Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tuesday Night Sabroso!

Hello Y'all,

Spinning continuous Latin/Afro Beat and Funk music spanning 6 decades. No style will be left uncooked - Folklorico, Salsa, Boo-Ga-Loo, Rock, Funk, Lounge and Jazz. Providing a soundtrack for eating, drinking, dancing or just sittin' back and listening.

Some treats you can look forward to...
Bobby Valentin - "Guarambemebere" (Fania) 7" [One of my personal favorites]
Dimension Latina - "Vivendo Del Cuento" (L.A.D. Records) 7"
Justo Betancourt - "Yira - Yira" (Fania) 7"
Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound - "El Barrio Sin Guapo" (International) 7"
Johnny Colon - "Mambo Suzie" (Cotique) 7" [This is the B-Side to the Dickie Goodman track "On Campus"]
Chivrico Davila - "Llego El Frizao" (Alegre) 7"
Arthur Sterling with The Pucho Band - "Ain't That Right" b/w Darin's Mambo (Verve) 7" Two great back to back tracks!

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