Tuesday, November 11, 2003

New Records!

Between the FMU record fair and The DC's Tavern monthly Swap I have gotten some great records. A few of these were off the internet as well.

Recent finds buys and trades:
"Mama's Got a Bag of Her Own" (End) - Anna King
"Talking Loud and Saying Nothing" (Polydor - Japan) - James Brown
"You're the Man" Pt 1 and 2 - (Tamla) - Marvin Gaye
The Incredible Jimmy Smith - "Bucket!" - Little LP - (Blue Note) - Jimmy Smith
"The Son of Man" - (Prestige) - Houston Person
"Fat Mama b/w The Raven" - (Fantasy) - Woody Herman
"My Philosophy" Single Edit and Instrumental - (Jive) - Boogie Down Productions
"I Loves You Porgy b/w Yours and Mine (Instro)" - (Bethlehem) - James Brown
"Impeach The President" - (Alaga) - Honey Drippers
"See - F b/w Makin' It With You" - (Eastbound) - Ceasar Frazier
"Keep it Steady (Brecker Bump) b/w If You Wanna Boogie Forget It/Sneakin' Up Behind You" - (Arista) - The Brecker Brothers
Herbie Hancock:
"Palm Grease" Promo (Mono/Stereo) - (Columbia)
"Palm Grease b/w Butterfly" - (Columbia)
"Spank-A-Lee b/w Actual Proof" - (Columbia)
"Hot Dawgit b/w Tambura" - (Columbia) - Ramsey Lewis and Earth Wind and Fire
"Mambo USA b/w Mambo India" - (Fiesta) - Ramon Marquez and His Orchestra

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