Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - One Big Lounge Scene! Tuesday March 22nd - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
There isn't a band playing this week so there will be no competition with the sound coming from the back room for this weeks Mixed Tape Session so for the first half of the night I have decided to keep things Loungy. For me most of the best bits of Lounge have a Latin Tinge and some of these LPs like, Candido in Indigo, are not only Lounge classics but essential LPs for any well rounded collection. Of course like all genres, Lounge Music, can have cliches (practically the definition of Lounge Music), and trappings that can keep them from being regular listens. Ironically one of the cliches that is also a simple trap for Lounge Acts to fall into is actually one of the genres finest songs, Caravan, but luckily for us it is also the one track that is usually the standout on many of these LPs. Let's celebrate the positive and accentuate the repetitive. Kick back and enjoy.

For the rest of the evening I've loaded up on enough 50's instrumentals, 60's Garage and Jazz, 70's Punk, Soul, Funk and Rock to keep everyone happy. For my own listening pleasure during my dinner break I have brought an old favorite, Ray Barretto's "Head Sounds" and Gil Scott Heron's "Pieces Of A Man."

See ya there,

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

The LPs:
Like the 70's Action films the Lounge Music LPs are all about the covers...

Sabu and his Percussion Ensemble- Sorcery! (Columbia cat. WL 101)
I shit you not I bought this for $1 at Kim's in NYC. It is a beautiful "Adventures in Sound" Gold Label pressing. Thanks gang, it is worth ever penny. About the music. This is pure mood produced by exotic sounds...well that is at least what you would be lead to believe. Instead you do get beautiful exotic mood music played by some of the finest musicians to walk into a studio. So much for the primitives. I think I will start off the evening with the beautiful "Milk Weed" as I don't think the fine folks at Maxwell's could handle many of the more percussion driven epics. "Milk Weed" starts off with a lilting flute line which suddenly crashes head on with Sabu and his hulking ensemble. On this particular track things don't ever really get too out of hand and the flute is allowed enough room to express its delicate groove along side the propulsive beats.

Eddie Cano - Eddie Cano at P.J.'s (Reprise cat. R-6030)
OK, this is an actual Lounge recording and it's a winner at that. Cano had backed both Jack Costanzo and Cal Tjader so he obviously has the chops and proves it on this LP. The selections move through many styles of Afro-Cuban but of course at all times keep it in check to not get to aggressive because we wouldn't want you to spill your drink. After al we are lounging. "Watusi Walk" represents the set well. Beautiful piano leads Latin Percussion and Jazzy bass and drums through some nice changes and even kicks up a bit of dust. it is almost impossible to pick a stand out track here but who wants to. "Barkeep another round please."

The Mad-Hatters - At Midnight (20th Century Fox Records cat. TFM 3141 monaural)
This is another Lounge act in a similar vein as Eddie Cano. The Mad Hatters can really cook and of course know how to glide along at a clouds pace when necessary. "Mad-Hatters Stomp" starts this set off and is 2:15 of pure joy and is just a preview of how good things are going to be. Vibes and organ get equal billing through most of the LP. I don't think I'd be out of line to tell you to get down to any Lounge that these cats are playing. Soulful, swinging and always cool. Other originals include "The Sanctified Thing," the powerful "Soul Samba," and the ever groovy "Monkey Children."

(The Exotic Sounds of...) Martin Denny - Hypnotique (Liberty cat. LRP 3102 "Spectra-Sonic-Sound - The Ultimate in Hi-Fi")
Something magical happened that night in the studio... yeah, the late great Denny and his gang got lit. Hey, I'm just guessing. Of all the Martin Denny LPs I have heard this one is the trippiest and weirdest. The lineup isn't different from his other LPs but his mostly percussion group seem to really go the extra mile on this one to put us in the mind of hookah pipes and scantly clad women. The cover is a mix of modern art, Oriental decor, Southern bumpkin, Italianate style all surrounding a beautiful Vampiraesque lovely seducing us with her stare. Thank you Mr. Denny for "Voodoo Dreams."

...performances by Los Admiradores - Bongos/Flutes/Guitars (Command Records cat. RS 812 SD)
Ah, listen to my technically advanced new home stereo. Hear the way the music bounces from speaker to speaker. That is Modern sound baby, and it kicks. This LP contains one of my favorite versions of "Caravan." Ping Pong percussion and all the trimmings. Of course this is produced by Enoch Light and contains more technical information than Rudy Van Gelder would ever need or use. Even Phill Schaap may give pause at the amount of info provided on the liners. By the way, the Bongos in the title of this gem are played by Willie Rodriguez and Ray Barretto. [For some reason the amplifier at Maxwell's more than not REFUSES to play in Stereo. So unfortunately this track just may not be a Ping Pong of sound. Oh well.]

Al Jazzbo Collins And the Bandidos - A Lovely Bunch of... (Impulse cat. A-9150)
There couldn't be a Lounge night without Jazzbo and his crew. This LP contains one of the coolest readings of "The Three Little Pigs." Radio DJ Al Collins is joined here by Terry Gibbs (vibes), Hal Blaine (probably one of the greatest unsung heros of the throne) on drums, Funky Bluesman Mel Brown on guitar, and Steve Allen tickling the ivories. The Pigs swing easy behind Collins crazy voot. The Wolf eventually gets his in the end, as he always does, but never has his story been so cool. I wish I had a Bandidos club card that was offered inside the gate.

Ken Nordine - The Son of Word Jazz (Dot cat. DPL 3096 "Ultra High Fidelity")
"I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left." Wow, this is the musings of someone high as a kite or on the verge of killing. The sad character in this revealing tale is torturing his right hand like it was detached and treating it with prejudice. Suddenly there is an epiphany and he embraces both hands as beautiful. Weirdly you can tell this is not his final conflict he will have with his own body. Nordine's voice is so recognizable. Full round and warm as a wool sweater. "Looking At Numbers" trips along as Nordine describes the shapes of numbers and the power they hold. Vibes, flute guitar, sax, piano, cello, piccolo, bass, and percussion skip over the top in abbreviated solos driven by a repetitive drum line. "Down The Drain" is chilling and open. Again sounding a little crazy but oddly in complete control of his factions describing odd behavior as if he was one up on us. In this case, seated showers are the topic du jour. Hmm, maybe I'll try this tomorrow morning. I hope I don't pour down the drain, end up in Indiana and twist my way back again.

Candido - In Indigo (ABC-Paramount cat. ABC-236)
If there could be a monster session amongst the Lounge records this would be it. Candido is joined here by Joe Puma, Dick Hyman, Ernie Royal, George Duvivier, and Charlie Persip. Though the LP starts off with "Caravan" the majority of this session is made up of originals and this band can seemingly do no wrong with this material. Unexpected twists and turns surprise the ears amongst passages that should be familiar if not cliche. The Joe Puma tune "Candido Cocktail" is my personal favorite. His guitar playing is stellar throughout the LP but hear opens in tandum with Ernie Royal's trumpet and sends chills down my spine. Each member grabs a piece of the floor and so should you.

Other favorites along for the ride:
Gary McFarland - The In Sound (Verve cat. V-8632)
Harry "The Hipster" Gibson - Boogie Woogie In Blue (Musicraft Records cat. MVS-2003)
Chef Slim Gaillard - Smorgasbord ...help yourself! (Verve Records cat. MG V-2013)
Jane Birken / Serge Gainsbourg (Fontana cat. 885 545 MY)
Three Martinis & Olive - Slightly Muddled Medley of Dean Martin's Hits Live... At Somebody's Basement (Mira cat. MLP 3015)
Esquivel His piano and His Orchestra - More of other Worlds, Other Sounds (Reprise cat. R9 - 6046 "Dual 35mm/120 CMPS/Stereo")
Frankie Stein and his Ghouls - Ghoul Music (Power Records cat. 340)
Dracula's Greatest Hits (RCA Victor cat. LPM-2977)
Babs Gonzales - Babs (Chiaroscuro Records (a division of Audiofidelity Ent.) cat. CR2032)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Tuesday March 15 at Maxwell's

Hello Y'all,
After spinning through the dark allies and seedy hotels of Crime Jazz last week I figured I might as well keep the soundtracks coming. The 70's produced some of the finest movies Hollywood had to offer and the music was nothing less than stellar. These soundtracks were not vehicles to sell some half ass should-a-been one hit wonders like todays ANNOYING soundtracks but highly conceptualized, composed works performed by the eras top musicians, arrangers and composers. A favorite genre of my from the period are the action films and the music that accompanied them can be summed up simply and to the point - Baad Asssss!

In most cases I am going to play cuts I don't usually play. It's so easy to fall into that trap. The best thing about these LPs is that there is something for everyone and there are usually more than one "best cut" on each one.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

I have got way too many records this week. I have some great themes on 45 but this genre is all about the LPs and the fantastic cover art. For those who care, all but two of these are original copies and sound amazing. Most of these have been re-issued and are still available on vinyl.

I have stuffed the backpack to its limit with the following:
Willie Hutch - The Mack
Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown
Edwin Starr - Hell Up In Harlem
Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come
Jerry Butler - Joe
Grant Green - The Final Comedown
Herbie Hancock - Death Wish
Herbie Hancock - The Spook Who Sat By The Door - I tried to track this down forever and then heard that this LP was only given out at the premier as a promotional item. Thank God for the re-issue.
Solomon Burke - Cool Breeze
Joe Simon and Millie Jackson - Cleopatra Jones
James Brown - Black Caesar
James Brown - Slaughter's Big Rip Off
Dennis Coffey and Luchi de Jesus - Black Belt Jones
Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle - Themes From Star Trek and Planet Of The Apes - "Ape's Shuffle" This is the Lalo Schifrin composed track from "The Planet of The Apes" TV series.
Soul Ecstasy - I am pretty sure this is a fake soundtrack but it is pretty great.
Lalo Schifrin - Enter The Dragon
Lalo Schifrin - Bullitt CHOICE: "Hotel Daniels" or "On The Way From San Mateo"
Lalo Schifirn - Sudden Impact This LP was an unexpected find. I bought it for $1 and was so blown away to find that it included songs from the original Dirty Harry films. "Dirty Harry Creed" is worth the price of admission - "Do you feel lucky Punk...well, do ya?"
Mike Jackson and the Soul Providers - The Revenge of Mister Mopoji - This is 100% a fake soundtrack and it is incerdible. Philip (Pure, Desco, Soul Fire) told me they included the track "The Chicken (Catch It!) for realism. As he said every soundtrack has one dud and in the action film genre it is usually the music played during the scene with the hicks in it.
Curtis Mayfield - Short Eyes
Curtis Mayfield - Superfly
Monk Higgins and Barbara Mason - Sheba Baby CHOICE: "Who The Hell Is That" and "Heavy Shot" or "The Hoods"
Issac Hayes - Shaft
Issac Hayes - Tough Guys CHOICE: "Red Rooster" or "Buns A Pleanty"
Issac Hayes - Truck Turner CHOICE: "Breakthrough" or "Hospital Shootout"
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man - I don't think soundtracks get much better than this. This will be the LP I play through start to finish while I take my break.
Barry White - Together Brother CHOICE: "You Gotta Case"
Quincy Jones - Smackwater Jack - This great comp contains the full version of Hicky Burr as well as the theme from Ironside and the theme from The Anderson Tapes.
J.J. Johnson - Willie Dynamite CHOICE: "Willie Escapes" This is the organ driven version of "Willie Chase"
Booker T and the MGs - Up Tight CHOICE: "Run Tank Run"

The following have great versions of some favorites:
Bernard Purdie - "Shaft" from the Prestige release of the same name.
Sammy Davis Jr. - Now - "John Shaft" If you don't own this there is something wrong with you. This is the same LP that contains Sammy's reading of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Louis Jordan - One Sided Love then Sakatumi - "Bullitt" Yes, Louis Jordan doing the theme from Bullitt. When I bought this from the Jazz Record Center Fred asked me "are you sure? Have you heard it?" It may not be a traditional Jazz record but this has some pretty cool funky Jazz and R&B tunes. The cover is pretty crazy too.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Tuesday March 8th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
OH MY GOD am I tired. There is no way in hell I am writing descriptions tonight. Here's the deal, have you ever organized and been to a 2 year old's birthday party? If you haven't you should try it, it's pretty wild. Be assured you will tire before they do but remember like all drunken frat boys they ain't helping with the clean up. Anyway here's what I got; 50's Instrumentals and Rock; 60's Psych and Garage; 70's Punk; 80's Underground; R&B/Soul/Funk from the 50's to now, Latin Jazz and Boo-Ga-Loo, Afro Beat and some Dub and Ska. In the back pack I have some insano Crime Jazz and Spy records that I really wish I had the time to write about. Oh well...ZZZzzzz...See you there...zzzz.

Thanks to Todd and Everyone at Maxwell's who helped out. Thanks to Lou Barlow for being so patient. Hell, he got a Balloon and Hank got to move around some mic stands. So a good time was had by all.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Tuesday March 1st - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,

*BRAP!* Ah, so we all ate way the hell too much at this past Saturday Record Swap Wing Ding at DC's Tavern. Lovely Ms. Carolynn cooked up some 200 or more wings and tossed in her BLT Salad. BLT Salad is exactly that, and believe me it was delicious. I picked up 11 for $10 from Mr Tormo's very oddly assorted boxes and walked away very satusfied. In honor of or vinyl and chicken feast I'll be spinning food songs on the Lazy Susans this week.

The sampler plate below should wet your appetite for the many many other food oriented discs I'll be bringing along this week.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703


First up is an invitation to the ghoulish feast by our dear friend Zacherle...

John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul" - "Dinner With Drac" Part 1 (Cameo cat. C130)
50's Crime Jazz styled guitar lays into a sleazy beat and whaling sax as much to his surprise Zacherle turns out to be on the menu himself. He doesn't seem to mind and the band stomps their way through two parts of this blood orgy. Part two is an even crazier version taken at a slightly quicker pace and seemingly not sung by our beloved Zacherle but some mystery voice in his place.

The Soul Providers - " Earl's Backyard Barbecue" (Desco Records cat. 45-1006)
The wonderful Soul Providers get down with the funky organ on this delicious owed to the Bar-B-Que. Dancing along with nice choppy guitar, heavy bass and snapping drums is a weber kettle spilling over with the goods. I hope Andre comes by later with those Ribs.

The West-Siders - "Candy Yams" (Infinity cat. INX-031)
A little bit haunting for some reason but then again the Yam is a night shade isn't it. These Yams are on the move. This may fit nicely on a Crime Jazz comp but for now it's a side dish of the highest order. Chunky guitar, honking sax and slow beat drums are highlighted by someone smacking the hell out of a triangle. Come and get it!

Sam Wright Group - "Green Onions" (Peak cat. C-7-A)
Equally as haunting is this version of the much covered "Green Onions." This is of course the plated twin of "Night Train" so you can never go wrong. The formula here is similar as our previous fare, guitar, bass, drums and organ layered to form a fine addition to any meal. [I don't know much about this record or the Sam Wright Group but it is out of Newark, NJ and that's OK with me. The B-side is a HORRIBLE song called "Patches" sung by a guy named Jimmy Grant. Holy cow, this guy makes Pat Boone look like a baddass. The craziest thing is by the end of the song the woman he is going to marry, Patches, winds up, face down dead in a muddy ditch and he is now contemplating suicide..."Patches, I'm coming to you." Crazy.]

Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - "Send Me Some Cornbread" (ATCO Records cat. 45-6411 (66C-10074))
A funky gravel throated jones for some cornbread. The organ sound on this sends chills down my spine. This is what the B3 was built for, testifyn' along with the testifyn'. The rest of the backing is nice and simple. The drums and guitar are exact and taken at a medium pace or better yet lightly browned on the outside and just dense enough on the inside to sop up anything trying to make it's way across your plate. I hope you can understand that.

The Diplomats of Solid Sound - "Porkchop" (Estrus Records cat. ES7164)
One of my favorite labels of all time breaks form and gets down right funky. The amazing Diplomats bring us a delicacy from their homeland, beautifully marbled purple vinyl. Organ is added to steady drumming and bass to turn out one perfectly cooked chop. This is the Hungry Man portion so take it slow.

Jimmy McGriff and Groove Holmes - "Finger Lickin' Good" (Groove Merchant cat. SGM 1020)
McGirff and Groove trade licks on this up tempo tune. McGriff is so recognizable as he drives his free wheeling solo out to an almost psychedelic guitar sound. After a while it's obvious he isn't going to give it up for the ever soulful Groove. Most likely on the LP version Groove gets his say and I bet it's mighty tasty.

The Nightcaps - "Wine Wine Wine" (Vandan cat. VR-7491)
"You get a nickel and I'll get a dime and we'll go out and buy some wine, wine, wine." Early Rock-N-Roll has been sounding so good to me lately. I have been listening to more and more and so far so good. Slashing guitar, piano, pounding (limited kit) drums, sax and of course snotty vocals that will make any parent cringe all up to no f'n good. This is good shit.

Dave Pike - "Sweet Tater Pie" (Atlantic Records cat. 45-5073 (A 10516))
Jazz great Pike gets down in the lounge with this Sounds for the Jet Set classic. Vibes, jazzy rock drums, organ, guitar and trumpet keep out of each others way as they dance across the floor. Always a crowd pleaser and one I have to restrain myself from playing over and over. Matt Helm is digging on this one baby. This goes well with Tjader's classic "Soul Sauce."

Gary McFarland - "Fried Bananas" (Verve cat. VK10380 (65-VK-438))
This is from one of the coolest records ever made. if you want to know what the sound of a lazy summer day is just drop the needle on this magical recording (Gary McFarland "The 'In' Sound" on Verve). McFarland perfected what was known as vocalese, a wordless singing style that follows along with the melody. After an extended intro that almost becomes the majority of the song trumpet and guitar are allowed to converse briefly when suddenly the band and McFarland take it up a level before the songs faded outro.

El Shobey & Co. - "The Whole Thing" (Shout cat.
Food coma has set in as El Shobey and company try to get you to have just a little more. Congas drive this organ jam along with a nice combination of guitar, drums and repeated vocals. This mid tempo funk number is about all you could muster after gorging yourself.

Sammy Davis Jr. - "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)" (Applause cat. AS 100)
Although I have never once smoked a cigarette I can tell by the looks on the faces of others that this can be as important as hot sauce or pepper at any meal. Ironically ole' Sammy just might have heeded the words of this little tune if he only knew how true they were. Somewhat of a Country Pop mood going on here but it's not the music on this one that is even important. Wesley Willis could be playing the backing and it wouldn't have mattered. One of my favorite novelty songs.

Well all good things must eventually come to an end and so does our good time. As night gives way to early morning and a good buzz gives way to dehydration the inevitable happens...

Martini's - "Hung Over" (Golden-Bar Records cat. 101 (100-67 A))
This is the other side of "Late Late Party" which of course we have just experienced. This is a very Booker T groove from what is basically the Hi Rhythm section. The first solo break here is a deep note blown into the porcelain throne. Nice, puking as musical expression. A solid little instrumental with deep throated sax and CHUNKY guitar and organ. Come on I had to, how could I not. Well, make sure you tell Ralph and Earl about your new Buick and then crawl back to bed after downing some water and aspirin.