Tuesday, July 18, 2006

D.C.s Tavern Record Swap & Bar-B-Que - Saturday July 22nd - 2PM until Whenever

Hello Y'all,
This coming weekend is our next D.C.'s Tavern Record Swap. Come one, come all "Back in Back" to buy, sell and swap some vinyl discs (we do allow CD's but we try to give the space open for vinyl). Space is ALWAYS limited so come early to get some tap front real estate. No fee to sellers/dealers and it is free to get in. D.C.'s is going to feed you as well! This time out we have quite a lineup of entertainment. We couldn't have been happier when the fine Brinkman Daly said they would play a set. They have previously played D.C.'s to a packed and very happy crowd. Larry, of Brinkman Daly fame, spends his day behind the counter at Iris Records - irisrecs.com, easily one of NJ's best record stores, and they have decided to close their doors for the day and spend the afternoon with us at the bar. Please make sure you go
through their boxes, you will not be disappointed. Joining us again at the turntables are DJ Inbetween & Chilly Freeze Steak who wowed everyone at the last Swap with the most obscure set of music from the outer solar system. So impressive was their set that all those in charge demanded they return. I know I pestered them with about a hundred "What the hell is this?!" The multi-talented Mr. Flex Unger should also have a box of Dub and Soul in tow and maybe at a future Swap we can convince him to bring his horn, trumpet that is. I have crammed about 200 singles including Food Songs, Garage, Punk, Hardcore, 50's Instros, etc, etc, into my box and hope to keep things flowing. Bring your appetite, bring records or bring a friend. D.C.'s now has one of the finest Smoking Lounges in all of Hoboken known as the "City Sidewalk." Folks, if you are driving don't drink, if you are drinking don't drive and always remember to tip your bartenders. See you Saturday, I'll be the one with the grease stains on my t-shirt and a fistful of vinyl.

- pat..

[Keep in mind, not everyone is a hardcore collector. Just some guys and gals who want some good tunes whether it is rare or not is not an issue. Condition is not always everything when you are looking for records to listen to! Of course rare gems and mint condition records are always welcome.]

POSTER: D.C.'s Record Swap Saturday, July 22nd

Saturday July 22nd
2PM - Closing... maybe
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, NJ
PH: 201-792-5550
D.C.'s Tavern
D.C.'s MySpace
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Some Very Delicious 45's:
Kenny Burrell - "Chittlins Con Carne, Part I" (Blue Note cat. 45-1885)
A true classic. Mr. Burrell's ode to down home food stylings is certain to make your mouth water. Soft and Loungey with enough edge to stand up to the hot sauce.

The Radors - "Finger Licking Chicken" (Leoso Records cat. 1413)
The intro sounds a bit like the band announcing TA-DA! They seem to be as impressed with themselves as you will be of this irresistible Finger Licking Chicken.

Russell Evans & The Nite Hawks - "Send Me Some Cornbread" (ATCO Records cat. 45-6411)
As organ grooves go this one is tops. Even better is Mr. Russell's gravely voice which screams over the top backed by a sweet tea chorus of "CORN BREAD, CORN BREAD, CORN BREAD..." This thing certainly is outta sight.

The Vibrations - "Ain't No Greens In Harlem" (Mandala cat. 45-2511)
Truly one of my favorite songs of all time. Everything about this 45 is perfect. The band has a nice heavy funk feel with sharp horn blasts and back-up singers who sound as if they are talking shit behind your back. Our sad lead here can not seem to satisfy his yearnings. No Greens, the vegetable man is on strike. No chicken, the poultry man is on strike. Our poor man goes away tired, hungry and a broken man. Will somebody please fix a plate for this guy.

Elijah and the Ebonics - "Hot Grits!!!" (Capsoul cat. CS 31)
Happy and repetitive with a definite party groove and feel.

Southside Revue - "Chiilins" Part 1 (Mellow Records cat. 1009)
This is a moody little tune about "Chitlins." The band moves like they have slipped into food coma. What is better than talking about food after you have eaten enough to feed the world? Nothing. The best is he can't stop dissin' anyone who can't keep up with him.

Chuck Womack & The Sweet Souls - "Ham Hocks & Beans Pt.1" (re-joint cat. RJ7005)
More drums! Chuck Womack has got one funky ass drummer in The Sweet Souls. Mr. Womack basically calls it like King Curtis in "Memphis Soul Stew" with horn, bass, guitar and drums as his ingredients. Side two is the instrumental and it is just as good.

Clarence Foster and the Internal Revenue Service - "Fry Chicken In Your Hot Pants" (Freestyle cat. FSR7014)
The drums that open up this track are enough for me but Mr. Foster and the IRS give us one heavy battered bird to contend with. I am not sure if you should ever try frying chicken in your hot pants but apparently it is an epiphany of sorts.

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