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PSS - Bill Dolan - Joe Raaen at D.C.'s Thursday Oct 4th and D.C.'s Swap Info

Hello Y'all,
Just a reminder that this Thursday we are bringing a guest in to help crank the tables while Bill and I hold the tone arms in place. Joe Raaen is almost to Hoboken. He is gently carrying his collection on his back as he walks. "Vinyl Across America." It's a beautiful gesture isn't it? If he passes through your hometown makes sure you get out there and cheer him on. GO JOE!

A few more records showed up in the mail so looks like I'll be weeding out a few to make room for the new ones. Also, I have been uploading all these emails dating back to 2004 to a Blog - http://primitivesoundsystem.blogspot.com It is not even close to being completed BUT if you liked something you read about it is really easy to search for it there.

Here's the Swap info again:

AND... AND... (did you heard me?)... AND... Saturday October 13th we will be hosting another Record Swap inside the beer soaked walls of D.C.'s. This one is going to be great with a fine list of guest DJ's lining up for their turn at the Stack-O-Matic. As always we will have flames fueling the Bar-B-Que and some meats of assorted sizes and shapes. Remember if you bring it you grill. "IF YOU DON'T WORK; YOU CAN'T EAT!" Please bring by a box or two (or three) to sell, trade or giveaway (promos welcome). The Swaps have always been a blast but the more records there are the better the day is. [Keep in mind, not everyone is a hardcore collector. Just some guys and gals who want some good tunes whether it is rare or not is not an issue. Condition is not always everything when you are looking for records to listen to! Of course rare gems and mint condition records are always welcome.]

- pat.

D.C's Tavern Record Swap - poster - http://www.patjameslongo.com/posters.html
Saturday October 13th 2PM - Closing
DJ's and Grub all day.
Bring records to swap, sell or use as coasters.
(More info here)

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan and Joe Raaen - "THREE IS THE MAGIC NUMBER"
Thursday October 4th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550
D.C.'s Tavern

More for the tables:

Bobby Byrd tunes:
"Time Will Make A Change" (Smash cat. S-1984)
"I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone)" (King cat. 45-6323)
"I Know You Got Soul" (King cat. 45-6378)
"Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'" (Brownstone cat. 45-4205)
"Try It Again" (Kwanza Records cat. KWA 7703)
"Back From The Dead" (International Brothers cat. 901)
"Byrd's In Flight" (Strawberry cat. STW 109)

Stoned Soul Picnic - "One Dollar Hotel" Pt 1 & 2 (Raw Wax Records cat. 007 (ltd. ed. 200 - promo copy))
A couple of years back I bought a single on the newly formed label Raw Wax Records. Everything about the record was perfect and despite the fact that the band was a known, current act they created a mystique that the release was old, rare or a lost track. This philosophy spins its way through every aspect of who Raw Wax is and what they do right down to the website. If there were websites in the late 60's / early 70's this is what they would have looked like (http://www.rw45.com). I swear you can hear the pages turning as you click through. Raw is not just in the name of the label but it also permeates its Soul. Raw Wax prefers things down and dirty and I have to agree. The first release was by the wildly great and extremely productive Speedometer and once I got a taste of what Raw Wax had to offer I was hooked. I pestered the label (via email and not my giant rotary phone) about a schedule of releases because I selfishly wanted no make that needed more. Wisely they ignored me. This is now their seventh release and they show no signs of slowing down. To say they are getting better with each release would lessen their achievements thus far. It is up to each band that passes through their door to raise the bar a little and prove themselves worthy of a release. Stoned Soul Picnic kick the bar off the charts and it is going to be hard for others to follow. A heavy roll gets this affair started at this fleabag hotel. One Dollar gets you about three minutes in this joint and honestly I don't think many can handle much more. Stoned Soul Picnic lay heavy on the Organ which makes them tops in my book. The track is taken at a smooth pace that gets the head bobbing in a slow strut. Don't let the pace fool you because this is no smooth affair. The recording is rough but lets each instrument grab a piece of the ear. The guitar chugs and struts over a heavy, meaty bass line. Everything gets thrown forward and the band is lurching around the floor like a four headed giant just before they fall into another organ led blast and a restatement of the theme. Everyone is giving 100% and pushing each other almost as if they are waiting to see who will slip up first. BRILLIANTLY Side Two is not a fade in, instead they crack open the jewel box and pull out a big ol' break. The drums break for most of side two as the organ and guitar dance around and tease it. The bass desperately tries to hold it all together as the rest of the band slams, stabs, smashes and breaks everything in the room. "One Dollar Hotel Room?" It aint even worth that when Stone Cold Picnic get through with it but this is what makes legends most. Looks like I'll be staying in this room quite often.

High On Fire - "Death Is This Communion" (Relapse Records cat. RR 6705-1 (ltd. ed. 2000))
High On Fire improve their brand of deadly assault with each outing. There was something appealing to their earlier releases which sounded as if the mics were submerged in muck and mire... just for good measure. It's not like I am not a fan of shitty recording quality. Actually I prefer it. But in the case of High On Fire one of the most dense and heavy bands I have ever heard there needed to be a little separation even if it was just to appreciate the musicianship buried beneath. There is nothing more pure than the Power Trio. Crank up the volume, pound the shit out of the drums and you have the perfect formula for the musical equivalent of a raw nerve or uncontrolled aggression but balanced beautifully and distributed equally amongst the players. Music is expression. Anyone who chooses to not push that expression of self, of thoughts, of confrontation or control to the limit is wasting their time and usually results in a pedestrian effort. High On Fire are one band that will never be described as pedestrian. This is not wallpaper, again quite the opposite this is music for demolition. What is most noticeable about this new release is the use of instrumental passages to connect the entire record as a piece rather than a collection of new songs. This wasn't really needed or possible with the older recordings as the hum and feedback that was the primary sound blended one song to the next with little effort. The record opens with an intro that would make the boys of Dethklok quake. Hey, let's face it they are mining a similar territory. Each song on Death Is This Communion surges, and then crushes everything that has come before it. The drums crash through most of the songs like a rolling sea that builds in intensity the closer it gets to shore and then without warning lays waste to everything in its path. The cymbals are punctuation throughout. A period here a question mark there and a whole lot of exclamation points. The guitar and bass are (as always with High On Fire) so closely intertwined they only separate for solos and the occasional accent. This conjoined twin relationship is what really brings power to the trio. The sound of two amps actually turned up to 11. Don't be fooled by that description that these guys are a one trick pony. Remember, they are never pedestrian. High On Fire bring a level of musicianship and composition to the slaughter that few bands can even come close to. The fascinating, folk inspired instrumental entitled "Khanrad's Wall" that leads into the DEVASTATING track called "Turk" is a perfect example of variety in sounds, attention to song order and how it will all sound as a finished piece. Side Two is not just simply more of the same. "Headhunter" into "Rumors of War" gave me chills when I first heard it. Of course something must be noted about their ability to wear the influences on their sleeves like the skulls of their defeated opponents. In the case of "Rumors of War" Matt Pike channels Lemmy and eventually steals his soul as the band lays waste to Motorhead but you can feel their passion and know that all the while the reverence is there.

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