Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Sabroso! - Yes, I have some James Brown Records

Hello Y'all,
I've decided to pull out some of my James Brown records for the Funk/Soul part of the night (after midnight). I was asked by three people last week if I had any. The answer is yes.

"Hot Pants Road" - The JB's (People 7")
"The Drunk" - James Brown (Bethlehem 7")
"Fat Eddie" - James Crawford (King 7")
"The Rabbit Got The Gun" - The Dapps featuring Alfred Ellis (King 7")
"The X-Sorcist" - The Devils (People 7")
"Live It Up" - James K-Nine (Federal 7")
"Funky & Some" - The Last Word (Polydor 7")
"Pick Up The Pieces One By One" - A.A.B.B. (Identify 7")

And many more plus some LP cuts:

Mighty Instrumentals - (King 961)
Handful of Soul [James Brown at the organ] - (Smash S67084)
I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) - (King 1030)
JB Plays Nothing But Soul - (King 1034)
Gettin' Down to It - (King 1051)
The Popcorn - (King 1055)
It's A Mother - (King 1063)
Ain't It Funky - (King 1092)
It's A New Day Let A Man Come In - (King 1095)
Revolution of the Mind - [Live at the Apollo, Volume 3] - (Polydor PD3003)
Black Caesar - (Polydor PD6014)
Slaughter's Big Rip-off - Slaughter's Big Rip-off (Polydor PD6015)

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