Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - "You Say It's your Birthday" - Tuesday June 28th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
This week I'll be manning the turntables while the fine folks at Maxwell's Party Party Party in celebration of the birth of twins Beth Ann and Danielle. Since one party deserves another I figured I would pull records for a close friend's wedding at the same time. Picking the Party hits proved to be quite fun and many of this weeks tracks will hopefully inspire some asses to make for the dance floor at the wedding as well as the Birthday. The idea for The Mixed Tape Sessions was to always try and turn someone onto to something new. Sometimes it's not about educating the crowd as much as it is about just having fun. This week you are allowed to sit back and relax but only between songs.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

I feel like dancing, dancing...WOO!
Monguito Santamaria - "Hey Sister" (Fania cat. 481)
Opening with a familiar Beatles-esque intro and hand claps Monquito and his crew charge head on with this Boo-Ga-Loo ass kicker. Horns come blaring and off we go. Monquito proves to be one hell of a fine Soul singer regardless of genre. The track is layered so heavily with horns, piano, vocals, percussion and bass that even the slightest misstep would send this track careening off its course. Monquito keeps everything in order with repeated phrases and handclaps and we make it to the end uninjured but a bit more sweaty and out of breath.

Hal Blaine - "Drums A Go-Go" (Dunhill cat. D-4049)
Hal Blaine must be the single most recorded drummer in history. He and his Wrecking Crew have backed more hits than any other combo. Blaine recorded about 5 LPs under his own name and most can be categorized as beefed up batches of Car/Surf-toons and full force Go-Go and Lounge tunes. "Drums A Go Go" is of course caged, white, thigh high boots and the beat the beat the beat. Hand claps and hoots dance around this Kinks inspired romp. Blaine's drums are the lead but organ and guitar must get honorable mention. The track bounces and shakes its way through with everyone in the club joining in and falling about the place.

Toussaint McCall - "Shimmy" (Ronn Records (a Division of Jewel) cat. RONN 3)
OK, this is one of the ultimate grooovy tracks. The A Side was a bit of a hit but unfortunately I am not even the slightest bit interested and for the most part unable to even drop the needle on "Nothing Takes the Place of You." It's a beautifully sung ballad but half way through I keep thinking of the slapping, trash can drums and screaming organ just a flip away. I know something that takes the place of you...SHIMMY that's what. "Shimmy" is so infectious and moving that I want it blaring out of my radio everyday when I wake up. The track is audio caffeine. The organ on Shimmy can only be described as a horn announcing "GET OUT MY WAY!" The drums skitter and slam and it almost seems as if the drummer is simultaneously holding the kit together while also beating it apart. The song has several breaks in which the drummer and organ could get creative yet they take the time to recoup a bit from the onslaught they have created.

The Mar-keys - "Grab This Thing, Part 1" (Stax cat. S-181)
Stax can almost do no wrong in my eyes. Whether it be an instrumental backing track or a stylish vocal cut they always had the dance floor n mind. "Grab This Thing" is no exception. Steady and tight from start to finish the band bobs a long with confidence. A screaming horn cuts the track in half and other instruments follow suit as they break from center. Everyone falls back in line after one more "Ah, yeah" vocal in the break and we leave the way we came in... strutting.

Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds - "Get Down 1970" (Chess cat. 2093)
You can never get enough of a good thing. Harvey Scales takes his classic dance floor number at a slightly quicker pace but he never forgets that it's asses he is entertaining and not heads. Like Monguito's "Hey Sister" this track is not for the weak at heart. One wrong move and you can be thrown from the dance floor like a drunken version of ring-around-the-rosy. "Get, get down, Baby!"

Bobby Freeman - "S-W-I-M" (Autumn cat. Record No. 5)
This, for the lack of a better word, re-make of "C'mon Swim" is an incredible bridge between to worlds I love, Soul and Garage Rock. Like the above "Get Down 1970", this version has a bit more propulsion behind its stroke. There are some incredible Garage organ moments as well as some triple time drumming that is tiring just to listen to. You might as well join in or you are likely to be pulled into the undercurrent. I swear I saw a wake left behind by the needle as this was spinning.

Arthur Alexander - "Need A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" (Dot cat. 45-16309 (Mw-16390)
Arthur Alexander was a usual topic at the counter in the early days of Finyl Vinyl. If a Garage Band or some English Invasion band, namely the Stones, covered a tune the original was coveted regardless of the quality of the remake. Arthur Alexander was a true original and seems to still be one of the most overlooked influences, if not an actual cornerstone, in the creation of Rock-N-Roll. In this incident, the Beatles couldn't hold a candle to the Master. "Need A Shot of Rhythm and Blues" demands you to get up and dance in any way you possible can. This is one you can easily pop drunkenly across the floor to as well as glide in rhythmic perfection with its shoulder and finger popping ease. If you need to define what "cool" is to someone, jut play them this tune.

The Capitols - "We Got A Thing That's In The Groove" (Karen Records cat. 1526 (K-10880))
Congas pound out an intro to one of my favorite tunes since I was a kid. How is it that the Capitols always sound so current in some way? I can't explain that statement but it is a sound that is always there when I listen to them. This is music that is happy, their sense of humor comes through with every spin but it is never clownish or dopey. The congas pound throughout the track and the track never eases for even one second, not even during the breaks. Boo-Ga-Loo, Funk, Soul, R&B, Rock, call it what you will but whatever you do call it often and get ready to move to the groove.

The Barbarians - "What The New Breed Say" (Laurie Records Inc. cat. LR 3321)
HEY, HEY, HEY! Think for your self! Or just jump around like you have lost your mind. The Barbarians are laying down their philosophy while you bounce from one foot to the other and shake wildly in agreement. Let's face it, we dig what the Barbarians are laying down and we aren't going to sit idly and let it pass us by.

The Children Of Darkeness - "Sugar Shack A Go-Go" (royce cat. #5140)
Quite a name for these Frat Rocking Troglodytes. I don't believe the The Children Of Darkness are going for a Horror Movie moniker here as much as they are letting us know that they excel at what they do best after dark. Apparently what they do best is drink, kick their instruments across the stage until they fall down and above all rock the floor. Taken at triple time you are lucky if you can breath at the end of this. Where's my puffer?

The Strangeloves - "Cara-Lin" (Bang Records cat. W-10017)
This could be one of the loudest records I own. The Strangeloves play really really big ass drums and percussion and can sing in Harmony really really loud. I wish I could hire these guys for a party but I have a feeling they can't pound them out like this anymore. The song opens with a big beat break that practically becomes the chorus of this hyper-energetic vocal and guitar duel. A two and a half minute party if there ever was.

...and there is tons more where these came from. I gotta hit the hay. I grabbed a full box more than I usual do so I guess I am going until they kill the power.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday June 21st - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
I was all prepared to talk at length about the Jazz and Instrumental 45s I filled my box with for this weeks session. The discs range from the 50's to the 70's and include Blues, Soul Jazz, Hard Bop, R&B, Boogaloo and Boo-Ga-Loo (one for Jazz and Soul and one for Latin), Funk, Soul and Rock. I can go on at length why I prefer Instrumentals to Vocals but I will not at this time. Instead I decided to go through the little stack of 45s I snagged in JC this past weekend and became a perfect Father's Day gift. Driving around in hopes of getting my son to nap we stumbled across some of the finds I was hoping to begin to unearth in town. All the records were seemingly unplayed store stock and promo copies. By-the-way the price was as good as the haul and I couldn't be happier. Thanks Honey and thanks for napping Lil B.
- pat.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703
Some very nicely priced Father's day finds that I'll be spinning into the mix:

Otis Redding - "Hard To Handle" b/w "Amen" (ATCO Records cat. 45-6592 (white label promo))
The piano intro and break are unmistakable. Most people unfortunately know this song from the Black Crowes and not from the original. Not that there is anything wrong with the Black Crowes but this is Otis Redding we are talking about. Redding's ability to genuinely Rock is what made him standout from his major label Soul brethren. Hard to handle packs a mean punch at a mid tempo and Redding's vocal double times the beat at points and feels as if it just may fall apart but who you kidding. This is tight and all done to great effect. If "Hard To Handle" isn't enough to win you over simply flip this and lose yourself in the most incredible version of "Amen" you may ever experience.

Archie Bell & The Drells - "There's Gonna Be A" SHOWDOWN b/w "Go For What You Know" (Atlantic cat. 45-2583 PLUG SIDE promo)
Archie Bell can always put a smile on my face. Showdown skips along at a hurried pace but is always in the pocket. When he said he could dance as good as he could walk he wasn't kidding. Weirdly I don't imagine Showdowns were ever this happy.

The following Latin sides are mostly from the late 70's and taken from some of the best Salsa LPs that period had to offer. The recording quality is noticeably approved over the 50's and 60's recordings I prefer, favor and veraciously collect. The better sound quality heightens some impressive soloing and of course entire bands that move effortlessly as one through tight as a duck's ass changes and at all times never waver from the groove keeping the dance floor moving. I will always and forever be awed by Latin music and those who play it.

Mongo Santamaria - "Happy As a Fat Rat In A Cheese Factory" b/w "Amanecer" (Vaya Records Inc. cat. V - 5131)
Mr. Santamaria why are you so ef'n good? Proof that there are more LPs in this world than you will ever here this is off a Mongo record I have never heard. "Happy..." is as funky as Mongo gets and if you are familiar with him you know he can get pretty funky. I know "Amanecer" from the Vaya hits package called "Mongo Mongo." It's a mellow Summer time groover that makes me wish it was almost sunset and I was kicking back in a lounge chair. You know...Loungin'.

Lou Perez - "Afro Hustle" b/w "De Todo Un Poco" (Tico cat. T-660)
I have probably sampled 1000 Lou Perez tracks over the years and have never been all that impressed. Well, other than a chorus of ladies singing "Afro Hustle" in a very Disco kind of way this track grooves pretty hard. Even the strings work as they punctuate the percussion and the groove in general. Nice one Lou, and welcome to my record boxes. Maybe I always knew he had it in him.

Fania All Stars - "Desafio" b/w "Foofer Soofer" (Fania cat. 764 (white label promo))
Where "Desafio" is best suited for a play on Lite FM "Woofer Soofer" is a bad ass Soul Jazz track played by the Fania All Stars who are best known for their sweaty dance floor Salsa grooves. I am not familiar with the LP "Delicate & Jumpy" but I hope there are more tracks like this on it than the sappy "Desafio." Tight, ensemble, funky Soul Jazz from a more than qualified source. I am digging this in a big way.

Orchestra Harlow - "La Raz Latina" b/w "Salsa Suite - Pt. 2" (Fania cat. 794)
A classic LP where Harlow and his crew explore the many sounds that make up the history of Latin Music and their own Nuyorican styles.

Pete Conde - "Sentimento" b/w "Pueblo Latino" (Fania cat. 759)
Hard Salsa in a classic mode. "Sentimento" benefits from the great sound quality as the piano and what I believe may be a tres intro the side sweetly yet with a clarity that fills every inch of space.

Orquesta Novel (Vocals: Willie Ellis & Marco Motroni) - "Monono" b/w "De Quien Tu Eres" (Fania cat. 774)
The slow bass and cymbal intro only lasts for a few seconds and sends chills up my spine. The vocals have a very story teller quality and the music goes from a bit corny to insanely good after the final chorus of the first part. Flutes and violins kick it very Pacheco and that's just OK for me. I dare anyone to sit still through the last half of this tune.

The Allegre All Stars - "Bobby ...Bajo Y Clarinete" b/w "Perdido" (Alegre Records cat. 4090)
This one has a very live sound not necessarily a live show recording but a live sound that you get from a Webster Hall type studio session. This band is one of the true masters of Latin music with a sound that is both confident yet relaxed. I can't decide which side to drop first.

Ismael Quintana - "Pierdes" b/w "No Es Preciso" (Vaya Records Inc. cat. 5134)
Horns open this moody vocal track and as it skips along mid tempo. About half way through the band jumps and chases the repeated chorus of "Pierdes, Pierdes." The piano takes a short solo before things take off again and are highlighted by screaming trumpet and trombones. A thing of beauty.

The Latin Brothers - "Te Encontre" b/w "Patrona De Los Reclusos" (Fuentes cat. 1616)
In an original Fuentes sleeve this is two sides of pure Latin groove. The Latin Brothers are a tight outfit if there ever was. I would say this is a vocal with instrumental accompaniment as I wouldn't want to say one stands out over the other. Trombones and trumpet duel over some sharp piano soloing and aggressive percussion.

Bill Withers - "Ruby Lee" b/w "Heartbreak Road" (Sussex Records cat. SR-629)

Anita Ward - "Ring My Bell" b/w "If I Could Feel That Old Feeling Again" (Juana cat. 3422)
I am doing a very close friends wedding in July. One of the few records I have seen EVERYONE dance to regardless of whose wedding it was was this song.

Issac Hayes - "Chocolate Chip" (Vocal and Instrumental) (Hot Buttered Soul Records / ABC Records cat. ABC-12118 (white label promo))

This is Chef's original Chocolate Salty Balls! I have to mention the HBS (Hot Buttered Soul Records) logo. Holy cow do designers suck now. The logo is simple and filled with attitude. A thin line drawing of Issac's bald head from his eyes up and a stylized "HBS" on his forehead like the Super Hero he is. "Shaft" like drums intro this familiar sounding groove for Mr. Hayes and the instrumental track doesn't sound much different from the vocal track but does give more presence to the horns, keys and percussion.

Funkadelic - "Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On" b/w "Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him" (Westbound Records cat. w 224)

Masekela - "The Boy's Doin' It" b/w "Excuse Me Please" (Casablanca cat. NB 848)
This is one of my favorite Hugh Masekela 45s. I am so happy to find a nice new clean copy.

2 Puertoricans A Blackman And A Dominican (Featuring Tonya Wynne) - "Do It Properly" Side 1: Special Hot 103 Mix - A Jose "Animal' Diaz Edit Side 2: Fierce Radio Mix - A Jose 'Chep" Nunez Edit (Grooveline cat. GRL 17A)

Again, something has to be said about the label design on this one. If the design wasn't so cool I might have passed this up because I do somewhat remember this song and I remember not being a big fan. The label is bright yellow with a ball of fire shooting across the top with "GROOVELINE" printed in the middle. The type and the fire ball have a nice scratchy hand drawn quality which gives it an older 60's feel. Obviously the band name has always stuck in my mind. Band names don't get more direct than that do they? In 1987 I was not a very big fan of much stuff like this which leads me to one of the things I am most drawn to about collecting music. Something you may have hated years ago can one day sound totally different to you and even become a new found genre to obsess over. I don't think I am going to become a big house music fan but this track sounds pretty fucking good to me now.

L.L. Cool J - "Rock The Bells" (Def Jam Recordings cat. 38-05840 (white label promo)
This is more of what I was still listening to in 1987. Late 80's Hip Hop still sounds so good to me to this day. L.L. Cool J is hard as hell!

Mantronix - "Ladies" b/w "Ladies Dub" (Sleeping Bag Records cat. 7-TLX-006 (white label promo))

Cameo - "Word Up!" b/w "Urban Warrior" (Atlanta Artists / PolyGram Records 884 933-7 picture sleeve)
I am guessing that this one will be hitting the decks at the wedding as well. "Wave your hands in the air like you don't care!" Hey, Word Up! Granny.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - "Listening to the Higgins" Tuesday June 14th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
This Tuesday at Maxwell's one of Pop Music's best soon-to-be known gems, The Higgins whose sound is as unique as it is familiar, will be entertaining the masses in the back room. The first time I heard them I assumed it was an unreleased Badfinger track as it creeped out of the speakers in D.C.'s Tavern. On second listen more current influences and sounds revealed themselves including the fact that they back Sean Towey who is better known as The Ankles. Aside from stellar song writing, guitars and vocals what is most noticeable about The Higgins is the amazing drumming driving these elaborately simple songs. The true art of aggressive Pop drumming has been lost in the past few years. Of course I may be biased, but if you ask me drums can make or break a band and this is especially true in Pop. If I am lucky I can catch a few glimpses of the band on stage in front of an audience filled mostly with friends. The Higgins debut effort is forth coming from the eclectic Hoboken label Maggadee Records and after a listen I don't think they will be worrying about attendance at their shows in the future.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Some interesting pop selections:
Suicide - S/T LP - "Ghost Rider" (Red Star Records Inc. cat. RS1)
The United States of America - S/T LP - Pretty much anything off this one. (Columbia cat. CS 9614)
Kevin Ayers - Joy Of The Toy - "Song For Insane Times" (Harvest / EMI cat. SKAO-421)
Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band - Clear Spot - "Crazy Little Thing" (Reprise Records cat. MS 2115)
Eno - Here Come The Warm Jets - "Baby's On Fire" (Editions EG cat. ENO 1)
McDonald and Giles - S/T LP - Again, anything on this is worthy of a spin. (Island cat. ILPS.9126)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings el Diablo

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

$1 Records from the Swap:
Guitar Gable - "Congo Mambo" (Excello Records cat. 45-2082)
The Super-Sonics With Third Dimension Sound - "New Guitar Boogie Shuffle" (Rainbow Records cat. 45-214)
The Swingin' Six - "The Green Door" (Decca cat. 32042 (117,655))
The Buddy Rich Big Band - "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" b/w "Big Mama Cass" (Pacific Jazz cat. 88145)
McCoy Tyner - "Rotunda" (Mono/Stereo) (Milestone cat. M-304)
Irving Ashby - "Big Guitar" b/w "Motatin'" (Imperial cat. X5485)
The Applejacks - "Rocka-Conga" (Cameo cat. C155-A)
The Wild-Cats - "Gazachstahagen" b/w "Billy's Cha-Cha" (United Artists UA-154 (ZTSP-28739))
The American Rock Revival - "Stompin' It" (Bell Records cat. B-788)
Archie Bell & The Drells - "Tighten Up Part I &II" (Atlantic cat. 54-2478)

New genius releases from Daptone and Truth & Soul:
Charles Bradley and the Bullets - "This Love Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us" b/w Dirt Rifle and the Bulletts - "(She's Got) Twighlight Eyes" (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1021)
Sharon Jones/The Dap-Kings - "I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In" (Vocal/Instrumental) (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1022) El Michels Affair - "Creation' b/w "Behind The Blue Curtains"
This consistently amazing crew rewards it's most hardcore fans with this "online only" release. But this is not what you think in this day of low quality downloadable MPee3's this is an online offer for a precious vinyl slab spun at 45 and pressed with the BIG Goddamn hole the way nature intended!

MFSB - "s/t" (Philadelphia International Records cat. KZ 32046)

George Russell And His Orchestra (Narration by Jon Hendricks) featuring Bob Brookmeyer, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Art Farmer, Benny Golson, Frank Rehak, Phil Woods and others... - "New York, N.Y." (Decca Records cat. DL 79216)

The Steve Miller Band - "Your Saving Grace" (Capitol cat. SKAO-331)
The Bob Seger System and The Steve Miller Band produced some of the best music of the late 60's and early 70's and then along came the HORRIBLY recorded 80's and none of the big label Rock acts (except maybe the Kinks) were able to make the transition. Oh yeah, and Neil Young doesn't count because he is above all this music industry crap with almost "0" attitude and none of the Eric Clapton "LEGEND" bullshit. Anyway, this is the fourth LP from Mr. Miller and has eclectic band. The songs are a bit pulled back from "Brave New World" but that doesn't hurt the quality of the compositions.

The James Gang - "16 Greatest Hits" (MCA Records cat. ABCX-801-2)
The James Gang is one of those bands who were perfect one moment and a bit snoozy the next. This is easily explained when you view the writing credits. Any combination not containing "J. Walsh" just might not stand up to the rest of the songs and almost certainly won't stand the test of time. BUT, and as you can see that is a big but, the songs containing Mr. Walsh are never anything short of awesome. "Funk 48," "Funk 49" and "The Bomber" are all insanely good as well as containing breakbeats. The rest of the tracks on this compilation should make any Rock band cower and drop to their knees in not-worthiness.

The Detroit Night Riders - "Night Time In The Ghetto" b/w "Getting Funky" (Mutt Records cat. AR 1670)
I first heard "Getting Funky" on one of the worst titled comps from Goldmine called "Funk Superbowl." Yikes. What the hell kind of title is that? Hopefully they were done compiling had all the rights cleared and realized they had no title as they were preparing for pressing. I digress... "Getting Funky" strolls along and gathers steam as the guitar breaks out.

Hopping on the Dance Caravan - A Day In Deep at Hoctor Records
Hoctor Records is still based out of Waldwick, New Jersey. David Hoctor explained to us that they credit a lot of their success on the fact that they actually purchased many of the dance studio recordings of competitors that were going out of business. I'd say their longevity comes from a spot a little closer to home. We had an opportunity to sample any record they currently had in-stock and the Hoctor Records LP's and 45's were by far-and-away the best played, recorded and programed (whoever selected the songs to be covered should be commended). I was first introduced to the Hoctor catalog by Aldo at A1 Records in NYC and was at the time unfortunately unable to afford the hefty price tagged on the "Robin Hoctor presents Jazz on the road - 12 special arrangements for jazz dancing" LP. The cover was enough to peek anyone's interest and like most of the Hoctor LP's the design sense is as good as the selections and playing. The cover shows Robin dressed in a Wonder Woman-like outfit and striking a pretty bad-ass power stance overlaid on a graphical representation of... a road. OK, that works. Then flip it over and the titles show great promise; "Moving World," Super Fly," and "Cisco Kid" just to name a few. Of course dropping the needle on this unknown gem proved that "if it looks right, feels right and even smells right...it's probably right." It was right and I had another obsession and some more records to add to my endless list of records I would never own. A few years past and I received a phone call from a friend (Mr. Fine Wine) and he said that he was going to set up an appointment with the Hoctor people and wanted to know if I would drive. HELL YEAH! Knowing my place in such situations I let Matt grab carry and stash anything he wanted from the shelves. So I headed for the LP's. Not finding the "Jazz on the road" LP I asked David Hoctor if they might have any "in-stock." He stared at me and then said, "Let me go check in our warehouse." Warehouse? Where the hell were we then? It turns out the warehouse didn't house many Hoctor titles and was more of an "Isle of Misfit Toys" for their competitors stock now in their procession. This pleased me some what after going through a sampling of material repeated in the warehouse and found much of it to be crap. Pleased also because it meant we didn't need to come back. Trust me on this one. I continued to unearth and sample every LP title in their catalog on my portable player and then the stacks of 45's Matt was feverishly sorting through. Hours and hours later I was knee deep in booty produced to help people to learn how to shake theirs. Below are the LP titles and descriptions as well as a few 45 titles not found on any of the LP's (at least as far as I can tell).

Discotheque A-GO-GO! Directed by James Mitchell (Hoctor Records cat. HLP-4007)
This LP is beautifully designed with a laminate cover and one of the best photos I have ever scene. The shot is of Mr. Mitchell out fin front of a sea of (mostly) woman posed in what can only be described as half a Cha-Cha or simply a Cha. You have seen people in 50's films do this dance. The entire floor thrusts their lower extremities in unison simultaneously popping there shoulders back all the while smiling like they are on Lithium. Despite it always being very hard to get past this cover I must. The track listing is phenomenal. Here goes "Hang On Sloopy," "Cerveza," Tequila," "Honky Tonk No. 2," "Batman," "Twine Time," "Wiggle-Waggle," "Satisfaction," "Love Potion No. 9," "This Diamond Ring," "Secret Agent Man," and finally "Wipeout!" Get the picture. Call Annette, drop the needle and hope this Dance Party becomes a Sleep Over! The band name is Discotheque A-GO-GO, how cool is that?

"Strictly Percussion Featuring Daniel Barrajanos and his Drummers playing all the rhythms used in dance accompaniment" (Hoctor HLP-4085)

Jazz Dance Today - Directed by Jo-Jo Smith (Master Teachers Series) (Hoctor Records cat. HLP-4104)

Byron Peterson Orchestra - "Jazz Rock USA - show stopping arrangements for dance accompaniment" (Hoctor Records - Vibrant Stereo HLPS-4138)

"Robin's Rock for Jazz Technique and Dances" - Music by Dittamo (Produced by Robin and Jamie Hoctor) (Hoctor Records - Vibrant Stereo cat. HLPS-4194)
From the back cover:


Glenn Lomaro - Organ, Piano, Moog, Vocals
Ricky Dittamo - Bass, Vocals
Jay Dittamo - Percussion
William Ivory - Guitar


Side 1. Contains 16 Original rock tunes to accompany Robin Hoctor's Manual of Jazz Technique Exercises.