Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PSS on Nickle and Dime Radio - Tues. May 20th !!PM-2AM (WFMU 91.1)

Hello Y'all,
You'll have to excuse me but I saw the eye doctor earlier and he put drops in my eyes and now I can't see shit.

My love of music comes from my parents. My collector's sickness comes from my Dad. My Dad got his knowledge of what was new, and what was old, from various sources but one source we still have in common is WFMU. My Dad has been a listener since the station took to the airwaves. I definitely credit my love of varied sounds from growing up listening to the station. Now we get to twist our son's mind with that same frequency. He won't leave the house on Saturdays without a fill and forget it if Todd-O-Phonic Todd is on... "POW! POW! POW!" Over the years I have been fortunate enough to produce some artwork and music for the station and better yet I have been involved with some programs on air. It looks like I get to invade another program and one that I have had nothing but respect for for many years, more years than both of us would like to admit. I have been listening to $mall ¢hange's show for years and I am usually in complete awe. (Check out the archives of his show for proof - http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/ND) His mixes are amazing... I, on the other hand, have no idea how that is done. I will be sitting in with him around Midnight which means I get an hour or so to watch closely. I assume his technique is greatly different from mine as I blindly grab records from my box, hope to get the speed correct and let fate handle the rest.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
On Nickel and Dime Radio with $mall ¢hange
Tuesday May 20th from 11PM - 2AM
http://www.wfmu.org - Live Stream
91.1 FM in New York
90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley
http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/ND - $mall ¢hange Archives

This was the hardest batch to pick. One hour of records to be played on radio. Playing records in a bar is so completely different than on the radio that I wanted to bring stuff that just doesn't work in a bar. Since I am still struggling with with focusing I am just going to list some things in the box and bag but honestly have no idea what will happen when I am there.

Specks Williams - "We Gave The Drummer Some" (Jax cat. A - 117)
Sons of Darkness - "Funky Thing" (P & G Records (P.P. Means Poor People with Potentiality) cat. 445)
Can - "Shikato Maru Ten" (United Artists Records cat. 35 304 (German))
Soft Machine - "Joy of The Toy" (Command ABC Records / Probe cat. CP-452)
The Human League - "Being Boiled" (Fast cat. Fast 4)
Pop Group - "We Are All Prostitutes" (Rough Trade cat. Rt 023)
Bad Brains - "Stay Close To Me" (Bad Brain Records cat. BB001)
Menomena - "Posh Isolation" (Polyvinyl Rcord Co. cat. PRC-085-7)
Directions In Music - "Toy Boat" from Plum (Thrill Jockey Records cat. THRILL 200)
Enzo Bontempi - "Italian Spiderman Theme" (Soulful Torino Records cat. STR 003 / RK45 017)

Butthole Surfers - "Bon Song" from Widowmaker! 10" (Blast First cat. BFFP 41)
John Murtaugh - "Slinky" from Blues Current (Polydor cat. 24-4016)
Arthur Russell - "Let's Go Swimming" from World of Echo (Who knows it is IMPOSSIBLE to pick one off here!) (Upside Records cat. UP 60009-1)
Francois Rabbath - "Hesitations" from Bass Ball (Phillips cat. PHM 200-128 (hi-fi Monaural)
Hugh Hopper - "Minipax I" from 1984 (CBS cat. S 65466)
Jo Jo Smith - "Stomach Muscles" from Jazz Dance Today (Hoctor Records cat. HLP-4104 (X4RM-1762)
Brommage Dub plays Rune Lindblad from Rune Lindblad "RL" (Firework Editions Records cat. FER 1028)

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