Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday August 16th - 9PM - 2AM

I thought this week was a sold out show or something and I wasn't spinning... I was wrong. For whatever reason in my mad dash to fill my boxes I pulled a whole bunch of Latin, Blues, Gospel, re-issue/previously unreleased Funk and Soul as well as New Funk and some 50's Rock. I could see cruising around in the summer with the windows low and the radio loud announcing your arrival to each unwilling audience with this mix leading the charge. Some notable folks waiting their turn are Ray Barretto, Fania All Stars, Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental, Oscar Brown, Leon Thomas, The Meters, Little Sonny, Dale Hawkins, Swamp Dog, The Meditation Singers, Merry Clayton, Nina Simone, Solomon Burke and numerous others. I definitely pulled this one from the gut and it should prove to be spontaneous if anything.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Spencer Jackson Family - "Bring Back Peace To The World Pt II" (Scarab cat. SR-002)
Grupo Folklorico Y Experimental - "Anabacoa" (Salsoul - Salsa Series cat. S-8713)
The Creators - "Boy, He's Got It" (Phillips cat. 40058 (PHW26162))
Soul Fire Educational Series Vol. 1 (Drums) - "fast paced funk instrumental" (Soul Fire Records cat. SFE-001)
The Jimi Entley Sound - "Charlie's Theme" (Espionage Disk - Microgroove Test Record cat. ESP 00I)
The New Mastersounds - "Butter For Yo' Popcorn" (Soul Cookers - "Still Cookin' The Hardway" cat. ?)

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