Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Primitive Sound System on WNYU Radio Show "Lion's Milk," with Eilon Paz of Dust & Grooves

Hello Y’all,

One thing everyone knows is that we do not need words to evoke emotions. Not one word needs to be uttered when in the throws of any of the emotions. Beyond the basic ones we have things like passion that are made up of one or more, or possibly all at once. I do find the basic emotions to be less blissful than they should be but they do cover a lot of human experience. Music is one thing we can all experience and each of us have a completely different, unique and personal emotional reaction. Even the deaf can feel music. As part of my son’s piano lessons his teacher will play notes or chords and he is supposed to identify the emotion being conveyed. I sit in my studio while this is going on and get almost every one wrong. But, am I wrong? Or do I just experience music differently? I hope the answer is obvious and this isn’t some grand psychological experiment resulting in me being flagged as unstable or outside the “acceptable norm.” I must say that I have very little musical talent, which could be responsible for my below average score. I am a drummer. I can play some instruments rhythmically and even make them sound interesting but I am only comfortable providing rhythm.

I decided I could play drums sometime in the mid 80’s. I say decided because I have no formal training. I stumbled through the school required recorder, then saxophone and even a month or two of piano but was never satisfied. I was always rhythmic with very good timing so to me the drums were the only choice. The deeper I got into the sounds of the drums the less interested I became with vocals. By the time you say something, record it, and then release it I hope we are not going to dwell on it. So please, let’s move on. My attention turned toward Jazz and Instrumentals and away from Punk and Hip Hop. I even sold off some really great stuff in pursuit of wordless music. I soon found that every genre had plenty of instrumentals throughout. As some of you know I became obsessed with one instrumental in particular, "The Batman Theme,” and continue to look for versions to this day. In most cases I am looking for songs with a heavy or interesting beat but other sounds that will always catch my attention are, B3 organ, fuzz guitar, flute, vibes and of course a good scream or shout. I don’t know what percentage of my collection is instrumentals but it could be very close to fifty percent if not more.

This Tuesday (November 4) I will be joining Eilon Paz, of Dust & Grooves fame, on the Sercan Sezgin radio show “Lion's Milk" on WNYU 89.1 FM with a box full of instrumentals. The concept of the show has always been about hearing new and original music covering many genres including; afro, oriental, bollywood, early electro, electro cosmic, funk, obscure jazz, library music, pop jerk, world psych, soundtracks and commonly has special guests sitting in. You can checkout the show’s archives here: https://soundcloud.com/balkaymak

- pat.
Primitive Sound System
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