Friday, July 28, 2006

Stolen Moments Playlist

Jimmy McGriff - "The Worm" (Fat's Theus) (Solid State cat. SD 2524)
Reuben Wilson - "Orange Peel" (R. Wilson) (Blue Note cat. BN 1961)
Boogaloo Joe Jones - "Right On" (Jones) (Prestige cat. 45-733)
The Fabulous Counts - "Jan Jan" (Mose Davis) (Moira cat. 45-103)
Grant Green - "Aint It Funky Now - Part 1" (J. Brown) (Blue Note cat. BN 1960)
Houston Person - The Houston Express" (H. Ott) (Prestige cat. 747)
Clarence Wheeler & The Enforcers - "Doin' What I Wanna" (Clarence Wheeler and Sonny Burke) (Atlantic cat. 45-5103 (wht label prom "Jazz Series"))
Charlie Lucas And The Thrillers - "Wonderful Feeling" (C. Lucas) (Waterbird cat. WB001)
Louis Chachere - "The Hen (Pt. 1)" (Louis Chachere) (Paula Records cat. 321)
Red Holloway - "Gettin' Down (The Churn)" (Sonny Graver) (RH Records cat. 003)
Chester Thompson - "Powerhouse - Part 1" (Chester Thompson) (Black Jazz Records cat. BJ-1007)
Herbie Hancock - "Crossings" (H. Hancock) (Warner Bros. Records cat. WB 7598 (promo))
Miles Davis - "Molester (Part 1)" (M. Davis) (Columbia cat. 4-45709 (promo))
Dave Pike Set - "RagaJeeva Swara" (J. A. Rattenbacher) (MPS cat. BASF 15096)
The Stark Reality - "Say Brother" (Stark - Morris)
Yusef Lateef - "Bishop School" (Lateef) (Atalantic cat. A-16247 (promo))
Eddie Harris - "It's Crazy" (Eddie Harris) (Atlantic cat. 45-2561 (promo - CSG Processed MONO MASTER))
Gary Bartz Ntu Troop - "Dr. Follow's Dance" (Bartz) (Prestige cat. PR-760)
Rusty Bryant - "Fire Eater" (Bryant - Taylor) (Prestige cat. PRT-750)
Warm Excursion - "Hung Up - Part 1" (Bill McCloud - John Richardson) (Pzazz Records cat. 039 "Put Some PZAZZ In your Jazz!")
Brown Brothers Of Soul - "Cholo" (R. Garcia) (Specialty cat. 698)
Ricardo Marrero And The Group - "Babalonia" (R. Marrero) (Don King Records cat. DK-101)
Grupo Folklorica Y Experimental - "Anabacoa" (J. Ramierez) (Salsoul - Salsa Series cat. S-8713)
Johnny Colon - "Ya-Yi-Ki" (Johnny Colon) (Cotique cat. C-183)
Bobby Valentin - "Guarambembere" (B. Valentin) (Fania cat. 510)
Porfi Jimenez Y Su Orq. - "El Sabor Se Te Acabo" (Porfirio Jimenez) (Velvet cat. V-2125)
Arthur Sterling with The Pucho Band- "Darin's Mambo" (Brown) (Verve cat. VK-10490 (promo))
Freddie McCoy - "Spider Man" (McCoy) (Prestige cat. 45-398 (wht label promo))
Moon People - "Land Of Love" (E. Jakabeck, B.Marin) (Speed cat. SP 003)
Chakachas - "Stories??" (J. Kluger - B. Ador) (Avco cat. AV-4596)
Young-Holt Unlimited - "Hey Pancho" (E. Young - I. Holt) (Paula Records cat. 385 (wht label promo))
El Chicano - "Viva Tirado - Part 1" (Gerald Wilson) (Kapp Records cat. K-2085)
Richard Fudoli - "Gwee!" (R. Fudoli) (Date cat. 2-1588 (wht label promo))
The Three Sounds - "Still I'm Sad" (Samwell-Smith & McCarty) (Blue Note cat. 45-1935)
Lonnie Smith - "Move Your Hand - Part 1" (L. Smith) (Blue Note cat. BN-1955)
Grady Tate - "Be Black Baby" (Kaz & Andrelli) (Skye cat. #4520 (stereo / mono promo))
Pretty Purdie - "Funky Donkey" (B. Purdie) (Date cat. 2-1568 (wht label promo))
Soul Continentals - "Goobah (African Twist)" (R. Beavers - B. Nyles - E. Hollis) (Sound Stage 7 cat. 45-2609 (wht label promo))
The Rhoda Scott Trio - Sha-Bazz (Pt.1)" (Thomas) (Tru-Sound cat. 45-419 (why label promo))
The Pazant Brothers - "Juicy Lucy" (E. Bland) (GWP Records cat. GWP 506)
Cozy Cole with Rex Stewart - Tyree Glenn - Claude Hopkins - Billy Bauer - Arvell Shaw - "Caravan Part II" (Grand Award cat. G.A. 45-1023)
Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic - Vol 4 - "Lester Leaps In" (Clef Records cat. EP JATP-VOL. 4)
Count Basie and his Orchestra Vocal by Joe Williams - "Roll 'Em Pete" (Johnston) (Cleff Records cat. 89162X45)
Johnny Hodges / Earl Hines - "C-Jam Blues" (Ellington) (Verve cat. VK-10483 (promo))
The String Bass of Charles Mingus with accompaniment - "Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting (Part 1)" (Mingus) (Atlantic cat, 45-5006 (wht label promo))
The Slide Hampton Octet - "Sister Salvation - Part II" (Slide Hampton) (Atlantic cat. A4658-2 (wht label promo))
Fred Jackson - "Preach Brother" (Jackson) (Blue Note cat. 45-1843)
Rudolph Johnson - "Devon Jean" (Rudolph Johnson) (Black Jazz Records cat. BJ-1004)
Denis Coff & The Lyman Woodard Trio - "River Rouge" (L. Woodard, M. Davis, D. Coffey) (Maverick cat. MA1007)
Donald Austin - "Side Saddle - Part 1" (Donald Austin) (Woody Records cat. W 103)
Funk Inc. - "Bowlegs" (Weakley) (Prestige cat. Prestige-754)
The Meters - "Soul Machine" (Modeliste / Neville / Nocentelli / Porter)
Idris Muhammad - "Super Bad" (Brown) (Prestige cat. 45-743)
James Brown - "The Drunk" (D. Matthews) (Bethlehem cat. 45-3098)
Lou Donaldson - "Snakebone" (Lou Donaldson) (Blue Note cat. 45-1943)
Charlie Earland - "Black Talk - Part 1" (Earland) (Prestige cat. 45-731)
Ross Carnegie His Hammond Organ and Band - "Cool Dad" (Carnegie) (El-Con Records cat. EL-49)
Bad Medicine - "Trespasser" PT-2" (Arthur Lane) (Enyx Records cat. EN - 002)
Johnny "Hammond" Smith - "Soul Talk (Pt. 1)" (Johnny "Hammond" Smith) (Prestige cat. 45-725)
Mongo Santamaria - "Cold Sweat" (J. Brown, A. Ellis) (Columbia cat. 4-44502)
Michael Olatunji - "Soul Makossa - PT. 1" (M. Dibango) (Paramount cat. PAA-0222)
Marvin Gaye - "You're The Man" (Part 2) (M. Gaye, K. Stover) (Tamla cat. T 54221F)
The Stylistics - "People Make The World Go Round" (Thom Bell - Linda Creed) (Avco cat. AV-4595)
Cold Grits - "It's Your Thing" (R. Isley - O. Isley - R. Isley) (Atco Records cat. 45-6707 (wht label promo))
Donny Hathaway - "The Ghetto - Part 1" (Hathaway - Hutson) (Atco Records cat. 45-6719)
Baby Huey & The Babysitters - "Mighty Mighty Children - Pt 1" (Curtis Mayfield) (Curtom cat. CR 1939)
Curtis Mayfield - "Get Down" (Curtis Mayfield) (Curtom cat. CR 1966 (promo))
Leroy Hutson - "All Because Of You" (LeRoy Hutson) (Curtom cat. CMS 0100 (promo))
Weldon Irvine - "Walk The Walk; Talk The Talk" (Weldon J. Irvine, Jr.) (RCA cat. JH-10111 (promo))
Oliver Sain - "Over The Hill - Part 1" (O. Sain) (Vanessa cat. V-110)
Kain - "Ain't It Fine" (Gylan Kain) (Juggernaut Records cat. 410)

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