Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Tuesday March 1st - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,

*BRAP!* Ah, so we all ate way the hell too much at this past Saturday Record Swap Wing Ding at DC's Tavern. Lovely Ms. Carolynn cooked up some 200 or more wings and tossed in her BLT Salad. BLT Salad is exactly that, and believe me it was delicious. I picked up 11 for $10 from Mr Tormo's very oddly assorted boxes and walked away very satusfied. In honor of or vinyl and chicken feast I'll be spinning food songs on the Lazy Susans this week.

The sampler plate below should wet your appetite for the many many other food oriented discs I'll be bringing along this week.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703


First up is an invitation to the ghoulish feast by our dear friend Zacherle...

John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul" - "Dinner With Drac" Part 1 (Cameo cat. C130)
50's Crime Jazz styled guitar lays into a sleazy beat and whaling sax as much to his surprise Zacherle turns out to be on the menu himself. He doesn't seem to mind and the band stomps their way through two parts of this blood orgy. Part two is an even crazier version taken at a slightly quicker pace and seemingly not sung by our beloved Zacherle but some mystery voice in his place.

The Soul Providers - " Earl's Backyard Barbecue" (Desco Records cat. 45-1006)
The wonderful Soul Providers get down with the funky organ on this delicious owed to the Bar-B-Que. Dancing along with nice choppy guitar, heavy bass and snapping drums is a weber kettle spilling over with the goods. I hope Andre comes by later with those Ribs.

The West-Siders - "Candy Yams" (Infinity cat. INX-031)
A little bit haunting for some reason but then again the Yam is a night shade isn't it. These Yams are on the move. This may fit nicely on a Crime Jazz comp but for now it's a side dish of the highest order. Chunky guitar, honking sax and slow beat drums are highlighted by someone smacking the hell out of a triangle. Come and get it!

Sam Wright Group - "Green Onions" (Peak cat. C-7-A)
Equally as haunting is this version of the much covered "Green Onions." This is of course the plated twin of "Night Train" so you can never go wrong. The formula here is similar as our previous fare, guitar, bass, drums and organ layered to form a fine addition to any meal. [I don't know much about this record or the Sam Wright Group but it is out of Newark, NJ and that's OK with me. The B-side is a HORRIBLE song called "Patches" sung by a guy named Jimmy Grant. Holy cow, this guy makes Pat Boone look like a baddass. The craziest thing is by the end of the song the woman he is going to marry, Patches, winds up, face down dead in a muddy ditch and he is now contemplating suicide..."Patches, I'm coming to you." Crazy.]

Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - "Send Me Some Cornbread" (ATCO Records cat. 45-6411 (66C-10074))
A funky gravel throated jones for some cornbread. The organ sound on this sends chills down my spine. This is what the B3 was built for, testifyn' along with the testifyn'. The rest of the backing is nice and simple. The drums and guitar are exact and taken at a medium pace or better yet lightly browned on the outside and just dense enough on the inside to sop up anything trying to make it's way across your plate. I hope you can understand that.

The Diplomats of Solid Sound - "Porkchop" (Estrus Records cat. ES7164)
One of my favorite labels of all time breaks form and gets down right funky. The amazing Diplomats bring us a delicacy from their homeland, beautifully marbled purple vinyl. Organ is added to steady drumming and bass to turn out one perfectly cooked chop. This is the Hungry Man portion so take it slow.

Jimmy McGriff and Groove Holmes - "Finger Lickin' Good" (Groove Merchant cat. SGM 1020)
McGirff and Groove trade licks on this up tempo tune. McGriff is so recognizable as he drives his free wheeling solo out to an almost psychedelic guitar sound. After a while it's obvious he isn't going to give it up for the ever soulful Groove. Most likely on the LP version Groove gets his say and I bet it's mighty tasty.

The Nightcaps - "Wine Wine Wine" (Vandan cat. VR-7491)
"You get a nickel and I'll get a dime and we'll go out and buy some wine, wine, wine." Early Rock-N-Roll has been sounding so good to me lately. I have been listening to more and more and so far so good. Slashing guitar, piano, pounding (limited kit) drums, sax and of course snotty vocals that will make any parent cringe all up to no f'n good. This is good shit.

Dave Pike - "Sweet Tater Pie" (Atlantic Records cat. 45-5073 (A 10516))
Jazz great Pike gets down in the lounge with this Sounds for the Jet Set classic. Vibes, jazzy rock drums, organ, guitar and trumpet keep out of each others way as they dance across the floor. Always a crowd pleaser and one I have to restrain myself from playing over and over. Matt Helm is digging on this one baby. This goes well with Tjader's classic "Soul Sauce."

Gary McFarland - "Fried Bananas" (Verve cat. VK10380 (65-VK-438))
This is from one of the coolest records ever made. if you want to know what the sound of a lazy summer day is just drop the needle on this magical recording (Gary McFarland "The 'In' Sound" on Verve). McFarland perfected what was known as vocalese, a wordless singing style that follows along with the melody. After an extended intro that almost becomes the majority of the song trumpet and guitar are allowed to converse briefly when suddenly the band and McFarland take it up a level before the songs faded outro.

El Shobey & Co. - "The Whole Thing" (Shout cat.
Food coma has set in as El Shobey and company try to get you to have just a little more. Congas drive this organ jam along with a nice combination of guitar, drums and repeated vocals. This mid tempo funk number is about all you could muster after gorging yourself.

Sammy Davis Jr. - "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette)" (Applause cat. AS 100)
Although I have never once smoked a cigarette I can tell by the looks on the faces of others that this can be as important as hot sauce or pepper at any meal. Ironically ole' Sammy just might have heeded the words of this little tune if he only knew how true they were. Somewhat of a Country Pop mood going on here but it's not the music on this one that is even important. Wesley Willis could be playing the backing and it wouldn't have mattered. One of my favorite novelty songs.

Well all good things must eventually come to an end and so does our good time. As night gives way to early morning and a good buzz gives way to dehydration the inevitable happens...

Martini's - "Hung Over" (Golden-Bar Records cat. 101 (100-67 A))
This is the other side of "Late Late Party" which of course we have just experienced. This is a very Booker T groove from what is basically the Hi Rhythm section. The first solo break here is a deep note blown into the porcelain throne. Nice, puking as musical expression. A solid little instrumental with deep throated sax and CHUNKY guitar and organ. Come on I had to, how could I not. Well, make sure you tell Ralph and Earl about your new Buick and then crawl back to bed after downing some water and aspirin.

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