Saturday, November 26, 2005

Primitive Sound System and Inbetween - "Filet O' Soul" at 12" Bar - Friday, November 25

Hello Y'all,
On Friday, November 25th I'll be spinning in tandem with Inbetween at 12" Bar in NYC. We'll be working the friers, broilers and Barbecued ribs for the bars Filet of Soul night. I have never DJ'd with Josch but what a better way to get to know someone than through their record collection. Obviously this is the day after Thanksgiving so why not forget those inane conversations with relatives you have nothing in common with or the 40lbs. of stuffing you chased with 6 slices of pie with... alcohol and Soulful grooves. The night is called Filet of Soul so that is exactly what we'll be spinning so I didn't include descriptions just an insanely long sample play list. Come for the alcohol but stay for the music.

- pat
Primitive Sound System

Filet O'Soul
Friday, November 25th 10PM - closing
12 Inch Bar Inc
(212) 505-6027
179 Essex St
New York, NY 10002

Here's some 45's to lift your spirits, shake your ass or move your body:
Pat's Record Box:
Soul Continentals - "Goobah" b/w "Bowlegs" (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2609)
Willie Smith Acc. by Cliff Driver's Infernal Machine - "I Got A New Thing b/w "I Got A New Thing - instrumental" (Genuine Records cat. 1227)
Eastwind - "Nabbit Juice Part i & II" (Magic Minstrel cat. 3002)
Vic Pitts Cheaters Featuring Omar DuPree - "Loose Boodie" b/w "Modern Crucification" (Jewel Records cat. 846)
Blackrock - Blackrock "Yeah, Yeah" (Select O Hits cat. S.O.H. 006)
The Brothers Two - "You Got It" b/w Boogaloo (Soul Party)" (Crimson Records Inc. cat. CR-1011)
Sons of Darkness - "Funky Thing" (P & G Records (P.P. Means Poor People with Prtentiality cat. 445)
Joe Walls - "Sound Success" (J and N Records cat. JN101)
Soul Brothers Six - "Can You Feel The Vibrations (Instrumental Version)" (GRT of Canada LTD. cat. 1230-128)
South Side Coalition - "The Power-Play" (Brown Dog cat. BD 9012)
Skullsnaps - "Al's Razor Blade" (Grill Records cat. GR-301)
Different Shades - "I Like It - Vocal / Instrumental" (Sone Lady cat. SL 007)
Jimmy Jones, SOUL BROTHER No. 2 Henry De Meo & Orch - "Say, Amen, Brother" (Jody Records cat. A-9014)
The New Establishment - "Slums Of The City" (United World cat. UW-45-3601 (UW-1001))
Joe Savage and The Soul People - "All Power To The People Part I & II" (Jacklyn Records cat. 1010)
Midnight Movers Unltd. - "Follow The Wind" (Renee cat. REP 3004)

Some Instrumentals:
The BBC - "Upside Down" (Mega cat. 615-0091 (M2RS-1630 Promo Copy)
Hot Stuff - "Hustle Bustle" (Sound House Records cat. SHR-1006)
Bill Cosby With The Bunions Bradford Band - "Hikky Burr - Part One & Two" (Uni cat. 55184)
Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen - "Martian Walk" (Partee / Stax cat. PBA-1302)
Panic Buttons - "O-Wow" (Gamble cat. G-230)
Hindal Butts - "In The Pocket" (M-S Records cat. M-S 220)
Wayne Cochran - "Chopper 70" (King cat. 45-6326)
Willie Tell & The Overtures - "Kick-Back" (Chess cat. 2086 DJ Copy)
The Fabulous Counts - "Jan Jan" (Moira cat. 45-103)
The Politicians - "Free Your Mind" (Instrumental) (Buddah Records / Radio Active Gold cat. RD 'One Million' 123)
Mickey And The Soul Generation - "Iron Leg" (Maxwell cat. L-803)
Booker T. & The M. G. 's - "Melting Pot" (Stax cat. STA-0082)
Bad Medicine - "Trespasser" PT. 1 & 2 (Enyx Records cat. EN - 002)
Super Cirkus - "Bubblegum March" (Super-K cat. SK 9)
The Mohawks - "The Champ" (Cotillion Records cat. 45-44002)
Bill Deal & The Rhondels - "Tuck's Theme" (Heritage cat. HE 818)
The Deacons - "Sock It To Me Part I & II" (Shama Records cat. Record No. S-100)

Some Jazz:
Pretty Purdie - "Funky Donkey" (Date cat. 2-1568 Radio Station Copy / Special Rush Reservice)
Grady Tate - "Be Black Baby" (Skye cat. #4520)
Dennis Coff & The Lyman Woodward Trio - "River Rouge" (Maverick cat. MA-1007)
Lonnie Smith - "Move Your Hand - Part i & II" (Blue Note cat. BN-1955)
Grant Green - "Ain't It Funky Now - Part I & II" (Blue Note cat. BN 1960)
The Three Sounds - "Sittin' Duck" (Blue Note cat. 45-1950 Plug Side Promo)
Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm" (Solid State cat. SD 2524)
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Prestige cat. PRT-750)
Idris Muhammad - "Express Yourself" b/w "Super Bad" (Prestige cat. 45-743)
Funk Inc. - "Bowlegs" (Prestige cat. Prestige-754)
Gene Ammons - "Jungle Strut" (Prestige PRT-737)
Charlie Earland - "Black Talk Part 1 & 2" (Prestige cat. 45-731)
Chester Thompson - "Powerhouse - Part 1 & 2" (Black Jazz cat. BJ-1007)
Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - "Doin' What I Wanna" (Atlantic cat. 45-5103 Wht Lbl Promo)
Red Holloway - "Gittin' Down (The Churn)" (RHRecords cat. 003)
Andrew's Music Presents Who Got De Funk? - "Who Got De Funk?" (Andrew's Music cat. AM-45-4-1 a.k.a Andrew White)
Thelonious Sphere Monk - "Consecutive Seconds" (Columbia cat. 4-44780 WHT LBL Promo)
Miles Davis - "Molester (Part 1 & 2)" (Columbia cat. 4-45709 WHT LBL Promo)
Herbie Hancock - "Crossings" (Warner Brothers cat. WB 7598 WHT LBL Promo)
The Headhunters - "God Make Me Funky" (Arista Records cat. AS 0115)

Latin Funk / Boo-Ga-Loo / Soul:
The Pazant Brothers - "Skunk Juice" b/w "Toe Jam" (RCA Victor cat. 47-9634)
Moon People - "Land Of Love" (Speed cat. SP 1002 (003))
Mandrill - "Fencewalk" (Polydor cat. PD 14163)
Ballin' Jack - "Found A Child" (Columbia cat. 4-45348 (JZSS 154681))
El Chicano - "Viva Tirado Part I & II" (Kapp cat. K-2085)
Ricardo Marrero And The Group - "Babalonia" b/w "My Friend" (Don cat. DK-101)
Bobby Valentin - "Guarambembere" (Fania cat. 510)
Ray Barretto - "Together" (Fania cat. 501)
Mongo Santamaria - "Cold Sweat" (Columbia cat. 4-44502 (ZSP 136897)
Brown Brothers Of Soul - "Cholo" (Specialty cat. 698 (7031))
The Village Callers - "Hector" (Rampart Records cat. 659)
Senor Soul - "It's Your Thing" b/w "Some Got It, Some Don't" (Whiz Records cat. 611 (WH-258))
Johnny Zamot - "Spaced Out" (Gema Records cat. 1638)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Filet O'Soul at the 12-inch Bar - Nov 25th

Hey Y'all,
Mmmmmmm... that's the smell of delicious new vinyl records. Makes "that new car smell" or fresh baked cookies smell like dung. Sooo, I made some cash at the DC's Tavern Record Swap in October and by some evil cosmic convergence the WFMU Record Fair is in November. I did buy some records before the FMU fair but nothing gets the saliva running more than a room filled with VINYL RECORDS. Unfortunately nothing gets the tears flowing like a room filled with stinky record collectors. Anyway, I made my way back to Mr. Fine Wine and the immutable Greg Tormo. As is usually the case I handed over the contents of my wallet to these two fine gentlemen and made off with some amazing new finds. Lately I have been making my way through the Sound Stage 7 and Tangerine Records catalogs and was able to get 4 new ones this round. More familiar to my ears and collection is the amazing Jimmy McGriff. McGriff is possibly one of the few Jazz musicians who not only embraced the Funk era but helped to shape it. Jazz musicians occasionally made a Funk or Funky song and some even made a couple Soul Jazz / Funk LPs but McGriff honed his sound from the early 60's Go-Go / Soul groove to pure Funk sounds worthy of James Brown and his stable of Funky sidemen. After hanging out with very little digging at the FMU Fair someone mentioned that my favorite dealers had returned to the Fair. I like to call these guys the "Dollar Guys" which is a pretty uncreative nickname since this is exactly what these guys are. I have rarely seen a record in their many, many boxes for more than $3 or $4 but the large majority of the records are $1 and $1.25. I dug deep and was able to find 20 bucks and walked away with 18 amazing finds including a Miles Davis promo only mix of "Molester" and what could be the only Thelonious Monk groove track I know of.

On Friday, November 25th i'll be spinning in tandem with Inbetween at 12" Bar in NYC. We'll be working the friers, broilers and Barbecued ribs for the bars Filet of Soul night. I have never DJ'd with Josch but what a better way to get to know someone than through their record collection. It looks like I'll be bringing a lot of the new finds listed below as well as a menu of Soulful Food grooves.

- pat
Primitive Sound System

Filet O'Soul
Friday, November 25th 10PM - closing
12 Inch Bar Inc
(212) 505-6027
179 Essex St
New York, NY 10002


Hot Stuff - "Down For The Count" b/w "Hustle Bustle" (Sound House Records cat. SHR-1006)
In the Late 80's I spent over 100 days traveling to Newburgh New York to Stewart International Airport where I was a laborer on the construction of an airplane hanger for the then owner of Channel Lumber and I believe the sporting goods chain Morsans. I travelled more times than not in a dumptruck. If you have never travelled over 2 hours in a dumptruck, consider yourself very lucky. So there I stood thinking of those 100 or so days daydreaming when I suddenly realized Mr. Fine Wine was saying something to me. "That's a pretty great and a rare record." You could have knocked me over with a feather (and at 280lbs that is saying something). Funky... great.. and rare, from Newburgh? Hell no, I don't believe it. Well guess what? Yes on all three. "Down For The Count" is a fast passed blast with smooth yet shouted vocals. "Hustle Bustle" is a Jazzier Funk groove just the way I like 'em and instrumental to boot. Both sides will get lots and lots of play.

The Nite Sounds - "(I Love You) With Tender Passion" b/w "Cheese Cake" (Fortune cat. 548)
Cheese Cake! HEY! Horn driven, bass heavy, drum slamming, slow burn goodness. This is one of those songs that parts of it sound like other songs but they come and go so quickly you can't remember what is what. The raw messy recording makes it feel like these guys are doing this for the hell of it and it turned out so good that just had to share it. "...Tender Passion" is a bit more composed but does have that same raw feel. Sounds a little like a rocking Earl Bostic tune.

Tiny Fuller Group - "Duck Strut" b/w "Turkey Jerk" (GAN Records cat. 1001)
How appropriate a turkey song. I don't pass up food songs or animal songs and this little slab o'wax has got'em both. Duck Strut swings nicely and has some throaty organ and jangly guitar. it's a foot tapper if you know what I mean. "Turkey Jerk" on the other hand is what keeps my buying and looking for more. "Sounding a Little like "Have Love Will Travel" this one should get the ladies and gents shaking their shoulders and twisting their hips. What really makes the track a stand out is the guitar player who seems oblivious to the fact that there is a recording session going on. He wails with feed back and random notes throughout the track... Oh shit! He's the turkey. It is also possible he is on acid. Thank you mystery guitar player.

Rockin' Rebels - "Wild Weekend" b/w "Wild Weekend Cha-Cha" (Swan cat. S-4125)
A wild weekend it certainly is. Sax, drums, guitar pound out the time of their life on one of my favorite revved up dirty rocking instrumentals. I think the best part is towards the end when everyone seems unsure when the end of this two minute blast is. They almost hold it together but someone in the studio makes the wise decision to fade it all out.

The Martinis - "Bullseye" b/w "Holiday Cheer" (U.S.A. Records cat. TM-2312)
Drums pound out the intro to this grooving little instrumental. Piano jumps in with the guitar but soon we are greeted with some really nice organ and a fantastic but brief sax solo. Everyone gives the drummer some, reminiscent of the intro, and we start all over again but this time we are treated to a heaping helping of heavy organ. "Holiday Cheer" makes for a nice addition to any party. *DING*DONG* - pour the punch and we are off. Piano and guitar duel it out over a steady pounding beat and are soon joined by some very vocal sax. Guitar, piano, crowd sounds and sleigh bells dominate the festivities and a good time is had by all.

Ross Carnegie His Hammond Organ And Band - "Cool Dad" b/w "Win Lose or Draw" (El-Con Records cat. EL-49)
This is an upgrade copy. I have probably talked about this track more than any other. Swinging, Soulful, Funky and down right mean! This track hit me like a sledge hammer the first time I heard it and it has lost any of its wallop. Perfection.

Timmy Norman and The O'Jahs - "Let It All Hang Out" b/w "Roadside 75" (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2599)
Timmy Norman and The O'Jahs take on The Hombres most famous track on the A side of this 45 but it's the "B" side that really blows me away. I first heard this on Mr. Fine Wines show it it eventually made its way to the finals for selection on the Vital Organs and was cut in the last round. An organ track if there ever was with the organ way up in the mix and the drums beating out a soulful groove. As with any great organ track the drums and organ are all you need but what really makes them great is either a wild sax or guitar solo. Here we get a guitar solo and a nice little drum break to push the great meter into the red. Still a favorite and I am happy to finally have my own copy.

Sam Baker - "I Love You" b/w "Hold Back, Girl" (Sound Stage 7 cat. SS7-2630)
The music of Sam Baker is one of the reasons I got turned onto the Sound Stage 7 label. "I Love You" is one of the songs that I first heard. I'm not usually drawn to ballads but Mr. Baker squeezes the most out of his voice as the band keeps a level head and steady groove. "Hold Back, Girl" is a bit more upbeat with Mr. Baker's voice being more smooth than shouting but he's still not afraid to challenge the horn section.

Sterling Magee - "I Still Believe In You" b/w "tighten Up" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC 975)
I know very little about Sterling McGee but what I do know is this is one of my favorite vocal performances I have heard in a long time. Mixing an almost spoken style with a gritty soul sound including some mmms and a quick cat like screech that plays well with this steady and sometimes soulful garagey sounding tune. I especially like the bass and keyboards in the breaks. "Tighten Up" is a bit more predictable with a very James Brown sound but does include a lot more of the cat like screeches that were so appealing on "I Still Believe In You." I can only assume that he is the same person I found referred to as Mr. Satan.

Jimmy Lewis - "That's A Girl For You" b/w "I Just Want To Talk About You" (Tangerine Records cat. TRC-1012)
I know Jimmy Lewis from my Ray Charles records on Tangerine and I believe he is the same Jimmy Lewis palying bass on some of my favorite Prestige releases. Mr. Lewis has one of those voices that always sounds like he is struggling for the next word but somehow he never loses it and it all comes out sounding very very soulful. The "B" is the real winner here. Both the band and Mr Lewis get down and dirty putting his voice on the verge to great use. Added to the instrumentation of the "A" side is great background vocals and a jangly guitar that let's Mr Lewis' voice shine and also helps to showcase the thumb picked bass playing.

Rare Earth - (I Know) I'm Losing You" b/w "When Joanie Smiles" (Rare Earth cat. R 5017)
"(I Know) I'm Losing You" is a favorite song for me like versions of "Summertime" and "People Make The World Go Round." You better be up to the challenge and you better not wimp out when tackling this groove classic. Rare Earth are not only up to the challenge but they break it all down into a spacey conga driven soundscape before pulling themselves out with a slashing yet fuzz filled guitar part. The 7" obviously fades as the album version is somewhere around 15 minutes long. "Can the DJ get a pee break?!"

Rock-A-Teens - "Woo-Hoo" b/w "Untrue" (Roulette cat. R-4192)
Upgrade copy of this crazy 50's romp.

The Kingpins - "Ode To Billie Joe" b/w "In The Pocket" (Atco Records cat. 45-6516)
"In The Pocket" is one of King Curtis' funky grooves. Beautifully recorded allowing all the instruments to have a moment in the spotlight even without the use of traditional solos. Of course The King himself gets to take a whaling run at the end and it keeps the whole thing interesting right to the conclusion. "Ode" is as good as a version of this song as any.

Leon Haywood - "Cornbread And Buttermilk" b/w "It's Got To Be Mellow" (Decca cat. Record No. 32164)
A down home walk on a country road. The pace of this one never breaks stride and Haywood's slightly aggressive playing keeps things from being boring or samey. Guitar, organ, drums, and sax; that's a recipe for cool if you ask me.

Thelonious Sphere Monk - "Just A Glance At Love" b/w "Consecutive Seconds" (Columbia cat. 4-44780 (White Label Promo))
Sounding very Rahsaan Roland Kirk on "Consecutive Seconds" Monk's playing is very soulful and not just in a Jazz sense. It is practically an instrumental soul track and when the horns layout Monk and his drummer get Funky. I don't remember liking the LP "Monk's Blues" but I always loved the cover and a few of the tracks. I guess this was one of them and amazingly released on a 7".

Miles Davis - "Molester (Part 1 & 2)" (Columbia cat. 4-45709 (Radio Station Copy))
In 1998 I helped sell about 100 copies of the Miles Davis LP "Panthalassa." One of the LP's strongest selling points was the track entitled "Black Satin." I had heard the grooves that made up this LP many, many times (In A Silent Way, On The Corner, and Get Up With It) but some of the mixes made this LP far more raw and definitely more organic than the Miles / Teo Macero mixes released in the 70's. Imagine my surprise upon dropping the needle on this promo 45 and hearing the grooves as they were released on Panthalassa. "Molester" (a.k.a "Black Satin") is one of the funkiest Davis tracks from is Jazz/ Funk /Rock Experimental period. Tambura, tablas, bells, effected horns, electric piano, organ, fuzz / effected guitar, whistles and of course funky, funky drumming make up and help shape the already active Prog Rock era. ("Rated X" from Pantahlassa is rather mind blowing as is the Mosaic In A Silent Way box set.)

Jimmy McGriff - "I've Got A Woman Part 1 & 2" (Sue Records Inc. cat. Record No. 770)
Even on this early 50's rocker McGriff swings from start to finish. Recorded sometime in the early 60's ("62-"64 perhaps) it is apparent and very evident of his growing interests in all things Soulful. His organ lines played over a fast passed Funk groove would be equally appropriate. I'll be playing this bad boy in the early half my sets with the other 50's early 60's instrumentals.

Jimmy McGriff - "You Are My Sunshine" b/w "The Day Of Wine And Roses" (Solid State cat. SD 2516)
Thanks to Dyke and the Blazers I take notice to the wonderfully soulful tune known as "You Are My Sunshine." Here McGriff and crew give it a slightly Latin Go-Go bounce which is sure to put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your walk.

Jimmy McGriff - "Chris Cross" b/w "Back On The Track" (Solid State cat. SD 2534)
This copy of "Chris Cross" has seen better days so I will be seeking a clean one. Slow Funk groove with incredible horn lines and blasts throughout. McGriff and the drummer beat the hell out of poor Chris Cross but it is much to my delight.

Jimmy McGriff - "I'm Walking (Part One & Two)" (Milestone cat. M-313)
McGriff's version of this Dave Bartholomew song made most famous by Fats Domino is not as bad as one might expect. Actually it is quite good if not less funky and more Bluesy than his work that I really love. An amazing guitar solo by Melvin Sparks doesn't hurt as well as a very 50's sax run to make it all that much more enjoyable. If you are unfamiliar with McGriff this isn't the best place to start but it certainly does make for a nice finish.

Brother Jack McDuff - "Win, Lose or Draw" b/w "Black Is!" (Cadet cat. 5632)
McDuff's sound is usually a bluesy one so I don't have many of his recordings BUT, when the man is in the groove he is hard to beat. "Win, Lose or Draw" is a funky vamp with a nice Go-Go sound. "Black Is!" is a bit more Jazzy but one with a nice rock beat, a very upfront guitar and a whaling sax.

Mongo Santamaria - "Chili Beans" b/w "Hot Dog" (Columbia cat. 4-44653 (Not For Resale / Radio Station Copy))
"Chili Beans' starts in with a sweet piano vamp and then kicks with pounding congas and drums. The horns have that commercial Boo-Ga-Loo sound but they never get corner. The drumming is the highlight and very obviously Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. "Hot Dog" is a bit more interesting with the same aggressive conga and traps attack with some better compositional moments than "Chili Beans" including a really nice sax breakout.

The Horace Silver Quintet - "Que Pasa, Part 1 & 2" (Blue Note cat. 45-1913)
Oddly the sax is the first thing most notable on this Silver composition from The Song For My Father LP. The sax plays it a bit more free than would be expected but it has a very nice feel over the slightly Latinized groove. One of my favorite aspects to Silver's arrangements (and common to many Blue Note records) is the use of syncopated horn lines. Used here to great affect which help to make the quieter moments that much more powerful.

Freddie Roach - "Brown Sugar" b/w "Next Time You See Me" (Blue Note cat. 45-1914)
Classic Blue Note Soul Jazz; "Brown Sugar" is an organ groover with very vocal sounding sax and swinging drums.

Doug Carn - "Moonchild - Part 1 & 2" (Black Jazz cat. BJ-1003)
Black Jazz records shining star Doug Carn shows why he was the most popular of the labels artists on this wonderfully moody and constantly building composition. Drums and horns push and pull as the piano keeps the rhythm with deep bass. Horns leap and swirl in and around the composition like a leaf on the air.

Dave Hubbard - "Respect Yourself" b/w "B.C." (Mainstream cat. MRL 5515)
Free Jazz saxman Dave Hubbard gets his groove on during his interpretation of the Staples most known and wicked track. He certainly gives the track its propers and the band is down right funky. "B.C." stretches out more but still keeps things in the groove similar to tracks on the Tribe label from the same time period. Hubbard is more effective in this setting as he gets to give it his all and the band is forced to keep up or get left behind. Electric piano and steady hi-hat laydown an atmospheric bed but not one for resting.

Clarence Foster and the Internal Revenue Service - "Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants" b/w "Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder" (Freestyle cat. FSR7014)
Damn fast drumming lead off the oddly titled "Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants" and never let up for one moment. Each instrument tries its hand at subduing the slamming beast but none are able to tame this manic player. He cuts himself off quite abruptly most likely to catch his breath. "Dunk It Down Chocolate Thunder" pays homage to one of my favorite athletes of all time. Sixers center, the one and only, Darryl Dawkins. Our manic drummer is back out front again but this time he lets the others play along with his heavy ass, raw drumming. Sounding like it was recorded in the 60's "Dunk" is raw and funky with scratch guitar, bass and an odd sounding keyboard all mixing it up nicely.

Weston Prim and Backlash - "Spider Web" b/w "Simmerin'" (Funk 45 cat. FUNK45 - 026)
The good folks over at Funk 45 (Jazzman Records (UK)) are unstoppable with their perfect, ever growing re-issue catalog. I think I already have "Spider Web" on a comp somewhere but this re-issue has great clear sound. Strong composition with syncopated horns, a great sax solo in the middle, aggressive guitar and it's all being pushed along by some Funky Jazz drumming and a bass line that is heavy as hell. "Simmerin" doesn't have the same production value but the composition is also far more raw with a party feel complete with shouting sax and crowd sounds.

Stone Cold Picnic - "Erotic Cakes" b/w "Funk Food Family" (Soul Cookers cat. SCR02)
"Erotic Cakes" moves along organ heavy and with a shoulder shakin, head bobbing feel all accompanied with fuzzed electric guitar and some sexy moans throughout. "Funk Food Family" drew me in just for the name alone and doesn't disappoint. Guitar takes the lead but the drums demand equal voice in this Meters sounding instrumental. The song builds on its 60's organ sound to become a bit more rocking about half way through. This is one good time funky track that could be my personal favorite by these guys.

Menomena - "Posh Isolation" b/w "Tung Track" (Polyvinyl Record Co. cat. PRC - 085-7)
I read about these guys about 2 years ago. Their LP "I Am The Fun Blame Monster" was the first record I purchased from iTunes. Beautifully spooky guitar leads off this break filled instrumental. Nice round sounding bass drives the bottom with a simple but moving groove. not very varied but captivating nonetheless. "Tung Track" also keeps things spooky with some interesting recording effects but then gives us the goods with that same warm bass sound and of course those funky break filled drums. Vocals don't detract from the experimental feel of the music. The vocals and the piano compliment each other perfectly and at times are one. I can't get enough of these guys.

Cult of Luna - "Unfold The Inside" b/w "The Art of Self Extermination" (Hydra Head cat. HH666-57 (White Vinyl))
Cult of Luna are one of the few bands in the so called New Metal category that really get me going. Buzzing guitars, pounding simple drums and driving bass sway, heave and propel each song. What appear to be wordless vocals in the, as I like to say, White Fang from the Soupy Sales show vein area as much a part of the instrumentation as the rest of the band. If I was 14 I'd be throwing shit around my studio and screaming along. "The Art..." really slows things down and the sound is less crowded which somehow comes out sounding more melodic. This aint no Pop song mind you, but I can see this getting some play at DC's.

LPs: Too tired to run these down. I'll get to them in the next list.

Menomena - "I Am The Fun Blame Monster - The First Menomena Album" (Film Guerrero cat. Fg22 (White Label with fold out origami cover)
Easily on my "favorite LP's off all-time" list.

Pelican - "Australasia" (Hydra Head Records (Limited Edition Color Vinyl))
Updated copy to an original limited edition color vinyl version.

Pelican / Mono - "Limited Edition Split LP" (Tempoary Residence Limited cat. TRR89 (Hydra Head industries Version))

Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa "Split LP" (Pirates Press? cat. ROBO - 044)

Int'l Shades - "Hash Wednesday" (Cass Records MAMA-018)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Primitive Sound System at DC's Tavern - Cowboys and Indians Halloween Party - Monday October 31st

Hello Y'all,
Ahh, the Season of The Witch! DC's Tavern in Hoboken is having a Halloween party and it is actually on Halloween (Monday, October 31st). Celebrating a holiday on a day that is "more convenient" is completely lost on me. Do you really need to pretend it is a holiday to just have a drink? We don't, we're drinking on a school night people so tell your parents you're going out trick or cheering and to save the treats to get through the hangover. There is a theme to this one: Cowboys and Indians. This is a peaceful gathering, sharing firewater with the old residents of the new world but knowing the crazy white man things can get illogically out of hand real fast. I have 3 boxes and a bag of records so if we become trapped in DC's for any reason we should have enough music to take us through Thursday. Keeping with our theme I have some Country favorites but for the most part we'll be scaring the neighbors (and possibly waking the dead) with tons of Punk records from the 60's to Now. The usual suspects are in there like the Halloween favorites from The Misfits, The Dickies, The Adverts, etc, etc... There is a little something for everyone and you know we'll be getting our skip on, skipping and dipping the Skipper Dipper... "I'm Not Your Ice Cream Cone."

Remember, if you're drinking don't drive, if you're driving don't drink and always tip your bartenders. (Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Jersey still smokes.)

- pat.

DC's Tavern
"Back In Boooo-k"
505 8th Street (Between Jefferson and Madison)
Hoboken NJ
For More Info:
phone: 201-792-5550

Some records to spook you whether you are a Cowboy or Indian:

Parliament - "Dr. Funkenstein" (Casablanca cat. NB 875)
The Disco King with the Monster Sound. Weirdly I am no fan of theatre but I do love Funkadelic (Parliament) and KISS. The Dr. comes directly out the Mother Ship with a slow hand groove, crazy voices and spooky keyboards in one groovy Monster Mash! Kiss me on my ego.

Bobby (Boris) Pickett and the Crypt Kickers - "Monster Mash" b/w "Monster Mash Party" (parrot cat. 45-348)
No need to talk about "Monster mash" because if you don't know this song you have been living in a cave. Monster Mash Party has a nice 60's swing with screams, growls, Monster sounds chains and callouts to some 60's dances all appropriate for any Monster Mash. Basically organ and drums as a soundtrack for Monster A-Go-Go so please do...Go-Go.

John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul" - "Dinner With Drac" Part 1 & 2 (Cameo cat. C 130)
Probably my favorite of the "Monster" tracks. Great 50's instrumental with wailing sax, pounding drums, jazzy guitar all the while The Cool Ghoul lays out his nightly plans and festivities for one hell of a Ghouls Ball. Both sides will make their way to the woofers and tweeters tonight. Good night...whatever you are?!

Kellogg's presents H.R. Pufinstuff starring Jack Wild (Jimmy) - Billie Hayes (Witchiepoo) - Lennie Weinrib (Pufinstuf) - Joan Gerber (Judy Frog) - Butch Hunnicutt (The Boyds) Witchiepoo - "Oranges, Smoranges" (Capitol Records Special Products cat. CP-57)
Witchiepoo cuts a rug while pondering the inability of mere mortals to rhyme any word with "oranges." Slick but moving track compliments this wicked witches gravel voiced vocals. Short and to the point and always a favorite.

Warren Zevon - "Werewolves of London" (Asylum Records cat. E-45472)

Link Wray and The Raymen - "Batman Theme" (Swan (Don't Drop Out) cat. s- 4244 - T)
Batman is a vigilante that stalked his "victims," I mean the bad guys like prey. This makes him one creepy dude on the side of the good. The theme song has been done about 100 times and I probably have about half of them. Of course Link Wray and his mighty Raymen take this already great Neal Hefti tune into swampy / surfy territory, throw in some bizarre vocal breaks and of course fuzzed out guitar.

More Batman stuff in the box:
"Batman Theme" and Others Composed and Conducted by Neal Hefti (RCA Victor (Dynagroove Recording) cat. LPM-3573)
Maxwell Davis - Batman Theme! Composed by Neal Hefti and Other Bat Songs (Crown Records cat. CST 509)

Danny Hutton - "Monster Shindig" (Hanna Barbera Records cat. HBR 447)
This is a kids party track if there ever was. Sesame Street worthy vocal tones and harmonies over horns, raw drums and Hutton's stabbing guitar style. It gets me going though so I guess big kids will dig this Shindig as much as the wee ones.

bauhaus - "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (Small Wonder Records cat. TEENY 2

The Cramps - "The Crusher" (I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate, Inc.) cat. PFSX 1008

Jimmy Smith - Theme From 'The Munsters' From "Monster" The Incredible Jimmy Smith Arranged and Conducted by Oliver Nelson (Verve cat. V-8618)
This version, jazzier than the original, does benefit from Smith's stretched out note style on the organ for spooky effect. The drums are a bit more up front than most Jazz records of its time giving it more of an organ Instrumental feel than a Jazz tune. The song is a timeless one and the show was easily the best of its kind featuring appearances by a few 60's Garage / Psyche bands.

Hot Rod Hootenanny Featuring The Weirdos and the Voice of Mr. Gasser (Capitol Records cat. T 2010)

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - "Ghoul Music - Sounds and Dance Music - Twist - Frug - Fox Trot - Hully Gully - Swim" (Power Records cat. 340)
I had listened to the other Frankie Stein and The Ghouls records while at Finyl Vinyl and I have to say not only does this one have the best cover it also has the best tracks. Like all the records the recording is raw and a little loose which gives the whole thing a nice spooky Garage feel. The instrumentation is no big surprise here; sax, guitar, drums, organ and more vocal and sound effects than any one record should ever have but somehow it is all very listenable. The cover is a painting of a fanged ghoul who is under attack by a green clawed monster. The scene depicted here is a close-up of the the Monster's claw hooked into the lower lid of the Ghoul's right eye. Very bloody and quite effective. Maybe the cover came first and inspired Mr. Stein and his crew or maybe their inspired set was cause for such a great cover. Who knows.

Gene Moss - "Dacula's Greatest Hits (Warning! This is a HORRIBLE record)" (RCA Victor cat. LPM-2977)
Jack Davis cover and a sheet of Monster trading cards make this one of the best LPs in my entire collection. Davis not only does the front and amazing back cover there is a sheet of individual Monster trading cards included. Musically not the greatest record in the world but "Surf Monster" and "Monster Bossa Nova" are pretty great and quite groovy.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show O.S.T (Ode Records cat. SP-77031)

Martino - Brighetti - "Dracula Cha-Cha" From the O.S.T "Tempi duri per i vampiri"
This is on a comp that I bought years ago called "Music and Songs from Italian Films of International Fame (Original Sound Tracks recorded In Italy)" and contains some really great tracks from Nino Roto and many others. I know nothing about this movie but the track "Dracula Cha-Cha" is one wild cut. "Drac-U-La, Drac-U-La Cha..." The music is a swinging Cha-Cha with spooky vocals sung by what sounds like Nosferatu himself.

The Edgar Winter Group - "Frankenstein" From "They Only Come Out At Night" (Epic cat. KE 31584)

Halloween Starring Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (Kid Stuff Repertory Company) - "Mudfoot" (Kid Stuff Records cat. KS029)

The Banana Splits - "I'm Gonna Find a Cave" (sadly this is a bootleg from a few years back)

Herbie Hancock - "Afro Boogie," "Far Out," and "Hot and Heavy" (Starjazz / Jazz International SJAZZ 4)
Three amazing tracks with a Go-Go feel from one of the greatest Jazz musicians and arrangers ever. The tracks are filled with bongos and move with a great party groove. I don't know much about these tracks (players, recording date, etc...) but I do remember them being reissued a few years back.

Robert Gordon with Link Wray - "Flying Saucer Rock & Roll" (Private Stock Records Ltd. cat. PS 2030)

Bo Diddley - "Who Do You Love" (Chess Records cat. CH-9106)

Esquerita! - Esquerita And The Voola" From "Rockin' The Joint" (Official Records cat. 6001)

Howlin' Wolf - "Evil" (Chess Records cat. 1540)

Albert King - "Born Under A Bad Sign" from "King of the Blues Guitar" (Atlantic cat. SD 8213)

Repo Man - O.S.T. (San Andreas Recods / MCA Records cat. SAR 39019)
Creepy Hardcore Punk classic. Iggy's theme is one of his best efforts for the mid to late 80's and The Plugz Spanish version of "Secret Agent Man' aka "Hombre Secreto" and the closer "Reel Ten" are worth the price of admission alone. As a bonus to the soundtrack originals there are Hardcore classics from Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies, The Circle Jerks, and Fear. One of my favorite movies and soundtracks of all-time...I even own the Laser Disc (OK it's the only Laser Disc I own).