Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Cooking up some wholesome goodness...

Hello Y'all,
I hope this gets out to the usual suspects. I recently updated to OS X and think I may have lost all my old email but more importantly ALL my email addresses. I moved some to my web mail a while ago but certainly not all of them dating back to 1999.

This week we are being pushed by the angry wind known as Francine. As always we will go genre hopping throughout the night. I brought some heavy stuff from recent years as well as some odd lounge things. I don't even remember what I packed in my LP bag. I packed it two weeks ago so come be surprised with me, I don't think you will be disappointed. Below are a few new and old things that will certainly blow through the speakers. Please come by and enjoy the music the food and the alcohol.
- pat.
Primitive Sound System
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Hoboken New Jersey
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The 45s:
The Turnarounds - "Soul Walk" - (Tangerine Records) Recently I have come across a few great records on Ray Charles' Label. Let's just say that Brother Ray was a bad Motherfucker. This track kicks and hopefully will shake a few asses.
John Roberts - "Sophisticated Funk (instr) - (Duke) - I had this on a comp. I believe it was a Goldmine comp. it's got nice guitar and horns which is why I believe he felt it "sophisticated." It's got great drums to boot. That just makes it great.
Manzel - "Space Funk" b/w "Midnight Theme" These are the Dopebrother Records 7" mixes on one 45 with a picture sleeve. What an amazing band. Supposedly the unreleased LP will see the light of day soon. I hope so. Space and Funk all in one title. Well if that isn't as close to heaven as one can get I don't know what to tell ya.
Troubled Soul - "reissue" "Funky Me Part #1 & Part #2" - (Crowbar Records) A few things have been written suggesting this may not be a re-issue. Whatever ever this is or whom ever it is doesn't really matter. I once read "If it has Rock in the title it usually isn't." Thank God that doesn't hold true for the funk genre. This is Funky and it says so right on the label.
Timothy - "K. C. Stomp" - (Shawn Records) Timothy (McNeely) was one prolific, funky fellow. This is yet another reissue from his catalog. If this one had funky in the title that would be fine but instead it says Stomp. So STOMP we will to a very funky groove.
Bobby Rush - "Chicken Heads" b/w "Mary Jane" - (Galaxy) Bobby Rush had a minor hit with "Chicken Heads." I think it was a hit of another kind that may have driven him creatively. "Mary Jane" is an excellent little groover and a tribute to a fine herb.
Jesse Johnson - "Kickin' The Habit" b/w "Down The Line" by Chocolate Fudge Express - (Turf Records) Damn I had been looking for this for a while. Sounds as good as I remember. I am a sucker for funky grooves and a message and this has both in good measure. OK the B-side is by Chocolate Fudge Express; good gracious that is funny and sad as a band name.
Billy Wade and The 3rd Degrees - "Tear It Up, Part 1 and Part 2" - (ABC Records) If you call your record "Tear It Up" it is so much more dangerous than calling it "funky." The criticism would be one of those one line annoying reviews, "Tear it up, maybe they should have." No worries here. Slamming R&B, funky party song.
In the past few years I have purchased some boxes of records from flea markets, gate and garage sales and of course through word of mouth. These are the collections that the condition is always questionable and you are not really sure what you are getting. $3 - $5 for a cool looking box filled with 45s. The Pot Luck of the collectors world. I recently was able to go through and clean up some of them. What follows are most likely the cream of the crop... of course the boxes were pretty great.
Ernie K-doe, - "Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta" b/w "Real Man" - (Minit Records) I have known "Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta" from a few different comps and Ernie K-doe has always been a favorite but what a nice surprise on the B-side. A groovy tune penned by Allen Toussaint using his pseudonym Naomi Neville.
Chuck Bower and "The Stardusters" Featuring Cy Sticks & Jimmy - "Cy Boogie" - (The Stacy Lee Label 1975) Wow, this little boogie number has a revved up guitar solo about 3/4's the way through which almost pushes it into a gargey instrumental. All and all a fun listen and a nice track.
Super Cirkus - "Bubblegum March" - (Super K) This is it. This is what digging is all about. Nasty guitar and drum heavy instrumental form the genres most prolific crew. This track moves effortlessly from Garage, Heavy late 60s Rock and Funk and then back again. When I pulled it from the box alone in my studio I thought to myself cool, I love Bubblegum music. When I put it on I actually looked around to make sure no one else heard it. So I could listen to it over and over and then properly share it with others. Again, this is the old record clerk in me coming out. This must be heard, in all it genre hopping glory. If you know it already lucky you, if you don't make sure you ask me to play it for you or tell you when it is about to drop.
Spontaneous Combustion - "Walk On By" - (Rod Records) Slow groove take on a great slow groove. This 70's prog outfit graduated one of its members to Rod Stewart's 80's backing group... how ironic.
The Rugbys - "You, I" - (Amazon Records) I remember thinking when I got this, Soul 45 because it says "SHELBY SINGLETON PRODUCTIONS INC." on the label. Once again was I completely surprised at this nasty little garage punk number. Supposedly this was a "hit" in 1969. I suppose this was a hit locally in Nashville but if it was at a national hit I once again must say that commercial radio really really really sucks! R-O-C-K!
The LPs:
I have no idea what is in there. Really.

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