Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Primitive Sound System, Chuck Day and Justin Frohwirth at D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday, February 5th - 9PM - Close

Hello Y'all,
Happy Valentine's Day Massacre!
This First Thursday (February 5th from 9PM to Closing) we are inspired by the two feelings that are equally as destructive as they are fulfilling - Love & Hate. Chuck Daly and I will be joined by the man known as Collector Scum - Justin Frohwirth. I have seen some amazing record collections over the years but nothing compares to the focus and quality found in every box in his studio. What is even more impressive is the fact that the collection is not overwhelming in number. That is not to say that it is easily gone through or even comprehensible. Every box is filled with favorite Punk “hits,” but what is really impressive are the ones you have never heard of or even knew existed. Do not miss this not. As always Brian Daly will be serving you drinks until you love at least one person and keep drinking until you can't stand the sight of them. As always all Beerdos welcome!

Justin suggested doing this month’s theme so the mini reviews come from his pen and brain.

Continental Co-Ets - I Don't Love You No More (IGL # 105) 1966
Moptop Mike Markesich's amazing TeenBeat Mayhem USA 60s garage discography book lists just over 30 bands of the era that had all girl members, and this understated rebuke to the boys is one of the best of them. It can almost be seen as an answer song to any of hundreds -- possibly thousands -- of other songs listed in the book.

Fear - I Love Livin in the City (Criminal no #) 1978
A love song of a different sort. Although it's really a song of hate. So perfect for the night's theme.

Freestone - Bummer Bitch (Akhashic AK-2001) 1978
There may be a few contenders for the title, but I'd call this the quintessential misogynistic hate anthem of the Killed By Death "genre", certainly helped by being comped on an early volume of the series, and later being covered by artists like Jay Reatard. According to lore, they really were more of a prog band, which can be heard to some degree on "Church", the flipside of this record. "Bummer Bitch" was recorded as a throwaway joke, and the world is a better place for it.

Nerves - Hanging on the Telephone (self-released # N4501) 1976
Perhaps the best powerpop song of all time, and they did it better than Blondie who later made it famous.

Sister Ray - Hate - from the Coming To Terms EP (Sad no #) 1985
One of a number of records I'll be playing which share this simple title, but this is most criminally under-rated of all of them. It certainly didn't help that the band's later material on labels like Sub Pop and Forced Exposure is still littering dollar bins everywhere. But the band's mid-to-late 80s singles on their own Sad label, plus their 1st LP "Random Violence" on the very uneven Dutch imprint Resonance, are all great. Could a band from 1980s Ohio named after a Velvet Underground song really not be good?

Triumphs - Surfside Date (IFF # 151) 1964
This is perhaps the odd man out on Back From the Grave #2, given its early date and obvious surf influences, although Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors was even 2 years earlier and on a label called Surf Records. I won't try to explain why a band from Wisconsin was doing a surfy record, but how can you top a song with the genius couplet "After the usual razz-a-ma-tazz / I'll take you home and all of that jazz"? They got their point across loud and clear fifty years ago, when no one was allowed to say "fuck" on record.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters"

Thursday, February 5th - 9PM to Closing

D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550