Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday July 19th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
This past Saturday I got to do a friend's radio show (Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg on WFMU (91.1). I have done the show in the past and it's always a lot of fun. This time the show was 3 hours long and I came armed with about 2 weeks worth of music. As always I was shooting from the hip and had no idea what I would actually play. I think I came out the other side with only a few bumps, skips and scratches. I will say that DJing in a studio is so different from a club. First and foremost no one has to bare my air drumming, goofy fat guy dancing and spacey head bobs. Secondly it is impossible to gauge how it's going. No faces pissed, happy or otherwise; no criticism what so ever. So, like with my drumming a chose records that pleased me and I could only hope someone else was enjoying them as well.

Check it out - http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/15727 here.

A couple of Saturdays ago I DJ'd a friend's wedding. It was an outdoor wedding and we set up the tables in a Tiki Hut (right next to the keg and just stumbling distance from the pool). There was no roof on the hut but several trees provided shade and all started out well. As the sun moved and began to beat down on my hairless basketball sized head I began to get a bit loopy. Unfortunately I didn't notice that the 45s were not enjoying the sunlight, at all. Only two 45's decided to buckle under the heat and luckily I have already replaced one of them.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

The Viscounts - "The Touch (Le Grisbi)" b/w "Chug-A-Lug" (Madison cat. M129 (sample copy))
My original copy was played a lot and the sun finally got the last play at the aforementioned wedding. This copy is a very clean promo and I hope it is prepared to take the place of its courageous and loyal predecessor. Swampy and mid tempo guitar, bass and sax work their way over hyperactive drumming on my beloved "Chug-A-Lug." The drums get a bit of a "solo" and everyone wisely drops out to just let him go. The sax jumps back in first and wails away as the others join in and take us out to the fade.

The Boys In The Band - "(How Bout A Little Hand For) The Boys In The Band" b/w "Sumpin Heavy" (Spring Records cat. SPR 103)
Horns blast the arrival of "Sumpin Heavy" and I am certainly happy they are here. This is one of those heavy tracks like The Backyard Heavies or even Spaghetti Head. I'd say the only reason it isn't as famous is dere taint no break. Horns, heavy drums and bass. "Breaks? I don't need no stinking breaks."

Flamingos - "Lover Come Back To Me" (Polydor cat. PD 2-14044)
The Flamingos remained in the game with a drum heavy funked version of "Lover Come Back..." As is expected the vocals are just killer with smooth as glass backing vocals supporting a lead that is blistering as it is sweet. Strings usually can kill the groove on tracks like this but in this case they just add to the backing and elevate the atmosphere. They also cut a Latin version in the mid 60's that I would love to get my hands on.

Ruby Andrews - "You Ole Boo Boo" (Zodiac Records cat. ZR-1020)
I keep saying I need more scorching female Soul tracks and this does not disappoint at all. Ruby gives it her all over a mid to slow paced backing. Backing vocals, bass, organ, drums and harmonica punctuate her vocals and also know when to pull back or drop out and let her shine. The guitar plucks and strums in and out of the track like it is just reminding everyone where the beat is. I have said it before and I will say it again I need more of these...

Betty Davis - "Ooh Yea" (Just Sunshine Records cat. JSA-512)
Hey, look at this; here's another one! What can I say about Betty Davis that I haven't said before... pretty much nothing. Davis is more woman than anyone could handle and she rarely disappoints. If giving 110% was actually something you could possibly give she is giving 125. "Way to go Timmy, great job. See kids Timmy gives it his all. He really knows how give 110%." Hey Coach, that forward thinking is probably why you ended up here.

Lou Donaldson - "Say It Loud" b/w "Snake Bone" (Blue Note cat. 45-1943)
This 45 comes from one of my favorite Donaldson LPs. Containing just 5 extended tracks all clocking in at over 5 minutes it's nice to have the two longest cuts in nice 3 minute blasts. Next to Ray Baretto's "Head Sounds" LP "Say It Loud!" is the record I have spun most when I take a break on Tuesday nights. Both cuts groove along in a typical Soul Jazz/Funk pace featuring organ (Charles Earland) and sax over Idris' (Leo Morris) trade mark New Orleans meets Hardbop era Blue Note drumming. The LP also contains versions of "Caravan" and "Summertime" two songs that I unashamedly collect and endlessly enjoy.

Most of the 45 box is filled with 70's and 80's Punk (and New Wave) records...
Minor Threat - "s/t" 8 song ep.
Dinosaur Jr. - "Freak Scene"
XTC - "Senses Working Overtime" (Beautiful fold out cover.)
The Ramones - "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker"
Iggy Pop - "I Got A Right"

and some stuff like this...
Frijid Pink - "End Of The Line" (I can't get enough of this...OK it's not Punk but it is so fucking heavy.)

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