Monday, March 03, 2008

Radio People

WFMU 50th Anniversary Marathon - February 25th - March 9th, 2008

WFMU hits 50 years and remains completely listener sponsored. If we were just talking about broadcasting to the NYC area we would be talking about one of the best radio stations to ever send a signal to our radios BUT now with web broadcasting and archives FMU continues to spread its influence worldwide. These days dead air would be more interesting than the current state of both commercial and college radio FMU continues to broaden its spectrum and push the limits of "what radio is." Even on satellite radio which is supposed to have NO boundaries and programming to satisfy all tastes the choices are limited. Listening to an entire station of Frank Sinatra would even run its course quickly before becoming repetitive. Why not use the same bandwidth or frequency to educate listeners to Sinatra's influences and those he influenced. FMU is constantly entertaining and equally educational.
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91.1 fm NYC AREA & 90.1 fm HUDSON VALLEY

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