Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Primitive Sound System - Maxwell's Tuesday 02-22; DC's Thursday and Saturday 02-24 and 26th

This could possibly be the longest email you will ever get from me but there are 3 events this week alone. - pat.

Maxwell's Tuesday February 22nd 9PM - 2AM
There are so many things going on this week that my head is spinning a bit. Tuesday February 22nd at 9PM I'll be a Maxwell's for another Mixed Tape session. I originally settled on this name hoping I was going to be able to record some of these nights on my MiniDisc recorder but the drummer in me isn't able to figure out the reason I am getting unlistenable low volume to the recorder. This week's session will span 55 years of musical genre jumping.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703


DC's Tavern Thursday February 24th 10PM - 2AM
Matt "Mr. Fine Wine" Weingarden," Greg "Solid Hit Soul" Tormo and Pat. James Longo aka "Primitive Sound System" will be spinning slab of soul after slab of soul past and present. This is another great installment of DC's Tavern Thursday Night Music and Alcohol Appreciation Series. That's right every Thursday night DC's features music spun by local DJ's as well as some folks who may know a whole lot about music but never even dreamed of spinning records. "Drop by for the music but stay for the drinks." As always if you're drinking don't drive; if you're driving don't drink.

DC's Tavern Saturday Record Swap Winter Wing Ding - Saturday February 26th 1/2PM - 7/8PM
Well at DC's Tavern we just don't ever see a reason to not flare up the grill. Saturday February 26th will be our winter swap aka "The Winter Wing Ding." This time around there will be no bands, just records and wings. Some people claim to get cabin fever in the winter or depression from the earlier than usual darkness. At DC's Tavern we look for reasons to stay out of the light with plenty of alcohol, good music and the pleasant company of friends at least until they have had one too many of those drinks. The swaps are one of the few days we shut down Michael's iPod (the jukebox) and cover the pool table but of course this is for the noblest cause of all... the amicable exchange of vinyl recordings (styrene or shellac is also allowed). Rumor has it that Carolynn Spence will be handling the fryer duties. Hello, this is one of the chef's at NYC much ballyhooed Spotted Pig! "We are NOT worthy!" OK, so I think you all get the picture. Bring a box to sell or trade. Bring a friend. Bring something edible (if you are capable). Bring money for alcohol. Remember, if you're drinking don't drive, if you're driving don't drink and always tip your bartenders. (Jersey still smokes.)
To see the poster for the event --> http://www.primitivesoundsystem.org/images/posters/dcs_tavern/wing_ding.gif

Saturday February 26th - 1/2PM - 8PM
DC's Tavern
"Back In Back"
505 8th Street (Between Jefferson and Madison)
Hoboken NJ
For More Info:
phone: 201-792-5550
email: dcs@dcstavern.com



Tuesday's Picks:
Barrett Strong - "Money (That's What I Want)" (Anna Records cat. 1111 (54027-G1))

Nappy Brown with Teacho Wiltshire's Orchestra - "My Baby" (Savoy Records cat. 45-1551 (45-SNB-614848))

Don and Dewey - "Justine" b/w "Bim Bam" (Specialty cat. 631)

The Rolling Stones - "Honky Tonk Women" b/w "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (ABKCO Record Company / London cat. 45-910)

The Zombies - "Time Of The Season" (date cat. 2-1628 (ZSP 139169))

The Strangeloves - "Cara-Lin" (Bang Records cat. W-10017))

Devo (De-Evolution - Q: Are We Not Men ?) - "Mongoloid" b/w "Jocko Homo" (Booji Boy Records cat. 7033-14)

Joe Jackson Band - "Out Of Style" (A&M Records cat. AMS 7536)

The Raunch Hands - "Ford" (Whap-A-Dang Records)

Girl Trouble - "Work That Crowd!" (Empty Records cat. MT-184)

Africa - "Widow" (Ode cat. )

Michael Olatunji - "Soul Makossa - PT. 1" (Paramount Records cat. PAA-0222)

Carol Kaye / Earl Hooker - "Bass Catch" b/w "Two Bugs In A Rug" (Disque D'Or cat. D747)

James Taylor & The New Mastersounds - "Foxy Lady" b/w "Fire" (Blow It Hard Records cat. BIH006)

Thursday's Picks:
I figured my try to go head to head with two of the finest soul DJ's around so I am bringing Soul Nueva.

The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Babarabatiri" (Tru Thoughts Recording cat. TRU7 055)
The Quantic Soul Orchestra is basically Will Holland getting down as raw and dirty as anyone before him. The sound is beautifully authentic and the original tunes could only be described in the truest sense of a Webster's Dictionary redundant definition...original. His version of "Babarabatiri" explodes out of the grooves combining the comical aspect of early mambo with a tight funk groove. Somewhere Beny Moré and Perez Prado are smiling in appreciation. The Quantic Soul Orchestra LP "Stampede" is a perfect LP and should be owned by anyone claiming to like Soul/Funk.

The Baker Brothers - "All Baked Out" (Peddler cat. PDLR001)
Damn I can't get enough of The Baker Brothers. Adding Modern/Acid Jazz touches to their 70's funk sound has them standing just left of center of the other progenitors of late 60's early 70's funk. "All Baked Out" is no exception. The Brothers push snapping drums, stylish guitar and searing sax to its limit on this mid tempo head bobber. The recording quality on The Baker Brothers material is a real pleasure. Talented mothers if there ever was.

The Whitefield Brothers - "In The Raw" (Soul Fire Records cat. SF-018-A)
OK, most people would disagree with me but The Whitefield Brothers are better than Poets Of Rhythm any day. The Poets can be a little too slick for my liking and it too often "wimps" up their groove. The Whitefield Brothers on the other hand brought to Soul Fire what Philip Lehman had always been searching for; raw, slamming heartfelt late 60's Soul/Funk. These guys not only had the chops but they brought real composition to the New Funk scene. Most of the young lions were satisfied with imitating a beat from the past and laying down a pedestrian melody or groove which sorely trailed behind. The jazzier than the rest Sugarman 3 was one of the first band to school the scene but The Whitefields were the first Funk outfit to show them how to do it. Other than The Bamboos "Eel Oil" I have yet to hear an equal to the appropriately titled "In The Raw."

The Other Side - "Diggin' In The Yard" (Desco cat. DS-1003)
The Other Side was one of Philip Lehman's first forays into the world of New Funk. Philip was so set on making people believe these tracks were old unknown or unreleased tracks that he would out and out lie in every conversation we had to the point where it became comical. Like all musicians, Philip was proud of his drumming and every now and again would slip and say so. I don't believe it is Lehman on drums on the Other Side. The Other Side takes some parts of the JB's and some parts of early Kool and The Gang and come out sounding pretty tasty and unique. "Diggin' In The Yard" sounds just as good today as it did when I first heard it sometime in the 90's. Pumping organ, smooth bass, ensemble horn lines, steady drumming and a wonderful trombone solo keep this cut just diggin' in any yard.

Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - "C'Mon Boot-It!" (Jive (Recorded in glorious Mono)
WEEEEE! This, another mid-tempo stormer, comes out of Finland. Calypso King? OK, if you say say. This is hard as nails funk and it is played so beautifully it should be included on any list of top Funk 45's. Organ, very distinctive guitar and badass drums hold this little gem together as it moves through a few different parts and solos. As a note the A-Side "Investigators Testifying" is a not so surprisingly fast tempo dance floor mover but followed by the very surprising untitled very short free jazz noise piece. This short piece was enough for me to know that these guys would be putting out some great music in the future. Of course they went on to form Timmion Records and have released some of the best 45s and LPs in the past 6 years or so.

Saturday' Picks:
Pickin' The Bone!

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