a sad song and she'll be sorry:
Small Faces - "Grow Your Own" (Decca cat. F 12317)
The instrumental. I don't crave sweets. Never have. I do crave vinyl records. And what I really, really crave and truly feel I couldn't live without is a screaming, banging, thumping, dirty, no words allowed, grinding and grooving instrumental. Small Faces are easily (and by far) one of the best bands to have traveled across the surface (and through the atmosphere) of the planet we call home. Some people needed proof of the Small Faces greatness and a CD box set from a few years back unequivocally proved their dominance beyond a shadow of a doubt. I have been on the look out for a copy of this divine selection for some time and was quite happy to finally score one in such great shape and for a very reasonable price. A short burst of guitar jumps out only slightly ahead of the pack on this organ driven madness. The drums are perfectly primitive and get the whole body moving. Some beats bob the head, others shake the shoulders but this is a full body attack and you would be wise not to resist. The song is by no means complex, it is raw and aggressive and somehow the band seem to be showing off. Check this shit out, UH! Despite the absence of words they are coaxing you to action and inviting you to hit the dance floor. They certainly do succeed but did you expect anything less?

Brother Soul - "Cookies" b/w "Do it Good" (Leo Mini cat. LS - 105)
Mmmmm, cookies and Funk! Cookies and Funk! But wait one minute, it is not all fun and dunking in the world of cookies and funk. Something dark and evil has gone on here... "WHO TOOK THE COOKIE FROM THE COOKIE JAR!" Growing up with Sesame Street we all learned that greed is bad and sharing is good. Cookie Monster's unbridled passion for those baked little delights was behavior we were all told was unacceptable. So here we have greed, gluttony and stealing in one Funky little 45 and I can't help but point fingers at that blue fur monster all covered in crumbs. The recipe here is mid-tempo bass, drums and guitars sprinkled with horns and the occasionally banter and sound effects are also stirred into the mix. Let's face it, a lot of Funk can follow the same old recipe and come up tasting like every other store bought brand of sugar coated cardboard. This cookie is different and is a definite stand out. The band embraces the humor in what they are doing but also understands you gotta be able to get down with the crumbs. Speaking of doing it right, Brother Soul know exactly how to "Do It Good." The flip is heavier with a little more bite to the drums, bass and guitar. The horns follow their previous performance with a similar minded peppering of blasts but with more balls and less humor. I love the immediacy of the sound and it is as if the band tossed this off in one take after baking. Baking "Cookies" of course. Brother Soul do the do and they "Do It Good." This bad little two sider will be heard from quite often.

Maurice McKennies and The Champions - "Sock-A-Poo-Poo '69, Part I & II" (Black and Proud Records (Dist. By Atco) cat. 45-10000 (Whit Lbl Promo))
Holy shit! I can't believe I have never heard this before. This is one of the rawest records that has ever blasted a hole through my head. Side One even drops out as if the studio engineer was certain this was NOT the sound the band really wanted. Not only is it exactly the sound they wanted but this is apparently a second release of this essential piece of perfection. This gritty little ditty did so well locally Atco picked it up for distribution!?*%#! Remember how the music press embraced the stripped down raw sounds of Pussy Galore, The White Stripes or The Black Keys as if it had never been done before? Don't get me wrong, I love all those bands but FUCK YOU music press. Anytime I come across a major distributed track like this it saddens me how short the memories of the public and the press really are. I don't believe this went to number one with a bullet but it WAS picked up by a major. Somebody at Atlantic was listening and I thank them. The band pounds away as if there is concern the sounds are not making it to tape. They are giving it their all as Maurice McKennie narrates the rocket fueled action. The organ, guitar and drums are as out front in the mix as Mr. McKennie's voice but all these sounds are clouded by the recording quality. This, is of course a huge compliment. I once read that Gerry Rosalie, of The Sonics, unspooled their recordings onto the floor of the studio dragging them through the dirt and stepping on them. This was in an effort to achieve the sound he believed his recordings deserved. It is a sound we all deserve to be exposed to. Side Two "cleans" up the sound enough that is is noticeable. Side Two is it for me. What makes it so appealing is that McKennie convinces the drummer to "SQUEEZE IT REAL TIGHT!" Some how the drummer understands this request and begins to toss off some breaks and send a groove up your spine. The drummer is joined by thick as crude bass and they begin to Funk things up. The guitar and organ are next in the pairings and the whole thing is finished off nicely by the horns. This is going to be my personal soundtrack for a while. Excuse me while I shake my poo-poo.

Buddy Terry - "Babylon" b/w "Stealin` Gold" (Mainstream 5511 (White Lbl Promo))
Talk about versatile. Buddy Terry has done it all. Traditional Jazz, R&B / Soul / Funk, Spiritual Jazz, etc. His sound is throaty and full. This 7-inch features songs I never knew were available on 45. The LP consists of extended tracks that wouldn't seem suited for a 7-inch. BUT... "Babylon" works incredibly well, that is for sure. The track bursts right from the moment the needle meets the groove. The band is extremely tight and allows the guitar and horns to express themselves without clutter or confusion. The guitar is extremely soulful despite being rather talkative. There are some really creative moments in the playing and more than just the standard sounds of Soul Jazz guitar are experimented with. The groove is deep and leans heavily to a Soul Jazz or Funk track rather than a Spiritual Jazz track which is a genre Mr. Terry explored quite deeply and with great success during this time period. Our guitarist steps aside as Buddy Terry lets his instrument speak for him while stepping out front. There is a brief conversation with the trumpet but Buddy can humble even the best player so you best step aside and let him do his thing. Side two gives us "Stealin' Gold" which is far more relaxed. Calling it sweet would not be an insult. Flute stands out for the opening creating a sense of calm and fills a very peaceful environment. Mr. Terry picks up the pace with some aggressive improvisation but again it somehow compliments the existing sounds. "Babylon" is hands down the track to play out but "Stealin' Gold" can become a popular Summer theme for me.

Brenton Wood - "Boogaloosa, Louisian' " b/w "Need Your Love So Bad" (Double Shot Records cat. #150)
Everybody is familiar with Brenton Woods "Oogum Boogum Song." It is a stone cold Soul classic. There is an underlying illusion to the possibility of something a little more forceful. the song is full of attitude but it is almost all warm hugs, cool breezes and birds chirping. To say I was not very schooled on Mr. Woods output would be an understatement. But, if there is one thing I have come to expect from music is that you must trust nothing, nothing that is except your own ears (see The Osmonds "Crazy Horses" for an obvious case in point). So, imagine my delightful surprise as the drums came cracking out of the speakers just seconds into "Boogaloosa." When I think Brenton Woods I think smooth and Soulful. "Boogaloosa, Louisian" is anything but, but somehow remains incredibly pleasing very Funky. I know that intro drum beat from somewhere but I can't place it? The song is pulled around the track by Mr. Woods and the power comes from the kickin" beat that does not stop for even a second.

The Unforgettables - "Sad Song" b/w "Too Much Trouble" (Loadstone cat. 3954)
So the Unforgettables are anything but. I love this track as much as the singer loves his baby. Take my word for it, he loves her lots. The band is loose, almost as if they are creating this as they are playing. There are moments that would hint at the possibilities that they may have played this before but the beauty of the track is how simply heavy and urgent it is. Everything jumps in as the needle drops and off we go. Congas and drums lay the foundation but
the wah guitar is making sure we hear his message. He takes an extended solo more than half the way through but the singer can't sit in the side lines. He needs to tell it to who ever will listen. He is confused and hurt. Why would you want to make him sing those sad songs? Can't we just all get along? "Too Much Trouble" is just as loose and raw. There are some actual parts and at one point every thing just shifts like the earth getting knocked off its axis. Amazing stuff. Hopefully there is more Unforgettables in my future.

Gloria Gaynor - "She'll Be Sorry" b/w Let Me Go Baby" (Jocida cat. J-300)
Female vocals always sound so great over a forceful backing. James Brown was no dummy when he surrounded himself with some of the greatest female vocals he could find. Because of this I have always sought Female R&B, Soul and Funk tracks. The New Funk bands have discovered this and by far the better tracks are those song by the ladies. Diggin' around in Big City Records in NYC I came across this amazing two-sider. Yes, this is Gloria Gaynor, the woman who brought you the Disco anthem, "I Will Survive." Miss Gaynor's voice is a very powerful one. At times husky but at all times it is pure Soul. If more of the Motown sides were this in your face I'd be a much bigger fan of the label. The band is treated as an equal on the recording and this may be why it sounds like there is more attack to the playing. Attack or not Ms. Gaynor belts out this tale of an unfaithful boyfriend as if she has no equal. The infidelity doesn't seem to matter much to her. She has drawn a line in the sand and with a simple phrase, "She'll Be Sorry," she is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the unwanted woman he is spending time with away. She is a force to be reckoned with. By the end Ms. Gaynor drives home her point and expresses just how serious she is by changing the phrase ever so slightly, "You'll be sorry!" LOOK OUT! Go get 'em Gloria! But no matter what we know you will... survive. Oh come on, how could I resist. You would have said it as well. this will see a lot of time on the turntable in the coming months.


The WhatNauts - "Please Make The Love Go Away" b/w "Souling With The WahtNauts" (Stang cat. ST 5014)
Whatnauts - "Blues Fly Away" b/w "Try Me" (Stang cat. ST 5037)
The Bill Mersey Band - "Soul Kick" b/w The Bill Mersey Band featuring Carol Williams "Shake (It Easy)" (Zoo York Records cat. WS9 02887)
Jackey Beavers - Singing A Funky Song (For My Baby)" b/w "Hey Girl (I can't Stand To See You Go)" (Sound Stage 7 cat. ZS7 1506 (Radio Station Copy / Nor For Sale))
Brothers Soul - "Cookies" b/w "Do It Good" (Leo Mini cat. LS - 105)
The James Young Blues Band - "Funky Booty" b/w Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - "Was It Worth It All?" (Jet Stream cat. 812)
"Lil" Willie & The Rockin' Imperials - "A Man Don't Last Too Long" b/w "Tell Me Why" (Golden - Records cat. G No. 117)
The Poindexter Bros. - "The Booga Man" b/w "Ride, Ride, Ride" (Tuff Records cat. 404 (DJ Copy / Sample))
Maurice McKennies and The Champions - "Sock-A-Poo-Poo '69, Part I & II" (Black and Proud Records (Dist. By Atco) cat. 45-10000 (Whit Lbl Promo))
Gloria Gaynor - "She'll Be Sorry" b/w Let Me Go Baby" (Jocida cat. J-300)
The Soul Ensemble - "Melon Jelly" b/w "Move Out" (Prix Records / Harmonic Sounds Inc. cat. HSI - 69002)
The Unforgettables - "Sad Song" b/w "Too Much Trouble" (Loadstone cat. 3954)
Annakonda - "Sonic Boom" b/w Wheedle's Groove" (BXI Records cat. 3113)
El Gran Combo - "Cinnamon" b/w "Good Night My Love" (Gema Records cat. 1627)
Orq. Flamboyan Con Frankie Dante - "Paz" b/w Pa Guaynabo" (Cotique cat. C 210)
Joe Bataan - "Latin Strut" b/w "Peace, Friendship and Solidarity" (Mericanna Records cat. M-7157)
Cortijo Y Kako - "Chiviriquiton" b/w "Yo no Bailo Con Juana" (Ansonia cat. 45-6750)
Mario Allison - "Louie Louie" b/w "Bamba Cure" (J. & G. Recordings cat. J & G 8063)
The Webs - "This Thing Called Love" b/w "Tomorrow" (Popside cat. 4593)
Jimmy Lewis - "I'm Stepping Out" b/w "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC 994)
Bobby Lewis - "What A Walk" b/w "Cry No More" (Beltone cat. 45-1015)
Titus Turner - "Cool Down" b/w "Get Up Betty Jean" (Glover Records cat. Record No. 206)
Sheb Wooley (Orchestra Under The Direction of Neely Plumb) - Monkey Jive" b/w "The Chase" (M-G-M Records cat. K12704)
Ohio Express - "The Race (That Took Place)" b/w "Cowboy Convention" (Buddah Records cat. BDA 147)
The Peels - "Fun" b/w "Juanita Banana" (Karate Records cat. 45-5228)
The Seeds - "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "I Tell Myself" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP - 354 S)
Morgen - "Of Dreams" b/w "She's The Nitetime" (ABC / Command / Probe cat. CP 474 (Not For Sale))
? & The Mysterians - "I Need Somebody" b/w " "8" Teen" (Cameo cat. C-441)
The Yellow Payges - "The Two Of Us" b/w "Never Put Away My Love For You" (UNI cat. 55107)
Chilly Charlie - "Crisis At Ole Miss" Part 1 and 2 (Band Box Records cat. #329)
Jim Carroll Band - "People Who Died" b/w "I Want The Angel" (Atco cat. 7314)
Queen - " Bicycle Race" b/w Fat Bottom Girls" (Elektra cat. E-45541 (Pic Sleeve))
Billy Mure's Super Sonic Guitars in Hi-Fi - "Super Sonic," "Miserlou" b/w "Malaguena," "My Little Grass Shack in Hi-Fi" (RCA Victor cat. EPA 1-1536 (Pic Sleeve))
Jimmy McCracklin - "Beulah" b/w "My Answer" (Imperial Records cat. 66147 (White Lbl Promo - Audition Record))
Junior Parker - "The Outside Man" b/w "Darling Depend On Me" (Capitol cat. 2857)
Brenton Wood - "Boogaloosa, Louisian' " b/w "Need Your Love So Bad" (Double Shot Records cat. #150)
Travis Wammack - "Shotgun Woman" b/w "(Shu-Doo-Poo-Poop) Love Being Your Fool" (Capricorn Records cat. CPS 0239)
Ram Jam - "Black Betty" b/w "I Should Have Known" (Epic cat. 8-50357 (Demonstration - Not For Sale))
Racing Cars - "Four Wheel Drive" b/w "They Shoot Horses Don't They" (Chysalis cat. CHS-2129)
Lalo Schifrin - "Ape Shuffle ("Them From The Planet of The Apes") b/w "Escape From Tomorrow" (20th Century Records cat. TC - 2150)
Lectric Woods - "Time Of The Season" b/w "A.L.L. (Apollo Lunar Landing)" (ABC Records / APT cat. 26005 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Paul Quinichette - "The Heat's Off" b/w "Mine" (Decca cat. Record No. 9-28921)
Big Boss Man - "Party 7" b/w "Kelvin Stardust" (Blow Up Records cat. BU37)
Euro Cinema - "Brooklyn Groove" b/w "Brother Lou" (Hammond Beat cat. HB7-09)
Sven Hammond Soul - "Lookin Up, Turnin Round" b/w "Moet Jij Wete" (Hammond Beat cat. HB7-10)
Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band - Bird Head Son
Gizelle Smith - Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos
Birdwave - "Hard Times" b/w "Break It Down" (Jaycees Records International cat. JCR-005)
Natural Rhythm - "Let's Groove Some Mo" b/w "Salted Popcorn" (Jaycees Records International cat. JCR-006)
The Impressions - Soulfully - "Woman's Got Soul," "Meeting Over Yonder" b/w "People Get Ready," "You've Been Cheatin'" (E.M.I. Records / His Masters Voice cat. 7EG 8954)
Jimmy Smith - "Sag' Shootin' His Arrow" b/w "For Everyone Under the Sun" (Verve cat. VK10672 (Special Disc Jockey Record))

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern - Thurs Aug 6th from 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
It has been a great summer this year. We spent time in Hawaii with family and attended a wedding on a beach. We climbed to the summit of a volcano and swam under a waterfall. We went down to Raceway Park to the NJ Motor Speedway and watched some classic cars make their way down the 1/8 mile track, took a look under some hoods and listened to live music. It has also been one of the best summers ever for diggin' the crates around and finding those hidden gems. I have come across stacks of Latin records, electric blues LP's I have been looking for, for a long time and of course, the odd and overlooked record boxes and boxes of 7-inches. So I am bringing them all to D.C.'s this Thursday where I'll be flying solo for five hours. As always Larry "The Hunter" will be processing your orders and depositing your money. Be kind and rewind. See you there.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System
Thursday August 6th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

Also on the schedule: August 14th, 2009
An all 45 RPM vinyl event.

Deep Funk and Raw Soul spun by:
DJ Prestige
Jack The Ripper
Larry Grogan (
DJ Bluwater

Special guest Selector
Primitive Sound System (a.k.a. Pat. James Longo)

The Asbury Lanes
08.14.09 at 9PM $5
(18+ 21+ w/ID to drink)

Just a few of the records that will be making the trip:
The Combinations - "Bump Ball! (RCA Victor cat. 47-9482) Plug Side (No For Sale))
Busey's Soul Blenders - "Soul Power (Part 1)" (Busey's cat. 2485)
Willie Baker - "Hey, Baby" (Excello cat. 2312 (Not For Sale))
Dotti Wright - "Eclipse Of A Lover" (F-M Records cat. 471)

Just four of the many great records I have picked up this summer...

Los Straightjackets - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" b/w Southern Culture On The Skids - "Come As You Are / Lucifer Sam" (Spinout Records cat. SPIN 019)
This seems like a very hard concept for some people to understand but sometimes when a band is very, very popular it doesn't mean they are great or even good. It definitely doesn't mean they are truly influential. All you have to do is taste a McDonald's Hamburger and then taste one grilled on your own Weber kettle in your backyard and this concept becomes more clearly defined. You have probably served far less burgers from your Weber than McDonald's has stuffed in Ronald's sack; but it would be very easy to guess the winner of this taste contest. I don't think I would be talking out of school to say you have NOT influenced the eating habits of millions nor is anyone singing your theme song (sometimes spontaneously... ba da ba da da... I'm lovin it!). But your delicious fresh from the grill burger is like foie gras to their shit sandwich. McDonald's is incredibly popular and have influenced generations with their culture as well as their food but, are they great? Are they truly influential or just omnipresent?
Nirvana were an amazing band. Their short career seemed to burn out before it really got started but like Jim Morrison it may be better to burn out than just fade away. Who knows what the future held for Nirvana. Whether they were truly influential or just extremely popular even when it seemed they were unlikely so. Who would have thought so many people could be attracted to music that was by no means Pop Music. Of course once something is popular it is by definition Pop Music and this genre shift may have been one of the many, many things Mr. Cobain could never resolve with himself. Regardless, they left behind a catalog of great music for the world to listen to as well as play. Luckily I have stumbled upon a few cover versions that show what a broad audience was listening to what Nirvana were doing. Favorite amongst these covers is the Bad Plus version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit." But Nirvana has been covered by artists as diverse as Caetano Veloso and Steve Earle to Punk bands of questionable credibility who always end up sounding like a local bar cover band and will all remain nameless. Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Los Straightjackets live at The Motor Speedway in Raceway Park down in Englishtown, New Jersey. There are a few bands that I think can never match their live performance with a studio one and unfortunately Los Straightjackets are one of them. This is by no means a slight. Actually, it is the highest praise possible. I never thought Yo La Tengo were ever able to capture what they do on stage in a studio either and the are easily one of the best bands of our time. Not being able to capture their talents in the studio means that unless you have seen them live you have never really heard what these bands sound like. Los Straightjackets were selling a few items at the show and one of which was a split 7-inch of Nirvana covers they did with Southern Culture On The Skids. Southern Culture combine "Come As You Are" with Pink Floyd's "Lucifer Sam." Wisely they take the wordless route and the result is quite entertaining. But, it is the endlessly energetic Lost Straightjackets that we have come to praise tonight. They rip into the flesh of "Teen..." and don't let go. They pound out the intro like a primitive tribe happening upon electric instruments in a cave. Suddenly this tribal thunder explodes into the perfect playing and performance that only Los Straightjackets are capable of. Like a finely choreographed dance, not one note or beat is wasted or out of step. What makes a cover version great is that the original is still recognizable beneath the personality and sound of the band paying you tribute. Los Straightjackets play the song pretty true to its original but after several listens it begins to sound like Nirvana was covering a Los Straightjackets song.

Batman and Robin - "My Hero Power Is My Mustache," "Wonder What To Do? UH! I Have The BAT-BELT!" b/w "Be My Little Cat!" "Unable To Speak After Drinking UH! Whiskey!" (Bachelor cat. BR-27 June 2009)
It sometimes has to be repeated but it is really true, less is more. Batman and Robin have perfected this. Wreck your equipment, write lyrics about drinking, fighting, fucking and saving the world and, oh yeah, throw in as many UH!s as you possibly can. More so than their past releases this record gets to the heart of what really makes Batman tick. He reveals to Robin that his hero power is actually his mustache. And what power this magnificent, furry, bastard must hold because Batman with his trusty ward at his side (or to his rear) is tirelessly driven to produce the finest Rock any Garage has ever had to offer. His lyrics may be repetitive but that is just to hypnotize you. Swirling clouds of feedback and explosive drums will render you unconscious before you are led away to the police station to be booked and tried for just not being able to keep up. In, "Wonder What To Do? UH! I Have The BAT-BELT!" Batman calms Robin's fears with the assurance that they can get out of any situation, no matter how sticky, with the aid of his Bat-Belt. This is no ordinary accessory. This belt doesn't have to match the socks it just has to be AWESOME! UH! The Bat-Belt puts MacGyver to shame. "You wonder what to do? It's the Bat-Belt for you!" Is there anything more satifying than a successful day doing what you love to do? Well, maybe one thing. Gotham City is a small place and it would seem the ladies are in short supply. There is either Bat-Girl or Cat-Woman. Hey, at least that is one more than the creepy Smurfs. Batman is willing to say "Hey, work is work but sometimes you just gotta play." Leaving is ward at home, Batman makes his way over to proposition Gotham's finest feline. "Be My Little Cat!" We don't hear much from Cat Woman but her silence speaks volumes. It would seem these creatures of the night make with the nocturnal party for two. UH! I never thought it was possible, but the MIGHTY Batman and Robin - UH! have actually out done themselves. "Who The Fuck is Superman?!," was Punk Rock, Garage Rock and Noise perfection. They hammered harder than any other band and no one gets "it" better than the dynamic duo. So, as the needle slid through the vomit and bile between tracks I suddenly found myself face to puke breath face with a masterpiece of epic proportions. Our story began as the older and wiser Batman reveals his secret of his very existence and the source of his awesome... UH! power. Then, we are treated to a display of his power with the assistance of his trusted Robin and his all important Bat-Belt. A full day of crime fighting means early to bed for those under eighteen but Batman and Cat Woman get down and dirty, mixing species, and push past dawn making the alleys safe for no one. Our saga comes full circle. There is always Ying and Yang, Good and Evil and Lenny and Squiggy. So to it is with our tortured hero / villain. With highs there must be lows. Batman drowns his conflict in UH! whisky! Crippled by its effects he can no longer speak and therefore no longer reveal more secrets and passions. Sober up dark (k)night, there are plenty more bars to invade and stages to storm. UH!

The Soul Investigators plays... "Brown Sauce" b/w "Yum-Yum" (Timmion Records cat. 017) and Downtown b/w "The Soul Investigators Theme" (Mitwit Records cat. Mit-Wit # 001)
For well over ten years I have been awed by the output of Timmion Records. I have hawked their singles like my life depended on it. It wasn't to make a buck but to turn people onto great music. I have even palled around with them as we hit up some of my favorite record shops in NYC. They are great guys and the music they make can only be described as real. Some people are put off but modern Soul and Funk bands but the genuine article is hard to pass up. When idiots say, "ole skool," it turns my stomach. But these guys have sounded genuinely old (think "67 - "72) as well as completely current right from their first record. So why did it take them this long to come up with a theme song? If you are going to write a theme song it should work as a movie soundtrack as well as spilling out of the PA in a smoky lounge. You know, where the music takes a back seat to the characters but the characters just wouldn't be the same without the music. The Soul Investigators may have taken ten years to settle on a theme but that is nothing compared to the timelessness of the sounds they have chosen. Immediately noticeable is the addition of vibes and what a brilliant choice it is. If you are going to slow the pace down nothing sounds better than the mellow tones of the vibes ringing out. The bass and drums are out front and they are giving it all they got even at this medium tempo. The sound is rounded out but some incredibly thoughtful guitar, rolling congas and beautiful laid back piano that is equal parts attitude and soul. This track did originally appear on the outstanding Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators LP Keep Reachin' Up but it is great to have it on a 45. Same is true for the funky as hell "Downtown" but on the LP version (titled "Blues Downtown") is an extended vocal cut with the first half of the instrumental as the intro and the second half as the outro. The pace is slow and the atmosphere is very moody. Again the drums lead the pack as they sneak around the seedier sides of Downtown. This is also suitable to be a theme song but for a decidedly different film. Deceitful low lifes stabbing each other in the back, lying and cheating until no one can be trusted. Distorted realities ending in senseless murders. This time the dirty rat didn't do it, it was... The Investigators!

The Link Quartet - "Fast Cars & Sexy Girls" b/w "Drummore" (Hammond Beat cat. HB7)
The Link Quartet are one of those completely professional sounding bands that make you so jealous because they don't sound uptight or rehearsed. They have a loose, natural sound when they play but every song sounds so accomplished. "Fast Girls and Sexy Cars" is a real groover and a testament to this. I can picture crowds of people just gettin' down and jumping for joy. The organ burns from start to finish and the drums lay one of the swingingest and funky beats ever. The guitar jumps out with a blistering run that never steps on any toes or changes the momentum of the dance floor. Not to be showed up, the organ kills, kills kills with one of the most aggressive and soulful solos ever. Pounding beats, swinging grooves, fast cars, and sexy girls, is there really anything else that needs to be said? Don't think you have time to relax, because you don't. Flip this bad boy over and and prepared to be pummeled into submission. "Durmmore" reminds me of classic "Axe" driven, Rock / Funk classics from groups like Spaghetti Head. The beat is constant and hammering but the guitar is also a force to reckoned with. Whether it is accenting the beat or spewing buckets of fuzz and distortion in your face it is always heavy as hell and FUNKY for days. Oh, did I mention that there is other percussion and organ as well?


The following were purchased after Memorial Day. This isn't even all of the incredible records I have come across this summer. Let's just say it has been very, very good for this crate digger...

Purchased off the street for a total of $16:
Joe Quijano And His Orchestra - Joe Quijano Shing-a-Ling (Cesta Records cat. CE-3000
Ismael Miranda Y Su Orq. "Revelacion" - A Si Se Compone Un Son (Fania cat. SLP00437)
Sonora Poncena - s/t (Inca Records cat. SLP 1033)
Monguito "El Unico" Y Su Conjunto - Escuchame / Listen To Me (Fania cat. SLP 398)
Orchestra Flamboyan - Los Coquetones (Cotique cat. C-1043 (Mono))
Lebron Brothers - Salsa y Control (Cotique cat. CS 1049)
Lebron Brothers - Picadillo a la Crolla (Cotique cat. CS 1055)
Frank Morales and his Orchestra Capri (Salsa Records cat. SLP 2009)
Orquesta Flamboyan - Different Directions (Cotique cat. C/CS 1052)
Lou Perez and his Orchestra - Of Latin Extraction / ... De Extraccion Latina
La Protesta with Tony Pabon - On The Right Track (Rico Records cat. RLP-710)

Each of the following LPs were purchased for $1 or Less: Da Dolla' Rekkids:
The Supremes - A' Go Go (Motown cat. 649)
Mountain - Climbing (Windfall cat. windfall 4501)
Rare Earth - Get Ready (Rare Earth cat. RS 507)
Three Dog Night - Suitable For Framing (Dunhill / ABC Records cat. DS 50058)
Big Star - Big Star's 3RD; Sister Lovers (JEM Records / PVC cat. PVC 8933)
Big Star - The September Gurls EP (Line Records cat. LIEP 3.00008 E)
Jerry Blavat presents a Groove Spectacular with 20 More Oldies by the Paragons and the Jesters (scattered platter chatter by "The Geater With The Heator" (Lost Nite cat. LP-104)
A Happening at Cinelli's Arranged by Hank Juray / Conducted by Norman Yablon (Cougar Records cat. ST 1000)
Louis & Keely - The Hits of... (Capitol Records / The Star Line cat. T 1531)
Faron Young - Sweethearts or Strangers (Capitol Records cat. T 778)
The Louvin Brothers - Sing The Great Roy Acuff Songs (Capitol Records cat. T 2827)
Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell - s/t (Capitol Records cat. ST 2928)
2 Copies - Different Strokes (Various Artist Compilation) (Columbia cat. AS 12)
Commemorative Record of Apollo 11 Flight "First Man On The Moon" July 1969 Narrated by Hugh Downs (MGM Records cat. PX-101 (pic sleeve))
Donovan - "Wear Your Love Like Heaven" c/w "Oh Gosh" (Epic cat. 5-10253 (pic sleeve))

Each of the following LPs were purchased for under $5:
Muddy Waters - I'm Ready (Blue Sky / CBS Records cat. JZ 34928)
The Romantics - s/t (Nemperor Records cat. AL 36273)
The Kings - Are Here (Elektra cat. 6E-274)
Frank Sinatra - This Is Sinatra (Capitol Records cat. T768)

The following LPs were purchased for under $10:
Lowell Fulsom - "No Hard Feelings" and "Pico" from Tramp (United Superior Records and Tapes cat. US-7741 (stereo))

Each of the following LPs were purchased for under $20:
Albert Collins - Love Can Be Found Anywhere Even In A Guitar (Imperial Records cat. LP12428)
The Johnny Otis Show - Cuttin' Up (Epic Records cat. BN 26524)
Ike & Tina Turner - The Hunter (Blue Thumb cat. BTS11 (Promo Not For Sale (wht lbl))
Kinks - Kinkdom (Reprise cat. 6184 (Mono))
Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - The House of Blue Lights (Atlantic cat. SD 8237)
Johnny Otis Show (Featuring Mighty Mouth Evans & Shuggie Otis) - Cold Shot! (Kent Records cat. KST 534)

Binky Griptite - "The Stroll" b/w "The Stroll Pt. 2" (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1043)
The Perceptions - "Running The Risk" featuring Fred Wesley b/w "Loopy Doopy (45 Version) (Freestyle cat. FSR 7054)
Ray Camacho & The Teardrops "Si Si Puede" b/w "Si Si Puede - Lack of Afro Remix" (Freestyle cat. FSR 7053)
Chynna Blue and the Radek Azul Band - "Work It" b/w "Work It (Instrumental)" (Q (something?) cat. QS7001)

Menahan Street Band - Make The Road Walking (Dunham cat. 1000)
The City Champs - Safe Cracker (Electraphonic Recording cat. ER 103)
Mr. Chop - Lightworks (Now Again / Stones Throw / Fatbeats cat. NA 5040)
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens - What Have You Done, My Brother? (Daptone Records cat. DAP-016 Mono)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Higgins and Primitive Sound System at D.C.'s Tavern Thurs June 11th 9PM

Hello Y'all,
Let's face it, Pop music sucks. Currently, that is basically its sole purpose. Anything that is appealing to as many people as possible is not concerned with artistic merit. The desire to be ultimately popular has nothing to do with making music and everything to do with making money. That isn't to say I don't "get" those who choose to soullessly embrace the masses; I just need not be exposed to any of it. Thank you very much. American Idol and Walmart are poisoning the masses with crap everyday and that doesn't excuse the hordes of numbskulls who try to emulate the "Top 10" in an effort to be accepted. I assume it is money and acceptance they desire because I can't imagine why anyone would spend thousands of hours honing their craft and molding raw talent to simply sound or look like someone else. A Michael Jackson impersonator is laughed at yet that band that sounds like U2 is revered (I happily cannot think of their name, maybe Blur or some shit, who cares). It is obvious that the Music Industry doesn't respect listeners which is utterly insane considering they are the source of their income. It is also apparent that the industry's view is that the listeners are lazy and stupid and will happily swallow anything shoved down their throats or even worse repeatedly blasted at them like some cult hold up in a compound with no ability to make a choice. Submission is the only option. It isn't that the music of the past was better it is just that someone took a chance on delivering something different to other music lovers. No formulas, just music lovers discovering something new and getting off on exposing their jewels to anyone in their path. From the very first Billboard Hot 100 charts you can see that the buyers were usually at least a week ahead of the Radio Stations (i.e the music Industry). Unfortunately that relationship did change overtime and the industry began sculpting the taste of the masses with whatever "profit" they stood to financially benefit from. As the average Joe and Jane gobbled up their Soylent Green they never noticed they were no longer in control of their taste buds. One of the saddest reactions to this is the undying devotion some people have to sounds and bands that have been foist upon them. Play any five year old some music that is considered the "best of all time" every day and guess what? They will tell you how great they are and that it is their favorite music ever. I tried this little experiment. Guess what? My son held some Punk and Funk bands in the same regard as the Pop bands. Why? Because he was exposed to it. He wasn't comparing them, he didn't particularly feel one was better than the other. He just listened. We are told over, and over how great and important certain bands / or artists are yet song for song, or sound for sound there are hundreds of bands of similar or better quality. Did you ever notice most people will embrace the music they discovered in college for their entire lives. This isn't because what they had heard before going to college (or after) wasn't any good, it is just that they invested time and developed a personal relationship with the music they discovered. The people around them were opening the doors of perception and expanding their minds, ears and souls to different things. Regardless of your age you should hold the songs of your sirens dear but always remember they are no better than their modern counterparts and especially no less important. Why does most Popular Music suck? Two reasons. First off if musicians, artists and bands follow the music industry formula to Pop-hilarity and success they will be as creative as mayonnaise. No ifs, ands or buts... pedestrian sounds with little to bite into or grab onto and the audio equivalent of wall paper. Secondly, fear. The music industry fears one thing and one thing only, money. They fear losing the strangle hold they have on making more and more money. This consumes everything they do including looking to shit holes like Walmart for guidance about what the masses want. Well, fuck the music industry, every last crumb of it, and just "be." Whatever that is you want to be, be it. Make music for yourself, embrace it and value what you do. Others will find you and there will always be ways to get the music to them. Eventually the music industry, whatever is left of it, will have to go looking for music again. Hopefully those searching will love music as much as those making it and and of course those who buy it. Be different and maybe if we are all lucky the music industry will grow balls and respect the listeners by making a difference and not just a buck.

OK, sorry about that but that did feel good. I think that was fueled by the anger I feel knowing that a band like Higgins is not more popular. I have written extensively about this band and would gladly scream it from the highest peak in hopes that even one more person listens or better yet, becomes a fan. It is a struggle to be different. I am not talking about being outrageous. No offense to Marilyn Manson but, "WELL PLAYED! BRAVO!" Same goes for bands like Slipknot. More power to them. I am talking about musical creativity. If you walked in and out of a Higgins show you would be struck by the variety of sounds and ideas spilling off the stage but more importantly you would notice they never lose who they are in their many sounds and ideas. They are unique and who they are comes out in every note and beat. From Kevin's amazing vocals filled with the full spectrum of emotions to the tiny sounds thoughtfully peppered throughout each song including some amazing percussion, keys and strings. If you haven't already read this - please do. It is a journey through each song from their most recent release entitled "Zs." Enjoy the writing but I am sure it does very little justice for a brilliant record by a brilliant band.

Sorry this is such late notice but please come out tomorrow night to D.C.'s Tavern to hear them play. I'll be spinning some music between sets and I believe the Hunter will be setting 'em up for you to put 'em down.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Higgins (two sets) - and or
Primitive Sound System (spinning other people's music)
Larry The Hunter will be our mixologist (pouring other people's liquor)
Thursday June 11th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


A few records that hopefully were different...

Big Star - #1 Record (Ardent Records cat. ADS - 2803)
John Cale - Paris 1919 (Warner Bros. Records cat. MS 2131)
Kinks - Something Else By... (Reprise Records cat. 6279)
Gram Parsons - GP (Reprise Records cat. MS 2123)
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life (RCA cat. AFL1-2488)
Lou Reed - Transformer (RCA cat. LSP - 4807)
Pete Townsend - Who Came First (MCA Records cat. DL 7-9189)
T-Rex - Tanx (Reprise Records cat. MS 2132)
Warren Zevon - (S/T) (Asylum Records cat. 7E-1060)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lamp Post set list from May 13th

The West-Siders - "Candy Yams" (Infinity cat. INX-031 (Audition copy))
Hal Blaine (The Drummer Man) and The Young Cougars - "Challenger II" (RCA Victor cat. 47-8282)
Jon Thomas - "Tizzy" (Junior records cat. 1003 (D. J. Copy / Not For Sale))
Adolphus Bell And The Up Starts - "Lafin Gas" (Satin Records cat. 1111)
Tony and Joe - "The Freeze" (ERA Records cat. 45-1075)
Hollywood Flames - "Crazy" (ebb cat. 119)
The Spats - "Gator Tails and Monkey Ribs" (ABC-Paramount cat. 45-10585)
The Souljers - "Poochum" (Rampart cat. 648)
King Coleman - "The Boo Boo Song (Part 2)" (King cat. 45-6085)
Tom and Jerroo - "(Papa Chew) Do The Boo-Ga-Loo" (Jerry-O Records cat. JO 111)
Doug Clark And The Nuts - "Milk The Cow" (Jubilee cat. Record No. 45-5546)
Alvin Cash & The Hundred Dollar Bills - "Party Time" (Seventy-Seven Records cat. 77-118)
Billy Sha-Rae - "Do It" (Hour Glass cat. HG-007)
Mamie Galore - "Special Agent 34-24-38" (St. Lawrence Records cat. 1004)
Pigmeat Markham - "Sock It To 'Em Judge" (Chess cat. 2059)
Bobby Byrd - "Try It Again" (Kwanza Records cat. KWA 7703)
Paul Kelly - "Hooked, Hogtied & Collared' (Warner Bros. Records cat. WB 7823)
Tyrone Chestnut - "The Bump" (Intrepid cat. 75003)
The Propositions - "Africana' (Movement cat. Mov - 1973 - 6)
Lonnie Smith - "Move Your Hand - Part 1" (Blue Note cat. BN-1955)
The Three Sounds - "Still I'm Sad" (Blue Note cat. 45-1935)
Blue Mitchell - "Swahilli Suite" (Blue Note cat. 45-1944)
Dede Soul and The Spidells - "Soul Chills" (Julmar Records cat. JU-254)
Oscar Weathers - "The Spoiler" (Top and Bottom Records cat. 405)
Don Covay & The Jefferson Lemon Blues Band - "Standing In The Grits Line" (Janus Records cat. J - 164)
Lou Courtney - "Hot Butter 'N All - Part 1" (Hurdy-Gurdy Records cat. R101)
Eldridge Holmes - "Pop. Popcorn, Children" (ATCO records cat. 45-6701)
Frankie Newsome - "Don't Mess With My Lovemaker" (Part II) (Savern cat. SN-104)
Charles Mintz - "Give A man A Break" (Up Look Records, Inc. cat. U-12270)
Marvin Holmes & The Uptights - "Ride the Mule - Part II" (Revue cat. R 11026)
Sammy Gordon And the Hiphuggers - "Upstairs On Boston Road; PT I" (For The Archives Records Co. cat. Record No. AR 1-70)
Bo Diddley - "I'm High Again" (Checker cat. 1200)
Gus "The Groove" Lewis - "Let the Groove Move You" (Tou-Sea Records cat. 131)
Pancho Villa & The Bandits - "Ain't That Bad" (Symbol Records cat. 202)
Jimmy Dobbins - "Little Miss Perfect" (Crash Records cat. M 2066)
Toussaint McCall - "The Toussaint Shuffle" (Ronn Records cat. RONN 9)
The Animals - "I'm Crying" (MGM Records cat. K-13274)
The Headstones - "Bad Day Blues" (Pharaoh cat. P-152)
The Seeds - "Mr. Farmer" (GNP Crescendo cat. GNP-383)
The Chocolate Watchband - "Sweet Young thing" (Mutt Records cat. M-1004)
Thee Midniters - "Land Of A Thousand Dances" (Chattahoochee Records cat. CH 666)
The Monkees - "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone" (Colgems cat. 66-1002)
The Thirteenth Floor Elevators - "You're Gonna Miss Me" (International Artists cat. 107)
The Balloon Farm - "A Question Of Temperature" (Laurie Records Inc. cat. U4KM-8676)
Batman And Robin - "Who The Fuck Is Superman" (Be Scared! Records cat. BS! - 01)
DMZ - "Busy Man" (Bomp! cat. BOMP 111)
The Damned - "Neat Neat Neat" (Stiff Records cat. BUY 10)
The Alan Milman Sect - "Stitches In My Head" / "I Wanna Kill Somebody" (Britz Records "Britz Blitz Mini Album" cat. Britz Blitz 1 - FM)
Heartbreakers - "One Track Mind" (Track Records cat. 2094 137)
The Victims - "Head" (Golden Disc Records cat. GDR 1002)
Alternative TV - "You Bastard" (Deptford Fun City Records cat. DCF 002)
Generation X - "No, No, No" (Chrysalis cat. CHS 2207)
X-ray Spex - "Warrior In Woolworths" (EMI Records cat. INT 583)
Ruts - "Staring At The Rude Boys" (Virgin cat. VS 327)
Gang of Four - "Damaged Goods" (Fast Product cat. Fast 5)
Buzzcocks - "Orgasim Addict" (United Artists cat. UP 36316)
Devo - "Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting)" (Booji Boy Records cat. 75677)
The Dickies - "Manny, Moe & Jack" (A&M Records cat. 2225)
Wreckless Erik - "Whole Wide World" (Stiff Records cat. BUY 16)
1910 Fruitgum Co. - "Indian Giver" (Buddah Records cat. BDA 91)
Tony Joe White - "Save Your Sugar For Me" (Monument cat. Mn45--1206)
Nilsson - "Rainmaker" (RCA Victor cat. 74-0161)
Maurice Rodgers - Coming In Out Of The Rain" (Double Shot Records cat. #143)
Floyd Smith - "Soul Strut" (Dakar Records cat. 45-604)
Mickey And His Mice - "Cracker Jack" (Marti Records cat. R12986)
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Prestige cat. PRT-750)
James Brown - "My Thang" (Polydor cat. PD 14244 (Promotional Copy / Not For Sale))
Laura Vane & The Vipertones - "Stream" (Unique cat. UNIQ154)
Lefties Soul Connection Feat. Flomega - "Have Love Will Travel" (Melting Pot Music cat. MPM 072)
Lenny McDaniel & The New Era - "Something Out Of Nothing" (Seven B cat. 7016)
Sweet Vandals - "Thank You For You" (Inique cat. UNIQ 158)
Gate Wesley & Band - "(Zap Pow!) Do The Batman (Atlantic Records cat. 45-2319)
Busey's Soul Benders - "Soul Power" (Busey's cat. 2485)
The Wildest...The Kookiest...The Grooviest...The Slurpiest - "Dance The Slurp" (7 Eleven cat. 7810)
Alf Newman - "It's A Gas" (Golden 12 cat. G 12/52)
Doc Bagby - "Mix It Up" (VIM - Variety In Music cat. Vim 517)
The Nu-Trons - "Beat" (Eldee Records cat. 45-85)
Al Caiola and Orchestra - "Diamonds Are Forever" (Two Worlds cat. # 801)
Henry Mancini - "Baretta's Theme" from The Cop Show Themes (RCA cat. APL-1896)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Primitive Sound System - Wednesday May 13th at the Lamp Post - 10 PM to Closing

Hello Y'all
This Wednesday I'll be rolling my bloated body down the hill to the Lamp Post where I'll spinning a batch of 7s. This is either the fourth or fifth time I am back here and I have yet to repeat a record. I have dipped into the punk boxes for a set so it is the first new genre I have added to the set since spinning there. Up until now it has pretty much been Soul / Funk / R&B, some Garage, Latin and Jazz and that is it. This format as given me the opportunity to spin some records that I just don't take with me on a regular basis for one reason or another. Do you like something so much that you try not to abuse it for the fear of over doing it? You never want to lose that feeling or connection you had with it. Recently I have had good luck finding some nice records for cheap. I ran through some of them for last Thursday at D.C's and below is some more from the new bin. Some of these I have been chasing for a while and others I have never heard of. I love spinning at the Lamp Post. The crowd extremely friendly and always receptive to what ever you play. Steff and Claudia will be holding down the fort and keeping you drunk so be kind with the tips.

- pat.
Primitive Sound System -

Wednesday, May 13th
Spinning from 10PM to Closing
Lamp Post Bar & Grill
382 2nd St
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Lamp Post MySpace:

Some of the hundred and twenty songs you can possibly play in four hours:
Al Caiola and Orchestra - "Diamonds Are Forever" b/w "Mod Squad" (Two Worlds cat. 801)
I only have a few Al Caiola records where is is the leader. As a sideman he was the guitarist on about a thousand records. He would be as deeply entrenched in the Space Age Lounge music history as anyone else if not more than most. Unfortunately on many of the records he has played on to be noticed might be considered too much or aggressive. Luckily for him he is featured on about a hundred records with guitar in the title. I do have the brilliant, yes brilliant, "Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes" on United Artists. An amazing batch of songs from many of the best Spy and Cop movies and shows. When I came across this 7-inch I didn't remember these titles being on that LP. I was right. I was REALLY hoping the "Mod Squad" theme was just going to be mind blowing but sadly it falls a little flat. Not bad just a little boring. On the other hand "Diamonds Are Forever" is great. A real raw stripped down version. This is what "Diamonds Are Forever" would sound like as a TV Theme as opposed to a Bond film. There is a Horn section that, for the most part, sounds like large farting elephants. That is NOT a bad thing. It is incredible. The slow baritones keep things from getting too fast and when the trumpets come in over the top they sound that much more bright. Caiola is soulful yet precise and the haunting and mysterious sound of his guitar is perfect for this theme. It really bums me out that "Mod Squad" is not more explosive even despite the efforts of a very note filled trumpet run. Oh well, "Diamonds" will have to do.

Oh yeah, did I mention that Caiola is from Jersey City? That's right born and bred. I guess it is back to the Sali by the tunnel to dig up some more LPs from the lost souls of the Lounge scene.

James Moore - "Feet" b/w "Cool" (Soft Records cat. S-1014)
What the HELL?! OK, this has a funk side and a guitar instrumental side. It's like someone saw me coming. There are few songs I have that have a "happier" sound than the intro of "Feet." Unfortunately the song isn't exactly the happiest. Mr. Moore basically is walking around the country trying to catch up to his lady. No matter what he does and no matter how far he travels he can't seem to close the gap between them. His poor tired itchy feet. The band is tight consisting of bass, guitar, drums and a horn section that accents the simple, raw song beautifully. On the back of this wonderful song comes "Cool" which opens with a little country riff but immediately ends up on the Bluesy / R&B side of things. The guitar is way out front and sadly the horns are gone. Though there is an amazingly long note on a sax that sounds exactly like a harmonica and a hammering piano that pounds away in the background. The horn honks, skronks and wails as the guitar takes a moment out of the spotlight. The whole thing can't be more than two minutes long but then that is what makes this so great. Damn I am happy. Essential two-sider... at least for me.

Georgie Woods - "Potato Salad" Part I & II (Fat Back Records cat. 541)
"Like I say baby, don't eat chicken on Sunday, it'll put a hole in your soul" This is a food song of the highest order. The music is kicking and Mr. Woods comes off as being slightly crazy. He is certainly having fun, that is for sure. I'm wondering if the backing was recorded for another use and he decided to have some fun with it. The drums and bass are heavy and there are vibes dancing around having as good of a time as Mr. Woods is. There is even a nice little break but that doesn't stop Mr Woods even for a second. He keeps rapping as the sax steps out of the darkness from behind the break and fills the space with some moody, emotional playing. What a great mix of sounds. "Write that down... AH HA!"

Floyd Smith - "Soul Strut" b/w "Getting Nowhere Fast" (Dakar Records cat. 45-604)
A nice big heavy break opens up this Soulful romp. Mr. Smith raps his way through the directions of a new dance, "The Soul Strut" but honestly he seems more interested in what the ladies look like than how they are moving on the floor. There is an aggressive sax that bursts out over the pounding drums and keeps everything extremely groovy. My favorite part is when he instructs all the men to stop dancing and let the ladies do the "Soul Strut" one more time. So the dance seems to be three steps to the left and then three to the right and is made better if you are wearing a mini-skirt. Excellent, I have found a new theme song! "Getting Nowhere Fast" is a stirring ballad with a really big sound. There are backing vocals that would make Elvis' stage show jealous and Mr. Smith's raspy voice and screaming plea is perfect for the beautiful arrangement. I don't normally play or even like ballads but this is out of this world. Crazy.

Eddie Long - "There's No Weapon Like Woman's Tears" b/w "Mo Jo Workout" (Fun City Records cat. F-100)
I know I have the Bobby Long & His Satellites version of this on some record. I can't seem to find it. I had flipped through the "New Arrivals" box at Big City and I am not sure how I flipped passed this. I can only assume someone had looked at it, put it back after I was done looking and luckily Jared showed it to me. All I can say is, thank you. This version is only slightly different and I have been trying to find the version I have to A/B them. Oh well. From what I can tell the music is really similar. There is a more Funk rhythm guitar at points and the song seems a little more tightly played than the Bobby Long versions. The call and response is missing in this version replaced by what seems to be double tracked vocals which is OK because I know when to shout out the backing. The drums are super tight, taken at breakneck speeds and hold together through the break. Great version.

Tyrone Chestnut - "The Bump" b/w "Bumping" (Intrepid cat. 75003)
Slow and low that is the tempo. I heard this a while ago but since there are so many songs called the bump it made it hard to place. What struck me was the twisted vocals. Mr. Chestnut yells out in what can be considered ecstasy filled pain. I'm not exactly sure if there is a note he is trying to hit or mood he is trying to set. I do know this is Funky as hell and a vocal performance like this is what keeps songs interesting. I like the way the organ follows him through the quiet parts and there is a honking baritone sax that punctuates in between notes like a fog horn. The rest of the horns are buried slightly giving space to Mr. Chestnuts crazed vocal. Side two is instrumental and the horns are out front replacing the vocals. It would have been really interesting if Mr. Chestnut would have accented the quiet moments with his euphoric yet tortured sounds.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Primitive Sound System and Bill Dolan at D.C.'s - Thursday May 7th from 9PM - Closing

Hello Y'all,
A few weeks ago was Record Store Day. Now that is a holiday I can celebrate. So I packed up the family and off we went to the City. We took our six year old son to Generation Records on Thompson Street. We walked around for quite a while when suddenly he yelled, "I KNOW WHAT I WANT!" Two minutes later he was back with a CD in his hand. He could have chosen anything. His decision. Anything at all, he knows what he likes and he has a pretty good range of genres to pick from. So what did he choose? Green Day - Dookie! Not a bad first record for a six year old. He opted for the CD since he has a player in his room. I grabbed a few 7-inches and off we went to the next store. Some time after eating at Panna II we parted ways so he could go to the park and I could dig deep into the boxes at Big City Records. All in all I'd say it was a pretty good Record Store Door.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan & Joe Raaen and of course Larry The Hunter will be our mixologist
Thursday May 7th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


Records and descriptions you can trust...

Bo Diddley - "Im High Again" b/w "Another Sugar Daddy" (Checker cat. 1200)
Bo Diddley - "Do The Frog" b/w "We're Gonna Get Married" (Checker cat. 1475)
You don't know DIDDLEY! Bo Diddley was one of the first musicians I was exposed to as a kid. My Dad had this amazing LP with Bo on the cover threatening you with his guitar. He was turned slightly, full of attitude and It was simply called, Bo Diddley. Like any great Super-hero, his secret identity was larger than life. What I loved about the cover was that Bo looked like a such a real Nerd. There was something that much more powerful about him because of it. Massive, bookish and badass. He was hiding something with that look and like the Hulk when it came out there was no escaping it. Unlike most musicians, Bo remained completely relevant until is death. Sometime in the 80's I picked up a Bo Diddley record called, "Where It All Began." It was pretty beat up and only cost a buck or two (since I have replaced it with a better copy which has the die-cut cover intact). When I got it home and dropped the needle... my jaw dropped. I had no idea Bo could be so progressive. I certainly felt like I had dropped the ball on knowing Bo. Sometime in the late 90's the LPs "The Black Gladiator" and "Big Bad Bo" got reissued and "Where It All Began sat nicely between them.

These two releases pre-date all three of these LPs. "I'm High Again" is from 1968 and "Do the Frog" from 1966.
The beat on "I'm High Again" jumps out of the grooves. Hammering from the first second. Bo knew exactly what to do. How to change with the times and not only stay current but actually be a part of the younger sounds around him. There are psychedelic guitar effects bubbling under the surface throughout explodes just before it ends. The sounds are like several guitars being swung around over head. Swirling and out of step with each other. Bo compares his relationship to being on a high and casually tosses off the comparison to LSD. There is a simplicity that makes him hip and not come across like your uncle joining a discussion about "the pot." GO! BO! "Another Sugar Daddy" is easily as good and will see the needle as much as "I'm High..." the sound here is a bit more of a throw back but not too far back. The beats are funky and the back-up vocals are raunchy, sexy and soulful. "Do The Frog" is just crazy good in the way any "do the _ _ _ _ _" (you fill in the blank) song is. This one literally sounds like it was recorded in a Garage. I know the organ sound in the back but I can't quite place it. The drums could be a tambourine and a wooden box but there are drum rolls toward the end. A lot of drum rolls. HOLY SHIT THIS IS GREAT!

Thee Midniters - "Land Of A Thousand Dances" Part I & II (Chattahoochee Records cat. CH 666)
I love the re-issue that Norton Records did for these guys a couple years ago. "Jump, Jive and Harmonize" is simply brilliant. A true stand out on the LP is the bands version of "Land of A Thousand Dances" and I couldn't be happier to have stumbled upon this copy. Part two features some of the wildest guitar playing anywhere and this band is definitely wild. There is no question that this is live and unfortunately the band struggles to be heard over the noise and screams. The guitar is pure perfection cutting through the din with a sound that is not only raw Garage rage but Soulful and Jazzy as well. Side two is really just a showcase for the guitar but the band keeps things moving enough to make this worth playing to get some drunks out on the dance floor and play human bumper cars.

Oscar Weathers - "The Spoiler" (Top and Bottom Records cat. 405)
I love records that have a big sound. This is one of those records. Vibes, soft and sweet back-up vocals, horns and pleading lead vocals. Somewhere there is an action movie that sadly does NOT have this on the soundtrack. Maybe he already has, but I am surprised Quentin Tarantino hasn't grabbed this up for one of his films. The song lopes along and never really changes but nor does it have to. just enough of everything to keep things moving, shoulders shaking slowly and eyes closed and lost in the sound.

The Coasters - "Charlie Brown" b/w "Three Cool Cats" (Atco Records cat. 45-6132)
The Coasters are another early lesson from my Dad's record collection and equally revered as Bo Diddley, Johnny Cash or Donald Byrd. Three Cool Cats has always been a favorite and I could be ant more excited to have it on a glorious 7 inch. This is raw and simple. the drums are as stead as a metronome. The guitar is lounge Jazz sly, the congas pop when an accent is needed and we are treated to a brief sax solo that lifts everything up for a moment. Of course the vocals are just stellar. Like a favorite food or even a favorite pair of socks some sounds always sound pleasing to us, the Coasters vocals ALWAYS sound pleasing to me. These guys are endlessly cool even when telling us so which is really difficult to do. Sorry unless you are in the Coasters you just ain't this cool.

Ray Rodriguez - "Workout" Part I & II (Ghetto Records cat. G - 010)
Ahh... BOOGALOO BABY! Workout part two is one of the best Descarga / Boo-ga-loo tracks I have ever heard. I think I have this on a comp somewhere but I KNOW it doesn't sound this good. Ghetto was Joey Bataan's short lived imprint and he acted as musical director on this masterpiece. and This is one of those tracks that you want playing every time you walk into a room. The band is sharp as hell and knows it. The first solo is a beautiful sax solo that doesn't just try to impress with force but engages in subtle interplay with the baritone sax. Together they create an atmosphere layered on top of the rest of the band. The track is so good that without the solos it would be great. With the solos it is one of the best records I have ever heard. There are a lot of individual reasons this is so good but one element stands out throughout the duration, knowledge. This band knows the material, knows how to play it and knows that we will notice if they aren't putting their hearts and souls into every beat. The title says it all and I definitely need to catch my breath.

Doc Bagby - "Mix It Up" (VIM - Variety In Music cat. Vim 517)
Sadly I don't know enough about Doc Bagby. I will certainly make an effort to find more after picking up this 45. "Mix It Up" punches you in the face with heavy as hell organ, drums, congas and horns. Everything is pushed to eleven and Doc Bagby seems intent on keeping that way. He does take an organ solo at one point but this is a Garage Instrumental not a Jazz side. Some how the sound is both familiar and unique. The sheer force of the track is impressive. This is like the Peter Gunn theme but played with the intent to leave your bloody body in a back alley or pushed off the dock not to save you.

Lefties Soul Connection - "Code 99" b/w "Buckaloose" (Melting Pot Music cat. 063)
Lefties Soul Connection - "Have Love Will Travel" featuring Flomega b/w "Here Come The Girls" featuring Flomega (Melting Pot Music cat. 075)
There is a very small place where Garage Rock and Soul / R&B meet. When the combo is done right it is brilliant. Lefties Soul Connection are a favorite Organ New Funk band of mine and I was pretty excited when I saw that they were covering "Have Love...." These guys get it. There is enough kick to the guitar and drums to keep this parked in the Garage but the organ swings from Garage to Soul throughout. What almost always kills any attempt at a cover, especially one so rooted in history, is the vocals. Here that is not an issue even for a second. Singing, screaming and leading us to the asylum, Flomega, rips through this classic and can certainly hold his own with the best.

The Nu-Trons - "Beat" b/w "Searchin" (Eldee Records cat. 45-85)
Not sure if this is the same Nu-Trons that I have doing "Tension" on Federal but that doesn't matter to my ears. This is easily now one of my favorite guitar instrumentals. The guitar quietly and gently introduces the drums but the drums are certainly not shy. The drums are obviously on display here (you did catch the name, right). There is an equally soft spoken sax solo before the drums take a short aggressive break before laying back into the mix. The band locks back in and takes this groove to the end. Great stuff.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan and Joe Raaen at D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday April 2nd - 9PM to closing

Hello Y'all,
60 years old and just as alluring as ever. I can only hope to be so desired at 60. There is no other material possession that intrigues me more. The thought of acquiring more 45's is just as exciting today as it was when I bought my first one. Speaking of, after stumbling on the wonderful Dust and Grooves photo blog and making suggestions to Eilon about other collectors, as well as passing along his information to people I thought he should document, I was asked if I would participate in his project. It took some convincing but I did agree to allow Eilon and his "soul stealer" to enter my vinyl enriched lair. The goings on were a bit bumpy at first but when my son Hank wandered into my studio things became far more relaxed. I am really glad I got involved and I am very pleased with the photos. I think in all Eilon took about one thousand photos and ask me about a hundred questions. His choices that make up the final presentation are perfect. I happened to click on one of the images on the blog and was jumped out to Eilon's flickr pages which contain tons of great photos of collectors as well. I think this is my favorite un-used photo, a collectors butt classic - There is even a mix that I did for the entry but you need to scroll up to Melvin Van Peebles / Jimmy McGriff track to start from the beginning. Hopefully you enjoy the words as much as the images but I can't seem to get passed Hank's photos.

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Primitive Sound System
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Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan & Joe Raaen and of course Larry The Hunter will be our mixologist
Thursday April 2nd 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550


These records sing the body electric...

Fast 3 - "Brown Bag" b/w "Pig Feet N' Greens" (Soul Grocery cat. SG45001 (Soul Grocery a division of Soul Cookers dedicated to Soul Jazz)

Dave Wilkinson - Guitar
Phil Wilkinson - Organ
Caspar St. Charles - Drums

There is a huge difference between listening to a record at home and playing it out at a bar or club. Records you listen to at home don't necessarily have to effect anyone but yourself. This could mean you jump up from your seat and flail yourself about your studio like a demented monkey or you could just be kicking back with your drink of choice immersing yourself in the sounds as they fill your environment, your ears and your mind. Organ based instrumentals satisfy both of these actions and needs for me. I first saw this explosive piece of wax listed on the wonderful website and then jumped as fast and as far as I could to the site to give a listen. What I found made me JUMP from my seat and flail myself about like a demented monkey. Side one is a cover of the Boogaloo Joe Jones classic "Brown Bag." The original also features the unmatched and always brilliant Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. That is of course unless you are the Fast 3. These gentlemen take the original to task and do it justice. The playing is sharp, expressive, aggressive and real. Dave Wilkinson seems to toss off the super fast pace guitar lines as if they were as second nature as breathing. The drums are grooving hard and are so precise it could be a loop but the live, "we nailed that shit in one take" feel and his obvious connection to the guitarist and organ are apparent as the band moves as one. After Mr. St. Charles proves his worth we are treated to a break that acts as the organ's introduction. I picture a giant key winding up the organ, after the spring is coiled off we go into equally blinding playing. This is when the organ engulfs you and claims its rightful place at the top of the list of most soulful of instruments. The band falls back into the theme with grace that is usually the result of an extended jam and many, many nights of getting it right. Did I mention this isn't even my favorite side? With a title like "Pig Feet N' Greens" can you really go wrong? Mmmm... this is tasty. The band digs deep into the cookbook and comes up with a four star feast. Equally filled with attitude and cool the band struts through the room shaking hands, dancing with the ladies and eventually sittin' down to a big ol' plate of soul jazz with some funk on the side. The guitar and drums set the pace and from the first soft roll the head starts bobbing. The guitar is not just a side dish. This is one of those delicious appetizers that forces the rest of the meal to step up and impress. And impress the organ does. It would be too easy to toss off the names of the Godfathers, the masters, the geniuses and the giants but why bother? Our man has stepped up to the challenge and is making his self known, Phil Wilkinson, that's who. This is definitely more funk than soul jazz but when the lines get blurred that is when things are really interesting. Oh yeah, and it is limited to 400 copies so the collector / home listener in me was intrigued and satisfied. This goes great with a Dale's Pale Ale or if you find yourself on the dance floor grab a partner.

The Alan Milman Sect - "Punk Rock Christmas" / "Stitches In My Head" / "I Wanna Kill Somebody" b/w "Teen Tour"
One of my favorite questions is "you don't have that?" It is all the way this question is asked that makes it so great. In one version it is a smug ego filled chest thump, "YOU, don't have that?" which obviously means they do and of course you are worthless because you do not. The other is a kind and gentle acknowledgment and then the usual feeling that the person is saddened you don't have it and they want to help you get it. "You don't... have that?" I have only DJ'd with Justin from a couple of times but he definitely comes from the latter. He specializes in insanely rare Punk records and because of his insanely focused collecting he comes across records we ALL need and then seems happy to get them into the right hands. once again I quote that miserable curmudgeon Robert Cohen of Finyl Vinyl, "records usually end up in the right hands." He should know, he watched it happen for over 20 years. At one of the times I watched Justin DJ he played "Stitches." I originally heard the Urge Overkill version on the "Stull" ep but over the years heard the original. Sadly I never came across one and WORSE yet I had no idea that Bag of Hammers Records had re-issued it. I asked and Justin replied, "You don't... have that?" So, while DJing a couple of months back Justin walked in and handed me a Bag of Hammers copy on yellow vinyl. Like so many records I own this is "one of my favorite records of all time." Spiraling guitar leads off this hammering Garage Punk classic. Milman's voice sounds like he just may have stitches in his throat. Can you really go wrong with a chorus of "I WANT YOU DEAD!" The band pounds away like they just may not know the song but then suddenly they snap to and come together in time for a very noticeable change. Milman spits and yells as he rattles off some famous killers and then declares how much he would like to kill somebody...JUST FOR FUN! This is goddamn punk perfection. This is music that can ignite that desire to run around and destroy things as a teen, though I must admit I still get that feeling even now. Thank you Justin.

Babs Gonzales - "We Ain't Got Integration" b/w "Lonely Me" (Prestige cat. 45-204)
I LOVE Babs Gonzales. I have his book, I have purchased every record I could find (both as a leader and a side man) but most of all I love his voice and his amazing ability to talk / sing and dramatically enhance even the simplest of words. This message may be a little dated but it will always be a reminder of how far we have come as a nation and sadly how low we have been (and still are). I have passed up copies of this over the years because of condition and the price has always been a bit prohibitive but this copy seems unplayed and the price was right. A bouncy sax reminiscent of Louis Jordon jumps out as Babs smiles his way through subject matter that in the hands of a lesser artist would have simply been a dirge and angry turning some listeners off. Babs technique draws the listener in and keeps things from getting preachy. He is very direct but through his style and poetry he gets in your face and you barely notice before you have actually learned something. This was cut in 1961 so Babs name checks the Freedom Riders and runs down the worst the Civil Rights movement was up against. A brilliant way to teach a subject so fueled with emotion. Rap on Babs, rap on.

NPR story on the 1961 Freedom Riders -


Here are a few reviews I wrote that didn't make it to the Dust and Grooves piece:

Herbie Hancock - Hot and Heavy (Star Jazz International LTD cat. SJAZZ 4)
I have a complete run of Herbie Hancock recordings up through 1976's Secrets. Making a connection with an artist or musician is a deep one. Since I was a kid I loved the song "Watermelon Man" and I always hum it when I am in a good mood. Hancock was a young star for Blue Note and grew to become one of the best Progressive Jazz artists ever. I can listen to a Herbie Hancock record everyday. If you have never heard this LP you are missing out on some of the coolest music he made outside of the Jazz genre. There are four of the grooviest rocked up lounge tunes ever and I always try to include at least one of them on mixed tapes just to get someone's reaction. Other favorite Herbie records are Inventions & Dimensions on Blue Note, Fat Albert Rotunda on Warner Brothers, and Thrush and Flood on Columbia. There is also a 7-inch of the song "Crossing" that didn't appear on the album of the same name. But honestly I can't really pick one or even ten, I love them all.

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Power Records presents Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Ghoul Music (Power Records cat. 340)
I LOVE guitar instrumentals. I especially love guitar instrumentals with organ and have titles about monsters, space or vehicles of any kind. This is a similar obsession to food songs, versions of "People Make The World Go Round," "Summertime," "It's Your Thing," train songs and a few others. This LP has one of the best illustrations I have ever seen on a record cover. In Comic Book Confidential William Gaines talks about the cover that finally led to the censoring of comic books. It was a morning rush hour bus ride and everything in the scene looked totally normal until you noticed that one of the strap hangers is a severed hand still gripping the strap. No rider, just the severed hand. I can't imagine what they would have said about this one. Not every song is great but the ones that are have become some of my favorites. As an illustrator I am obviously drawn to LP's like this. I'll buy any record with art by Jack Davis, Don Martin, David Stone Martin, Coop, Charles Burns, Robt. Williams, etc on it. Obviously great designers have also had their way with the LP's jacket and packaging. Some that come to mind are Alex Steinweiss (credited with creating the record album), Milton Glaser, Reid Miles and Francis Wolfe for Blue Note, Barney Bubbles, and a host of others.

The Animated Egg (Alshire cat. SF-5104)
Alshire has the dubious distinction of being home to the 101 Strings LP's. But when they needed to mix it up a little and get a little current they called on the kids. The Animated Egg provided the back beat when needed. It would seem that some where along the line after the "Sounds of Today" release the members convinced the label to release an LP of their own music and damn, what a record it is. Crazy aggressive and a bit trippy too. Truly a great LP from a completely unexpected source.

Alshire Presents Songs of... Hank Williams - a return trip with Modern Sounds with exciting vocals (Alshire cat. S-5136)
Another gem from the vast Alshire catalog. When I first looked at the cover I didn't notice the woman's hand until looking the record over a few times. After I noticed that the young lady was dosing her horse a practically fainted. WINNER! There are some amazing moments on here like "Your Cheating Heart" which has become a regular spin for me. I assume the aforementioned Animated Egg may be behind the scene here. Thank you Kim's Video for nicely pricing this one.

There are a bunch more but I think I will save those for next month.