Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Set List From the Lamp Post

The Beats - "The Beatnik Bounce" Part 1 33 RPM (Columbia cat. 3-41781 (For Demonstration use Only Not For Sale))
Johnny Brantley's All Stars - "The Place" (Carlton cat. 453 (Promotional Copy - Not For Sale - )
The Tradewinds - "The Snake" (Dan - Tone Records cat. 1001)
A Buchanon & Goodman Prod. - "The Cha Cha Lesson" (Cosmic Records cat. CR 500)
Cozy Cole - "Turvy I" (Love cat. 5013)
The Nite Sounds - "Cheese Cake" (Fortune cat. 548)
The Pastel Six - "Bandito" (Zen cat. 102)
Henry Mancini - ""Senor" Peter Gunn" (RCA Victor cat. 47-8574 (Not For Sale))
Billy Bland - "Do The Bug With Me" (Old Town cat. Record No. 1109)
Jimmy McCracklin And His Orchestra - "Get Back" (Premium Records cat. PR 102)
The Ideals - The Gorilla" (Cortland cat. 2791)
Les Cooper And The Soul Rockers - "I Can Do The Soul Jerk" (Arrawak Records cat. P 1008)
Lowell Fulsom - "The Thing" (Kent cat. K 45x471)
Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames - "El Bandido" (Imperial cat. 66189)
Cash McCall - "You Ain't Too Cool" (Thomas Records cat. 307 / 8830)
Bad Bascomb - "Funk City" (Spectrum Records of N.Y.C. cat. SP - 137)
Joe Jeffery - The Train" (Wand cat. WND 11207 (DJ Copy Not For Sale))
Clifford Curry - "Miss Shake-A-Plenty (In The Micro Mini)" (Elf cat. 90.018 (Promotion Copy))
Jackey Beavers - "Hold On" (Sound Stage 7 cat. SS7-2649 (Mono Disc Jockey Not For Sale))
Bill Johnson - "You Got Soul" (Jocida Records Div. Of Joda Ent., Inc. cat. C-301 (For Promotional Us Only))
Jimmy Chandler - "I Can't Turn You Loose" (J City Records cat. JC-250 (Dist. Exclusively by Kay-Vee Industries - Jersey City, N.J. 07302))
Wylie Dixon - "When Will It End" (Toddlin Town Records cat. 105 / 4009)
Jesse G. - "A Two-Faced Friend Ain't No Good" (Radio Station Copy))
Von Freeman - "Cheeks" (Markie cat. M-103)
Bobby Moore and The Rhythm Aces - "Hey, Mr. D.J." (Checker cat. 1129)
Ace Cannon - "Drunk" (Hi cat. HI 2187)
James Duncan - "You've Gotta Be Strong" (Federal cat. 45-1255 (2007 Vampi Soul re-issue selected by Mr. Fine Wine)
Swamp Dogg - "Total Destruction To Your Mind" (Canyon Records cat. #53)
The Blues Groove - "Makin' It" (Verve cat. VK-10417)
Little Willie Jones - "You're Welcome To Try" (VRC Vernell Record Co. Newark, N.J. cat. VC-115)
A.C. Reed - "Boogaloo - Tramp" (Nike cat. 2002)
Joe Simon - "The Whoo Pee" (Vee-Jay Records cat. VJ-694)
King Cutis - "Memphis Soul Stew" (Atco Records cat. 45-6511)
Macon - "Pully Bone" (Capricorn cat. C-8002 / CAP-18332 (wht label promo))
Don Covay - "Sookie Sookie" (Atlantic cat. 45-2323)
Harvey Scales - "I Wanna Do It" (Stax Records cat. STA-0126)
SOD - "Too Loose To Get Tight (Part 1)" (Decca cat. 32937 (Promotion Copy Not For Sale))
The Commodores - "Machine Gun" (Motown cat. M 130)
Ballin' Jack - "Found A Child" (Columbia cat. 4-45348 / JZSP 154680 (Mono Version Not For Sale Radio Station Copy))
Mongo Santamaria - "Cold Sweat" (Columbia cat. 4-44502 / ZSP 136897))
Moon People - "Land Of Love" (Speed cat. SP 003 / SP 1002)
Ray Barretto - "New York Soul" (Fania cat. 501)
Tito Rodriguez - "Boogaloo En Puerto Rico" (UA Latino cat. LA 303 (Promotion Copy Not For Sale))
Ali Baba (Louie Ramirez) - "Ungawa" (Fania cat. 479)
Monguito Santamaria Vocal By: Ronnie Marks - "Hey Sister" (Fania cat. 481)
Ricardo Ray - "Nitty Gritty" (Alegre Records cat. X-4024 / 3292)
Bobby Quesada - "Bataola Boogaloo" (Fania cat. 464 (Gold Label))
The Joe Cuba Sextet - "Oh Yeah!" (Tico cat. T-490 / 2533)
Pete Rodriguez - "I Like It (I Like It Like That)" (Alegre cat. X-4010 / X-3079)
The Pazant Brothers - "Juicy Lucy" (GWP Records cat. GWP 506)
The Village Callers - "Hector" (Rampart Records cat. 659)
The Show Stoppers - "Ain't Nothin' But A House Party" (Heritage cat. HE800)
Eddie Floyd - "Big Bird" (Stax cat. 45-246)
Tyrone Davis - "Is It Something You've Got" (Dakar Records cat. 45-605)
Myron & E with The Soul Investigators - "Cold Game" (Timmion Records cat. #015 (DJ))
Binky Griptite - "One Time, You're Mine" (Daptone Records cat. DAP-1042)
Gizelle Smith and The Mighty Mocambos - "Working Woman - Part 1" (Old Capital cat. OC - 100)
Foxy - "Trouble" (Double Shot Records cat. # 153)
Irene Reid - "Dirty Old Man" (Old Town Records cat. 2004 / 178)
Nina Simone - "Save Me" (RCA cat. RCA 1903)
Dotti Wright - "Eclipse Of A Lover" (F-M Records cat. 471)
Sheila Wilkerson - "Baby You're A Jive Cat" (Jazzman cat. JM.059)
"Trollin'" (HBR Hanna-Barbera Records cat. HBR-513)
The Ventures - "The Singin' Creeper" (Dolton Records cat. No. 306)
The Arrows Featuring Davie Allan - "Moon Dawg '65" (Tower cat. 133)
Hub Brando and The Dreamers - "Eskimo Walk" (Tear Drop cat. 3008 / TD-513)
Al Casey Combo - "Doin' It" (Stacy Records cat. 956)
Herbie Mann - "The Honeydripper" (Atlantic cat. 45-2379)
The Fantastics! - "Soul Sucka" (Freestyle cat. FSR7 - 051)
Breakestra - "Lowdown Stank" (Root Down cat. 422)
Stacy Lane - "African Twist" (Excello Records cat. 2293)
The Mighty Groove Makers - "Let's Dance Some Mo (Part 1) (Peanut Country Records cat. PC 1003)
Billy Wade And The 3rd Degrees - "Tear It Up, Part 1" (ABC Records cat. 45 10991)
Cannibal and The Headhunters - "Nau Ninny Nau" (Rampart cat. 644)
The Standells - "Dirty Water" (Tower cat. 185)
Roy Head and The Traits - "Treat Her Right" (Back Beat cat. 546)
Johnny Halyday - "Mal" "Hush" (Philips cat. Bf370489)
The Wildweeds - "I'm Dreaming" (Cadet Concept cat. 7004)
The Rgbys - "You, I" (Amazon Records cat. AM #1)
Ekseption - "Dharma For One" (Philips cat. 40675 (Promotional Copy Not For Sale))
Blackbyrds - "Rock Creek Park" (Fantasy cat. Fantasy 771)

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