Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Primitive Sound System - Tuesday Night Mix Tape at Maxwell's!

Hello Y'all,
Not really sure what the connection is between the songs below considering I pulled them 2 weeks ago. Seems to be singers and their songs. That is a good thing considering This Tuesday Maxwell's back room will be host to Laura Veirs. I know there must be some great stuff amongst the over 150 singles I have packed up as well. I promise it will be good.

- pat.


Featuring - Primitive Sound System and the food stylings of el Diablo
Every Tuesday
1039 Washington Street
Hoboken New Jersey
(201) 653-1703

The LP Box:
The Monkees - "Porpoise Song" From the Original Motion Picture Sound Track "Head" (Colgems)
The Monkees have always seemed more a part of my life than the Beatles. As I got older and experienced "Head" it became clear that there was a connection artistically with these four far beyond my love of "Goin' Down," one of the most maniac songs ever recorded. "Porpoise Song" is the soft trip leading into one of the most Dada celluloid releases ever. Exquisite and entertaining.

The Stars Come Out on Sesame Street - "Nasty Dan" (Children's Television Workshop)
Johnny Cash with Oscar The Grouch - Normally this would be a candidate for the "Need I say more" but I feel compelled to say how much I love this duo. Oscar should have cut a full album with The Man in Black. Maybe call it "The Man In Trash." This whole album is great but the standouts are Johnny Cash, The Pointer Singers, Ray Charles, Madeline Kahn and Jose Feliciano.

The Beach Boys - "Fall Breaks and Back to Winter (W. Woodpecker Symphony)" (Brother Records)
Call me crazy but does it seem like most people ignore the existence of this record? "Good Vibrations," "Heroes and Villains," "Vegetables," etc, etc... "Smile" isn't that much different. The Beach Boys went from surfer boys to drug addled adults during Pet Sounds and by these recordings they went beyond. The cover's simple primitivism is better than the happy neighborhood of "Smile" as well. This may be considered a mish-mash but considering "Smile" never saw the light of day in the late 60's it is way better than any rerecorded Anniversary Edition could ever be. (The four LP legit/bootleg is pretty great but not the easiest listen)

Warren Zevon - "Wanted Dead or Alive" From the LP of the same name. (Imperial Records)
When Warren Zevon passed away this was the first record of his I listened to. Some would consider this a lesser album but I won't even talk to those people. If I am ever on the run from the law, or just want to add a soundtrack to such a scenario this is one of the songs on the short list that come to mind.

The Flying Burrito Bros - "Hot Burrito #2" (A&M Records)
Another amazing band that has been discussed to the point of boredom. Thank god the music is so fucking good that it will never get boring, ever. So shut up! No one cares how the Burritto's changed your life and were the inspiration for starting your alt country band. It's a given. Hey, is "Exile on Main Street" your favorite Stones LP as well, imagine that. This is great music it will touch anyone who hears it.

Tony Joe White - "Woman With Soul" - from "...continued" (Monument)
One of the most soulful voice to play Rock-N-Roll. Tony Joe White gracefully connects Sehorn's Farm to Stax and he could sing the Blues too. Best known for "Rainy Night In Georgia" (included on this LP) Tony Joe could get down dirty and meaner than most.

New stuff:
Reverend Charlie Jackson - "God's Got It!" The Legendary Booker Singles (Crypt Records)
Punk/Garage label Crypt puts out one of the best Gospel releases I have heard in years, go figure.

Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band - Grow Fins Volume III (Xeric/Table of Elements)
The third (and final volume on vinyl) in the most incredible Beefheart compilation ever (no disrespect for Rhino's Riding Some Kind Of Unusual Skull Sleigh - $500, but it is CD only). I actually have the CD box of Grow Finds which comes with some great film footage.

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