Thursday, September 04, 2008

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan and Joe Raaen go Back To School - Thurs Sept 4th at D.C.'s Tavern

Hello Y'all,
Back to school days! If there is a more joyless time of year I dare you to name it. Back to school signifies the dead last second of Summer and even if it isn't your favorite time of year no other season's activities and features are missed more. Long days begin to give way to long nights and the weather becomes even less predictable. God I love this time of year! Let's stay inside and listen to records. Speaking of, I picked up a lot of records this Summer for very cheap from a friend selling off some 45's to make room for his 78 collection. Some of these are records I have been looking for, for a long time and others were a complete surprise. Tonight school is back in session with your scantly dressed teachers Bill Dolan, Joe Raaen and my sexy damn self. Please come to class prepared. Requirements for this evenings course are notepad, pencil, a hearty thirst and dollars to stuff in the barkeep's school uniform.

- pat.

Primitive Sound System
"Audio Visual Triumphs and Disasters" -

Primitive Sound System, Bill Dolan & Joe Raaen
Thursday September 4th 9PM to Closing
D.C.'s Tavern
505 8th Street
Between Jefferson and Madison
Hoboken, New Jersey
PH: 201-792-5550

What's in my lunch box:
The Voxpoppers - "The Last Drag" (Mercury cat. 71282X45)
With the most time stamped sound from intro to finish The Voxpoppers grind their way through one street racers last race and a blown chance to impress his lady. The talked vocal moves slowly but we are slammed head on into one of the best 50's guitar sounds there is. Both twangy and raw with a big sound that needs no accompaniment to tell its story. Happily this solo goes on longer than the average 50's vocal track making it almost a guitar instrumental. One mile later the pistons blow and sadly not only is the race lost but so is the car and any chance of having a little fun in the back seat.

Dottie Wright - "Eclipse Of A Lover" (F - M Records cat. 471)
Mmmm... this is one of the tastiest 45's I have picked up in a long time. Les McCann's "Compared to What?" has long been one of my favorite songs and a few songs come close to its feel. Dottie Wright not only comes close but this little disc gives me chills. Bright piano and steady drums ride atop a heavy bass line in a perfect combination of Jazz and Soul. Ms. Wright has a very young sounding voice and one that also is reminiscent of the modern ladies of soul like Elizabeth Shepherd, Alice Russell, Dionne Charles, etc. I assume this record is from the late sixties or early seventies and hopefully Ms. Wright is an influence on the aforementioned ladies of Soul.

Dee Dee Sharpe - "You're Just A Fool In Love" (Atco Records cat. 6576)
Holy cow. Early Dee Dee Sharpe has always been a regular spin for me. I have practically worn a groove through her "All The Hits" LP. So while visiting Mr. Fine Wine on his radio show I was amazed to find out that this was Dee Dee Sharpe. This is one funky little groover and it even comes with a nice break. Sharpe's voice is big and soulful here as opposed to her younger cuts like "Party Lights." There is something similar to a Staple Singers side with spectacular guitar, big arrangement and deadly rhythms. Ms. Sharpe whoops and hollers after the choruses giving it a Marva Whitney thing as well. Simply perfect and this is what record collecting and DJing is all about. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Bobby Womack - "Arkansas State Prison" (Minit Records cat. 32093)
From one of my favorite Bobby Womack LP's comes this down and dirty tale of imprisonment. Bobby Womack has one of the strongest voice that carries him effortlessly from the quiet moments to the shouts. Musically he provides distinctive guitar riffs and his band his always sharp as a razors edge. Similar to Arthur Alexander, Bobby Womack sits comfortably in the world of Soul as he does in the Rock world. "Arkansas State Prison" is at times bare and sparse and at others lush and and emotional. Tony Joe White minds a similar territory but never so beautifully.

Johnny Hallyday - "MAL "Hush"" (Philips cat. Bf370489b)
Johnny Hallyday tackles Joe South's incredible "Hush" with the same aggression that Deep Purple did but does it in a Mod Soul groove worthy of any dance party. The band never pushes Hallyday aside and lets him shine but they are certainly not taking it easy or sitting back on their heels. Hallyday has had an insanely long career in France both acting and singing and In 1969 he was even backed by the Small Faces on his Rivière... Ouvre ton Lit. LP. His version of "Hush" shows that not all actors suck when the sing.

Mark Murphy - "Daddy Must Be A Man" (Capitol cat. F4021)
Mark Murphy is a pretty great Jazz singer who did some his best work in the 60's. This must be his first recording or at least pretty damn close to it and it is easily one of the oddest records I have ever heard. This is a wolf is sheep's clothing. At first the song comes off like a domestic disturbance where Dad is a feared ruler of the roost. Slowly it unfolds that Mom maybe less than faithful and is able to convince Dad that he is the only one that matters and King of his castle. The song is sung from the perspective of one of the children and is certainly warped as such. The music is a pretty basic 50's early 60's hand-clapping romp with sweet female backing. Somehow this adds up to one insane little ditty that makes me bob back and forth.

The Aquatones - "She's The One For Me" (Fargo Records cat. LF-B1001)
I love a song that has an intro contrary to the rest of the song and "She's The One..." is one such song. This opens with the lead singer testifying his love of his baby in a pleading tone. As soon as he is certain we understand the band kicks in full tilt and never lets up. I am not sure but it seems that every great song from the 50's / Early 60's has a screaming sax even if it is a brief burst and for me, that is what makes them so great. The group uses their voices in very unique ways changing tone and shape in ways that are almost silly yet work incredibly well in this setting. "She's as sweet as she could be and she gets rid of my misery... she's the one."

Lester Young - "Wobble Time" (Chase Record Co. cat. 1200)
Ahh, now this is just fucking great. Lester Young and band lead us through the Wobble and make sure we never get lost by supplying the dance steps right there in the lyrics. Despite his bands obvious geographical tribute, the California Playboys, there is a New Orleans sound that runs under this. There is nothing like a nice pause and "The Wobble" has some nice "freeze" moments throughout. The recording is insanely clean and loud as hell which is really impressive. Young talks to us as the band tightly walks at a medium pace with bass, drums and piano leading the dance floor and wobbling about. Let's wobble baby.

The Stance Brothers - "Youth Groove" (Ricky Tick Records cat. RT024)
The Stance Brothers, The Stance Brothers, The Stance Brothers! These guys just know how to kick. I am not certain how to even describe this. There is a little Meters in there, maybe some JB's, maybe some Kool and The Gang, oh hell this is ALL Stance Brothers. Beautiful Vibes, sharp Drumming, stabbing and flowing Guitar all leading the horns through the brighter moments of their own brand of Jazz, Soul and Funk. The drums treat us to a very un-typical break and the band gives a shout in approval. I have watched video of these guys they are definitely all about feel and mood. Each member embraces their instrument and unlocks the beauty within and usually they do it funky as hell.

The New Mastersounds feat. Dionne Charles - "All We Can Do" (One Not Records cat. ONR7004)
There is nothing like Dionne Charles and there is certainly nothing like the tight as a duck's ass New Mastersounds. Ms. Charles gives her voice and attitude to this polished and 100% funky groove. This band adheres to the repetitive style of Funk that grabs a groove by the balls and never lets up. Equally as impressive instrumentally as the powerful yell of Ms. Charles the band can at times sound like a tape loop. There is a subtle and moody keyboard solo about three quarters the way in that floats above the never changing base but shakes things up just enough to keep it from getting samey and boring. Hard and heavy.

Trio Valore - "Rehab" (Record Kicks cat. RK45 020)
"Rehab" was an amazing Soul song from the first time you heard it. Amy Winehouse's waste of a life attitude is the only thing that can tarnish it. It has become tiresome to hear one more story about her and if I hear this song played one more time by some idiot who seems to think actual rehab may be a cool I may explode. It is painful. Along comes this giant organ instrumental version to breath life back into it and remind us all how great it really is. Drums kick this wide open and the organ jumps in to state the theme. Please don't sing along, just let it be. The organ is masterfully handled here by Seamus Beaghen who has quite a history wrestling the Hammond. The drum throne is manned by none other than Steve White formerly of the Style Council. Damon Minchella gives the bass its voice and the extra heavy bottom which helps keep this from being too Loungey. Suffice it to say these gentlemen are the cream of the crop and it comes through loud and clear on this fantastic reworking.

Ken Morimura - "Descarga Para Ti" b/w The Soultwisters - "Soulpudding" from Nik Weston Presents The Funky Instrumentals 45 Volume Two (Mukatsuku Records cat. MUKAT 008)
Both sides of this are pretty great but for some reason right now I can't stop listening to "Soulpudding." I have no idea if this is an old or new song. It sounds very modern but who knows, it may be a reissue. The band is quite explosive with pounding drums and blaring horns. There is a very aggressive blowing sax but he is not the only stand out no matter how hard he tries. The guitar makes sure of that with a slightly Southern flavor to a blistering solo. The band knows a good thing when they hear one and they pick up the pace behind him but drop right back in the pocket to state the theme and hand the whole thing back over to the sax. nothing like some friendly competition to get the blood flowing and the bodies moving.

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