Friday, October 29, 2004

Primitive Sound System - Filet of Soul!

The People's Choice - "Let Me Do My Thing" (Phil-L.A. of Soul)
From the "People" who brought you "Big Leg Woman" comes another soulful groover with that distinct Phil-L.A. of Soul sound.

Mr. C & Funck Junction - "Hot Butter 'N All - Part 2" (Hurdy-Gurdy Records)
The first time I heard this I had to listen to it over and over. Slamming instrumental food song. Doesn't get any better than this for me both sides are delicious.

Frankie Newsome - "Don't Mess With My Lovemaker" (Part II) (Savern)
Every time I play this I get into it like it was the first time I ever heard it. Part II starts with a Cow bell heavy break beat that would sound great in a Stoner Rock tune. "No dontcha do it.." Tortured, soul/funk that sounds like it was recorded live to two track in his bedroom.

Joe Arnold, Davis Combo - "Ride The Wind" (instrumental) b/w "No Clouds In The Sky" (2 Spot Records) So not an instrumental.
I got this from Robert at Finyl Vinyl. I listened through a collection that had been "cherry picked." HAHA! Apparently this wan't good enough for the experts. I also got Bill Johnson's version of "You Got Soul" from this stack. "Ride The Wind" is not an instrumental as the label reads. Great scratchy vocal over a junk yard band ripping through some soulful grooves.

Little Willie Jones - "You're Welcome To Try" (VRC - Vernell Record Co. Newark, NJ) NEWARK, NJ in the hizzouse!

Freddie Scott - "Am I Grooving You" (Shout)
So this is not "You Got What I Need" but this is definitely is what the Doctor ordered. "Am I Grooving you, Am I Grooving you, Am I Grooving you? WHOA!" Screaming for confirmation and obviously going the extra mile to please.

James Carr - "To Love Somebody" (Goldwax Records)
The Bee Gees were undeniably one of the most soulful groups to come out of the British Invasion. "To Love Somebody" gets the James Carr treatment and even throws in a cool little break during each chorus pass. Exceptional and as good as Nina Simone's version.

Howard Tate - "Stop" (Verve Records)
Jerry Ragovoy and Howard Tate mede one of the greatest soul recordings of all time with Tate's "Get It While You Can" and the damn thing came out on Verve Records. At this point I think I have most of the 45s from the session plus the two versions of the LP and I still wish there were more tracks. Leave 'em wanting more. "Stop" is a great representation of how incredible the mood and feel of the LP is.

Betty Davis - "Shoorah Shoorah" (Alston) Written by the great Allen Toussaint
I first got a copy of this after hearing it on Mr. Fine Wine's show many many years ago. Since then I have burned through about 5 copies.

Jo Ann Garrett - "Can You Deal With That" (Duo Records) Written and Produced by Andre Williams.
The great Andre Williams teams up with Jo Ann Garrett on a soulfully funky romp of empowerment. Jo Ann tells it like it is whether you give a shit or not. She's not really asking as much as she is telling, "Deal With It."

Marlena Shaw - "California Soul" (Cadet)
This is a big production with a big voice. The 45 pins the meters on this one and rightfully so. Marlena Shaw belts out Gerald Wilson's groovy lounge track of the funkiest backing track the tune has ever experienced. Ms. Shaw has so many great cuts in her catalog it would be hard pressed to choose one but this is as good as it gets and she gets it quite often.

Mr. D. & The Highlights - "Nose Full of White" JAS Records)
Instrumental ode to yeyo! OK, maybe Mr. D was a lifeguard. Whatever the reason for this organ driven instrumental I am glad I have a copy. This cut almost made it to "Vital Organs." It may have only been cut from the track listing last minute if I remember right. Both sides are great but I can't say no to an instrumental.

The T-K-O's with Hank Jacobs at the Organ - "The Charge" (Ten Star)
I have a few Hank Jacobs' 45s and this one is killer. The T.K.Os do a fine job on their own on the flip with "Can You Dig It" but "The Charge" really brings it home.

The Packers - "Soul Time, Part 1 & 2" (Tangerine Records)

Leon & The Burners - "Whiplash" (Josie)
Honey got me this one

Booker T. & The MG's - "Red Beans and Rice" (Stax)

Toussaint McCall - "Shimmy" (Ronn Records)

The T.S.U. Tornadoes - "Getting The Corners" (Atlantic)

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