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Primitive Sound System and Inbetween - "Filet O' Soul" at 12" Bar - Friday, November 25

Hello Y'all,
On Friday, November 25th I'll be spinning in tandem with Inbetween at 12" Bar in NYC. We'll be working the friers, broilers and Barbecued ribs for the bars Filet of Soul night. I have never DJ'd with Josch but what a better way to get to know someone than through their record collection. Obviously this is the day after Thanksgiving so why not forget those inane conversations with relatives you have nothing in common with or the 40lbs. of stuffing you chased with 6 slices of pie with... alcohol and Soulful grooves. The night is called Filet of Soul so that is exactly what we'll be spinning so I didn't include descriptions just an insanely long sample play list. Come for the alcohol but stay for the music.

- pat
Primitive Sound System

Filet O'Soul
Friday, November 25th 10PM - closing
12 Inch Bar Inc
(212) 505-6027
179 Essex St
New York, NY 10002

Here's some 45's to lift your spirits, shake your ass or move your body:
Pat's Record Box:
Soul Continentals - "Goobah" b/w "Bowlegs" (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2609)
Willie Smith Acc. by Cliff Driver's Infernal Machine - "I Got A New Thing b/w "I Got A New Thing - instrumental" (Genuine Records cat. 1227)
Eastwind - "Nabbit Juice Part i & II" (Magic Minstrel cat. 3002)
Vic Pitts Cheaters Featuring Omar DuPree - "Loose Boodie" b/w "Modern Crucification" (Jewel Records cat. 846)
Blackrock - Blackrock "Yeah, Yeah" (Select O Hits cat. S.O.H. 006)
The Brothers Two - "You Got It" b/w Boogaloo (Soul Party)" (Crimson Records Inc. cat. CR-1011)
Sons of Darkness - "Funky Thing" (P & G Records (P.P. Means Poor People with Prtentiality cat. 445)
Joe Walls - "Sound Success" (J and N Records cat. JN101)
Soul Brothers Six - "Can You Feel The Vibrations (Instrumental Version)" (GRT of Canada LTD. cat. 1230-128)
South Side Coalition - "The Power-Play" (Brown Dog cat. BD 9012)
Skullsnaps - "Al's Razor Blade" (Grill Records cat. GR-301)
Different Shades - "I Like It - Vocal / Instrumental" (Sone Lady cat. SL 007)
Jimmy Jones, SOUL BROTHER No. 2 Henry De Meo & Orch - "Say, Amen, Brother" (Jody Records cat. A-9014)
The New Establishment - "Slums Of The City" (United World cat. UW-45-3601 (UW-1001))
Joe Savage and The Soul People - "All Power To The People Part I & II" (Jacklyn Records cat. 1010)
Midnight Movers Unltd. - "Follow The Wind" (Renee cat. REP 3004)

Some Instrumentals:
The BBC - "Upside Down" (Mega cat. 615-0091 (M2RS-1630 Promo Copy)
Hot Stuff - "Hustle Bustle" (Sound House Records cat. SHR-1006)
Bill Cosby With The Bunions Bradford Band - "Hikky Burr - Part One & Two" (Uni cat. 55184)
Barney Bungle & Klarence Kleen - "Martian Walk" (Partee / Stax cat. PBA-1302)
Panic Buttons - "O-Wow" (Gamble cat. G-230)
Hindal Butts - "In The Pocket" (M-S Records cat. M-S 220)
Wayne Cochran - "Chopper 70" (King cat. 45-6326)
Willie Tell & The Overtures - "Kick-Back" (Chess cat. 2086 DJ Copy)
The Fabulous Counts - "Jan Jan" (Moira cat. 45-103)
The Politicians - "Free Your Mind" (Instrumental) (Buddah Records / Radio Active Gold cat. RD 'One Million' 123)
Mickey And The Soul Generation - "Iron Leg" (Maxwell cat. L-803)
Booker T. & The M. G. 's - "Melting Pot" (Stax cat. STA-0082)
Bad Medicine - "Trespasser" PT. 1 & 2 (Enyx Records cat. EN - 002)
Super Cirkus - "Bubblegum March" (Super-K cat. SK 9)
The Mohawks - "The Champ" (Cotillion Records cat. 45-44002)
Bill Deal & The Rhondels - "Tuck's Theme" (Heritage cat. HE 818)
The Deacons - "Sock It To Me Part I & II" (Shama Records cat. Record No. S-100)

Some Jazz:
Pretty Purdie - "Funky Donkey" (Date cat. 2-1568 Radio Station Copy / Special Rush Reservice)
Grady Tate - "Be Black Baby" (Skye cat. #4520)
Dennis Coff & The Lyman Woodward Trio - "River Rouge" (Maverick cat. MA-1007)
Lonnie Smith - "Move Your Hand - Part i & II" (Blue Note cat. BN-1955)
Grant Green - "Ain't It Funky Now - Part I & II" (Blue Note cat. BN 1960)
The Three Sounds - "Sittin' Duck" (Blue Note cat. 45-1950 Plug Side Promo)
Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm" (Solid State cat. SD 2524)
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Prestige cat. PRT-750)
Idris Muhammad - "Express Yourself" b/w "Super Bad" (Prestige cat. 45-743)
Funk Inc. - "Bowlegs" (Prestige cat. Prestige-754)
Gene Ammons - "Jungle Strut" (Prestige PRT-737)
Charlie Earland - "Black Talk Part 1 & 2" (Prestige cat. 45-731)
Chester Thompson - "Powerhouse - Part 1 & 2" (Black Jazz cat. BJ-1007)
Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - "Doin' What I Wanna" (Atlantic cat. 45-5103 Wht Lbl Promo)
Red Holloway - "Gittin' Down (The Churn)" (RHRecords cat. 003)
Andrew's Music Presents Who Got De Funk? - "Who Got De Funk?" (Andrew's Music cat. AM-45-4-1 a.k.a Andrew White)
Thelonious Sphere Monk - "Consecutive Seconds" (Columbia cat. 4-44780 WHT LBL Promo)
Miles Davis - "Molester (Part 1 & 2)" (Columbia cat. 4-45709 WHT LBL Promo)
Herbie Hancock - "Crossings" (Warner Brothers cat. WB 7598 WHT LBL Promo)
The Headhunters - "God Make Me Funky" (Arista Records cat. AS 0115)

Latin Funk / Boo-Ga-Loo / Soul:
The Pazant Brothers - "Skunk Juice" b/w "Toe Jam" (RCA Victor cat. 47-9634)
Moon People - "Land Of Love" (Speed cat. SP 1002 (003))
Mandrill - "Fencewalk" (Polydor cat. PD 14163)
Ballin' Jack - "Found A Child" (Columbia cat. 4-45348 (JZSS 154681))
El Chicano - "Viva Tirado Part I & II" (Kapp cat. K-2085)
Ricardo Marrero And The Group - "Babalonia" b/w "My Friend" (Don cat. DK-101)
Bobby Valentin - "Guarambembere" (Fania cat. 510)
Ray Barretto - "Together" (Fania cat. 501)
Mongo Santamaria - "Cold Sweat" (Columbia cat. 4-44502 (ZSP 136897)
Brown Brothers Of Soul - "Cholo" (Specialty cat. 698 (7031))
The Village Callers - "Hector" (Rampart Records cat. 659)
Senor Soul - "It's Your Thing" b/w "Some Got It, Some Don't" (Whiz Records cat. 611 (WH-258))
Johnny Zamot - "Spaced Out" (Gema Records cat. 1638)

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