Monday, June 14, 2004

Sabroso! - The Descriptions Begin!

Hey Y'all,
I was feeling ambitious so here is a list of some new things and some

12's and LPs:
Gerardo Frisna blends Sabu Martinez & Sahib Shihab (Schema 12") So one side is called "African Seeds" and the other is called "Latin Seeds" I don't think I have to explain this do I? Both sides are great and I have to figure out which to play first.

Widwest Funk (Funk 45s from Tornado Alley - 21 Rare and Unreleased Cuts) (Jazzman Records) With a cover that looks very much like a rip of a Rbt. Williams painting (credited to Ski Williams) it is nice to read "All tracks fully licensed" on the back. Following in the very researched footsteps of "Texas Funk," "Midwest Funk" kicks up enough dirt to cause it's own tornado. The whole thing is worth the price of admission just for the Wanda Davis cut "Save Me." Whether original or not all the cuts rock hard in a funky way even the jazzier efforts. The comp includes the second legal appearance of The Hatch on a compilation which was also issued as a 45 by the Jazzman label through their own Funk 45 label. The track was first unearthed by Mr. Fine Wine and appears on the "Mr. Fine Wine Presents Vital Organs - Vol. One." A fully licensed and amazing comp as well... if I do say so myself.

The following are some nice Latin reissues probably through Scorpio Records in Trenton NJ. Some really great Latin grooves for a really good price.
Mauricio Smith - "Bitter Acid" (Mainstream Records)
Ray Terrace - "Home of the Boogaloo: (Tower Records)
Kako & his Orchestra (vocals by Azuquita) - "Live It Up"(West Side Latino Records)

Jimmy McGriff - "Black Pearl" b/w "Groove Alley" (Blue Note Records 45)
A more blues driven LP by the same name the "Black Pearl" track swings with a funky gate. Fats Theus nails a great sound in his solo driving the track to it's finish.

Johnny "Hammond" Smith - "Soul Talk (Pt. 1 and 2) (Prestige Records 45)
Part 2 of this Soul Jazz groover has a break only heard from the sticks and feet of one Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. Reminiscent of the monstrous "Pretty Purdie" break from the Date LP.

The Isley Brothers - "It's Your Thing b/w Don't Give it Away (T-Neck 45)
For close to 2 years I have looked to replace my worn out copy of one of my favorite songs of all-time. When it arrived in the mail and I listened to this very clean copy I realized why I love this cut so much IT FUCKING COOKS! Classic.

Donald Byrd - "Black Byrd" b/w "Slop Jar Blues" (Blue Note 45)
The Black Byrd LP is an Electric Soul Jazz classic. Theh title cut is a late night groove that hits like a silk pillow. Believe me that is a good thing.

Limp Twins split with The Bamboos - "Elemental" b/w "Another Day in the Life of Mr. Jones" (Bamboo Shack Version) (Tru-Thoughts 45) The Mighty Bamboos! These guys kick some serious ass in the new funk game or any game you want to call them on.

Bama & The Family - "Feeling Good" b/w "Drums of Asiko" (Lenar 45)
Still pounding the Afro-Beat drum, still moving asses. "Feeling Good" is right with a slow funk walk.

Malcouns - "Ukola" b/w "Smelly Shoes" (Watou Records 45)
"Ukola" sounds like it would fit right in with ESG or Liquid Liquid or maybe Afro-Beat played by the SunRa Orchestra with the sax chair held by Dudu Pukwana. If you even understand part of that description you will love this track. "Smelly Shoes" opens with a beat worthy of The Silver Apples but that is where the esoteric descriptions end. This is a fine modern Afro-Beat cut with keys, bass and brass all well represented. Nice two-sider for those with eclectic taste.

Lil Buck & The Top Cats - "Monkey In A Sack" b/w "Cat Scream"
Another great reissue from the much appreciated Jazzman Records subsidiary Funk 45. Horns cook over a JB's tight as a duck's ass rhythm section all punctuated with a guitar that winks. Apparently the Monkey is movin' and groovin' and not putting up a fight. "Cat Scream" is a bit faster and more modern sounding.

See You There,
- pat.

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