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Primitive Sound System and Bill Dolan - D.C.'s Tavern - Thursday June 7th - 10 - Closing

Hello Y'all,
About a month ago we returned from the Great North West. What I learned 10 years ago when we were last there is that I would not be disappointed with the crate diggin'. Some things I picked up along the way were things I have been looking for a long time. Others I have never heard of like Jack Brokensha's great "Pricilla." The beauty of all of it is that only one record broke the $20 mark and the majority of these were under $5 each. With a little knowledge and limited time I certainly was not disappointed. There are some great record shops out that way and honestly I can't wait to go back. Stops along the way like Voodoo Doughnuts, A Pizza Schoals and Salumi in Seattle made the travels quite delicious as well.

"You'll be a winnin' when we come a spinnin'!" (sung to the tune of Popeye if you will).

- pat.
Primitive Sound System

Bill Dolan and Pat. Longo spin 'em as they hear 'em
Thursday June 7th - 10 - Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH; 201-792-5550
MySpaced -

Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith and his Cracker-Jacks - Fingers On Fire e.p. - "Fingers on Fire," "Boomerang," "Banjo Boogie," and "Mountain Be Bop" (MGM cat. X1043)
Arthur Smith can certainly play guitar and boogie. "Fingers of Fire" comes on at first with a bit of a Hawaiian flare and then speeds into finger picking and some beautiful strumming. The Cracker-Jacks can stop on a dime and jump right back in with Arthur as he plays some of the most dynamic guitar you will ever hear. Mr. Smith can play anything with strings and at times it seems like he is playing all of them at once.

Dave Lewis - "Lip Service" b/w "Little Green Thing" (A&M Records cat. 735)
Nothing like a Garage Instrumental to make me smile from ear to ear. This one is recorded really well with lots of separation between the Organ, Guitar and Drums. The recording is very modern sounding. The pace is slow but not boring or plodding. There is a very committed feel to the playing like as if they mean to impress with their control and style. I am impressed. So much so that I immediately sought out another 45 by Mr. Lewis...

Dave Lewis - "David's Mood - Part 1 & 2" (A&M Records cat. 724)
This one is certainly made for a the party. The "chorus" is lyrical and I can picture people dancing, jumping up and down and falling all over the beer soaked floor. Something about this reminds me of the "Chicken Twist" but maybe it is just the ever looping groove. I am guessing I will be seeking out some more of Mr. Lewis' Garagey Stomps.

The Shades - "The Combination" with H. J. Harden b/w "Skip It" Instrumental (Joey Records Inc. cat. J-6206)
I am not sure what we are supposed to be skipping or if we are just supposed to be skipping. Doesn't matter. This is just plain and simply a party packed 2:30! Bass, Organ Drums and Guitar slam, bang, clang, bounce and oh yeah... SKIP around on top of and through each other. The song stops for breathers about every 15 seconds to allow our pounding man of the throne to give another introductory roll.

Jack Brokensha On Vibes - "Twistrist" b/w "Priscilla" (Contrast Recordings cat. CR 199 (D.J. Copy))
YIKES! "Twistrist" is one fast flying vibes and flute workout. I am not sure who needs to be in better shape our man with the bird calls or the mallet maniac. I think it is a toss up and neither of them is showing signs of fatigue. A nice throaty sax comes in and seems to chastise our vibesman but nothing is holding him back. Believe it or not this isn't even the good side! But out of the two titles which would you have listened to first? It's called "Twistrist." From the name the B-side of this gem should be a ballad and especially after the manic run we just had. That may be what they thought they were doing. Funky out front drums lead us off here; no breaks, just good solid drumming. "Priscilla" is definitely in a Funky Soundtrack mode with some slightly corny flourishes but nothing to throw your interest. A good example is the ever so brief, weirdly classical woodwind run in one of the breaks. Towards the end our woodwind creatures return as the drums are still hitting and it sounds pretty damn cool.

Cash MC Call - "When You Wake Up" b/w "You Ain't Too Cool" Instrumental (Thomas Records cat. 307)
I didn't expect this at all. What an amazing instrumental on the B-side on this simple pedestrian Soul 7". There is almost a "Let's Go Baby (Where The Action)" is sounding intro. I mean it is real close but then the horns come in and the band settles back into a moody groove. Almost like a Cal Tjader Electric Lounge cut. The horn is haunting and the drums go from a funky mode to a more Jazzy / Rock instrumental beat. They lift it up a points, teasing the listener with happy bursts but then slide right back into the moody smoke filled room.

Shadows Of Knight - "Shake" b/w "From Way Out To Way Under" (TEAM cat. TM 520 (A Product of Katsentz-Katz Assoc., Inc.))
Here is easily one of my favorite records of all time. I have had this on a comp forever and finally decided to find the 45. It was pretty damn easy to find and cheap too. Everyone should own one! Yes, I want to sample the intro and loop it over and over; it gives me chills EVERY TIME! This is one of those grooves that dares you to sit still. And yes, if you are curious there is cow bell. Nothing sophisticated, nothing complex just raw Dancing in the Garage and breaking shit while you do it. The B-side is an odd instrumental that doesn't really go any where but does have some nice fuzzy guitar.

The Kingsmen - "Get Out My Life Woman" b/w "Since You Been Gone" (Wand cat. WND 1174 (promo))
I hope this works playing this out. I think it is UNBEATABLE! But sadly it sounds like Iggy pop recorded this during his TV Eye Live sessions. The worst part about it is it seems like the audience sounds throughout are canned. Let's see we have one of the rawest versions of one of the greatest songs ever written so let's muck it up with canned audience sounds. it is SO canned that it fades in and out and at the end it drops in much louder than throughout for one second. Hmm, stop me if I am wrong but did I just possibly describe the greatest record of all time?! The "Get Out My Life Woman" break is there and happens many times throughout but is far more simple than the traditional one.

Etta James & Sugar Pie DsSanto - "In The Basement - Part 1 & 2" (Cadet cat. 5539)
This was one on top of my list for a long time. I got this so cheap and I couldn't be any happier. This would be an amazing instrumental which is maybe why it hits so hard. Sharp playing with a sax solo over a groove that could make zombies get up and dance. But it is the stellar vocals tossed back and forth that make this one of the true must haves. There is a very live room sound to the recording adding to the party feel. We don't have a basement but from what I can tell I need to get one real soon.

Effie Smith - "Harper Valley P.T.A. Gossip" b/w "The Natural" (Eee Cee Records cat. EC 100)
I have only heard some of the older music of Effie Smith so you can imagine my surprise when I dropped the needle on this track and she is backed by some Funky Bass, Guitar, Drums and Organ. The band seems to be playing live as Effie Raps her way through some trash talk about her neighbors. If this is one day's worth of gossip in Ms. Smith's neighborhood someone should go there with a camera. The track is raw and Effie seems to be able go on without ever taking a breath. Something about this cut sounded really familiar but I don't think I never knew it was Effie Smith.

Maurice Rodgers - "Coo-Coo-Ca-Choo (The Love Bird Song)" b/w "Coming In Out Of The Rain" (Double Shot Records cat. #143)
I can't stop playing this. I heard it in March on the wonderful Downtown Soulville program selected by the one and only Mr. Fine Wine (Fridays 7pm - 8pm on WFMU 91.1 fm 90.1 fm - and I couldn't imagine living without it. I found one pretty quickly and it is in perfect shape. The drums are just fucking killer and there is the most bizarre keyboard sound darting in and out. Mr. Fine Wine tells me that Mr. Rodgers (Did you think I could resist?) has re-invented himself a few times through out the years and is currently singing the Blues. On this track he almost sounds like he is going to cry. A beautiful, emotion filled performance. The band seems to be on the smaller side with Organ (possibly Bass, but it could be the Organ), the crazy Electric Piano, Drums and little else. It really is hard to make out much more but the song does not lack in any way and actually this stripped down sound is what I find so appealing. The Organ and Piano duel it out in the break with the organ grooving it up and the piano getting morose. I can't say I had ever heard this before March but who cares I have one now. Thank you Mr. Fine Wine.

The Magnificent Freedom - "F*ck Off And Leave Me Alone" b/w "Leave My Beats Alone" (Our Label cat. OUR-003)
OK. I love instrumentals. Nothing makes me happier. Most of the ones I listen to are from the 50's - the 70's but there have been some great ones in the past 20 years as well. Many of them come out of the New Funk scene which is more like a sound since the bands are most definitely not from similar surroundings. This nasty as hell, pounding track comes from the UK. The 45 is apparently very limited and came out under the tasteful ear of Keb Darge. The band is tight and can play forcefully without losing their way. The Drumming is steady, the Bass is heavy and when the Sax comes in screaming, twisting and burning it sends chills up my spine. The breaks are Drum filled but not necessarily the kind you sample. There is almost a "Spaghetti Head" feel to the breaks with spare Bass and Guitar.

Russian Circles - "Upper Ninety" b/w Re-Enter (Suicide Squeeze Records cat. S-058 (multi colored vinyl))
Instrumental music has come in many sounds. in the late 80's Chicago was home to many a talented vocal-less bands. Recently two more bands come by way of the Windy City, never say a word and are anything but silent. I heard of Pelican first and have been obsessed ever since. In a constant search for bands willing to impress and entertain with composition, musicianship and imagination rather than simple sentiments and nauseating Indie Rock fodder we stumbled across Russian Circles. From what I can tell these guys can do no wrong. Trio and all powerful. Bass, Guitar and Drums. Dynamics are very important when playing Rock based instrumentals and unfortunately some bands us it as a crutch. Russian Circles can move from one emotion, sound, landscape, discussion, etc, to another with heavy handedness that throws your body against a wall or a soothing warm hug that can put your whole existence at ease. There can not be a weak link in an instrumental trio because if there is the music and concept fails. Russian Circles is constantly successful and consistently brilliant. A coin toss will decide which side I play and no, we are not worthy.

Ray Martin And His Orchestra - Comic Strip Favorites (RCA / Camden cat. CAS-2012 STEREO)
I had been searching this out for quite a while. Diggin' my way through the Great North West I unearthed a few of the allusive gems on my short list. I am not sure why but it appears that EVERYONE in 1966 wanted to cover the theme to Batman. I want to say Thank You! There is barely a bad version. I heard this particular version a very long time ago in Footlight Records (NYC RIP) and it was one of the reasons I started tracking other versions down. This copy was under $5 and in perfect shape. I brought this home and dropped the needle and let the first side play. "Batman" was as great as I remembered it. A very Garage version with almost sweet chorus throughout. The organ and sax keep things from becoming too precious and the drums are big and echoey. Letting the side play out we suffered the "Little Orphan Annie" theme (but only once) and jumped to the fantastic "It's Superman" which is even more revved than the "Batman" theme and includes so very uninspired voice overs. Once again the chorus Drums and Organ keep everything hyped. Look. Up in the sky. It's a Bird, it's a plane, it's "Flash! there Goes Gordon!" That's right kids 3 great tracks and a whole nutter side to go! "Flash" is truly amazing with our chorus repeating the title over a pause in the groove that includes sirens and muted trumpet. Vocaleze and horns all over pounding Drums, jangly Guitar and Organ. My favorite is when they try to say GORDON GORDON GORDON over and over toward the end. Lift it on the William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger) and gallop over to side two for a crazy guitar filled romp inspired by Tarzan. It's says this is the "Theme of Tarzan" but if it is I really missed something when I saw the movie. Slip passed Tom Mix and sneak up on "Richard Tracy, Esq. (Call Me Dick)." A weird mix of Lounge, Garage Rock and just plain odd combine for a real winner. The band ponds out a steady groove until the ladies sweetly repeat "Richard Tracy, Esq." only to be gently told... "Call me Dick." popeye and Alley Oop make a great attempt but they pale in comparison to Dick.

and many many more along for a spin...

Boots Brown and his Blockbusters - "Block Buster" b/w "Shortn'in Bread" (RCA Victor cat. 47-5110)
The Chartbusters - "Why (Doncha Be My Girl)" b/w "Stop The Music" (Mutual Record Co. cat. MUT-508 (in a Mutual Records paper sleeve))
The Rascals - "See" b/w "Away Away" (Atlantic cat. 45-2634)
The Raspberries - "Every Way I can" (Capitol cat. 3546)
Nat Kendrick and the Swans - "(Do The) MAshed Potatoes)" Part 1 & 2 Vocal: "King" Coleman (Dade Records cat. 1804)
Roy Head And The Traits - "Treat Her Right" (Back Beat cat. 546)
New York Dolls - "Dance Like A Monkey" b/w "Beauty School" (Roadrunner Records cat.10167 (pink vinyl promo))
Benny Latimore - "Let's Move And Groove Together" b/w "It's Just a Matter Of Time" (Dade cat. 54-2015)
The Gaylads "Popeye - The Sailor" b/w "Ah So" (Audan Records cat. 120)
Josie & The Pussycats - "Josie (Main Theme)" b/w " "With Every Beat of My Heart" (Capitol Records Creative Products cat. CP-59 (Record 2))
Hank Marr - "Down In The Bottom" b/w "Soup Spoon" (King cat. 45-6167)
Dave "Baby" Cortez - "Hot Cakes" 1st Serving b/w 2nd Serving (Chess cat. 1850)
Gene Chandler - "Soul Hootenanny" PT. 1 & 2 (Constellation Records cat. C-63-141)
Carl Spencer - "One Last Kiss" b/w "The Duck Walk" (Wren cat. W-306)
Leo Valentine Trio - "Behind The Out House" b/w Kitchen Sink" (Camelia Records of Richness cat. 45-100)
Jamo Thomas & His Party Brothers Orchestra - "I Spy (For The FBI)" b/w "Snake Hip Mama" (Thomas Records cat. 303)
The Larks - "The Jerk" (Money Records cat. 106)
Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs - "Ring Dang Doo" b/w "Don't Try It" (MGM cat. K 13397)
Helena Ferguson - "My Terms" (Compass cat. CO-7009)
The Bamboos - "Get In The Scene" featuring Ohmega Watts b/w "Get In The Scene" Instrumental (Tru-Thoughts cat. TRU7124)
Black Hawk feat. Soul Investigators - "I Got The Number" Instrumental (Number Nine Records cat. NNR-007 (promo copy))
Rev Cleatus presents The Fantastics - "Cheeba's Couch" b/w "Chicken Lickin' - Live" (Raw Wax cat. RW 45006

Dyke & The Blazers - We Got More Soul (The Ultimate Broadway Funk) (BGP cat. BGP2 180)
El Mexicao - El Funk Pesado Y Rock EP ((BOOTLEG) cat. LSD 003)
The Impressions - Keep On Pushing (ABC - Paramount cat. ABC 493) home with Ernie and Bert (Children's Television Workshop / Sesame Street cat. CTW 22089)
Fire On The Strings - Great Country & Western Instrumentals (Starday / RCA Victor Record Club Exclusive cat. SYS 0127(e))
Classics IV - Spooky (Imperial Records cat. LP-12371)
Barbara Lewis - The Many Grooves Of Barbara Lewis (Enterprise Records cat. ENS 1006)
Footsteps On The Moon (The Epic Journey of Apollo 11 july 17 to July 24, 1969 (Command / ABC Records cat. 948)
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee - Sonny & Brownie (A&M cat. SP 4379)
if - s/t (Capitol cat. ST-539)
The Turtles Present The Battle of the Bands (White Whale cat. WWS 7118)

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