Monday, October 08, 2012

PSS spinning a Boogaloo set Tuesday Oct 9th, 9AM - Noon on WFMU with Trouble plus Harvey Averne and Jonathan Goodman

Hello Y'all,
Boogaloo - Bugalu - Boo-Ga-Loo - Bugaloo

I have seen it spelled all of these ways but no matter how you spell it, it is one of the most exciting and Soulful sounds ever.  It's also a lot of names for a short lived period in the history the Nuyorican music scene.  Boogaloo lasted from 1966 - 1969 but it really broke out in 1967.  The streets of New York City have always been where cultures mix and luckily the results are usually great music.  Bugalu was the perfect pairing of Soul and Latin music.  Boo-ga-loo was short lived but produced some amazing music though I can't recall any one LP that has Bugaloo tracks from start to finish.  There are also very subtle differences between Boogaloo, and the other genres of Latin Soul like Shing-a-ling which make it an even smaller niche and sometimes difficult to discern from each.  This despite the fact that many people criticize Bugalu songs for all sounding the same.  The same could be said of the Ramones but they are still one of the greatest Punk bands of all time.  Regardless of its short life and similar sounds Boo-ga-loo is one of my favorite genres and one I can never get enough of it.

Recently Trouble mentioned she had been listening to a lot of Bugaloo and asked if I would do a guest spot on her show and spin her a set.  Of course I jumped at the opportunity. It is also WFMU's "31 Days of October" mini-marathon, so once again I get to spin music I love for a good cause.  Check out the long list of guests scheduled for the month on FMU's site.  That brings me to a very interesting chain of events.  Turns out Jonathan Goldman from the amazing Latin Soul band, Spanglish Fly, will be coming up as well… oh… AND HE IS BRINGING HARVEY AVERNE!  Harvey Averne produced the upcoming Spanglish Fly release which I can only imagine is a dream come true for the band and another credit in a very long and impressive career for Mr. Averne.  If you even mildly like Latin music you must listen to this show, not for my records but to hear a legend speak about what it was like to be there while it was happening.

Tune in Tuesday from 9AM - Noon or listen online (all the shows are available after the air in the FMU archives). 

Just listen.

Here is the archive of the program: "Beans and Rice Boogaloo School"

- pat.

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