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Primitive Sound System at Maxwell's - Tues. February 7th 9PM - 2AM

Hello Y'all,
Back at Maxwell's for another evening of genre surfing madness. It's been a while and I think this may actually be the first time this year. One upping the jukebox isn't easy at Maxwell's but I do try to give the people what they... may not know. I've gotten some really great records since last manning the hot seat at Maxwell's as well as reacquainting myself with some sides that I have neglected in the past and can't wait to play again.

Primitive Sound System Mixed Tape Sessions from 9PM - 2AM
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

The Mixed Tape Sessions:
No stone unturned and no vinyl format left unspun or unsung. Crawling, spinning and stumbling through the decades finding the connections between 50's - Now Instrumentals of all shapes and sizes, Funk 45's, Raw Soul and R&B, Soul, Gospel, Blues, Country, Latin, Brazilian, African, Dub, Rock Steady, Ska, Reggae, Indian, Jazz (of all types), Lounge / Moog, Hawaiian (slack key and Pop), Vocalists, Singer Songwriters, 50's – 70's Pop, Garage Rock, Psych, Surf and Drag, Soundtracks (OST), Comedy, 70's Rock, Prog, Punk, Hardcore, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, Noise and some Metal old and new. I'm mostly drawn to the instrumental side of life favoring the "B" side to the "A." Heavy as hell beats and exquisitely subtle moments side by side to entertain, educate and elate.

February is chock full of nights that I am looking forward to.

Soul Station Party:
On Friday February 24th my brother Michael and I will be kick'n it way Ol' Skool! That's right bitches we're breaking out... the 78's! Don' be all up'n my grill 'cause... 78's are very delicate. So this is a dream gig if there ever was, we'll be spinning 78's in between Jazz Organ sets on Matt Barton's 78RPM DJ Coffin. Bryan Beninghove & The B3 Explosion are having another Soul Station Party at 58 Gallery and they are dragging a real Hammond B3 along for the ride. It doesn't get any better than this. The details are below or visit the gallery site for directions- http://www.fifty8.com/About/about.html

Friday February 24th at 58 Gallery
Soul Station Party
(Poster - http://www.fifty8.com/Images/soulstation.jpg )
Joe Kapp plays a vintage Hammond B-3 w/ Geoff Clapp & Gene Segal
Mike & Pat. Longo spin rare 78's on coffin dj booth!
Can Not Be Missed! $10 at door.
58 Coles St, Jersey City - Doors open 9PM


DC's Tavern Record Swap:
On Saturday February 25th we will be having our next Dc's Tavern Record Swap. We have a few DJ's lined up and more are always welcome (just drop me an email). So, if you have records to sell or swap, looking to buy or swap or have a hankering for a cold one (two, three, four...) please come on by. The day starts around 2 PM and goes until... well at this point it's safe to say, closing. For more info visit myspace.com/dcstavern or www.dcstavern.com. If you need to talk to a friendly phone attendant call 201-792-5550 and ask for J.


Some records I'll be bringing by Maxwell's:

Alvin Robinson - "You Brought My Heart Down To My Knees" (Joe Jones Records cat. JJ 1)
I picture Alvin Robinson to be a very big man. He sounds a little like a raspy Ray Charles at points but I get an image of him from his shouted style. He imagine him built like a heavy weight boxer. I don't know why but maybe it is the swagger in his voice and the steady hits he gets from his drummers. His songs all have a definite New Orleans feel and that alone should be enough to tell you there is a groove. Every time the band drops out during "You Brought My Heart Down To My Knees" you can feel poor Alvin recovering from his pain but it doesn't sound like he is giving up... without a fight.

Charles Mintz - "Give A Man A Break" (Up Look cat. U-12270)
Full speed ahead for Charles Mintz on this pounding groover. From what it sounds like, no matter what he does to please his lady, it just aint good enough. With odd references to the Man of Steel and our poor friend The Thing (a man of stone) Mr. Mintz seems to be lost about just how far he needs to go to please his woman and how much he is supposed to put up with or endure. Unfortunately it sounds like he has resorted to begging and pleading. Hey, you can't win 'em all. The band, on the other hand, doesn't sound too upset. Organ, horns, amazing drums and scratchy guitar never give up the party during Mr. Mintz relationship woes. Aren't friends the best?!

Dede Soul and The Spidells (Arr. by Bobby Workman) - "Soul Chills Part 1" (Julmar Records cat. JU-254)
The slow handed drums and guitar that kick off this cut give me chills... Hey, look at that! Hints of "It's Your Thing" flow through this tune but it never loses it's own voice or style. This is another one of those tracks that demands you bob your head along. Nicely done gentlemen.

Jablonski - "Soul Makossa (Part 1 & 2) (Randy Records cat. VC-011)
This version stands out from the piles and piles of renditions of this endlessly funky tune. Hell, I even have smooth, Lounge Music god Sam "The Man" Taylor doing a version and it grooves along nicely. Jablonski keep the music raw all the way through with several instruments grabbing the spotlight throughout. What really keeps it popping is the female background vocals which take on a bigger roll than just background because the lead vocals are so sparse and spaced out. Trippy, funky madness.

Joe Walls - "Sound Success" (J and N Records cat. JN101)
This instrumental fades in, in a way that makes you feel these guys were warming up or jamming between takes and the engineer caught a little improved studio magic. The drums pound out a steady unchanging groove as different instruments are added to the mix. On top of the bass and wild organ we are first introduced to some sweet solo flute which eventually gives way to screaming Garage / Punk guitar layered over moody horns. I'd say this is certainly a sound success.

Ruff Francis & The Illusions - "Give Me Mercy" (Essica Records cat. 002)
I heard this crazy little tune long ago and had no idea what the hell it was called or "who done it?" despite the fact that it begins with shouts of "GIVE ME MERCY! I said give me mercy...GIVE-ME-MERCEEEE!" The problem is I can never stop listening to the drums and sax on this damn thing. The track pounds it out with the best of the Garage party tunes. Great guitar, silly lyrics, hand claps, and screaming sax play off each other while or vocalist begs for Mercy. I have seen a photo of these guys and let's just say you aint gonna beat 'em in a tug-o-war. Also I am so happy as a big fella that men don't have to wear suits all the time.

The Mothers Of Soul - "It's Over" (Good Times cat. 7-81688)
This starts out a bit uncertain but then it builds in that "Gloria" kind of way. It takes a bit but eventually the band picks up the pace and the guitarist jumps to the front with a sound that can only be described as fuzzy. This is by no means a song that will pack the dance floor but I love this odd little tune none-the-less.

The Wild Ones - "Come On Back" (instr.) (Sears cat. BRS 2181 (Produced by Sears, Roebuck And Co. Chicago Ill.))
Here's a great organ ditty from the "Music Section" of your local Sears. It doesn't get any happier than this delightful instrumental but that never compromises the driving groove the groove. Caught somewhere between Soul Instrumental and Garage Instrumental the organ cuts loose halfway through gets a bit wild by the end as the band slowly brings up the volume as well. One of my favorites and I can't even remember the last time I played it.

Tony Joe White - "Roosevelt And Ira Lee" (Monument cat. Mn45-1169)
I will never grow tired of Tony Joe White and his Womper Stomper Guitar. Each song is a story and the music is always soulful and usually pretty damn raw. "Roosevelt and Ira Lee" is no exception. This one is about two bored guys hanging out by the river with nothing to do which can only lead to trouble. Pared down guitar, bass, drums, organ, and harmonica provide the perfect soundtrack to Mr. White's unmistakable voice.

LPs: I was working on a logo for someone and it inspired me to grab some Spy Grooves...

Jerry Goldsmith & Randy Newman - "Galaxy A Go-Go! - Or - Leave it To Flint" from Our Man Flint (20th Century Fox cat. TFM 3179 (monaural))

The Agents - "Theme For Secret Agents (Sunset / Liberty cat. SUM-1184)

Herbie Hancock - The Spook Who Sat By The Door (United Artists Records cat. UAR-7370)

Hugo Montenegro and His Music Orchestra - Come Spy With Me (RCA Victor cat. LPM-3540)

Count Basie And His Orchestra - Basie Meets Bond (United Artists Records cat. UAS 6480)

Ray Barretto - Senor Soul (United Artists Records cat. UAS 6478)

Al Caiola... Sounds For Spies And Private Eyes - (United Artists Records cat. UAS 6435)

Monty Norman - "Twisting With James" from Dr. No (United Artists Records cat. UAS 5180)

Lalo Schifrin - More Mission: Impossible (Paramount cat. PAS 5002)

Teddy Randazzo - The Girl From U.N.CL.E. (MGM Records cat. SE-4410)

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