Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Record Store Dazed

I am not sure how many years Record Store Day has been a yearly event but it didn't take long for it to begin feeding on itself. I like rare records, limited editions and local releases as much as the next record buyer, archivist, DJ etc but when you call your event Record Store Day and send out nothing but limited edition releases you are pretty much guaranteeing that the patrons to your store will be in and out like a flash or puff of smoke. I witnessed it first hand this year in Holdfast a great record store / vintage clothing shop in Asbury Park. I am sure they had a great day but the majority of the Record Store Day revellers came and went like the wind with ONLY Record Store Day limited edition releases tucked under their arms. From the looks of them about 1/3 of them were going to keep those releases and enjoy them for many years to come. The majority of them were already deciding which to eBay first. If Record Store Day is to be a thing. It needs to concentrate on making it a release date (other than the usual Tuesday release date) and get the records into the hands of all who want it and not at inflated eBay prices. The owner of Holdfast told us about the rules to selling Record Store Day releases yet more than a week prior I saw items listed on eBay. For myself the one true shining moment of this years Record Store Day was the Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band A&M double 7-inch "re-issue" from Sundazed. Thank you Bob Irwin and crew from reminding me that a re-issue can be as exciting as an original.

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