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Primitive Sound System at Maxwells - Mixed Tape Sessions - Tuesday September 6th - 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
In the past month or so I have been fortunate enough to stumble upon some great 45's at unbelievably reasonable prices. Some of these slabs of hot sticky wax cost less than a dollar. There is no better feeling than the one you get from finding records not only that you want but at prices worth picking them up at. Some of these cost a lot more than a dollar but those are things I have been looking for, for a very long time. For example The Pharaohs are a band that I was introduced to while working at Finyl Vinyl in NYC. I was lucky enough to be able to sell/share this band with nearly 100 customers via two Ubiquity Records re-issues (which is an incredible number of copies for a small store). The one song off their album proper that I played out the most was "Black Enuff" and I finally got a copy of the 7" and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. What a great feeling. This along with a handful of others on the list below will see a lot of time on my turntable both at home and where ever anyone will let me spin.

In 1999 I was part of what I thought would be a very long running label based out of NYC. Grooovy Sounds Unltd. only got to put out 3 releases and distributed the fabulous Music Today catalog but I still think it could have been successful for a very long time despite its short run. One of those 3 releases was "Mr. Fine Wine and Grooovy Sounds Unltd. presents Vital Organs Volume I." If you have never heard this comp and claim to be a fan of Organ based Instrumentals Funk, Soul, R&B, Jazz etc... you are sorely missing out. I had the pleasure of organizing the entire comp. I worked directly with Mr. Fine Wine and all the artists we were able to track down and in some cases with publishers, lawyers and record label/industry folk from the 50's, 60's and 70's. When the comp came out it was not exactly common practice to license all the tracks and pay any and all the people who deserved a cut but that is exactly what we did. What this is all leading up to has nothing to do with this weeks set of music. Last week I was notified that Dusty Groove in Chicago has been able to get a hold of many many copies (both CD and vinyl) and are selling them at a reduced price.
The LP:
The CD:
Scoop them up and give them as gifts. Not only will your friends love you for it but your friends friends will too.

Maybe next week I'll spin the 45's I have collected that were featured on the LP. In the meantime this week will feature some of the cuts below leaning heavily to the soul side. We missed my friend Betty's Birthday a few weeks back and she deserves some down home soulful goodness along with some mid and late 70's dance floor grooves.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions and the continuing food stylings of el Diablo Every Tuesday! (9PM - 2AM)

1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

Ertha Kitt with The Henri Rene' and his Orchestra - "Santa Baby" b/w "Under The Bridges Of Paris" (RCA Victor cat. 47-5502 pic sleeve) Could be the best picture sleeve ever. Totally hot Ertha Kitt in fishnets up in Santa's arms.

Dave Mitchell & The Screamers - "The Trip" b/w "Hang In There" (MET Records cat. 2768-2)
Greg Tormo plays this one at every DC's Record Swap and I HAD TO HAVE one. He emailed me that there was one on eBay and now it is mine. He says it is most likely a 70's Boot but I don't care. The sound is great and I get to play it whenever I want to now.

The Pharaohs - "Is That Black Enough For You?" b/w "Tracks Of My Tears" (Capitol cat. P-3072 promo copy)
First heard of the Pharaohs through the Luv-N-Haight comps. I knew Earth Wind & Fire had a connection to The Salty Peppers but I never heard The Pharaohs. Then Luv-N-Haight reissued the first LP and a previously unreleased live session. Let's just say I was hooked. Their version of "People Make The World Go Round" was nothing short of mind blowing.

The Parliaments - "Good Old Music" b/w "Time" (Revilot cat. RV-223)
I have had a weird love/hate relationship with the monster known as Parlafunkadelic over the years. Maggot Brain is easily one of my favorite records of all-time but as time went on they lost it for me. So, I stick to the early years. This cut is from the Invictus years and it is one of the funkiest records The Parliaments released. This is raw, hard and in your face.

The Fabulous Capris - "Stagger Walk" b/w "In The Alley" (Sticky cat. ST001 re-issue)

Bill Deal & The Rhondels - "Swingin' Tight" b/w "Tuck's Theme" (Heritage cat. HE 818 pic sleeve)
Didn't know this one but something about it seemed worth a listen. The "A" side is pretty mediocre. BUT... the "B" side is a heavy Rock/Funky instrumental. Big organ and big clean production, and as a bonus there is a big ass break beat towards the end.

Coasters - "Love Potion Number Nine" b/w "D.W. Washburn" (King cat. 45 - 6385)
The Coasters album on King is a bit like the Blues LP's cut for Cadet Concept. The tracks on "On Broadway" are heavier and funkier than anything they previously released and from what I can tell over the years was not a favorite amongst Coasters fans/collectors. I never got a copy of the LP but I do have a few of the 45's. ("Cool Jerk" b/w "Talkin' 'Bout A Woman" and "Soul Pad" b/w "Down Home Girl" are the others.)

Billy Guy and The Coasters - "You Move Me" b/w "Take It Easy Greazy" (Sal / Wa cat. 1001-A)
My Dad was a huge Coasters fan and I remember this song from and 8 Track I guess.

Sam & Dave - "Soul Sister, Brown Sugar" b/w "Come On In" (Atlantic cat. 45-2590)
Kickin soul burst. Sam & Dave were so good James Brown recorded similar minded duets with Bobby Byrd just to try and knock them off the top.

War - "Why Can't We Be Friends?" b/w "In Mazatlan" (United Artists Records cat. UA-XW629-X pic sleeve)
Is there a better Summer time band than War? One of the very first tapes I owned was War's Greatest Hits. I walked around with a cassette player that looked like the ones they issued in Elementary School to follow along with film strips. My first Boom Box. The other two tapes in constant rotation were "Best of The Stylistics" and "KISS Alive!" I was 8.

Fatback - "King Tim III (Personality Jock) b/w "You're Are My Candy Sweet" (Spring Records cat. SP 199)
Some consider this the first Rap record. Debates about these subjects are so subjective. Certainly a great 45 regardless of its historical stature.

Gary Byrd - "Every Brother Ain't A Brother" b/w "Are You Really Ready For Black Power" (Real Thing cat. RT 100)
Gary Byrd was a DJ who did some pretty great recordings. Most of them spoken word over slow grooves and beats. Hmm, very Hip Hop...

Freddie Roach - "My People (Soul People)" b/w "Johnny's Comin' Home No More" (Prestige cat. 45-454)
Spoken word over slow organ groove. The history broadens.

Barry White - "For Your Love" (? (Electrosound Group Midwest Inc.) TWX 810-260-2618 ES GRP SHEL Test Pressing)
Big modern sounding recording from Barry White.

King Ernest Baker - "Somebody Somewhere (Is Playing With Yours)" Vocal b/w Instrumental (Funk Records cat. 1007/8M)
Apparently King Ernest Baker recently passed away. He was still recording for the enigmatic Blues label Fat Possum. The Vocal side isn't all that but the Instrumental is incredible. Slamming drums and organ.

Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces featuring Chico - "Try My Love Again" b/w "Go Ahead And Burn" (Checker cat. 1156)
"Go Ahead And Burn" is a screaming instrumental.

Ben Sidran - "Slippery Hip" b/w "Chances Are" (Blue Thumb cat. BTA 223)

The Sharpees - "Do The 45" b/w "Make Up Your Mind" (One-derful! cat. 4835)
For some reason I always thought I had a copy of this record. Now I do.

Pointer Sisters - "Yes We Can" b/w "Jada" (Blue Thumb Records, Inc. cat. BTA 229)
Big beat intro to one of my favorite versions of this great song.

Albert Collins - "Do The Cissy" b/w "Turnin' On" (Imperial cat. 66391)

Tom Jones - "Looking Out My Window" (Arranged by Keith Mansfield) b/w "A Minute Of Your Time" (Arranged by Mike Vickers (parrot cat. 45-PAR-40035)
I had this song on a horrible compilation so it's great to get it on 45. Tom Jones is always soulful even when he is at his cheesiest. Here he is down right funky and why not with the legendary Keith Mansfield at the helm.

Orchestra Harlow - "Voy Para La Luna" b/w "Larry's Complaint (Me & My Monkey)" (Fania cat. 495)
Beatles covers are for the most part better than the Beatles originals. The "White Album" is one of the few Beatles LP's that I really really like so covers from this LP make them even better. Here Larry Harlow tackles the full throttle pop blast of "Everyone's Got Something To Hide (Except For Me and My Monkey)" and succeeds quite nicely. I have passed on the LP that this comes from for years because the LP is a little uneven at best. (See Ramsey Lewis' "Mother Nature's Son" LP for another incredibly funky version.)

Joe Bataan - "Uptown" b/w "Obatala" (Fania cat. 483)
Most people pick this up for the "Uptown" side but hopefully they flip this bad boy over for one of my favorite Salsa jams ever.

The Ides Of March - "Vehicle" b/w "Lead Me Home Gently" (Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records cat. 7378)

Rod Stewart - "Oh! No Not My Baby" b/w Rod & Faces (and a bottle of Compari) - "Jodie" (Mercury cat. 73426)

Golden Earring - "Radar Love" b/w "Just Like Vince Taylor" (Track Records cat. MCA-40202)

Elvis Presley - A Touch Of Gold - Volume 3 "All Shook Up" Don't Ask Me Why" b/w "Too Much" Blue Moon of Kentucky" RCA Victor (Gold Standard Series))

Rob Base & D.J. E-Z Rock - "It Takes Two" Vocal / Instrumental (Profile cat. PRO-5186)

Candi Staton - "He Called Me Baby" b/w "What Would Become Of Me" (fame cat. 1476)

Archie Bell & The Drells - "Here I Go Again" Mono / Stereo (Atlantic cat. 45-2693)

Eric Burdon And War - "Home Cookin'" b/w "They Can't Take Away Our Music" featuring Sharon Scott and The Beautiful New Born Children of Southern California (MGM Records cat. K14196)

Jimmy Ruffin - "What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted" Mono / Stereo (Motown cat. M 1329F wht. label promo)

Jimmy "Bo" Horne - "Dance Across The Floor" (Sunshine Sound cat. 1003 wht. label promo)
A friend of mine played me this about 6-7 years ago. I knew the song but never really paid much attention to it. Aggressive congas and a really strong pre-disco feel.

Joe Simon - "Moon Walk Part I & II" (Sound Stage 7 cat. SS7-2651)

All from "Little Richard's Grooviest 17 Original Hits":
Little Richard - "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" b/w "Good Golly Miss Molly" (Specialty cat. 624)
"Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" is a top 10 favorite party tune if there ever was but then again how many really bad tunes did the self proclaimed King (and deservedly so) actually record.

Little Richard - "Long Tall Sally" b/w "Slippin' And Slidin'" (Specialty cat. 572)

Little Richard - "Send Me Some Lovin'" b/w "Lucille" (Specialty cat. 598)

Lipps, Inc. - "Funytown" b/w "All Night Dancing" (Casablanca Record and Filworks, NB 2233)

Rufus Thomas - "The Breakdown" (Part I & II) (stax cat. STA-0098)
Lost or accidently sold my copy. This VG at best copy will have to do right now. I am on the look out for a clean one. HELP!

Sister Janet Mead - "The Lord's Prayer" b/w "Take My Hand" (A&M / forget me nots cat. 8574-S)
I saw this record once many years ago and was told to give it a listen. I didn't. This time I didn't let the opportunity pass and holy cow... excuse my French Sista. The intro to this is a monster. Too bad the rest of the song doesn't match. I can't wait to get the damn M-Audio working (I'm almost there) so I can loop this bad boy and play it endlessly.

The Premiers - "Farmer John" b/w " The Blendells - La La La La La" (ERA Records "Back to Back Hits" cat. 024 (BH2))
All too familiar with this classic Garage Rock floor filler but this re-issue has amazing sound so I couldn't pass it up. I have the LP and I have heard the original 7" countless times but I must say nothing comes close to this very loud weirdly cleaner produced 45. Of course The Blendells' "LaLaLaLaLa" is certainly no slouch. I just may have to flip them one after another Papa Rib style (my Dad DJ'd parties with a single record player.)

Free - "Stealer" b/w "Broad Daylight" (A&M Records cat. 1230-S)
Free are one of those bands like The Small Faces/Faces most people just don't know enough about. Recently Bob Segar has been getting his due from those in the know and hopefully the attention will swing to other greats from the most bloated era of rock.

Bob Seger & The Last Heard - "East Side Story (vocal)" b/w "East Side Sound (instrumental)" (Cameo cat. C-438 D.J. Copy)

Ted Nugent - "Cat Scratch Fever" b/w "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" (Epic cat. 8-50425)
Something both mind blowing and surprising that these two beauties came out on a single 45.

Elf - "Hoochie Coochie Lady" Mono b/w Stereo (Epic cat. 5-10933)
Threw this in my pile not expecting much. Boy was I wrong. Yet another heavy electric Blues Rocker in the vein of Ram Jam...

CBS "Note Book - For Students Only" - SIDE A Pierce Arrow - "Hot Summer Night" Lake - "Time Bomb" b/w Crawler "Stone Cold Sober" RAM JAM - "BLACK BETTY"

Warrant - "Cherry Pie" (Columbia cat. 38-73510)

Deee-Lite - "Power Of Love" b/w "Deee-Lite" "Theme power of Love (LP edit)" (Elektra cat. 7-64912)

Apache - "Gangsta Bitch" clean version edit...I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT. Not what the description said.

Edwin Starr - "Agent Double-O-Soul" b/w "Back Street" REISSUE again...not what the description said.

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