Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sabroso! and Swap/B-B-Q Recap

Hey Y'all,

Damn, what a day we had Saturday at the Record Swap/B-B-Q. The Defibullators were amazing! Something about drinking beer, looking at records while grooving to a country swing soundtrack. God bless the inventor of the Pedal Steel. Things went so well we are thinking about having a Summer closer as well...hmmm twist our arm.

Tuesdays at Maxwell's is Latin Night. The food is hot and now so is the music. Pat. Longo has joined forces with el Diablo to cook up some of the best in Latin food and music. Spinning continuous Latin/Afro Beat and Funk music spanning 6 decades. No style will be left uncooked - Folklorico, Salsa, Boo-Ga-Loo, Rock, Funk, Lounge and Jazz. Providing a soundtrack for eating, drinking, dancing or just sittin' back and listening. In the words of el Diablo himself - "You build it ...and they will came!" so please do.

Some stuff you'll hear this week:
TNT Band "The Meditation" - (Cotique) WOW I love this cut. He gets revved up at the end you think he may explode.

The Pazant Brothers - "Skunk Juice" - (RCA Vistor) These guys do no wrong and this could be one of their best, but who is counting.

Willie Bobo "Broasted or Fried" - (Now Again) This re-issue is a slightly different version than the LP cut. I bet rehearsal tapes of this track are fierce as well. One of my favorite songs of all time.

Mandrill "Hagalo" - (Polydor) This is the B-side of the Latin Funk classic "Fencewalk." This song just kills with a groove that can't be beat and a beat that can't be ignored.

Snowboy "I've Got To Learn To Mambo" (Chilli Funk) They say we should never stop learning. Maybe that is what makes Snowboy so great, he lives that theory. I can't get enough of his music. I hope he records 100 records in the next 20 years. The "sampler" LP of his new CD is so awesome I think I'll listen the entire thing while I enjoy my dinner break Tuesday night.

Butterball - "Butterballs" - (Fast Eddie Records) Apparently he is a BIG man not unlike myself, but it sounds like he may be jus' a bit mo' funky.

Eddie Bo - "Can You Handle It" (Bo Sound) Haven't played this in a while, what the hell is wrong with me?

Hoctor Records:
Cissy Strut b/w Friendship Train (H-2780)
Uncle Festers Blues b/w Adams Family Theme (H-2783)
Moving World b/w Get It On (H-2904)
Gold Coast b/w Banana Pudd'n' (H-2920)

New Finds!
Juggy - "Oily" - (Sue) FINALLY! I have been wanting a copy of this hard groove for some time. Got this Saturday at the swap. Thanks Greg!

Ross Carnegie (His Hammond Organ and Band) "Cool Dad" b/w "Win Lose Or Draw" - (El-Con Records) OK so this is another track from the Vital Organs. Either I did something good for or to someone recently or this stuff is getting easier to find.

Donald Austin "Side Saddle" Part 1 & 2 (Woody Records) From the man that brought you "Crazy Legs." This cut is a little harder but with a very similar sound.

Cyril Neville "Gossip" b/w "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" (Josie) Holy Shit this is heavy. I am not sure if I heard this before and if I did I was probably knocked unconscious. This and the Donald Austin came from he is the Finest of Wine, and I thank you.

One more time! I know I brought them last week but, damn these are good.
Jimmie Willis "Soul Power" - (ORR Records)
Pace-Setters "Freedom and Justice" - (Kent)
The Soul Set "Flunky - Flunky" - ("BB" Records)
Rufus Thomas "Sophisticated Cissy" (Stax)

See You There,
- pat.

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