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Primitive Sound System - Maxwell's - Tuesday Feb 1st!

Hello Y'all,
Fat Tuesday comes one week early in my record boxes as next week I will be working on the poster for our next Record Swap. This Swap known as "The Winter Wing Ding" (Saturday February 26th at DC's Tavern) will prove how great Cosco really is, apparently they sell 200 count bags of Chicken wings. You all know that we have a grill and a fryer and we're not afraid to use it. We won't be deterred by our still lingering Snow Storm of 2005! (Or whatever this icy season brings. Remember FIRE is ICE's most feared foe.)

"Laissez les bons temps rouler!"
At 280lbs every Tuesday is Mardi Gras for me. Next to the music and vast influence of the Godfather of Soul from Augusta, GEE A, New Orleans must be in the top 5 of funkiest locales. Not relying of the Blues/Gospel base of traditional R&B, New Orleans' groove is one of the most unique sounding vibrations you can ever be exposed to. Odd timed beats, inflected vocals and a constant party feel (dare I say its Holy Trinity) seem to be the stand out sounds from the regions funkier recordings. Eddie Bo, Allen Toussaint, Lee Dorsey, Huey "Piano" Smith, The Meters/ Nevilles, Marshall Sehorn, Dave Bartholomew, Ernie K-Doe, Leo Morris (a.k.a. Idris Mohammed), etc, etc... Music for your mind body and soul, it's gonna hoodoo you!

- pat.

Primitive Sound System and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Some 45s:
Anthony Butler & The Invaders - "Katty's Thing" (Big Deal Records cat. 1001 (AR-106 (4072))
A pretty good example of the odd timings of New Orleans. This sluggish stroll kicks off with a nice open drum intro. At times throughout you can't really tell if the drummer is ahead of the band or if he has fallen behind but don't let him fool you he is right where he is supposed to be. Medium to rare, thank you.

Robert Parker - "Let's Go Baby (Where The Action Is)" (Nola Records cat. 721 (174-1594)
B-side of Barefootin' and a bit more laid back than the title implies and that is certainly not a negative. This is a cruising around, with the top laid down, checkin' out the town kinda song. Seems safe for use during Day or Night. There is just something so appealing about Parker's squeezed vocal sound. I also slipped the LP in my backpack.

Ernie K-Doe - "Gotta Pack My Bags" (Duke cat. 437 (LRS 7289))
More open drum intros from N'olens. I saw a video a few years back where Ernie K-Doe was "the celebrity" endorsing this weird homemade one man band thing. He was dancing around jacked up, sportin' a turban and for the most part unintelligible. The products "inventor" may have been only slightly crazier but certainly no way near as entertaining. "Gotta Pack My Bag" is a perfect vehicle for Ernie to shout and yell on his journey to bliss. The drummer breaks it up again about half way through as the band reclines and looks on in awe. Ernie doesn't seem to notice and can still be heard to this day. Om Shanti Ernie, Om Shanti.

Lee Dorsey - "Four Corners - Part II" (Amy cat. AMY 11,031)
Drums! Drums! Drums! But that ain't all folks. We also get Lee and group testifying over the top of some swinging horns bubbling/churning organ and smooth almost "Tighten Up" bass vamps. "Eww Yeah!" Not the best presentation of what I consider the regions top voice but I love this cut so much. I also brought the Amy LP "Working in The Coal Mine and The Polydor LP "Yes We Can."

The Meters - "Message From The Meters" (Josie cat. 45-1024 (Joz 681))
The Meters - "Groovy Lady" (Josie cat. 45-1026 (Joz 686))
Two cuts from the band that made a career out of open drums, thumping bass, fabulously fuzzy/scratchy guitar and enough meaty organ to make any creepy double entendre work freakishly perfect right here. "Message..." adds vocals. The Meters almost rarely played a bad note and they seemed to have recorded as much as Hal Blaine and The Wrecking Crew. If you are not easily impressed try listening to the entire output (including as backing band) of The Meters a feat that is not likely to happen but one challenge well worth taking.

Cyril Neville - "Gossip" (Josie cat. 45-1014 (Joz-663))
Betty Harris - "There's A Break In The Road" (SSS International cat. SSS-766 (711-453))
Mary Jane Hooper - "I've Got Reasons" (Power-Pac cat. 45-2053 (AR-105-4051)
James K Nine - "Live It Up" (Federal)

Curley Moore And the Kool Ones - "Shelley's Rubber Band" b/w "Funky Yeah" (House of The Fox cat. MH-1934)
Just got this one in the mail today! Good God this thing cooks. Echo cracking guitar pops its way through the rubber band-like intro. Suddenly everyone falls into place like soldiers into formation. The band is tight as hell thorough out. Simple, hard and the amp buzz just kills me. Crazy shit. I love this! "Funky Yeah" is just as heavy with some insane guitar riffing throughout. Unfortunately it can't compete with the creativity of side one but on any other day this would be the "Pick Hit" side. Easily classifiable as a two-sider though. Just like it says, "Funky?" "Yeah!"

Some more new stuff...
Joe Simon - "The Whoo Pee" (Vee-Jay Records cat. VJ-694 (65-8600)
I heard this track first on Mr. Fine Wine's amazing "The Shing-A-Ling" giveaway CD from the last drive (Maybe two years ago?). However long I have had this CD I have played it over and over and over. Just like his amazing Friday night radio show every track is a winner. This track in particular was unforgettable and to tell you the truth I didn't want to forget it. Like any good addict this track ate my guts out as I couldn't seem to locate a copy. I finally asked Matt a couple of weeks ago if the track was an impossible find or was I just having some bad luck. He said to check the usual suspects which I had NUMEROUS times. BUT! Magically buried in the wonderful world of all things obsessive (eBay) I located a copy while still answering his email with the message, "I tried those all many many times." Well, 4 Days and 16 hours later I paid my $7.99 plus shipping and I am the proud owner of a nice clean copy. Did I mention that you have to hear this?

Don Pierce - "This Funky Thing" b/w "Spook-A-Delic" (Majesty cat. MAJ-1041)
This one came along with the Curley Moore 45. Slamming slab of funky grooviness. Hard drums, guitar and bright horns that sound like they might be in the studio next to Mr. Pierce. Beautiful female backing vocals are punctuated by guitar before the guitar breaks out into a subtle solo mode. Smooth as ice, but still heavy as hell. "Spook-A-Delic" is far less subtle and even heavier. Pounding, steady drums and layers of guitar bounce around like a set of audio pong. Great 45!

Stan and the Man - "(Muscle Man) "Does The Football" (B And G Records cat. 7750 (b. G. 1124))
"The Football" needless to say an odd sub-genre but one that is always great. This groove is one of those grooves that forces you to jut your head forward like a chicken on the move. Don't worry if you get lost because Stan and The Man will let you know exactly what you need to know to accomplish "The Football" or the "Muscle Man" Apparently you can go home and do the funky football as you wanna. Dancing everywhere any where you want to is truly freedom. Thanks guys.

OK. I am so tired I can't go on. There are a few more newbies but that will all have to wait 2 more weeks. I have a pack full of LPs from Louisiana from many fine folk. Come by and just have fun.

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