Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"Geeba Jabba Dance" Maxwell's Hoboken NJ

Hello Y'all,
Unfortunately naming this Beast has not been easy. Still nothing solid as of yet. Two names are in the running: Giambotta or "GiamBrolt" as my Grandmother pronounced it and "Mixed Tape." Giambotta is an Italian stew that basically can contain anything. Like my Grandmother would say, "Everything and the kitchen sink." My Grandmother was famous for her "Geeba Jabba Dance" but that is a whole other story. I started making mixed tapes when I was about 9 or 10 years old. My Dad would bring home these Ampex 30 minute tapes and I would toil over filling them. Sometimes choosing and fading out the last song on a side for hours just so it was perfect. I can only assume this was a major contributor to my obsession with music. I always found the Mixed Tape as a great way to spread the knowledge. Who knows maybe something else will come to mind. In the meantime come by drink, eat and above all enjoy. Peace.
- pat.
Primitive Sound System
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Some music to excite the ears...
Silver Apples - from the S/T first record - "Lovefingers" - (Kapp) - I saw these guys play twice during the re-union tours. If you were a fan of these two bizarre LPs the live shows proved they were truly talented as well as ahead of their time.
Leviathan - from S/T - "Abaresque" (Mach Records/London) - I got this from J.Geil's Band's former manager. He brought in a bunch boxes of records to the store over a two month period. He had some great stories and mostly pretty common records. This strange Prog Rock record called to me and I love this cut. He wanted me to have a few records so I picked this and...
Left End - Spoiled Rotten - (Polydor 1974) - A rock record taking equal parts Mod and equal parts Rocker and making a great rock record. The cover reminds me of that video of Ratt with Milton Bearle. Not sure what cut yet.
Doug Sahm and Band - S/T - "I Get Off" - (Atlantic 1973) - This records got a nice who's who of players and a sound that is very love. "I Get Off" is a funky little groove that ends the whole affair. I always say that a great LP will feel like a mixed tape. This must be a great LP.
Lester Bangs and the Delinquents -from - Jook Savages on the Brazos - "Life Is Not Worth Living (But Suicide's a Waste of Time)" - (Live Wire Records) - There is nothing reasonably cleaver left to be said about Lester Bangs. I read Cream Magazine as a kid. I love the posthumous books. He made two great LPs and one of my favorite singles. The liners are by Nick Tosches, I'll just be quite now.
The Ventures In Space - "War Of The Satellites" (Dolton Records) - From the liner notes: All of these unusual & other-worldly sounds have been created with musical instruments rather than electronic gimmicks. Need I say more?
OST - Music & Lyrics Milton & Anne DeLugg - Gulliver's Travels Beyond The Moon "Ursa Minor" - (Mainstream) - I watched this sometime in the 80's and almost shit when I heard the music. I found like 3 sealed copies at Footlight records in the early 90's. This is still one of my favorite soundtracks. Weird songs about Space and War for the most part. Cool electronic madness.
Calexico - Feast of Wire - "Attack El Robot! Attack!" - (Quarter Stick Records/City Slang) - This sure does seem to be a homage to Rise Robot! Rise! From the aforementioned soundtrack and they sound so good together. Calexico are two of the most talented and creative musicians currently playing music.
The One and Only Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Precious Memories - "Come By Here" - (Savoy) - Did Jimi Hendrix's grandma play guitar? You would think. Rosetta Tharpe could rip up a guitar like Jimi and belt it out like Aretha.
Merry Clayton - S/T - "Southern Man" (Ode Records) - It is probably safe to assume that if Lynard Skynard hated Neil Young for writing a song knocking the south then imagine what they thought of this version. I fucking hate Lynard Skynard. I love this version of this song.
The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - S/T ""Fried Okra" - (Warner Brothers Records) - This is one of the greatest backing bands and on their own they were devastating. Like the cover says "Hot Heat and Sweet Groove."

Some 45s for this week:
Elvis Costello - "Radio Sweetheart" - (Stiff 1977) - This is the B-Side of Less Than Zero. Great steal guitar and weepy lyrics.
Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" (Acoustic) - (Sire 1977) - B-side of "Psycho Killer." Something extra creepy when this song is done acoustically. Maybe it is the sittin' around the campfire effect, no not singing Kumbaya but telling Ghost Stories.
The Slits - "Typical Girls" - (Antilles) At one time this was the hardest record to convince people to buy. I love the LP so much. Great grooves, bizarre vocals and crazy ass lyrics. The B-Side of this is a version of "Heard It through The Grapevine."
Neil Diamond - "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" - (Bang Records) I would call this a guilty pleasure but that would insinuate it was not good. DIAMOND! All Neil all the time. Okay he did suck soon after this but I still love it.
Chris Bell - "I Am The Cosmos" - (CAR Records 1978) One of the Founders of Big Star. This brilliant 45 was only given its real due when Rykodisc issued the entire session in "92 (CD only unfortunately). If there was ever a reason to buy a CD player it would be that release. Chris Bell was listening to the Beatles while Alex Chilton was chowing down Memphis Soul Stew. I guess sometimes the Beatles influenced something great.

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